Epilogue: Tying the Final Loose Ends
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Unresolved tales have lingered through the years

"On that night, the Avatar died atop that tower. But somehow, the energy of the Avatar dying and being reborn was a powerful enough break in the bridge between worlds that it created an earthquake-like effect which closed all the portals. The new Avatar has not been discovered yet, but he or she will surely find out soon.

"Junjie, though scarred from watching his brother died, remained the Fire Lord. Even today, he still rules over the Fire Nation. Tang was sent to a mental hospital, but once he recovered, he and Miwa married once more.

"The revolution was a success. The rebels fought their way to the now-feeble government and gave them an ultimatum: they repeal the law against bending or they join in a war. With the news of the leader being dead, they had no choice but to repeal the law. However, that white-haired boy, the face of the rebellion, died before he could see it through. His dearest friend from the prison camp killed herself once the rebellion was over.

"After everything had calmed down, I began to spend more time with your father. We realized that we had more in common than we thought, and married not long after.

"Good and bad came out of this tale. The Legend of Ishio... No, wait. Even better: the Legend of the Outlaw. Wait, I got it. The Emblem of the Outlaw." Frost smiled with success at her naming ability and leaned back in her feather armchair.

Her seven-year-old son looked skeptically at his mother. "That was a really long answer for how you met dad."

"It was necessary."

"But I have a question: what happened to that librarian girl? You never said anything about her dying."

With his words, Frost remembered Ai Shi. They had not seen each other since bending was legal once more. Undoubtedly, she had not taken Liwei's death as easily as Frost had. Though Frost thought she was deeply in love, it was not until she started spending more time with her now-husband that she realized it was only a crush. Ai Shi, on the other hand, had known Liwei since she was little. She truly loved him. "I... don't know..." Frost finally answered honestly.

On the cliff which had once held the library, Ai Shi now stood looking into the ocean. "Why have I continued on these past twelve years..." She mumbled beneath her breath. Her foot stepped over the edge, and her body was ready to follow.

"Ai Shi!" A familiar voice caused Ai Shi to turn. Frost stood a small ways away, aged twelve years. "I knew I'd find you here."

"Why are you here, Frost?" Ai Shi asked in irritation.

"I came here to tell you that it's not over, that you shouldn't give up."

"That's easy for you to say. You have Donghai now. I've tried doing other things, seeing other people, but nothing is the same as being Geming's assistant, and no one is the same as Liwei."

Frost approached Ai Shi and wrapped her arm around Ai Shi's neck teasingly while also pulling her away from the ocean. "Look into the water, Ai Shi." Frost instructed.

The ruins of the library had settled serenely at the bottom of the sea, just barely visible from above the surface. "That computer you built is still down there. It still holds everything. Even after twelve years at the bottom of the ocean, you built the room around it so that it would never be destroyed, and it will never be destroyed."

Ai Shi was speechless, and so Frost finished her monologue, "No matter what, you have to be like that computer."

Emblem of the Outlaw - End

Special Thanks

Honestly, I didn't think I'd actually be able to finish this. I haven't finished a full story that was longer than about a dozen or two pages since I was in elementary school. And I wouldn't have been able to do it without a couple of people. First, I'd like to thank my editor, StaticKatu, without whom there would be a lot more typos and Haneul would still be stuck in a time vortex. Second, I would like to thank my readers. There may be more who are caught up, but the two I have seen comment most regularly/recently are Mageddon725 and HammerOfThor. Without these two, I probably wouldn't have believed I had readers at all, thus I wouldn't have kept writing. I would also like to thank BlackMonkey, who not only gave a very helpful interview from the FRS, but also nominated my Fanon for Fanonbending]. Finally, I'd like to thank Millennia2 who also gave a great review by the FRS. I can't thank all of you enough, and I look forward to writing more Fanons for the wiki!

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