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June 19, 2015

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Ep.1: Dawn of a Tale

The land was under siege. Ever since that fateful day many years back, the world had steadily gone into deep decline. The land around the once proud Earth Kingdom had deeply been turned into living hell by the demonic overlord himself. The grass remained bare and singed, the ground dried up, the sky covered in deep smoke from fires that had sparked in various locations all over the place. No signs of life aboveground could be made out in any way, and even if there was, it wasn't going to be for long. It seemed life itself was drained out of the plains and hillsides. Amongst the dying land, one soul thrived with triumph over his accomplishment in year's past. While flying through, a loud boom could be heard, close to that of a one-note low tube, before a huge aurora-lit beam of light was launched ahead, exploding the ground 20 meters away on impact. The figure resembled that of black, giant kite, with red marking evident on its body as it flew ahead.

The demonic creature was amply named Vaatu. Vaatu, the Satan of this world. He continued his flight, scanning the area for any signs of activity apart from himself. His main goal in life (using the term 'life' very lightly) was to destroy the world and all humanity. Thus far, that goal seemed to be very successful, as no human activity was present where he was. After a few minutes of scanning the area, he gave an echoing chuckle towards himself, the voice deep and close to a bellow.

"How wonderful. Raava off my back, the land shall burn for all eternity. This Harmonic Convergence was splendid," Vaatu praised, though mostly it was to himself. Raava, as he aforementioned, was the world's version of God. Basically, Raava was the female version with the negative color scheme matching Vaatu. However, unlike him, Raava had gone through more of a detour than him, and when the event came, known as the Harmonic Convergence, Vaatu had the deadly upper hand and ultimately defeated his enemy once and for all. The result, Vaatu was free to go and do as he pleased, which meant death upon the forsaken world. Vaatu continued flying forward for a while longer, until he suddenly stopped, sensing not everything was as it seemed to be. He began to look around here and there, until he managed to spot something not too far away from him.

The thing in question looked like a human male, but Vaatu wasn't all too sure if that was truly the case at this point. The figure looked thin, and his skin darkened to match the dark dry earth around it. He wore a sort of robe, deep purple hue with the rims in a surprisingly bright lavender that almost seemed to glow. Vaatu turned to the figure in question, as the man came to a stop and looked up to the evil spirit. What made Vaatu curious was that the man didn't cower away, nor jump into a fight. All he did at first was just stand there looking at him for a full minute. However, Vaatu didn't care too much for him, so he readied a charge and launched yet another blast towards him. The blast went over his head as a word of warning.

"I thought I got rid of all the humans in this area," Vaatu stated. The man took the moment to look up towards him again.

"You're the responsible one, aren't you? You take pride in ruining life, no?"

"No, I take joy in it."

"I thought so. Then I'm the only thing left you should be afraid of."

Vaatu wasn't at all intimidated by this man's words but didn't blast him off yet. Vaatu flew closer to him.

"And why is that? I defeated Raava and your precious Avatar! What makes it so sure you can do better?" Vaatu asked. The Avatar was a powerful human who held the soul of Raava within them. They're the ones able to bend all four known elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. However, the most recent Avatar became the very last, as the Avatar too, was killed by Vaatu. However, the man was just as intimated as Vaatu was of him.

"...Vaatu, is it? What do you consider yourself as? An omen of hell? A demon overlord? A being capable of destroying a whole planet, spirit or mortal?"

"What's your point?"

"Then tell me. There's a contrast to everything; an opposite. What are demons considered the opposite of?"

"I don't need to answer to—" Vaatu was stopped when an odd object was suddenly brought out, aimed directly at the demonic being. The object was a three-way boomerang in a way, but shaped edged daggers lined each end of it. The man held the boomerang by one end, aiming the other side right at Vaatu's face.

"Rhetorical question. It's time to go back to where you came from."

Vaatu didn't seemed very intimidated at first, and all he did was ready another charge again, but the man then threw the boomerang in Vaatu's direction, it went through him...and damaged him! Vaatu became shocked at the sudden pain and tried to aim, when the boomerang made a U-turn, slicing through his head! The man caught the rang and repeated the throw a few more times, Vaatu becoming less and less with each throw. After about ten times of constant attacking, Vaatu laid on the ground like a piece of paper, cut open almost everywhere except for the center location of his eye, his vital spot. He tried to get up again, but the man was already standing practically on top of him.

"What?...You wouldn't dare..."

"And yet, I would. You should've just stayed in your tree."

"H-how did you know...?"

With one powerful swing, the man slammed the boomerang deep through Vaatu's head, not answering Vaatu's question. It didn't matter, nor did it ever matter at all. The silence of the hit made Vaatu's soul stop its ignited fire. Vaatu, the overlord of the spirits, had been defeated by this person by a method otherwise impossible and impossible to comprehend. The kite's body began to fade until there was nothing left. Upon killing the one responsible for all the destruction, the man simply took the boomerang out of the ground and started walking away...Without another word...

He knew what he did, he knew whom he dealt with, but he didn't know how it would effect the world he lived in all together. With most of the humans all but gone and towns and cities in ruins, the apocalypse starter had been removed from the picture. However, Vaatu was just the spark that ignited the worldwide fire, and that flame was still burning. While there was no longer someone to continue the flames, he knew the burns would still be forever crusted within the earth...

Thus began a new age...

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