Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Errant Flame in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

"It doesn't matter who you are, you're not important - the Avatar is."

Errant Flame is the working title to another fan project and falls under the Shattered Balance continuity. It takes place a significant amount of time after the events of Roar of the Earth and relates to it on a few levels, but can also stand on its own.

This page serves as a general overview; ensuing pages may contain spoilers and self-depreciation for this work and others.


"I can't do it. I can't! Half the people I meet want me dead, and the other half like the old Avatar better!"
"Aw, poor baby."
—Kim being told to suck it up

The previous Avatar had successfully ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity, but in time quietly disappeared from the face of the world. This is intentional, however, and the global community continues on its path of peace for some time without the Avatar's guidance. But as with all things, this peace does not last. Eventually, a new Avatar is born, and must decide whether to take up an active role or let the world solve its own problems. Because some things never change.

Unfortunately, no matter what the Avatar decides, various groups would like nothing better than to see the world enter a new period of chaos, and the Avatar is seen as an obstruction to their goal. Other groups of people prefer the previous Avatar to this one and are unable to extend their trust and faith in someone so untested.

Major Characters

  • Kim - the current Avatar, a Firebender, and kinda a wimp indecisive
  • Lon - northern tribesman, hired to escort the Avatar
  • Ling - Earthbender and apprentice metalworker
  • Amala - Airbender who must instruct the Avatar in her element

Secondary Characters

List of Episodes

Setting & Background

This story takes place around 300 years after the end of Roar of the Earth. The setting is even more modern than its predecessor. Although it could be argued that it should be more advanced than it is, certain advances were held in check or did not catch on in mainstream usage for various reasons. The world is experiencing a time of stability, but some of its inhabitants grow restless. While the global community has recovered, its scars are held bare, and contentions flare up. Not the least of these conflicts is the growing intermingling of people who leave their home countries to find good fortune in another. The various world governments are attempting to mediate problems, but are finding it difficult to keep up.

The Earth Kingdom has recovered greatly since the pandemic those long years ago, but some would say it has recovered too strong and too fast. Various groups within the kingdom seek to reclaim the land that was lost to the other nations in the past, some through political ends and others through force. Metalbending has also entered the forefront as the Kingdom has stepped up its production to match those of the Fire Nation and it enjoys immense wealth, or, at least, some of its people do.

The Fire Nation has enjoyed a period of relative stability as well as peace with its fellows. Although it plays an active role in discussing the direction of the world, its power is fair and attention sincere, for the most part. The Council has debated the issue of bringing the Avatar into various matters, but has decided against such action for the time being under the pretense of not wanting to seem like using the Avatar to their advantage.

The Air Nomads continue to remain on the sidelines as far as global activities are concerned. They have been impacted the least by the movement of people into and out of their order, and for the most part both sides of the equation are content with this outcome. As always, there are exceptions, and nomads who are based in and work with the other countries are not unheard of. It is important to note that the Nomads have not isolated themselves, and the Council of Elders is consulted on various matters by other national leaders, especially on spiritual matters.

The Water Tribes Nations have continued to advance in past years and, while their industrialization is not on the same level as the Fire Nation, they have accrued similar technology and applications. Unlike in the past, significant improvements in communication have allowed the north and south to synchronize and distribute their wealth more evenly, although the Great Northern Fleet is still, well, the great northern fleet.

Release Date

No release date has as of yet been given aside from "The Future," but then, of course it is.

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