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"The Great Phoenix must
be reborn by death
of the Avatar itself..."

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Eternity is the story of Zuko and Mai. These are the events that happened between the Promise Part 2 and The Legend of Korra. This will show from a break up to reuniting once again. This will show the true side of Mai the one where she begins to express her emotions once again and for Zuko to find his true love once again.


Zuko lays on his bed, feeling guilt and hate for himself after Mai broke up with him. Why, why did I keep secrets from her? Aargh. Zuko feels guilt and hate for himself, blaming himself after what he did to Mai. "What do I do? Aargh, this is frustrating," said Zuko.

His body was filled with guilt and remorse for what he did to Mai. Feeling sad, he consulted his Uncle Iroh.

Then the next day, Zuko went to Ba Sing Se alone and to the Jasmine Dragon."Uncle, I need your help,' said Zuko.

"What is it, my nephew? said Iroh.

"It's Mai. All I gave her is pain and suffering and I want to take it back because I love her, said Zuko.

"I am not good with this, but I know Mai is dark and gloomy, but the only person who can see through her is Ty Lee, said Iroh.

"Okay," said Zuko.

So the next day, Zuko headed to Kyoshi Island. "Hey Suki, where's Ty Lee?" asked Zuko.

"She's in the training camp," said Suki.

So Zuko then went to the training camp at the back of the village where he saw Ty Lee. They shared a hug for an old friend and Zuko and Ty Lee then sat down at her house in Kyoshi Island and they talked.

"So, what brings you to Kyoshi Island, Zuko?" asked Ty Lee.

"It's about Mai," said Zuko.

"Oh, I'm sorry about what happened. Are you okay?" asked Ty Lee.

"I'm fine, but how do you see into her, Ty Lee? I love her and all, but you are probably the only person who could see through Mai. How?" asked Zuko.

"Look at her eyes carefully. See through her heart and if you look close enough, you can see her true emotions and desires," said Ty Lee.

"But how? Mai is so dark, gloomy and shows no emotion at all!" said Zuko.

"I know it's hard because of her personality, but trust me, it will work," said Ty Lee.

"Thanks, Ty Lee. By the way, where's Mai?"

"I don't know, last time I saw her was here on Kyoshi Island," said Ty Lee.

"Well, thanks anyway." The two bid farewell and Zuko set off to the Southern Water Tribe.

While on the ship, Zuko laid rest on his bed. He thought of what to do and his love for Mai.

In the Southern Water Tribe, there he met Aang. "Aang, I need your help," said Zuko.

"Sure, what is it Zuko? asked Aang."

"It's Mai. Ty Lee told me to look inside her, but how do I admit that I love her?

"Just tell her, Zuko," said Aang.

"Okay, Aang," said Zuko.

"By the way, Mai is at Ember Island," said Aang.

"Okay, thanks again, Aang."

Zuko traveled to Ember Island. As he walks to the brushing sand, he sees Mai.

"Mai, I...

Mai turns around and the rest of Zuko's words are blocked by Mai's passionate kiss.

"I'm sorry," said Mai.

"It's fine, let's build a new life together," said Zuko.

"That will be great, said Mai.

They share a tearful hug.

A month later, Mai and Zuko stand at an altar. They bowed to Iroh, who was leading the wedding.

A Fire Sage comes to Mai.

"I now proclaim Mai Princess and the wife of the Fire Lord, said the Fire Sage.

Mai's once plain heart began to show emotion as she begins to smile again at Zuko and shared a passionate hug, beginning her new life with Zuko.

During the first days of marriage, Mai has opened up her emotions and cares deeply for Zuko.

They went on a holiday on Ember Island and relaxed for a while.

As the days went by, Mai was beginning to open up to Zuko and show her emotion.

"Where should we go next?" Asked Mai.

"Let's have a walk in the sand," said Zuko.

"Okay," replied Mai.

As they walked in the sand, they could feel the warm and soft sand in their feet.

"This is great," said Zuko.

"I know," said Mai.

Mai thought of everything she had been through and she finally found peace with Zuko.

They sat down and shared a kiss.

A year later.

"Wah Wah," said a baby.

"Zuko," said Mai.

"This girl shall be the future of the Fire Nation," said Zuko.

"She will," said Mai.

6 years later.

"Hey Mom, can I feed the turtle ducks?" Said the princess.

"Sure, honey, here's some bread," said Mai.

Mai gave her daughter some bread and she fed it to the turtle ducks. The princess looked to the right and saw Zuko.

"Dad," said the princess.

Zuko carried his child.

"How was the meeting?" asked the Princess.

"It was great," said Zuko.

"Hi honey," said Mai.

"Hi," said Zuko.

"Hey Mom, look at my knives," said the princess.

The princess threw two stilettos from her sleeves simultaneously, which landed on the wall with accuracy.

"Great job," said Mai.

Mai patted her daughter.

"How's you firebending going?" asked Zuko.

The princess began firebending with great control and speed she was able to perform multiple kicks and punches with control.

"Great Job," said Zuko.

A few days later, the family took a holiday at Ba Sing Se.

"Dad, where are we going?" asked the princess.

"To the Jasmine Dragon. That's where your Grampa Iroh works," said Zuko.

"Oh, hello, Zuko, welcome," said Iroh.

"Grandpa Iroh, can I taste some of your jasmine tea?" asked the princess.

"Sure, young princess, here," said Iroh.

Iroh gave the young princess some jasmine tea.

"Yummy! You're the best tea-maker in the whole world, Grandpa," said the princess.

"Thank you, princess," said Iroh.

Both smiled.

14 years later.

Mai lies in her deathbed awaiting for her untimely end.

"Zuko, take care of her," said Mai.

"I will," said Zuko.

"Mom," said the princess.

They both cried.

In the Royal Plaza.

"I am here to announce that I, Fire Lord Zuko, shall retire and pass on my title and power to my daughter." said Zuko

The princess attends her coronation and is Fire Lord of the Fire Nation.

That night, Zuko was crying in his bed for the first time in 20 years. He could not bear the pain of loosing Mai.

Zuko felt something in his bed sheets. It was a letter that Mai wrote before she died

Thank you, Zuko. Thank you for giving me happiness. I will live on in both hearts, in you and our daughter. I will be with you for eternity. I love you.

Zuko cries and said, "Thank you, Mai, I love you too."

Since that day Zuko was never the same again or since.

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