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February 15, 2011

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Escape is the third chapter in the fanon story Corruption and Redemption, written by Kilo99. This chapter will show Azula as she tries to escape form the mental hospital at Ember Island.


The Plan

Ember Island beach

Ember Island early in the morning

It was mid morning, the sun had already rose and Azula was sitting in her locked quarters. She was sitting on her bed and was thinking over what Dr. Mao had said to her during the session the other day. She had concluded that pretty much nobody has ever shown her any compassion in her life, not even her mother. When she tried to think of any positive things that happened with her family, her mind went blank, all her life almost not once was there a time where her family would give her the notion of them loving her. She was a bit eager to see Mao again, because she felt that she really needed some of his advise now. Mao might have been able to tell her who she could find compassion from and how it feals to be loved. But that would have to wait, because her session was canceled today for reasons unknown to her.

As Azula was thinking this, a guard unlocked her door and brought in her breakfast. Other than just a bowl of jook and some fruit, there was a basket of komodo chicken for her.

"The komodo chicken is from some old man who claimed to have once been your lawyer," The guard said as he placed down her tray and the basket.

"Enjoy," the guard said as he left and locked her door.

Azula quickly ate her jook and fruit, but when she picked up the basket, it felt a bit heavier than she expected. She then emptied out the komodo chicken from the basket and found at the bottom a small envelope of blasting jelly, just enough to blast through an asylum's wall.

Azula then grinned and said, "Thank you, Kuzei."

First steps of freedom

Azula waited until night to plan her escape, once the sun set, she got the envelope and wedged it in between a large crack on the wall of her room that faced the courtyard. Once she got it in place, she shot a small stream of fire from her index and middle fingers at the envelope and the envelope exploded to make a large hole in the wall. She then quickly ran out into the courtyard as the alarm went off. As the alarm roared, a squad of guards rushed out into the courtyard to restrain the escaped patient, but she was too fast. Before they even spotted her, Azula was able to hide in one of the air vents that was along the courtyard's lower wall.

"Where did the patient go?" asked one of the guards as they were investigating the courtyard.

"Look over there," ordered the leader of the asylum guards, "she might've hid in the air vents."

As Azula heard this, two guards walked over to the air vents to investigate. When one of the guards looked into the vent, right where Azula was hiding, she had no other choice if she wanted to leave this place. When the guard saw her, he was about to signal the leader, but Azula grabbed him and slammed his head against the inside of the vent, knocking him unconscious.

When several of the guards were examining the other vent openings, Azula darted out and ran toward the outer courtyard. As she made it there, she hid behind the area that separated the inner courtyard from the gate that was the main exit. She knew that there was only one way to get over to the gate, and that was running straight through the guards and out of the gate. But if she were to do that, all of the guards would easily spot her and she probably wouldn't even make it to the gate in time before one of the guards were to spot and restrain her.

I have no other choice, Azula thought to herself, I'll just have to make a run for it.

A risky escape

Azula took a deep breath, and when most of the guards were facing the other way, she darted out and started to run towards the gate. It was only about 10 yards away, but to her it felt like a mile. Instantly one of the guards spotted her and yelled to the other guards where she was.

"She's making it to the outer gate, somebody restrain her!" barked the guard when Azula was about halfway there.

About a half dozen guards started to run in her direction, two of them were almost able to trip her, but was unable to reach her in time.

I'm almost there, Azula thought, I can't fail now, when I am so close!

She finally made it to the gate, where the two guards who were guarding the gate raised up their arms into a fighting position. Azula paused for a second and she then blasted two streams of fire, each one hitting the two guards in their sides. As the guards fell down and clutched their wounds, Azula was able to finally run out of the gate and out into the long cliff that the hospital was located at. She shot out an arc of fire to distract the guards that were following her.

I made it, I'm free! Azula was thinking right before she made it to the edge of the cliff.

At the bottom of the cliff were waves that were pounding against the side of the rock wall. She tried looking around to see if there was another way out of there, but there was no other way other that in the direction of the hospital, where guards were rushing in her direction.

Damn it, no, I'm trapped now! Azula thought frantically, What do I do now?

As she though this, the guards had already surrounded her, all of them ready to shoot fire and holding onto handcuffs. She was right, she was trapped now, and there was only one way to go.

Nowhere to run

Black Cliffs

The cliff Azula jumps off of

"Step forward with your hands behind your back and cooperate," demanded the leader of the guards, "We are only trying to help you."

Azula took a step backwards and a few pebbles fell down the cliff as she stepped at the very edge of the cliff. She now felt that she would rather die than go back to the mental hospital, and it now seemed that those were her only two options.

There is only one way out of this, Azula thought as she looked over the cliff, The only way out of here is down that cliff.

Azula then took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and took one step backwards. She felt herself freefall as she fell down the cliff and into the water, seemingly dying in the act.

"NO!" screamed the leader guard as he watched helplessly as the young woman plummeted down into the unforgiving waters.

"She just, stepped back and would literally rather die than go back to the asylum," one of the younger guards said in awe.

"We haven't had a successful suicide in years," one of the female guards said, "poor soul."

All of the guards looked down for any signs of life, but all in vain, as it seemed that the great princess Azula of the Fire Nation, was dead. They all took off their helmets in respect. They then left in silence back to the asylum to report a casualty. But down in the waters, an arm reached out and grabbed a root latched onto the rock wall. Azula then slowly climbed out and managed to wade over to the sandy part of the beach. Her forehead was bleeding and her left arm felt numb, but she was finally free.


Azula was too exhausted to go anywhere during the rest of the night, so she fell asleep on the beach. At the very crack of dawn she woke up and limped over to the docks. She then saw a boat that was just about to leave, she knew this was her best opportunity to get away from Zuko and possibly start a new life. The crates that went onto the boat said that the destination of the cargo was the northwestern Earth Kingdom, where the Fire Nation was helping it rebuild.

When nobody was around, she quickly dumped out the cargo and jumped into the crate and resealed it, making sure there were a few holes in it so that she could breathe. Right as she was done resealing it, two men came and lifted the crate onto the steerage section of the boat, and then it set sail by early morning.

As she lie in the crate, she was thinking about what she would do when she got to the Earth Kingdom. She knew that she had to keep a low profile so that Zuko wouldn't find her, so she thought that she could try to become a citizen. All of this would be decided when she made it to the Earth Kingdom.


  • This is the first chapter where we see Azula Firebending.

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