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Defending the Capital City (Part 1)

Fire Lord Akaze awoke chained to a wall. His arms were held up and he was in a cast iron cell, in a room with walls made of ice. Talunk's two bodyguards and Prison Warden Kannuk, who looked almost exactly like Talunk.

Prison Warden Kannuk greeted him, "Ah, I see our prisoner has awoken." He continued, "I am Talunk's brother Kannuk, and I am the prison warden. You are wondering why you are in a prison cell , yes? Talunk has had visions, visions from the spirits telling him that the Water Tribe is the supreme nation, and once he became leader, he nominated his brother and his best friend to become his war captains. He decided to take out the Fire Nation first. When you showed up it just seemed like a perfect moment to take you captive and assault the Capital City."

Fire Lord Akaze responded calmly, "So, now that you have the Fire Lord as your prisoner, you think that you have won already? You have not met my son then. When are you attacking the Capital City?"

Kannuk replied, "In 4 days, during the next full moon when out bending is at its strongest. He continued, "Well, you can just sit there, while I have a meeting to attend."

Talunk, Narik, Kannuk and Navy Admiral Arrluk all met up in the Water Tribe Palace to talk of the attack on the Capital City

Narik said, "Father, why have we met?"

Talunk responded, "Son, as the Avatar you harness great potential power, and as the leader of the Water Tribe being your father, we can do great things. I have had visions, telling me that it is time for change, that the whole world should be Water Tribe, as water being the supreme element. Will you follow us and fight against the other nations together?"

Narik replied, "Father, I am loyal to you."

Talunk smiled, as the four started to get their plans together on the first strike.

That night, the guards guarding Fire Lord Akaze were guarding the entrance to his room, when Akaze heard a few yells and the sounds of waterbending, then 2 large thumps on the ground as if 2 people collapsed. "THUMP, THUMP"

Akaze said as to the figure who stepped in the room, "Hello?"

The man responded, "Fire Lord Akaze, do you remember someone named Manirak, the master waterbender taught by Talunk?"

Akaze replied, "Yes, what of him?"

Manirak responded, "I am him, as soon as I heard of Talunk becoming the leader of the Water Tribe I knew I would leave, all he wants is power. I waited for the perfect moment, and that is freeing you and escaping with you."

Akaze said, "Thank you very much Manirak, we have not much time, as Talunk plans to attack the Capital City during the next full moon, in 2 days."

Manirak busted Akaze's cell open, and his chains off as the two escaped to the Royal Dragon Akaze took to the Water Tribe, and they flew to the Capital City.

Back in the Capital City, prince Sekez and princess Akemi were walking around the City talking about where Fire Lord Akaze was.

Sekez said, "The coronation ended 2 days ago.....where could my father be?"

Akemi responded, "I don't know, but if he doesn't get back soon we'll have to send out a search party or something of that sort."

Sekez stated "If we do that, there is a possibility that the Water Tribe will take it offensively... we don't want to risk starting another war."

Just then they heard a dragon cry, and they looked up and saw a dragon, the same dragon Akaze took to the Water Tribe. The dragon landed and Akaze and Manirak dismounted and ran up to Sekez and Akemi.

Sekez cried, "Father, what took so long?"

Akaze said, "It's a long story, but we need to call an urgent meeting. The new leader is hungry for I said I'll explain later, during the meeting, call the meeting with War Minister Yakel, and any of your other friends that need to know, meet me in the throne room in 3 hours."

The 2 groups split up to call the meeting.

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