Reclamation By The Snowbold Part of the The Reclamation of Arein continuity.
Esl Qatil
Biographical information

Grey Wind


Air Nomad, Qatil Clansmen

Birth place

Eastern Air Temple


Eastern Air Temple

Physical description




Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Clan Qatil

Chronological and political information

Assassin, Trainer, Elder


Qatil Clan


Arein Rohan

Esl Qatil is an airbending assassin from Clan Qatil. He is the master who teaches Avatar Arein airbending.


Esl Qatil was an airbender born and raised in the Eastern Air Temple. As a prodigy, he was personally trained by Lirin and became one of his favored assassins. Esl single-handedly took out a terrorist cell and was one of the Emperor's most useful assets. At some point, a failed assassination attempt on Lirin caused a rift between the once friendly Esl and Fire Lord Eyan Kotei.

Upon Lirin's death, the next Avatar was identified early on. Esl was chosen to teach Arein given his excellent skill and rate of progress. When Arein advanced high enough to earn tattoos, he took Arein out to learn waterbending from a master in the Foggy Swamp.

Powers and Abilities

Esl is a master airbender in the Qatil form and a master assassin that was personally employed by the Emperor himself. His skill in airbending also traced from ancient Eastern Air Temple vaults of manuscripts as well as training from Avatar Lirin.

Like every Qatil assassin, Esl learned how to master shurikens in conjunction with his airbending as well as using of knives. Esl personally took a liking to sniper rifles and was a skilled marksman. Esl was incredibly proficient in hand-to-hand combat after engaging in underworld matches that showed his relentless endurance.

Esl was a renowned tamer of animals. He personally travel to the mysterious Isles of Seran, where he captured and tamed wild horses for the Clan's uses. On one of these trips he returned with a Raven-Phoenix. He trained the bird and kept it with him at all times to use as both a hunter, scout, and scavenger.

As a sepcial marker, Lirin had Esl take a special tattoo on his chest that marks him as a favored assassin, only a handful have been given this mark in five centuries.


  • Esl knows a dangerous secret about Arein.
  • Esl is an elder of the clan as well as a teacher.
  • Esl's Raven-Phoenix, Ombra, has a wingspan longer than he is and can even lift him up for a short time.

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