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Era of Kaiju is the era before the era of Raava. It is the longest period of Earth.

Southwestern Forest

Southwestern Forest in Era of Kaiju.


In this era, the world was very different in the era of Raava. The continent was fused into one super-continent known as Pangaea and it's has an only one ocean known as the Global Ocean. Most of the continent was cold, and barren with ice, except at the Southwestern Forest that stretch for ten thousands kilometers across. It is a large green forest filled with a lot of animals. In the ocean, lives are so much more on land. Near the end of era, Raava and Vaatu had created from spirits of Kaiju by the Gods of Mount Olympus.

Ice Barren of Pangaea

Most land of the super-continent, Pangaea.

Mass Extinction

The mass extinction that was caused by a giant asteroid that fell from the outer space and crash at the middle of the Pangaea. The asteroid break the super-continent into the four continents that is look like the continents of the modern world in both era of Raava and Avatar. The giant asteroid has release the explosion, toxic gas and acid rain around the world. Most of the Kaiju were died from this.

Animals and Plants

Survived from the Mass Extinction

Gone Extinct from the Mass Extinction


  • Dragons, Badgermoles, Flying Bisons and Lion turtles are some animals that survived pass the mass extinction.
  • All plants are survived to the modern time.
  • Era of Kaiju is around 25 million years to 74000 years ago.
  • The mass extinction was based on the extinction during the time of the Dinosaur.
  • Its timeline was based from the timeline of the dinosaurs. Because era of the Dinosaurs is the longest timeline of Earth.
  • The land that are ice are barren and lifeless.

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