By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Estates continuity.
Et Dah
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Azula, Phoenix Estates, Bharato


Zol, Kumaro, Atenar, Hideki, Altair, Juna, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom

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Chapter XIII: The Northern Water Tribe, Part 2


Et Dah was a woman who served as an officer in the Phoenix Estates. She was the leader of five hundred Firebenders, who used gliders much like an Air Nomad's staff. Because of her staff being changeable, she and her army could lead their foes into a trap. She fought in the First Battle on the Western front against General Zol of the Fire Nation. She was outnumbered approximately four to one, but because of the gliders, she managed to win, though some members of Zol's army escaped. Later, she and Bharato tested the ultimate weapon on General Zol, as he covered the evacuation of the Fire Nation capital. Afterwards, she was present at the meeting on the Sun Generator along with Bharato, Mainyu, and Choy to discuss how they would attack Zuko and the people fleeing from the Fire Nation. She called Mainyu a little boy when he told the people at the table he had an idea, which caused him to attack her. They were about to start a fight, when Bharato stopped them. Once Mainyu told the people at the table his plan, Bharato ordered Et Dah to attack the south of the Fire Nation. She was later present when Bharato gave a speech in a southern city she had recently conquered. Kumaro was also in said city, and tried to assassinate Bharato. She used her glider to avoid death, and later protected Bharato by fighting against Kumaro. She was no match, but several guards came to her aid, and she was successful in defeating the Firebender. Later, she captured some members of a resistance force, and planed to have them executed. She invited Bharato to see the execution. During the execution, she saved Bharato from and Air Nomad, Juna. She then took her pilots to where the resistance headquarters was located. After she found it deserted, she had to protect Bharato from some pursuing pilots. Later, in the Battle of Aggni, she killed Hideki and Altair, but was killed by Atenar.


Et Dah was a patient woman who could wait for the right moment to attack a foe. She is also seen to be ruthless, as she had no difficulty killing relatively defenseless soldiers in battle.


Et Dah was a skilled pilot who trained her own elite force of pilots for the Phoenix Estates. She is also considered a master Firebender and a gifted strategist.

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