By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Euryale Rakshashi
Biographical information

United Republic, Fire Nation


Southern Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation

Birth place

South Kyoshi Bridge Burough


Downtown (formerly), Dragon Flats Burough


17-22 (Book -1), 23 (Book 0)


139 AG, mid summer

Physical description



Voluptuous, muscular



Hair color

Red to reddish brown

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Metal cables/wrist blades

Fighting style(s)

Bending, RCPD martial arts

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, Metalbending


Seismic Sense, Truthseeing, precision aiming, Meditation, Spiritual knowledge and energy sensing, eventually learns Chi Blocking


Phorcys Rakshashi (father), Ceto Rakshashi (mother), Medusa Rakshashi (elder sister), Stheno Rakshashi (younger sister)


Aroma Gingiber, Thiera Psyche, Binah Psyche



Chronological and political information

Metalbending Officer






Ceto and Phorcys Rakshashi (fire/spirits, earth), Shānshén (spirit guide), Purist Leader (briefly, Chi Blocking & shooting), Venetia (sandbending)


Venetia (traditional earthbending)

First appearance

"An Unlikely Hero", "The Cadet" (chronological)


Because Aroma and Thiera are primarily Healers, they needed to quickly encounter another character who could carry the fight scenes. A metalbending officer was a logical choice, and for that there could be no alternative to Euryale, a character who was literally made to be an Action Girl. Euryale also has other roles which become important later on, as the topics of spirituality and love are explored further.


Euryale's family history goes back to the days of Yu Dao, where they worked as unskilled laborers in various mining and refinery jobs. But as the family tree grew, their benders became more powerful, paving the way for Euryale to become an officer, particularly when Phorcys Rakshashi joined the force under Toph Beifong, who was looking for more metalbenders as the city expanded. He was, of course, responsible for recommending his daughter to Lin Beifong.

Euryale was born to Phorcys and his wife Ceto, a local spiritualist. She was the middle of 3 children, and had a rather poor relationship with her older sister, Medusa, whom she unintentionally overshadowed by being the first bender born to the pair. Medusa rebelled by committing petty crimes, and upon reaching adulthood, moved to Zaofu and became estranged from the family. Their younger sister, Stheno, still lives with their parents.

Growing up, Euryale idolized Keter Aurora, "Team Avatar," particularly Toph and Aang, and later, Lin Beifong. Her interest in justice, earthbending prowess, and competitive nature led Phorcys to believe that she would be an effective police officer, though Ceto wanted an apprentice. Attending Earthbending Academy and training with Ceto alongside traditional school work was not easy. She still managed a healthy social life, but unfortunately, lost touch with most of her friends when she attended the Police Academy at 17. She graduated in 3 years and was recently able to make detective due to a crucial role in busting the current leader of the Red Monsoons.

It was while investigating a supposed turf war between the Agni Kai and the Triple Threats that she stumbled upon the case of the gang that would later become known as the Purists, a crossroads of destiny which led her to Thiera and Aroma.

Book -1

Euryale was allowed into the academy, where she learned many skills, most notably driving and metalbending. She passed after 3 years, at which point Saikhan recommended her and her classmates to the metalbending force, and her father began showing her the ropes. She returned home to a strained relationship with her little sister, Euryale suspecting that she blamed her for driving away their older sister, and then leaving herself.

Book 0

Euryale offered to protect Aroma and Thiera, and spearheaded the case against the Purists. She was instrumental to an undercover operation, which put many Purists away, after which the remainder of the group attacked headquarters in revenge. Together, she and her friends defeated the gang, sending a small remnant into hiding.


Euryale has many personality traits "typical" of earthbenders, but also many deviations. She puts on a tough front, doing her best to avoid showing "weak" emotions like sadness or anxiety, or talk about things which bother her. On the other hand, she often fails at this task, tending to wear her emotions on her sleeve. A change in her demeanor is even more noticeable in contrast with her usual bubbliness, enthusiasm, and open displays of affection.

Other than happiness, she is most comfortable displaying aggression. She is not afraid to get into a shouting match when she feels unjustly insulted, but the worst of her temper is felt mainly by criminals. She is often the first to give or accept apologies or mediate conflicts between friends. She may have gained a desire to seek tranquility and humility by frequently meditating to connect with Spirits, especially those of her ancestral lands. Because of this, she of course values traditional ceremony, but tends to be pulled in opposite directions between the commitments of spirituality and more secular pleasures.

Clearly loving her job, she makes frequent use of cop lingo both on and off the beat. She asserts herself within the organization through small talk and by seeking difficult cases to prove herself. Of course, her interactions with her superiors are more subdued—Euryale does not have difficulty following orders and observing respectful manners, though her behavior is a little unrefined at times. She also enjoys the city's vibrant night life, where she emphasizes her femininity and is openly flirtatious to men and women alike. She believes that, with honesty and respect, love can be shared between many people.


As the name "Medusa" might imply, Euryale's family is named according to Greek mythology. Euryale, Stheno, and Medusa are the gorgon sisters, while Ceto and Phorcys are sea deities who sired the gorgons. I picked Euryale's name because the mythological Euryale was a beautiful woman turned ferocious creature with bronze claws. This references Euryale's physical attractiveness, warrior nature, frequent Bronze Age theme, and preference for katars as a weapon. Her family was devised to continue this theme, and the family name is a misspelling of "Rakshasi," which I haven't yet decided whether or not to correct. Rakshasi are female monsters in Hindu mythology (the males are Rakshasa), usually malevolent but sometimes not, who often serve as warriors.

Euryale herself was created to be a contrast to Thiera, and because I wanted to try writing a woman who was a brawler. Her initial role was also as a love rival to Thiera, an aspect which quickly disappeared as I realized it was boring and predictable. However, they continue to rival each other in other ways, and just as frequently offer each other support as they do scorn. As I researched polytheism, an early trait of Euryale's, I found that it is correlated with willingness to explore romance and sexuality. This also seemed to fit her well.


  • Like Kori Morishita, she and the rest of her family favor colors that reflect their dual ancestry. Usually red and green for her, red being her favorite color.
  • She dislikes sleeves.
  • In addition to the styles used in the show, I sometimes use capoeira and krav maga as reference for her attacks.
  • Unlike Lilith, her two-piece bathing suit is intentional. It's an older Fire Nation style, representing pride in her heritage and a lack of concern for fashion trends (unless maybe if Keter approves of them....)
  • Pronunciation is a common question. I've always said "Yur-EE-ail" or "Yur-EE-uhl," but apparently the "proper" pronunciation is "Yoo-RYE-uh-lee."

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