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174 AG - 176 AG


Kuvira As Earth Emperor


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Malus Ignus brother


Malus Ignus, Earth Empire


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Philip Hellene

"Kuvira betrayed us - we were at the verge of victory and then she surrenders. She's not the only one who has betrayed us, the Avatar has too. Avatar Aang took Earth Kingdom territory to make his own nation - the United Republic. Korra, she ruined our plans to reunify. I shall destroy the Avatar and the Republic. Round 2, Philip!"

Ephialtes Ignus is the main antagonist of the Polybender Saga. He was a former student of Philip Hellene and younger brother of the late Malus Ignus. He betrayed Philip after the Air Temples Campaign and took second-in-command of the Hellenic dictatorship. Ephialtes is a native firebender.


Ephialtes is a medium-sized man of average build. His hair is short, curly and brown. His eyebrows are thick and eyes are brown.


Ephialtes was born in Sophos into a family of Hellenic and Fire Nation descent. When he was 18, Philip Hellene taught him advanced bending techniques. Philip placed much trust in Ephialtes, only for him to aid his older brother, Malus Ignus, in his takeover of the Hellenic Senate.

After the fall of his brother's government, Ephialtes was imprisoned, while Malus fled to the Fire Nation. After the death of his brother, Ephialtes swore vengeance. After an earthquake, Ephialtes escaped prison, stole Philip's documents on polybending and gained the ability for himself. He fled to the Earth Kingdom aboard a trade vessel. In 172 AG, he became 3rd in command of the Earth Empire's Military. After Baatar Jr. defected and Kuvira surrendered, Ephialtes promptly took command of the military and won the support of the people by spreading the story of the betrayal and exploited the hatred the Earth Kingdom harboured for the United Republic, being composed of former Earth Kingdom territories.

In 175 AG, he invaded Zaofu, prompting a war with the United Republic, now under Philip Hellene. Ephialtes desired to destroy Philip as revenge for the demise of his brother and invaded the United Republic. Despite a promising start, his advance soon ground to a halt and the war devolved into a stalemate of trench warfare. In the Battle of Katara River, Philip and Ephialtes duelled. Ephialtes gained the upper hand and prepared to kill Philip, only to be defeated and imprisoned by Nikkolas.


Ephialtes is hot-headed and has trouble controlling his rage. He is incredibly loyal to his family and will attempt to destroy anyone who harms them. He is charismatic, being able to win support of the Senate and the Earth Empire.


Ephialtes is a capable polybender. Unlike Philip, who used the ability for experimentation, Ephialtes devoted it to revenge. Having trained significantly harder than Philip, he gained control over the subskills of bending, such as lava and metal. Philip had yet to accomplish such a feat. While he cannot bloodbend, he is immune to its affects.

Ephialtes is proficient at duelling, having been able to defeat Philip and almost overcome a skilled bloodbender.



Malus Ignus

Ephialtes was very close and loyal to his brother, having aided him in any way he could. He was distraught upon discovering his death and swore vengeance against those responsible.


Philip Hellene

Philip and Ephialtes do not get along well, as evidenced by the numerous times they tried to kill each other. Their hatred stems from the past conflicts of interest with his brother, Malus. The disagreements went so far that Philip overthrew his brother and destroyed his army.

Ephialtes was furious when Philip intervened in Zaofu.


Ephialtes hates Nikkolas, for he killed Malus and defeated him in the Battle of Katara River.


Ephialtes was a trusted general under Kuvira. However, after Kuvira surrendered and eventually switched sides, she joined the war effort against him and fought on the front lines.


  • Ephialtes derives from the Greek, Ἐφιάλτης, meaning nightmare.
    • Ephialtes of Trachis is the infamous traitor in the Battle of Thermopylae.

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