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Eris is a Waterbender and one of the Rebellion's Four Generals, she is cruel and sadist though she has justified reasons, she is seemingly tired of the present world which follows the laws of the Spirits without question and turned against their will when she believed that even her thoughts and feelings were not entirely her own.


Eris, being a soldier, is a very calculating, intelligent, and dangerous woman. She often speaks in a calm sort of voice, and is also very good at negotiating and explaining her beliefs to others. She remains completely loyal to Daemon at all times, and will do whatever she is told to do by him, no matter how grisly it is. She explains in the Fire Nation that people should have their own free will and not be shackled to Fear of the Spirits, and Eris claims that she could only gain her own free will by rejecting the Spirits and seeking to destroy a world that has been in contact with the Spirit World's desires.

Aang, however, tells her that she has no free will if she believes that only what the Dark Avatar wants is the right thing. Eris has shown that she will remain true to her beliefs no matter what others think, and still fights Aang regardless of her relationship with his past self. While it is obvious that Eris has emotions and shows them in her life, she is very good at masking her true feelings to the group and comes across to a lot of people as an efficient, emotionless, soldier.



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  • Eris' name comes from the Greek Goddess of Strife.

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