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Redwall Orphanage


Redwall Orphanage




404 AG

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Brown bowl cut

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Combat with wooden staff


Mother - Mother Leliita


Dover, Sedgley, Anurna, Mother Leliita, Miko, Dianne, Marco


The Clandestines, McKay, Diego

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First appearance

Chapter 1: The Orphanange

Erik is one of the main protagonists of Avatar: Neo Revolution.


Early Life

Erik was born at Redwall Orphanage and is the son of Mother Leliita and an unknown man. It was here he developed a strong, brotherly bond with Dover and Sedgley and learned how to fight with a staff.

When they were young, Erik helped save Dover and Sedgley from an angry beagle bear by distracting it with a leg of ham. Erik has been best friends with the two ever since.

Journey to Haven


Erik, shocked at his mother's news.

To uphold his mother's dying wishes, he accompanied Dover and Sedgley on their journey to Gao Lin and further - being the only one who was well read enough to give them handy tips on how to get there and other facts.

He met Anurna in Gao Lin in The Firebender and has since accepted her as a member of the group. At the Gao Lin customs centre, he had a run in with a man called Chin and his family. Later, in the Gao Lin Tunnel this family would later teach him the values of duty and courage. On his way to Chan Dai, Erik met a family from the Northern Water Tribe whom he shared their campsite with. Here, he had an argument with Anurna about whether or not she could be trusted. Following a flash blizzard, he regained trust for her and said goodbye to the family.

When in Chan Dai, the gang discovered that a gang called the Bloody Knuckles were mistreating the citizens and he and Anurna tried to persuade Sedgley and Dover not to go meddling with them. The following day, Anurna took Erik to buy a gun which, when helping Dover and Sedgley to escape the Bloody Knuckles' capture, he was still unable to use.

After leaving Chan Dai, Erik and company entered the Maderian forest, where they were attacked by an angry bat and separated. It was when he was by himself in the woods that Erik had a hallucination of his mother berating him for being a coward and not using the gun he bought in Chan Dai. This revealed how his grief was holding him back from helping others. After his mother pressured him to shoot the gun, he did, but away from her. The hallucination disappeared and Anurna and Miko found him, hearing the gunshot.
Yuka and livia

Erik talks to the ones who captured Dover and Sedgley.

When they went to go look for the others, they saw that Dover and Sedgley had been captured by Yuka and his men, and were all then taken to the chief of Maderia as prisoners along with the others. It was in Maderia where Chief Aran agreed to help teach Dover and Sedgley plantbending, and Erik was invited to stay in the luxurious guest quarters. While the boys practiced, Erik did a lot of sightseeing and visited Anurna on the outskirts of town often, even talking about their visions in the forest.

While Dover and Sedsgley were living in the forest for almost a week, Erik and Anurna were growing bored. During a game of battleship with Anurna, a group of Clandestines attacked the city, not long before Yuka came to city's aid. He was told by Anurna to warn Chief Aran and he ran to the Mother Tree, Livia helping him get there when he couldn't move the tree raft. Meeting with Aran, who didn't know what to do, Erik saw the extend of the Clandestine attack when the chief's palace was blown up and enemies started scaling the tree. Aran urged him to find Dover and Sedgley which, soon after a scuffle with an enemy troop and falling off the Mother Tree, he eventually did. He argued to Dover and Sedgley that they had to leave the city, which they agreed to and, after meeting with Anurna, they did. After a run in with Livia and witnessing Yuka's death at the hand of Miss Zaida - who was after the Avatar - Erik and the others engaged in a brief battle with her before managing to flee the city unharmed.

When running out of firewood while camping in the forest, Anurna placed a strange weed on the fire, causing lots of smoke to bellow out. When he, Anurna and Miko breathed in the smoke, they had a bizarre experience. Going for a walk, the two people really connected but then he got frightened when Miko suddenly screeched out of nowhere, shooting a few rounds from his gun, and then sprinted back to the campsite with the others. After packing everything up, and when Dover and Sedgley returned, they decided to leave due to the nearby Maukaizo Tribe but also due to their lingering fear. Upon learning that Sedgley had been hit with a potentially poisonous dart, Erik was apprehensive about letting the boy walk, but relinquished when Sedgley insisted he was okay. After a days' travel, they eventually exited the forest and suddenly entered the Wasteland.

When Sedgley collapsed in the Wasteland due to the poison in his bloodstream, Erik searched for a plant that they could make a remedy out of. When they eventually found the plant, Dover and Anurna went into battle and won against a scorpion-snake that was guarding it. He made the potion by following the steps in his first aid book, yet it seemed to have no effect on Sedgley's health. They continued walking for hours, finally collapsing in exhaustion and passing out before being found by men from the Hebikumo Tribe and taken to their campsite. Erik was acquainted with Sheker in her tent and, when Dover finally woke up, Sheker explained what had happened and led them into the healing hut where Sedgley was being tended to. On their way to the hut though, he found out that the dead scorpion-snake - the one they had killed - was a bad omen for the Hebikumo people. When in the hut, he watched on as Dover agreed to let Sheker thrust Sedgley into the Spirit World to help him recover his inner demons and later that night, after Sheker had warded off bad luck with her Song of the Spirits, Erik decided he wanted Sheker's assistance to help him talk to his mother. Anurna and Dover joined him, and, while away from the campfire ceremony and trying to connect to their own spirituality, Erik revealed that they were responsible for killing the scorpion-snake, Sheker then telling them they had to leave as soon as Sedgley was better. Later that night, much to Erik's relief, Sedgley woke up, apparently healed.


Erik is described by Mother Leliita as, "studious and enjoyed reading." Erik prides himself on his knowledge and loves to expand his already encyclopedic intelligence.

He is a bit cowardly, struggling to muster up the courage to fight some cronies in The Orphanange and the Molipedes in The Tunnel. However, when really offended, he will blindly stick up for himself - even if it means putting himself at risk, as with his confrontation with Chin in Chapter 2. He is also a quick and strategic thinker, and will utilise these traits to help his friends. He always has the boys' best interests at heart, often nagging and berating them to think about the consequences of their actions.

In Chapter 4, he was shown to be quite untrusting of Anurna, resorting to snooping and looking through her things. He also became easily angry and argumentative, and was often sarcastic.

He is also known to care deeply for his friends and their safety and to be quite nostalgic; sniffing a bag of bath salts brought back sad memories of his deceased mother. However, he can't overcome his fear when trying to use a gun - as his thoughts always go back to what his mother would think of him. His feelings of loss and mourning over Mother Leliita has greatly hindered his abilities, and still haunts him, evident by his vision in the Maderian forests.


Combat with a staff

The only weapon he has on him at the moment is a wooden staff. Though utilising it in many helpful ways - such as breaking a wall made from rock to save his friends, and killing a Molipede - he occasionally fumbles to reach it from behind his back. This seems as though his form could be improved upon. In Chan Dai, he decided a staff wasn't enough and bought a gun, but still prefers to use the staff. His capabilities have greatly increased throughout his journey, becoming more agile and swift with the thing.


He bought a gun with the hopes of improving his means of self-defence, but is since unable to overcome his fear of using it. He finally used it when scared in the Maderian forest, but was under the influence of a strange plant when doing so.


  • 'Erik' is derived from the Germanic meaning 'honorable ruler.' The writer was originally planning on appropriating Avatar: The Last Airbender and Zuko's new name was to be Erik - because he was a prince turned Fire Lord and was obsessed with honor. When that idea was scrapped, the writer kept this name anyway.
  • Erik is somewhat the comic relief of the series.

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