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This is a list and summary of chapters in Errant Flame.


Primary episodes are tied into the major arc(s) of the plot.

End of an Era

A prologue.

A New Dawn

Kim goes about another day at the monastery, being buried in a book which is due to be returned to the Sheng City Royal Library soon. It is revealed that Kim, being the Avatar, is kept under tight security, and while Kim's every need is met, the guards have also been tasked with keeping the Avatar secure and any venture Kim makes must be approved by the Ruling Council. Kim's father, Fire Sage Hunon, is less than content with this arrangement, and to this end has finalized a plan to get Kim out to see the world along with help from Kim's stepsister, Jian. However, Hunon understands the Council's concerns and makes Kim promise not to be revealed as the Avatar and not to practice the other bending arts.

Moving Out

With Hunon and Jian's help, and a blind eye on judge Hyunyong's part, Kim is able to leave the monastery and heads to port to meet the hired guide, a man named Lon. Lon introduces himself heartily but makes it clear that he is only Kim's guide and escort, not a servant to carry out menial tasks. This suits Kim just fine, and instead Lon is bombarded not with requests but with questions regarding the world outside the city. Dumbfounded that anyone could be holed up in one place for so long, Lon attempts to cater his latest client and, more importantly, keep Kim out of trouble.

The New Metal

Kim and Lon reach the port at Makapu. Kim's curiosity and unsatisfiable need to help others ends up overwhelming Lon's guard and Kim ends up causing a traffic accident. However, the accident is not a significant problem as a traveling group of experienced Metalbenders leap to the occasion to demonstrate their skills. One of these Metalbenders is Ling, who takes the opportunity to berate Kim's clumsiness. Unfortunately, Lon cites "not knowing her own power" as the cause and reveals to Ling that Kim is the Avatar, which was supposed to be a secret. After further questioning, Ling enlists herself to Kim's aid, saying that the Avatar needs to learn Earthbending, and also remarks that while her other companions are nice, they're also boring. The real seal on the deal, however, was the fact that Ling would reveal Kim's secret if she was not allowed to tag along.

Razor Wind

Amala is carrying out an errand in Sheng City and overhears that the Avatar has "escaped." She quickly surmises that the Ruling Council had wanted to keep the Avatar out of world affairs or else appear to use an unfair advantage. After completing her task, she petitions the Council of Elders to allow her to take leave. The Elders are more than happy to let their best but most difficult student take an extended absence from the Air Temple in order to do some "soul searching," but Amala has other plans: if she can find the Avatar and impart her knowledge of Airbending, the elders will have to recognize her proficiency as a Master Airbender.

Amala uses various contacts to track down the Avatar, eventually pinpointing the group at the northern port city of Ning Han. She bluntly introduces herself to the group, but is interrupted by her Sky Bison, Karishma, who had stubbornly followed her from the Air Temple. Lon remarks that the group has no need for a flying cow, but Kim and Ling are more open to the thought of having an Airbender on their side.

Light The Way

Kim attempts to learn the other bending arts of Earth and Airbending during the group's travels in secrecy, stretching the promise made to Hunon. However, Kim is unable to demonstrate the effects of the other bending arts, so Ling and Amala are forced to use introductory tactics in trying to procure the desired results. Even so, Kim's Firebending is remarked on being one of the most powerful that the others have ever seen in person, and Ling suggests focusing on Firebending. But, because Kim is "wanted" in Fire Nation territory, they travel to the forges of the Earth Kingdom instead. However, many of the Firebenders at these forges have been forced to specialize in their arts and are unable to give instruction suitable to the Avatar.

Friends in Need

Eventually, the group arrives in Ba Sing Se, renowned for its metalworks and, consequently, diverse array of bending disciplines, including high-level Firebenders. Kim eventually meets Anja and Chi, a pair of metalworking Firebenders who are unable to find meaning for their talents and are more than welcoming of the chance to instruct a fellow in the art. However, Chi reveals that the Firebenders and other workers of the metalworks are treated incredibly poorly, and he asks Kim's group to help address their concerns in any way possible. Kim, while incognito, attempts to contact the Fire Nation and petition them for a recourse, but they do not respond.

Riot at Ba Sing Se

With Kim, Lon, and Ling's help, Chi leads a protest on the premier Earth Kingdom metalworks. But, the protest overstays its welcome and extremists on both sides of the conflict cause it to erupt in violence. Leading metalworkers attempt to pacify their own ranks to no avail, and Chi is shot fatally for his efforts while Anja is taken prisoner by the private enforcers sent to shut down the protest. Against Kim and Ling's wishes, Lon and Amala decide that the best course of action is to escape unless harm should come to the Avatar.


Kim is made into a scapegoat and major cause for the disastrous riot at the Ba Sing Se metalworks, and it doesn't help that Kim believes the same thing. Kim leaves the group and is voluntarily brought before the Ruling Council. However, the reprimanding is short and judge Hyunyong speaks on Kim's behalf, bringing up Fire Nation investagtive efforts that have revealed foul play and dissent in the Earth Kingdom metaltrading leaders. Councilman Zan absolves Kim of any grievances, and the Avatar is free to roam about but is advised to stay low profile. Other sympathetic Council members remark that it may have been wrong to keep the Avatar in the dark, and that from this point forward offer their services as they should have long ago. Even so, Kim feels responsible for failing Anja and Chi.

Burning Bright

After speaking with previous Avatars and seeing the totality of a world cast into chaos as well as one that stagnates in being balanced for too long, Kim chooses to be recognized. But, as Kim shows no aptitude for the other elements (much to Amala's displease), Firebending will have to do, and to this end Kim applies a renewed devotion to studying and training its styles and forms with the support of the Ruling Council.

Kim strives to be active and informed on various matters, speaking on behalf of Iseul and even helps in securing her a seat at the Council, and consults past Avatars on a regular basis, but remains unpopular in the Earth Kingdom as the labor strike debacle is still fresh in their minds.

Burning Out

Things reach the breaking point when Lon and Ling disappear and Kim is attacked by assassins. Kim attempts to access the Avatar State but is unable to do so and flees while Amala tries to lead their attackers astray, but the assassins are not fooled and Kim is gravely wounded.

It turns out that the attack was staged by Fire Nation dissenters and Earth Kingdom rebels, and Lon and Ling were detained by an attack of their own. They escape their predicament, receiving help from judge Hyunyong, and manage to locate Kim before it's too late. Feeling as if she has failed, among other things, Amala leaves the group.


Kim confronts the previous Avatar over everything that has happened so far and affirms a startling revelation: Kim's efforts as the Avatar have been undermined since birth. Realizing this, Kim questions the validity of the Avatar and its importance, and at length is told that no matter the hardship, no matter the joys, being the Avatar is more than acting as a judge of the world or being the ultimate bender; the people need someone to believe in, and the Avatar needs to believe in the people.


Kim is recovering after the assassination attempt. Lon and Ling, as well as Hunon, Hyunyong, and even Councilmen Zan and Iseul, do well to not leave Kim unattended. Meanwhile, Jian investigates the supposed corruption in the Council and possible connections to the attempt on the Avatar's life.

Amala is left without much to do without the Avatar to train. She speaks about her restlessness with her mother, head monk Khan, and Karishma, mulling over their sage advice. In the end, she stands before the Council of Elders and renounces her ties to the Air Nomads.

Breaking the Mask

Unfortunately, Jian digs a little too deep and is captured by rogue Firebenders, but not before sending vital information to Kim and company. But, it is decided that Jian must be rescued before the evidence is laid bare. Hyunyong and Zan piece together the information they have which points them in only one direction: Councilwoman Hye. Even so, Hye knew that sooner or later her connection to extremist activity would be found out and cooperates with the group.

Kim and company are given command of a small strike team to rescue Jian and, ideally, capture her captors and reveal the plotters of all these rebel schemes. While the rescue goes smoothly enough, the dissenters are reinforced by Earth Kingdom rebels and odds turn unfavorable. However, the timely appearance of Amala and Karishma as well as the Avatar State settles the group's problems, for now.


The Avatar's allies discover that dissident forces are preparing to launch an airborne assault against the Northern Water Nation. In addition, the rebels have staged a coup on the Earth Queen. Both operations must be prevented from being carried through to completion or else the world will be dragged into an era of chaos. However, Kim also seeks to convince Anja and others to abandon the rebels' cause before it's too late.

Skyfall (Part I)

Kim, Lon, Ling, and Amala's skills, wits, and resolve are put to the test as they must bring down "the sky itself," the colossal flying fortress and flagship of the rebel groups, the Destiny, before it can create a firestorm of destruction at the port of Ning Han.

Skyfall (Part II)

"The Destiny. Seriously? What a stupid name. Someone's a lil' full'a himself."
"That just means it's extra important to take it down."
"I coulda come up with a better name than this."
"Uh, hello?"
"All right. All right! Let's do this! Let's bring down the sky!"


An epilogue.


Secondary chapters do not tie into the major arcs of the plot and can take place at varying times in between primary episodes, but some showcase background events and characters. In the final project, they are listed chronologically, but here they are listed alphabetically.


alternate: Aerial Acrobatics & Agility
Amala and Karishma enter a devoted competition after being taunted by the reigning champion. The competition involves... well, exactly what it says in the header, but the final event involves a race between the finalists. Kim and Ling stay on the sidelines to cheer, and some Councilmen and, supposedly, even the Earth Queen are present to see it all.

Fan Dumb

It turns out that Jian and Ling are big fans of the hit television series, Fanon:Ozai's Angels. It also turns out that they support mutually exclusive shippings. And it also turns out that they don't like seeing other possible pairings.

Oh yeah, some of the guys are big fans of the show too. Actually, they're even worse.

"Here I was thinking we could have a nice, intelligent discussion about our favorite show, maybe even poke fun at its utter ridiculousness and wanton lack of historical accuracy in favor of stylized action and character-driven drama, but NOOOO you guys had to turn it into a shipping war.
You bastards."

Steely Dan

An account of Dan and his other apprentices, Rise and O-Chul, as they continue their cross-continental tour and even visit the Fire Nation and Southern Water Tribe, and also avoiding tourist traps, not buying souvenirs, and provoking the hostilities of locals and wildlife alike.

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