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Escaping Prison
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Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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26 August 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Four years after the end of the war, Sokka married Suki and had two children, Aang married Katara and had three children, and Zuko married Mai and had one son.

Zuko and friends went to drink tea with the guards of The Boiling Rock and Ursa, as the guards told the story :

Ozai came here and told us "Never tell this to anyone if you want to live. This is my wife, imprison her in the top secret room because she will be declared as dead in the public".

Team Avatar separated around the world, Aang and Katara and Zuko in the Fire Nation Palace, Suki and Sokka in the Southern Water Tribe, and Toph with her parents in Omashu.

Chapter 2: Escaping Prison

Katara: "Aang, Aang! Wake up!"

Aang yawned then said: "What? What is it?"

Katara: "Zuko wants you to talk with you."

Aang: "Okay, okay... He's got anything to eat?"

Katara: "Ugh! Just come on!"

Aang: "Okay."

Aang went with Katara to the meeting room, there they sat with Fire Lord Zuko, Fire Lady Mai, Ursa, while babysitters took care of the four babies.

Zuko: "Okay, friends. I made plans already for what will we do with the Southern Water Tribe..."

While Zuko was talking, there was also another smaller, low-voiced, conversation in The Boiling Rock.

Ozai: "Zhao! Come here! Quickly!"

Zhao: "What is it?"

Ozai: "Quickly, I have much eyes on me, you will have to escape prison, don't free me, take this plan, I wrote it, follow it."

Ozai hands Zhao the plan and Zhao quickly hides it in his pocket.

Prison Guard: "Hey there, looser lord! Planning anything?"

Ozai: "No, sir. As you see I have nothing with me."

Prison Guard: "So what was the conversation about?"

Zhao: "Sir, He was talking to me about a vision.. But didn't complete."

Prison Guard: "Oh really? What's the vision Ozai?"

Ozai: "About some Earth Kingdom villagers getting killed by me.. I do regret my.."

Prison Guard intervened: "Shut it! I'll just throw you in your dungeon! Enough with you!"

Ozai in prison

Ozai thrown in his dungeon

The guard threw Ozai in his dungeon and told him how disgraceful he is.

In the same time, back to Zuko's talks :

Zuko: "I decided to build not one, but two big cities in the Southern Water Tribe! One named Katara City, and another - City of Sokka."

Aang: "So that's what Katara was all excited about!"

they all laughed then went on

Aang: "With water bending and friend-helping we can build the two cities in just two days."

Katara: "Right."

Ursa: "But you should remember, stay with each other and help each other."

Katara: "One more time, Right."

Zuko: "So Mai, I think I'll have to leave with supplies to help building the cities, you're coming with us?"

Mai: "Nah.. I'll just take care of the baby."

Zuko: "Okay, I don't think Appa can handle all the heavy supplies, I'll bring an airship with us, I'll sit in the ship while drivers drive it, and you two hop on Appa and we will talk while in the air."

Aang: "Good idea."

Suddenly, they hear running in the corridors outside the room then someone knocks the door, "Your majesty, can I come in?"

Zuko: "Come."

Then the man opens the door and appears to be a newsman and says: "Bad news for Avatar Aang - Yesterday, King Bumi suffered deadly illness and passed!"

Aang got so angry about it he almost entered the Avatar State and screamed: "Nooooooo!!!!"

Katara: "Calm down Aang, calm down!"

Aang: "You don't understand.. Bumi was my only friend left before the war."

Zuko: "That old man was your friend? He looks like your.. Oh sorry, very much..."

Ursa: "No, really Zuko, how is old King Bumi his childhood friend?"

Zuko: "Mom, during the 100 years of the war, Aang was frozen in an iceberg, so he's technically 116 years old."

Ursa: "That explains it!"

Aang: "Enough talking about Bumi, let's head to the South Pole."

Zuko: "Right, sorry, lets go!"

Katara: "I think I'll take the children, they'll meet their grandfather Hakoda there" then smiled

Aang: "Yes, take them, now lets fly."

Ursa and Mai went to their rooms while an airship full of supplies and had two drivers hosted Firelord Zuko and flew next to Aang and Katara on Appa.

While Aang, Katara and Zuko were flying, one Boiling Rock dungeon had a little reading to be done.

Zhao read the plan carefully in his dungeon, alone :


I, Ozai, will start a Firebending war with other former military leaders, they know about it - so we will make distraction

Meanwhile, you sneak out of the prison yard and Firebend at the remaining two guards and fly using fire, when you can't fly anymore swim.

Once you can fly again, do it and so on.

This will happen when we are released to the yard tomorrow.

Zhao thinks: This crazy man, I may face sea monsters and die while swimming! But no, I won't let him down, anyway, death is better than being tortured!

Zuko and friends have landed the next morning on the South Pole, causing the military to defend their land seeing the Fire Nation symbol on the airship, but chief Hakoda orders: "Stop! Fire Nation is our friend now, the war has ended! Besides, my daughter is here!"

Katara ran to hug her father, then a tea drinking meeting was held among Sokka, Suki, Hakoda, Aang, Katara and Fire Lord Zuko while airship drivers had some sleep in the airship.

Hakoda: "Sokka told me the whole story, I'm proud that the nomads are returning, as well as the southern Waterbenders, and the two things have some credit to my sons" then smiled, and continued: "Fire Lord Zuko, it's an honor to host you here, in my little house."

Zuko: "Well, things here are about to change, with the powers of the Avatar and my assistance, we are here to build two cities, big, major cities to make it up for the Southern Tribe as an apology from what the war has resulted in."

Katara: "We are building two cities, Katara City is the name of one of them!"

Aang: "So chief Hakoda, do you agree to start building tomorrow?"

Hakoda: "Happily."

Suki: "So what's the name of the other city?"

Sokka: "Yeah what is it?"

Aang: "Firelord Zuko decided the names, the other city is name The City Of Sokka."

Sokka: "Oh yeah! that's what I deserve! Right Mikko?"

Sokka's Waterbender son Mikko giggles.

Hakoda: "Okay, here's your home Firelord Zuko, it has a bedroom for you, and a bedroom for Aang, Katara and their children.

Katara: "Dad, meet your Air Nomads grandchildren, Meelo, Tenzin, and Jinora."

Hakoda: "So are they Airbenders Aang?"

Aang: "I think so, all the Nomads were Airbenders."

Sokka: "Well, my son is a Waterbender, but my daughter is an Earth Kingdom non-bender."

Katara: "How did you know?they're not one year old yet!"

Sokka: "Well, Yong appeared to move a rock which was small and in front of her, she did what Suki described as an Earthbending move, but she didn't move it. According to Suki she wasn't a bender."

Zuko: "So how did you know the boy's a Waterbender?"

Hakoda and Suki laughed, while Sokka appeared to be confused.

Suki: "Well, Sokka and I were walking next to the fountain, Sokka was holding Mikko. Then Mikko waved his arms and water covered Sokka's face."

Everybody laughed except for Sokka, who said: "It was only an accident you know!"

Meanwhile, prisoners at The Boiling Rock were released to the yard, and Ozai started the fire fight immediately, he and the other war leaders were fighting, they with firebending and him with his hands, until accidentally hitting another prisoner which entered the fight and the fight started to spread wide among prisoners. Many guards came to stop the fight while Zhao sneaked out of the fight. Then a prisoner came with him, without talking, Zhao quickly took the prisoner with him then defeated the two guards guarding the yard's entrance and went on to fly with fire, carrying the prisoner on his back, he was quickly followed by an airship which he captured and knocked the original guards on the ship out of it, the escape was successful for Zhao and allies because Zhao managed to escape, he was followed by three airships together, but he burnt them all. The new warden, who is in charge of the prison, didn't send any more airships to capture Zhao, as he had only two airships left and he didn't want to risk having no connections with the Fire Nation other than messenger hawks.

On the airship, the prisoner explained to Zhao: "Admiral Zhao, my name is Roy Dest, I was a commander in the war, and was about to be promoted to Admiral, once I was promoted, I got imprisoned here, the new military of the Fire Nation imprisoned every Admiral and higher levels, I was then informed that my leader Ozai was defeated."

Zhao replied: "Okay, I'll take you to Omashu, we will land there, you will do whatever you do there and I will complete my mission," Roy agreed.

Zuko and Aang went to sleep in their new temporary home at the Southern Water Tribe while airship drivers transferred supplies to the place where Katara City is planned to be built.

Katara was talking with Suki about the children and taking care of them while Sokka and Hakoda were discussing the leadership of the tribe and cities, and they came up with a leadership plan that they told Katara and Suki about and wrote it to Aang and Zuko :

The leader of the Southern Water Tribe, which is currently Hakoda, will take care of military needs as well as other villages in the tribe.

City of Sokka, will have a male Mayor which takes care of the city's population, economy, and other needs. The first mayor will be Sokka.

Katara City, will have a female Mayor which takes care of the city's population, economy, and other needs. The first mayor will be Katara.


  • If you haven't questioned that yet, Ozai didn't run away not just because he had no firebending, another reason is that Ozai can't swim
  • Zuko witnessed that Zhao was dead because the Ocean Spirit drowned him underwater in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Anyway, he is revealed in this chapter to be alive, revealing that he's a really good swimmer.

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