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"The Agrarian Park"
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Avatar: The Legend of Miranda




Start (開始)



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September 18, 2016

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"The Showdown of Ba Sing Se"

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Ba Sing Se Girls

"The Agrarian Park" is the epilogue to Book One: Start (開始) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

The Agrarian Park

Everyone survived Lady Li-Hua's purple smoke, except Lady Li-Hua herself of course and Tara, who sacrificed her life to save the kingdom.

No one knew where Pei Qi was, but since he didn't show up in a time, they assumed it was a clue that he didn't want to be found.

The Royal Palace was totally destroyed by the explosion. Or not totally, but mostly. Luckily, they had a lot of great earthbenders who wanted to help rebuild the palace.

The Agrarian Park was unharmed, and due to the panic, the opening was postponed to three weeks later.

On the day of the opening, Miranda and Mir were talking, standing on the top of the Inner Wall again.

"How do you feel, Miranda?" Mir asked.

"Actually, not so good," Miranda said.

"Why? You defeated Lady Li-Hua," Mir said.

"No. I didn't. Tara exploded the palace and killed her. I just ran away like some other kid," Miranda said.

"Does that have anything to say? Li-Hua is gone, and we're all safe. Our family is starting a park! Isn't that great?" Mir said.

"Yeah, that's great for you, but ... I feel like I'm something of a bad Avatar," Miranda said.

"No, you're definitely not!" Mir said.

"All past Avatars had to deal with powerful enemies such as Lady Li-Hua, but they have fought against their enemies and defeated them. And I haven't," Miranda said.

"Well. If you feel that way, I'm sure you will find a way to deal with it," Mir said.

"You're probably right. Being the Avatar isn't easy. I don't even know if I actually want to be that for the rest of my life. It has been fun and exciting until now, but I need to find out what I want to do with my life as a person," Miranda said.

"I'm sure you will succeed," Mir said. They hugged.

"Maybe I want to work in the Agrarian Park?" Miranda said.

"That would make your father very happy. Do whatever you feel is right," Mir said.

"I will, Dad," Miranda said.

She had to go if she wanted to dress up for the opening. As she left, General William arrived and wanted to talk to Mir.

"It has been an honor to stay by your side during the building of the park, Mir," he said.

"Has been? Are you leaving?" Mir asked.

"No, no, not at all. I just wanted to tell you," the general explained.

"I see. About that, actually, since I am a pretty old man and you are still in your youth, can you promise me that when I die, you will keep an eye out for the park?"

"I promise, I will," William said, and they shaked hands.

All of Miranda's friends were there at the opening: her brothers, Dandelion, Ming, the Earth Guardians, Huang-Gi, Nora, Zing Dang, Yakul, Raggety, Mike, and a lot of other people.

The Earth Queen was now going to cut the ribbon.

"And with this, I officially declare the Agrarian Park open!" she said, and cut the green ribbon.

Book One: Start (開始)
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