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Erpea Island
Political information
Type of government

Semi Democratic

Head of State

Earth Kingdom, Prime Minister (Elected by nobles)

Head of Government

Prime Minister (Elected by nobles)

Legislative branch

Prime Minister, Premier, Nobles

Societal information

Vogdar City





Political information
Date of reorganization

176 AG

Erpea Island (Pronounced Err-pee-ah) is a European-like island in the Avatar Universe. Erpea Island was under the Earth Kingdom's monarchy until 175 AG when Avatar Korra made the two agree to still be part of the Earth Kingdom, but to have a separate government ruling the island.

Partial breakup with the Earth Kingdom

In 175 AG, Vodgar City's mayor felt that the Earth Kingdom wasn't treating Erpea Island like it should, as the Earth Kingdom was supplying the worst possible. The mayor talked with other officials in the area and agreed that independence would be the solution.

In 176 AG Korra, though, felt that Erpea Island should still be part of the Earth Kingdom but should have some say in its own land. Korra and her father fought of the Earth Kingdom machines and soldiers and told the king to allow Erpea to continue to be a part of the Earth Kingdom but let it have its own government. The king saw this as a quick way to end the war and accepted Korra's request.


Erpea Island is south of Kyoshi Island and northeast of the Southern Water Tribe. Erpea island is a part of the Earth Kingdom just like Kyoshi Island, but since 176AG has its own government.


Erpea uses a unique government that's a mix of a monarchy and commonwealth democracy. For the government to make changes to any system, it needs approval from the other parties if it doesn't have a majority government. Nobles can only recommend changes and can be easily ignored, effectively making their job have one purpose, which is to be drafted in a party if they have empty seats.

-Government workflow-
1: Prime Minister - Leader of the island (Aka Federal Leader)
2: Minister Cabinet - All have different roles, like managing transportation etc. Separate one for Provincial
3: Premiere - Leader of specific area (Aka Provincial Leader)
4: Nobles - They are highest members of the government that don't belong to a party. They can become a part of one of the government parties, and they can recommend laws, moves, or changes the PM and/or PR parties. However, nobles can be vetoed and ignored, meaning that nobles are really just there to be drafted to a government party.
6: Vist/Vistess - Can vote for prime ministers and premiers, they can run for Nobleship. They have no important job and can be a normal citizen.
7: Agrel/Agrellen - Any citizen over 14 can become an Agrel/Agrellen. Agrels and Agrellens can vote for premiers and premiers only. They can be upgraded to Vist if over 23 years of age and have been an Agrel/Agrellen for 4 years.
8: Citizens

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