Escape (Darksome Knights)
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April 18, 2012


"Noeseong!" Geolda screamed.

"What is the meaning of this?" Hwasan called to him, unsheathing his sword.

"'ve been a traitor this entire time?" Sigan asked.

"Truly, I'm amazed it took you this long to figure it out." Noeseong said, slowly floating down to earth.

"Why, you little-" Hwasan rushed at Noeseong. Noeseong raised his arm and a series of small earth spikes attacked Hwasan, launching him against the wall.

"Hwasan!" Geolda started to run toward him, but Sigan held her back. Everyone in the hall stared at Noeseong. Noeseong crossed his arms.

"Is this the welcome I receive on my triumphant return? My, my, you people really do need to learn some manners. I would have thought Haewa taught you better. Speaking of which, where is he?"

"Right here."

Noeseong turned to see Haewa standing on top of a pile of rubble. His staff was at his side and a stony look was on his face.

"Ah," Noeseong said, smiling, "I see that the mighty Haewa has come to welcome me home."

Haewa spun around, twirling his staff, and let out a massive blast of light. It struck Noeseong, though he barely moved, and cloaked him in dust.

"Run!" Haewa yelled.

Instantly, everyone stampeded away from the enemy forces. They scrambled over piles of rubble, raced through halls and sprinted out of the castle.

Meanwhile, the dust cleared around Noeseong. A look of pure contempt, rage and disgust on his face.

"You dare attack me?!" He yelled to Haewa. "You have no idea of my true power!"

Using airbending, Noeseong leaped up to above Haewa. His fist coated in small electrical sparks, he punched the ground where Haewa was just a moment before. Haewa had back flipped onto a decapitated pillar. Noeseong fired a ray of purple circles at Haewa, knocking the top of the pillar off. Haewa dodged each of these attacks, leaping from pillar to pillar to avoid them. Noeseong tried levitating the pillars with earthbending, but Haewa broke his concentration with light blasts.

"Enough!" Noeseong shouted, dropping the pillars. "Let's end this!"

Noeseong closed his eyes and started breathing deeply. Sparks began swirling around him, gaining speed as he breathed in and out. They grew in number and flashed different colors. And still Noeseong slowly breathed.

Finally, he opened his eyes and launched a ball of fire from his mouth into the sky. It disappeared above the clouds.

A few moments later, giant meteors came screaming down from the sky. Haewa saw this and immediately ran over to his comrades. They were all gathered in front of the castle, running in horror from the flaming rocks from the sky. Haewa landed on the ground in front of them and created a massive shield of light with his staff.

The meteor headed straight for them broke apart on Haewa's shield. Several more impacted it and with each one, Haewa's grimace became more and more pronounced. As soon as the final meteor had landed, Haewa collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Geolda ran up to him and cradled his head in her lap while healers worked on helping him. He came out of his state but instantly returned to sleep.

Meanwhile, another woman was running up to help her friend, Noeseong.

"Are you all right my lord?" she asked nervously.

Noeseong stood up. "What, you think one measly fight like that would drain me? Please."

"You haven't seen the extent of my power."

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