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A Look Into the Future

At this point, nobody really knows what happened to everyone in Republic City during the war. But one thing is certain: Zolt is behind it. It is unknown how he made everyone disappear without a trace. There are theories that Zolt is an evil spirit. Maybe he's behind the destruction of the Spirit World. After what happened in Republic City, it's not impossible. Unfortunately, only the Avatar would be able to answer that.

With Zolt gone, Zolt's army decided that they might as well stop fighting since there was no longer anything to fight for. Benders all over the world came together as one just as they did after the Hundred Year War. As the White Lotus predicted, the peaceful energy that flooded the planet was enough to heal the badly damaged Avatar Spirit and the Avatar Cycle resumed.

Unfortunately, it would be sixteen years until the next Avatar would be able to go into the Spirit World and see if Zolt was there. This is especially unfortunate because the Avatar universe had a great threat coming. His name is Ming. Here is what he wrote in his diary recently:

Hello, diary. How are you? I am great. More than great, actually. I have felt a great new feeling today. As you know, evil lurks in the dark shadows of the earth. It hides in the most ordinary places. When this evil has a chance, it takes it. Without the Avatar, this evil has a sixteen year long chance to wreak havoc. This happened in the form of Shi just a week ago. I doubt the evil spirits will sit and wait for the next Avatar to learn all four elements and then attack. It's coming. I know it is. In fact, I can feel it overwhelming me as I write this. It!

The next Avatar was going to be a firebender. With the large population of the Fire Nation, the White Lotus had a lot of false claims to see. Who knows how long it will take to find the next Avatar.

Only time will tell.


Author's Notes

Avatar: The Lives After Korra is coming to an end. I took a very long break just when the series was lifting off and now it is dead again. The negative reviews I received also played a part in this. Please check out Pabu: The Last Avatar for a more deep experience once I post it. You may now read the Epilogue.

I really enjoyed making Book 1. I'm going to take a month long break, then start writing Book 2. The prologue will be posted September 28th

If I had to change one thing about Book 1, it would be the title. I named it Jimu because Jimu was the Avatar after Korra. But, Jimu died halfway through the book which means Book 1 wasn't really centered around him. I would probably rename it "Matter" because matterbending was a big obstacle for both Jimu's and...well, everyone in Republic City.

ANY questions/reviews you have/want to post regarding The Lives After Korra can be asked in the comments section below.


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