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Republic City streets at night
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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple





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May 25, 2012

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Welcome To Republic City

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Some days later in the evening. The sun slowly disappeared in the sea. Ganto looked at the beautiful view. Near Ganto was sitting Pedro, Ganto petted his head gently. As the sun was set and sky was dark blue he airbend him self up. That was beautiful wasn't it? Ganto asked Pedro, Pedro flied on Ganto's shoulder.

I haven't seen the whole city yet, it may be late...But we can still explore it Ganto smiled and ran to his room. He took his glider and jumped out of the window. Ganto transformed the staff into glider and was ready to take off.

Ready Pedro? Ganto asked, Pedro flew high in the air .Ganto jumped high in the air and glide towards the city.

Ganto land on ground and began to explore, suddenly Ganto walked in dangerouse zone of city. He didn't knew that and kept exploring. Ganto had a weird feeling that some on is following him, but he thought it's just his imagination.

Many hours later Ganto have got till Centra station. Ganto got tired of the long walk and turned to Pedro. Let's go home now, it's really late... Ganto yawned and jumped high in the air, he flew above dangerous zone again.

Suddenly Rope wrapped around Ganto's arms. Ganto lost balance and fell on house roof. Many Equalists jumped out of their hiding place and ambushed Ganto.

Ganto was scared, he didn't know what to do. He tried to get the ropes off his hands. Pedro saw what's going on, but he also didn't knew what to do. Then he flew on one of Equalist shoulder and started to hit his head as strong as possible, but Equalist took off Pedro and trow him away, Pedro flew away and was about to return.

Meanwhile other Equalists trow ropes at Ganto legs, Ganto jumped high in the air to avoid. While he was in midair Equalists trow ropes at his legs again, They wraped around and Ganto's legs and he falled on ground. What to you want from me?! Let Me Go!! Ganto yelled at them. Somebody HELP ME!!!

Equalists jumped to Ganto and started to drag him away. One of Equalists covered Ganto's mouth. Suddenly Pedro appeared in the sky and trowed at Equalists Rocks. They let Ganto go for a second. Ganto tried to stand up and jump backwards.

Pedro kept distracting them. Ganto jumped too far and got till edge of the roof. He lost his balance and fell off the house. AAAGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Ganto screamed and tried to use airbending to slow down, he hit hard enough against ground and his head began to bleed. Pedro heard that and flew down. He was shocked to see Ganto like that. Equalists ran to edge of the roof. As they saw him bleeding they ran away.

Meanwhile somewhere near Lin was talking to some citizens. She heard the voice and also felt a bit weird vibrations. She noticed the voice. Ganto...!

Citizens looked at her in confusion. Is everything alright?

I'm sorry, but I have to leave. I will come back... She said and ran away towards Ganto.

When she got there she gasped in horror and ran to Ganto. She untied his arms and legs then shaked him. Ganto, are you okay?! She turned to Pedro. What happened?!

Pedro tried to explain by showing some mimics. He showed that some one was shooting as them.

Some one shot at you?...Equalists! She got really mad, but then took Ganto in hands. She ran towards hospital as fast as she can, Pedro followed.

Many days later. Ganto was in hospital, he was in coma and haven't woke up since the attack. Ganto had really horrible head injury. Suddenly Ganto opened his eyes slowly. Ganto was confused. W-where am I...?

Lin was in his room, when she heard his voice she smiled and stand up. Thank god, I thought you will never wake up... She said. I came here almost everyday to check if you have awake...

Ganto was more confused. He have lost his memory and forgot everything. Who...Are you?

Lin sighed. I was afraid of this...You have to relax. You have amnesia.

My what now...? Ganto asked in confusion.

You lost your memory... She said.

Ganto didn't say anything at all then...Wait, wait, wait...Oh god...I seriously don't remember anything...WHO AM I?! WHAT IS THIS PLACE?! W...

Calm down! Your in a hospital!

Ganto tried to be calm. Okay then, W-who am I? What's my name?

Your name is Ganto an your and airbender... She said.

Airbender...? Then Ganto looked at his arms and got shocked. Why do I have these weird bolt tattoos on my arms...? Ganto was a bit worried.

It means your an airbending master.

Ohh...That's interesting! He laughed and smiled.

Lin sighed, facepalm.

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