Escape from the Disciples
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The Elements of Power



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Huzax, Ruler of Demons

Escape from the Disciples

Bloody Tears

Tears flowed from my eyes as I stared at Tuy. He was the only thing that was important to me. Now he was going to kill me.

"Tuy! TUY! Help me please! I know your still in there!" I yelled.

"Tuy is gone, a pawn in my plot. And soon you will be!" Tuy yelled.

"Ummm, Yusha we gotta go!" I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned. Reun stood there, a sad look in his eyes.

"Right" I wiped my eyes but tears flowed out, just like the magma flowing towards us.

We started to run but the magma came from all sides.

"Hey Yuzan! Magma is just rock and fire basically so we can control it together! cmon hurry!" Dorn screamed

They barely held back the magma flow, which allowed ruen to hit the wall with his arrow, which was attached to a string. He attached it to the ground with another arrow.

"Everyone, climb across!" He yelled hurriedly.

I scrambled over, and then when I was near the door I jumped towards it, knocking it open. The lava flowed in and I barely got over it, but I made it. Everyone else joined soon after and Dorn closed the door. I saw a glimpse of the face I knew so well, but that no longer belonged to him, before the door slammed shut.

I burst into tears "Why!" I exclaimed. Ruen put his arms around me and I looked into his eyes. "Why...."

"It's okay, Yusha, It'll all be okay."

"No it won't!" I pushed him away suddenly " Tuy is gone! Tuy....... is gone." Saying it made the reality come crashing in. The only person that cared for me was gone. I was alone! "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH"

I shot a water blast into the door, opening it. Lava flowed in.

"Yusha! Run!" Yuzan shouted as they all headed down the hallway.

"NO! I am staying here. You run, I will fight." I lowered into a fighting stance.

Shadow vs. Water

I watched helplessly as my friends escaped.

I tried to scream " Yusha!" But nothing came out. Then a dark tendril came into my mind. I tried to fight it but it overcame my mind. I was just another disciple now.

"Jude I leave my host for now, I must take care of some business. He is under control, so help him fight the water bender." The demon boomed. Jude nodded and then I was alone in my body. I turned to Yusha and jumped towards her. Jude followed and we got on both side of her.

We both shot shadow at the same time, causing Yusha to get confused. However she blocked it, but then collapsed. Widdex stood over her. "Wheres my twin?" He asked.

"All in good time widdex, all in good time." I laughed.

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