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The Spark That Lit the Fire

Hong Wu sped down the corridors of the Fire Nation complex, hoping he would save Ming in time. He needed to find her before Reiko could torture, and maybe even kill her. As he ran down yet another corridor, he heard a voice call out to him. "Hong Wu!"

The assassin turned to see the man who had called out to him, and saw it was Konghe, trapped in a cell.

"Get me out of here!" Konghe demanded.

"How? I'm not an Earthbender, and I don't have a key," Hong Wu replied.

"Look out!" Konghe cried.

Hong Wu spun around and found himself face to face with someone. "Well, well, it looks like your boy Hoku freed you after all," said Mongke. "Too bad I am going to have to put you down for good!" he shouted. Hong Wu stepped to the side, in order to avoid an attack from the man. Mongke unleashed a burst of fire at his enemy. Hong Wu leapt out of the way, and avoided it. Mongke fired several bursts of fire at his opponent, missing every time. "Your agility is impressive," Mongke remarked.

Hong Wu stood facing the Rough Rhino, ready as ever to deal the next blow. He dodged another blast, and hurled a knife at Mongke, the latter ducking to avoid the weapon piercing through his neck.

Hoku and Fa were sprinting towards the I-Block, desperate to save the imprisoned Terra Team soldiers. "We need to hurry!" Hoku said in alarm.

"Why?" asked Fa. "Wait, how did you escape your cell?" he inquired.

"They came to get me and Ming from our cells," Hoku explained. "They grabbed her, and then I fought my way out and escaped. They have definitely alerted security!"

"Well, then I believe you are right, my dear boy," said Fa. "We do need to pick up the pace." The pair ran until they finally found it

"The I-Block," Hoku said with relief. "Thank the spirits." The two of them ran down the hall, searching every cell for their captured comrades, but a voice from one cell made them halt.

"Please, stop!" shouted a man. Hoku and Fa looked back into the cell from which the voice came from and saw a man with long, black hair and a brown kimono, and a woman with auburn hair and a green kimono. Hoku and Fa could tell from the woman's enlarged stomach that she was pregnant. "Please help us!" he begged. "My wife, she's-"

"About to give birth?!" Fa asked, alarmed.

"Yes! Please, help!"

Hoku hesitated. He looked down the hallway and back at the couple in the cell. After a few more moments of hesitation, he picked up a slab of earth from the ground and slammed it into the cell on the opposite side of the couple. He then levitated it out of the way and ran inside. "Fa, do you know anything about delivering babies?!" he asked.

"Well, um, it won't be easy, considering we're in a prison cell. I'll need help," Fa replied.

"I don't know anything about delivering babies!" Hoku protested.

"Then get someone else!" Fa retorted.

Hoku nodded. "Okay, you take care of them; I'll go find Hong Wu!" Hoku said. He quickly dashed out of the cell and down the corridor.

"Alright, what is your name?" Fa asked the woman.

"It's- it's-" the woman was in too much pain to answer.

"It's Hana," her husband answered. "And my name is Tenshi."

"Alright, Hana, I want you to breathe, alright?" Fa requested. Hana nodded in compliance. "Okay, good."

Hong Wu was still battling Mongke. He threw two more knives at them, but they were burnt by Mongke's flames. He sent a fire slash Hong Wu's way, but the assassin sidestepped it and threw another knife at his opponent.

Having had enough, Mongke ran towards Hong Wu with his hands ablaze. "I'll teach you to mess with the Rough Rhinos, you little punk!" he shouted as he leapt into the air. He landed on the ground, slamming his fists and engulfing the floor in a large burst of fire heading towards Hong Wu. The mercenary used Mongke's blind rage to his advantage and leapt up in the air, avoiding the attack. He then threw a knife at his back. Had Mongke not been wearing armor, the knife would have killed him instantly, but instead, he fell to the ground, paralyzed. Hong Wu then turned to see Hoku walking running towards him.

"I thought you might need some backup," he said with a smile. Hong Wu grinned and turned back towards Mongke, but the man was already making his escape, running in the opposite direction of them. Hoku started after him, but Hong Wu put up his hand to delay him. "What are you doing?!" he asked. "He's getting away!"

"Let him go," said Hong Wu. "He's still young."

Hoku stood silent for several moments, obviously not happy with his teammate's decision. "You will regret letting him live," he said. "Come on, Fa and I need you down in the I-Block. We found two prisoners and one of them is about to give birth!" Hoku said, urgently.

"Alright, let's go," Hong Wu said, dashing back down the corridor.

"Wait!" A voice called out. Hong Wu and Hoku looked back down the hallway. "Could you guys please get me out of here?!" asked Konghe.

Hong Wu, Hoku, and Konghe had finally made it back to the I-Block. They ran down the corridor until they found the cell they were looking for. "How is she?" Hoku asked.

"She is doing fine," Fa replied. "Thank goodness you showed up, my friend. I don't know how much longer I could have kept this up by myself."

"I'll take care of any 'security' that wants to come down here," Hoku declared.

"Me too," said Konghe. They both stood outside the cell, waiting for the guards to come.

Ming was currently in chains. She was suspended above ground with her arms chained above her head, and her legs bound together. She struggled, persistently, hoping that she would break free before Reiko and Xiang returned. Just then, the door opened, and Reiko and Xiang walked in. They stared evilly at their captive, and Ming was afraid of what they might do. "If you two are expecting me to act like a damsel in distress, you can kiss my-"

"A kiss from you sounds delightful, my dear," Reiko said. "However, I am afraid I have something much more painful in mind." He and Xiang walked over to their captive and Ming braced herself for the torture to begin.

"Alright, push!" Hong Wu shouted. Hana screamed as she made the final push that was needed.

"Is it over?" asked Konghe.

"Yes, it is," said Hong Wu.

"Thank you so much," said Tenshi. "We cannot thank you enough for giving us our daughter," he said, recognizing the baby's gender.

"Don't mention it," said Hong Wu. "Where are you guys from, anyway?"

"We're from the Earth Kingdom," said Hana. "We were out sailing when the Fire Navy spotted us."

"What are you going to name her?" asked Hong Wu.

"What should we name her?" Tenshi asked his wife.

"I know just what to name her," said Hana.

"What?" everyone else asked, simultaneously.

"Wow, that was weird," said Konghe.

"We'll name her... Suki," said Hana.

"What a wonderful name," said Tenshi. "Our little Suki."

Just then, Fire Nation guards came flooding into the hallway. "Uh-oh, we've got company!" Hoku alerted his friends.

Hong Wu grabbed Tenshi and Hana and pulled them up on their feet. "Go! Get the kid out of here!" he said. "Konghe, Fa, go with them and free those soldiers. Make sure these two get out safely with their baby, alright?"

"Uh, y-yes, sir!" Konghe said. He grabbed the couple and bolted off down the hallway. Fa followed quickly after.

"Now what?" asked Hoku.

"We fight our way through these guys and find Ming!" said Hong Wu. "Then we find Reiko and Xiang and personally send them to the entrance of Koh's lair."

"Sounds like fun," said Hoku with a grin. He bent the floor, turning it into sand, and trapping all of the soldiers. The soldiers were struggling, trying to get out, but they were soon engulfed by the sand. Hoku then hardened the sand, encasing the guards in the floor.

"You could have let me have at least one," Hong Wu said, before he and Hoku ran off. The two ran down multiple corridors until they finally reached the torture room. Hong Wu burst through the door, desperate to save his friend. He and Hoku saw her chained and suspended above the ground. "Good spirits, what did they do to you?" he asked.

Ming looked up and saw her friends before her very eyes. "Hong Wu? Ming? Oh, thank spirits you guys are here," she said.

Hong Wu took his knife and slashed through her chains, freeing her at once. "What did they do to you?" Hong Wu repeated himself.

"Xiang beat me," she said. "Reiko, he – he shocked me with his lightning."

"That monster!" Hoku cried out.

"He enjoyed it – he reveled in it. I've never seen anything more sadistic," Ming said.

"Can you make it out of here?" asked Hong Wu.

"Yeah, I can just walk it off," Ming replied. "I'm tough; I can h-handle it."

"Alright, let's go," said Hong Wu. He and Hoku put her arms around their shoulders and ran with her out of the room.

"Stop them!" bellowed a prison guard. Konghe, Fa, Tenshi, and Hana were outside of the prison complex. With them, were the Terra Team soldiers that had been captured.

"We need to get out of here!" shrieked one of the Terra Team members.

"Stand your ground and fight, soldiers!" Konghe ordered. "That's an order!"

The troops were shocked by Konghe's sudden change in attitude, but they would not question him.

About two and a half dozen Fire Nation troops came running out from the entrance to the prison. Konghe and the Terra Team stood there and took their stances. Then, they all made identical motions with their hands and thrust the soldiers up into the sky by raising earth columns from the ground below them. The Fire Nation soldiers screamed as they were flung every which way and fell silent when they hit the ground. "No, that's how you get it done!" Konghe said. He and the others saw Hong Wu, Ming, and Hoku come out from the entrance.

"Alright! It looks like everyone made it out safely!" Fa cheered.

Then, disaster struck. Everyone heard the sound of a loud metal creak. It was as if something large and metal had just been struck by something. Everyone watched in horror as the prison literally collapsed. Everyone immediately ran for cover. "Everybody move!" Hong Wu shouted. They all ran to the trees for cover. Everyone looked back at the prison and saw what was going on. Right where the complex used to be, there was a giant drill that looked exactly like the one Fa had described.

Reiko stood atop the machine, laughing maniacally. "Now, the time has come for the whole world to feel my wrath!" he bellowed. Hong Wu and the others knew they were in trouble. If they did not somehow destroy this machine, it would all be over, and none of them would make it out alive.

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