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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Better World.

"THEN EXPLAIN IT TOO US, AANG! Explain your oh-so-precious righteous causes to us! We're a team, remember?!"
— Sokka exclaims at Aang.
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June 7th, 2009

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"Eruption" is the fourth chapter of the Action/Suspense fanon series Avatar: Better World. It was published on June 7th, 2009, on In it, Aang and Yino finish their climactic duel in an intense and violent brawl, as Sokka and Toph scramble through the ring trying to save citizens.

Author's Note

Well, there we go. Finally, the action packed, semi-conclusion to the arc! The next chapter will be the end of the arc, though it's more of an epilogue before we get to the next arc. Hope you guys liked it, and review!


Upper Ba Sing Se Ring, on the rooftops

Aang darted after Yino, full speed. His sores were now open to the elements. Stinging and bleeding, he jumped straight at Yino, hands lit ablaze. He spun fast, slashing the flames around him as he turned. Yino ducked and dodged, but was still struck by a single strike, burning his shin and leaving it exposed from his pants. Aang spun while in the air, landing back on the ground, crushing the tiles straight off as he slid. He continually fired Air Blasts at the Wind Killer, trying to block with his forearms, though this shield broke, causing him to be flung back with each blow. Aang swiped himself downward to the ground, grinding along the tiles of the roof, his leg extended to quickly jab at Yino's leg. The Wind Killer completely lost balance, and rolled down from the roof, tiles flying everywhere, and crashed onto the ground, destroying a cart.

Aang needed to spin to stop, he was going so fast, and scrambled to slid off the roof and onto the ground. Scared civilians trembled by them, Aang looking at them with content grey eyes. Toph and Sokka darted up and grabbed them, running away with them, explaining they were taking them to safety. Aang looked back at the scratched Yino, whose face looked even more scarred and his bags looked so grey they could have passed for black. Aang flipped his hands downward, causing rock latches to extend around Yino's wrist, holding him down. Aang looked the man in his shining, depressing eyes.

"Who are you people?" Aang commanded sharply, breathing heavily.

Yino rolled his neck around, eyes closed for a bit. He opened them, and quietly spoke. "Air boy, kiss my-"

Aang tumbles

Aang and Yino's fight reaches the ground.

Aang interrupted him, grunting and tossing him and the ground under him rumbling to the side roughly. He blasted himself upward, striking down at the ground around him. Yino and the plate under him jumbled upward and to the side, Aang slicing his forearms in front of him to toss it forward more. It skidded on its side violently, before it stopped, and crumbled. Yino stood on his hands and knees, coughing up blood on the smooth cobblestone. Aang hovered over him, a stern look in his face, though his eyes showed a pure sensation of utter, lip-curling fear.

"Who are you people?!" Aang shouted again, his silver eyes glowing brightly as Sokka and Toph shuffled citizens out of the area quickly behind him. "And don't joke with me, either! I want answers!"

Yino groaned, blinking as if he were tired or bored. His self-indulgence that Aang was nothing was a mere sugar coating to his true desire to not be murdered. Eyes lazy, he finally remarked, "We are a league of people who do what we are told. And that, Avatar, is all you're getting out of me."

Aang blasted into the Avatar State, striking out at the ground next to Yino, causing it to crack as Yino rolled out of the way and charged up at Aang, hands ablaze. Aang immediately flipped backwards, avoiding the blows with great ease, his eyes and tattoos still glowing. Suddenly, he stopped in mid air, forming a large sphere of air that surrounded him; he charged forward, collapsing buildings falling apart behind him, fires and rubble around him. Yino was flung forward by Aang, his now limp body at the will of Aang's charge.

Meanwhile, just near by

Sokka and Toph ran as fast as they could, shuffling through the ruble and gusts of wind, fire, dust. They panted, retrieving all citizens that were cowering in their falling houses and packing them on their backs and beside them. As they darted along, fires began to surge, Aang and Yino's fight enraging.

Toph and Sokka atop airship

Toph and Sokka discuss Aang's battle as they try to get the citizens to safety.

"Man, how are we gonna get everyone out?!" Sokka shouted over the rumbles to Toph.

"No time, just keep saving innocents!"

"Perfect, very symbolic!"

"Shut up!"

Sokka scrunched his face and continued to run, fighting back the roaring flames and winds. Suddenly, the ground in front of them split, shattering spikes everywhere. Sokka covered some citizens as Toph shielded them with an Earth-shield.

"Are they trying to kill us?!" Sokka exclaimed over the roar of the explosions, trying to hold on steady as the building started to shake and collapse. Toph bended a bridge to connect the two crumbling halves, grabbing Sokka and the others and running across from it.

"Not us, Sokka!" Toph exclaimed back.

"You don't think Aang's gonna kill him, do you?" Sokka asked jumping into the next building with the citizens. "Looks like we've got everyone..." he muttered.

"I don't know," Toph said. "Never thought he had the guts to. But who knows? That kid's been acting weird lately."

Back with Yino and Aang

Miles down from the two, Aang spun viciously, his Avatar State roaring as he bashed Yino into a building, collapsing it. Aang flipped back, still in his State but without the rage of the Air Sphere. He scowled at him.

"Stop fighting," Aang said, "and stop sending assassins. You'll never win!"

Yino shuffled in the pile of wooden ruble, remarking, "That's what you think, Avatar. You're just like everyone else who has some kind of power. You think that no one can beat you, that just because you have these abilities no one can stop you, that you're invincible. But that there's the difference between you and me; I know no one can beat me, I know no one can stop me," he pulled himself up from the ruble, staring down at Aang's lit eyes, "I know I'm invincible!"

And there he roared a gush of fire from his mouth, sending Aang backwards as he spun, attempting to repel the air from around him. He lost his focus, loosing his charge of the Avatar State and skidded on the cobblestone floor. Yino popped from the rubble, charging a heated blast of fire at Aang, who matched it. The two intense beams of flames slammed against each other, a spiral of fire roaring around the meeting points. The light was blinding, the heat was immense, and the blasts were attempting to cancel each other out.

The blasts rebounded, Aang trying to repel it from him as it lashed back at them both, though his air blast simply caused him to be spun backwards and then spiral to the other side of the ring. He rocketed straight towards Sokka and Toph, the former catching the Airbender and falling backwards. The two looked at Aang's bleeding head, which had as well sustained several cuts. There was a burn on his upper head, near the gash from his fight with Lee. His cloths were nearly completely burned, his pants now heavily shredded and his arms now having several fire wounds. His thin black hair was now full of soot, and dripping with blood.

"Man, Aang," Sokka shuttered, "you don't look too good...."

"You should've listened to us!" Toph exclaimed at Aang groaning body. "I may not be able to see anything out here, but I sure can tell there's not much to feel!!"

"That's why you're evacuating these people," Aang said, picking himself up and looking at the dozens of people. "Is that everyone?"

"Yeah," said Sokka, a look of frustration on his face. "Toph is right, Aang. This is just gonna get you killed. Or all of us."

Aang shook his head. "You don't understa-"

"THEN EXPLAIN IT TO US, AANG!" Sokka exploded. "Explain your oh-so-precious righteous causes to us! We're a team, remember?!"

Aang jumped off of the building, Sokka screaming at him, "FINE! RUN TO YOUR MISSION! FORGET ABOUT THE ONES YOU LOVE! YOU'RE SELFISH, AANG! Either that or MORONIC!" He turned back to the group, panting and sweating, Toph staring straight faced, the citizens scared. "Come on! We don't have any time to waste!"

Yino punched at Aang as he kicked back at him. Aang flipped above him, charging at Yino. Yino caught it, with Aang bending a blast with the other to loosen his grip, then flipping above him again. Their struggle seemed to race around them as they blew at each other. When Aang had faced Ozai, he didn't know what he was expecting to fight. Fighting Yino, he did, and this knowledge made him feel even uneasy. He should've been able to beat him easily; what was stopping him?

"This is getting tedious, Avatar!" Yino said, interrupting Aang's thoughts, over the roar of their blasts, which seemed to die down. "I came here to kill you, not play leap frog." Aang looked unsettling at his face, as Yino turned around and charged a blast at the building Sokka, Toph, and the citizens were at. Aang gasped and sprinted at full speed to it, jumping in the air and containing it with an air blast. He whipped into the building again.

Yino appeared in the building mere moments later, picking up Aang's partly unconscious body, bleeding and hurt, by his shirt, snarling. Sokka charged after him with his newly fabricated metal sword, yelling, as Yino turned around to see him.

"Don't touch me, Water filth!" Yino shouted, sending a whip of fire that caught at Sokka, who screamed as he was taken aback and flown out of the building's second story, fire all around him.

"SOKKA!" Toph exclaimed in horror. She scowled viciously as she bended the sand from the scattered and broken vases around her and struck them at Yino, who was shot to the ground, face bleeding.

Aang dropped and shook, snarling as Yino's actions threw him out of the building into the next one. Aang ignited into the Avatar State and shot over to him at impossible speeds and flipped him, colliding him into the wall. Aang then flipped back, bending sand from crushed vases around him, whipping them at Yino causing his clothes to tear. As Yino shuffled for his balance, Aang lashed at him.

"YOU MONSTER!" He roared, his eyes blazing more ferociously. He shook, his shredded clothes blowing in the wind. He erupted, hovering in the air with an Air Sphere and flipping him viciously. But suddenly, Yino grabbed him by his ankle with perfect timing, slamming him into the wall behind him. He then slammed him to the wall next to him, then onto the floor, cracking it. Aang coughed blood, his eyes red and his whole body shaking and aching. Yino picked him up by his head and slammed him against a wall, still gripping his scalp.

"Finally, you'll be dead, Avatar," snarled Yino. "Finally my master will be happy, finally I won't have to cower in his shadow! And finally the Fire Nation can go back to be-GAH!" Yino stopped, blood leaking from his mouth and eyes, coughing. He looked down, seeing the long, gashing wooden spike jabbed through his stomach. He dropped to the ground, bleeding and shaking; he was dead. Aang slumped to the ground himself, shaking into unconsciousness, and saw who had killed him: clothes torn, arm bleeding and burned; Sokka.

Sokka panted. "Don't...don't try to kill me again, Fire filth."

Aang looked up at Sokka, bleeding from his lip, and smiled. "Sokka. Y-you're alive."

Sokka kneeled down, dropping the stick and clutching his burned arm. "Yep, barely. You're not looking too good yourself."

Toph ran into the hut, shouting, "Sokka?! Is that you?!" She hugged Sokka, who retorted, "Ow, ow, ow" as she pressed down on his burned arm. She let go. "I got the citizens out of here." She felt Yino's arm. "He's dead, right? He doesn't feel alive."

Aang sighed and said, "Yeah; yeah he is."

Behind the scenes

Production notes

Davis stabs Jimmy - Eruption inspirtation

This scene in Smallville Season 8's finale inspired TurboTony for the chapter's conclusion.

TurboTony began writing the chapter almost immediately after finishing the previous chapter, Settling Scores. Not much was able to develop as the plot was running dry, with little ideas growing. Over the next month, however, TurboTony began to run through several different plot points.

One particular spark of production came from the season finale of Season 8 of Smallville. At the end, Davis kills Jimmy by jabbing a pipe through his stomach. This inspired TurboTony to add a similar scene in the end, though was not sure if he wanted to kill Sokka as the situation at hand had projected. In the end, he decided otherwise, and ran the scene by his editor, wjxh-WHSL-The 888th Avatar, who approved it.


"[Definitely] worth the wait."
Twilitlink on the chapter.

Yino's surprise death has been praised by reviewers. Later in 2009, the Book 1 finale of Kyoshi Revolts would lay homage to it and the rest of Better World's surprise twists.

Currently, reviews have been positive. Avatar Fanon Wiki user Twilitlink stated that the chapter was "Definitely worth the wait." Another user, Vaznock, an avid fan of the series, reviewed that the chapter was "Very nice" and that it was "Certainly [Featured article] worthy."[2] He as well stated that the chapter was "More than what [he] already expected, and that's a lot!"[3]

As well a user from the site, Waterkai, raved how TurboTony could possibly make the following chapters better. Zukofan123 found one of Yino's lines humorous amongst the chapter.[2] Currently, no reviews have been given on FanFiction.Net.[4]

Later in 2009, the Kyoshi Revolts Book 1 finale, "Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2," was influenced by the surprise twists and turns of the series and the chapter especially, including the death of Yino. Twilitlink listed the chapter as among his Top 10 Fanon Chapters of 2009.[5]

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