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Story 1: Defense Front at Sakigahara

Assault at Sakigahara:

  • Orochi forces: Having amassed a large collection of legendary warriors at their disposal, the renewed Orochi forces send two great armies en route to Sakigahara; one headed by Kiyomori Taira and Da Ji and one headed by Ozai, Dark Avatar Unalaq and Amon, who have since allied with the mighty Serpent King as reinforcement.
  • Team Avatar: Consisting of Avatars Korra, Aang and Wan, the three heroes are besieged by the overwhelming forces of Kiyomori Taira and Da Ji at Sekigahara. As all hope seemed lost, the three Avatars were rescued by Team Rebel Hero, whose leaders were gathering allies to finally defeat the Orochi forces for all time.
  • Team Rebel Hero: A team put together by Kokonoe and Lord Cao Cao that consists of Ragna the Bloodedge, Ichigo Kurosaki and Rin Okumura, they were dispatched to rescue any stray survivors spread throughout these war-torn lands. They lay waste to many Orochi soldiers, coming across the besieged Avatar Trio.
  • Team MotorHead: Kokonoe's personal scout vanguard comprised of Iron Tager, Lambda-11 and Tony Stark(Iron Man). They come across a trio of vagabonds who seek single-handedly trying to fight off the reinforcement troops led by Ozai and have since given them aid, but the situation looks grim...
  • Team Redemption: A group made up of Sasuke Uchiha, Gin Ichimaru and Chireru Amakuni, who seek to atone for their crimes with Chireru's aid by directly fighting Orochi's forces. The trio bit off more than they can chew in the form of Ozai's forces.

After a massive coalition defeat at Sakigahara by a newly reinforced Orochi troops, certain generals are scattered throughout the Battle:

  • Yukimura Sanada runs into a confused Team Avatar, explaining to them of Orochi's power to distort time and space, which created this world and aids them in their fight.
  • Seeking to defeat Kiyomori once more, the brave Yoshitsune Minamoto encounters Ozai of the Orochi forces and duels him while Team Redemption are forced into fighting Unalaq and Amon, the other two military leaders.
  • Hanbei Takenaka, Sima Zhao and Ma Chao, generals of the original timeline where Orochi forces triumph, have suffering a loss due to the newly reinforced Orochi army, now ally with Teams Rebel Hero and Motorhead of Kokonoe's Convoy, distracting the enemy forces while they help rendezvous with all surviving generals and possible allies like Teams Avatar and Redemption.
  • Kokonoe, the mad scientist and member of an alliance to revert the timelines(ART) alongside Cao Cao and Nobunaga Oda, seek 'unusual allies' in order to nullify Orochi's power over this world. She sends Team MotorHead and Team Rebel Hero to investigate a spike of residual energy at Sakigahara and gives them advice and instructions from her newly built convoy.

Bloodbath of Nagashino:

  • Orochi forces: An occupational group led by the mystics Kyubi no Kitsune and Sun Wukong encounter a trio of madmen at odds with each other. However, the trio turned on them in a contest to see who can kill the most hostiles.
  • Team Wargods: A trio of fighters consisting of Kenpachi Zaraki, "Mad Dog" Azrael and Lu Bu, in a three way battle to the dead. However, they death match was put on hold upon encountering an element of the mighty Orochi Army.

Defense of Republic City:

  • Orochi forces: The loyalist forces of the Orochi Army besieged the newly assimilated Republic City, led by Masamune Date, Kotaro Fuma and Sima Yi. Just as the great generals were about to overwhelm the combine forces of Metalbending Police Forces and Order of the White Lotus, a trio of highly skilled ninja joined in to defend the city.
  • Team Ninja: A trio of eccentric Ninja consisting of Bang Shishigami, Naruto Uzumaki and Nene with a force of ninja join the battle to help defend Republic City of Orochi forces.

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