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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legend of the Phoenix.

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Erica is the main character of the fanfiction story Avatar: The Legend of the Phoenix. She is shy and unsure of herself due to her father, a circus animal trainer, selling her to Fire Lord Ozai and her birth mother leaving when she was two. She was born in the Fire Nation Mainland until her mother left. Then her father moved to the Fire Nation Colonies where he became a Circus Animal trainer.

Then when she was seven the Royal Family attended the circus while there Ozai recognized her as the Phoenix. He then brought her to the Royal Palace to live with his family. She became close friends with Prince Zuko during this time. Right before the start of the series, she stepped in to save Zuko during an Agni Kai between the young prince and Ozai. After fleeing the palace, Ozai sent a man named General Hazma after her.

During The Story

Book One: Water

When she fled the Fire Nation Palace, she eventually landed on the crescent island where she met a Fire Sage, Shyu, who helped plan her journey to the North Pole. Next, she headed to the Seedy merchants pier where she met General Hazma for the first time. Then at the Harbor town she learned of Prince Zuko's banishment and reminisced on her past. After that, she ventured to the ruins of Taku where her past life Emiko told her about another of past lives, Zoisite.

Then, while camping near Makapu Village, she met Palik who invited her to his home and gave her advice on how to enter the Northern Water Tribe. The same night, while sleeping, she was captured by seven men and brought to General Hazma's ship. With the help of Natsu, she was able to escape the ship and get to the Abbey.

Five days after leaving the Abbey, they arrived at the Northern Sea where she had a long conversation with Iroh. The conversation ended with Iroh giving a White Lotus Pai Sho tile, leaving the young Phoenix confused.

Finally, three days after this Erica and Natsu arrived at the Northern Water Tribe where she met Karoton. Then, after a meeting Chief Arnook, she took up residence with Karoton. There she first met Tokuda who she instantly felt an attraction to. She and Karoton then began training on an icy plan, but Erica had no luck moving the water. The next day Tokuda gave her a tour of the tribe and she met Yue and they quickly became friends. Erica then introduced Tokuda and Yue to Natsu who, after testing Tokuda, became friends with both of them. When Tokuda questioned Erica about Natsu's "test" and Erica responded with a kiss before running away.

Later that day Erica talked with Karotonand remembered the white lotus tile that Iroh had given her and showed it to Karoton. Karoton then revealed that he was a member of a secret society known as the Order of the White Lotus and proceeded to teach her some of the techniques that the Order of the White Lotus uses to communicate.

That night she and Karoton continued her waterbending training and once again Erica had no luck in moving the water. Frustrated Erica decided to contact one of her past lives, one who also was a fire and waterbender. In order to contact this past life Erica ventured to the Spirit Oasis in an attempt to gain access to the Spirit World. Though she tried Erica was unable to cross over to the Spirit World. Finally, just as she was about to give up a dragon appeared in front of her and opened a door to the Spirit World.

Aunt Wu prediction


Natsu- He is Erica's companion and has been since she was a child. They have a deep trust in each other. As shown in Chapter 6 An Enemy Natsu is willing to risk his life to save Erica.

Karoton-A member of the Northern Water Tribe who agrees to help Erica master Waterbending.

Prince Zuko- They have been best friends since they were seven. When Zuko was fighting Ozai Erica jumped in to save him.

Emiko-Emiko acts as a guide to Erica. Emiko is strict in regards of what Erica does with her spare time. Despite this, Erica has a deep respect for her past life.

Tokuda-Erica immediately took a shine to Tokuda for the few moments she met him.

Young love

Yue-The Princess of the Northern Water Tribe and Erica's friend.

Her father- Erica's father sold her to Ozai when she was seven leaving her lacking in the paternal love department.

Circus trainer

Erica's father

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