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"Epsilon Iota" is chapter 6 of book 2 of the Polybender Saga.


After years of planning, the Red Lotus has infiltrated every major government except for Hellas. They have now launched their devastating plan to plunge the world into chaos. The casualties were great.


Right, this is how it will play out. At noon today, the Red Lotus members placed in your world's capitals will assassinate or capture the leaders.

Desna and Eska stood looking over the icy tundra from their frozen palace, flanked by their guards. One of them turned to the other, it is rather hard to distinguish them, so it could not be said for sure. "Looks like the peasants are in for a rough time."

"Huhu, huhu, huha," the two laughed emotionlessly in unison. Their laugh was interrupted, however, when a sword pierced through one's chest, causing him or her to lurch over in agony and drop dead. The other one turned around and melted some ice, turning it into a large stream of water. The remaining sibling threw it at the assailant and threw him to the blizzard. The tip of a spear pierced through his or her neck, breaking the spinal column and severing the windpipe, causing instant death.

At the same time, they will start rebellions in the biggest cities and plunge them into chaos.

Men in red cloaks with black, mandarin collar shirts walked into a shifty room in a dodgy pub. They sat at a table with triads and chi blockers. One of the men took off his red cloak and revealed a green shirt, similar to Bolin's. He spoke, "For so long, I've been trying to take down the United Kingdom from the outside, hammering away at its thick skin. Now, we shall take it down from the inside."

Following that, they will seek out and destroy the remainder of the law enforcement.

Highly decorated Satomobiles screamed through the streets, from which the passengers were shooting balls of fire and throwing rock disks into the panicking crowd as they fled. A large rock pillar halted one of the Satomobiles and launched it into a building. Another pillar raced into a Satomobile, smashing it to pieces. Lin Beifong stood in a rooted position, flanked by five men. Triads abandoned their Satomobiles and stood in a line. They threw rock disks, water streams, and fire balls at the police. They raised their metal riot shields and blocked them, sliding back a tiny amount with every impact. More men rushed to the aid of the triads, even old chi blockers. Lin was unphased. She simply stood her ground and ordered, "All right, men! Stand your ground and fight, we can win this."

A man stepped out from the hostile ranks and gave Lin a wicked grin. "Oh no," Lin frowned, "it's you..." She grappled his arms with her metal cables. With a loud crash, Lin fell to the ground. The officers beside her had turned on her and attacked her from behind. Lin's blood soaked the ground. Her officers removed their helmets and donned Red Lotus hats.

Of course, their biggest target is the Avatar.

The streets of Coronation City, once known as Republic City, lay in ruin. Men in red and black uniforms stood atop the palace. They burnt the brown flag with the yellow crown and replaced it with a black flag with the Red Lotus ensign. The flag swayed in the large plumes of smoke. The sky had turned grey from all the smoke.

Korra stood at a high point on Air Temple Island. She watched the chaos unfold. Korra was protected by White Lotus sentries, remnants of the police force and Air Nation soldiers. Her vision turned red and everything around her fell off into the darkness. A translucent red figure appeared before her. It was Philip Hellene and his eyes conveyed a sense of urgency. "Korra," he said, "I made a massive blunder. I thought Zaheer would attack Hellas so I sent you here. He is coming to get you. Leave now, while you can!"

Korra simply cracked her knuckles. "No. I've been waiting for this rematch." The background returned and Philip's image vanished. She braced herself and stood rooted. Korra stomped the ground, vibrations spreading through the floor. Korra could make out the image of a man, but she had little idea who. Korra felt a sharp twinge in her neck and arms. She turned to face her attacker and punched outward. Something came from her attacks, but not what she expected. Blood spurted from her veins.

"AHHH!!!!" she groaned. She knelt to the ground and clutched her arm.

"Prepare to die, Avatar," a voice said.

An amused voice called from thin air. "Surely you didn't think it would be that easy!"

A gust of wind knocked over Korra's foe. A big, black boot stomped the attacker's head. A man in military dress and short hair came to her rescue.

"Hey, Nikkolas," Korra said, "good to see you again!"

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