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The Legend of Korra

Era After Gods (時代の神々の後) is a story set in a post-apocalyptic, alternative universe to The Legend Of Korra series, taking place 60 years after Avatar Korra's time. Due to violence, language, and sexual content, it's been given a PG-13 rating.


So many years ago, the Harmonic Convergence had once again occurred among the grand gods, Raava and Vaatu. On the third, the combatants were Vaatu and Avatar Korra. The grand fight resulted in Raava being separated from Korra. The defeat of the Avatar and the angelic god gave Vaatu the opportunity to go out and do what he was meant to do so many eons ago: destroy the world. And that's exactly what he went out and done...

Or so he thought.

His reign of terror lasted for only 20 years, resulting in the destruction of nearly the entire race of humanity and all who fought alongside them, until a mysterious being wiped him off of the face of the Earth completely...

Since the event, new establishments were made within both the physical and Spirit World, the Spirit Wilds grew back into the physical world, and humans had to survive in a world deprived of angels and demons alike. In a world where Raava and Vaatu no longer existed...

The Era After Gods.



  • Mejiro - Born within the Spirit Empire, Meijiro possesses a connection with the spirits that had been long since forgotten by most people. That, and being born albino, made Meijiro deal with absence through most of his childhood, until he decided to leave and go out on his own.
  • Fukuro - A glassbender born within the Earth Kingdom, he often acts rather sadistically towards others. He does have a sort of charm to him and sees death and murder as if it was no big deal.
  • Batu - Batu is a young boy who was discovered roaming alone in the wilderness. He doesn't speak, though is prone to violent acts at absolute random.
  • Akira - Gentle and considerate, Akira's considered the healer among the group. She's rather shy in the face of others, but can warm up to be very enjoyable when given time.
  • Okui - Nicknamed "the earth-shaker", she has a huge appetite to accompany her thich figure. She is very strong and doesn't care much for what others think of her most of the time.
  • Baxter - Mejiro's Horse Dog companion.
  • Zuzu - An albino spirit often seen and spoken to by Mejiro.


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