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Book Six: Shadow



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Even if Asami Sato was only gone for a day or two, Korra couldn't shake off the idea of what Asami had gotten herself into. It was risky enough that Asami suggested they split up in the first place, but having her by herself - in Si Wong Desert - with a killer monster... Man, did that worry Korra. While she looked out the window, her twin sister Ziyou soon came on in, finding Korra just looking out the window.

"Hey sis, everything alright?" Ziyou asked. Korra didn't realize Ziyou came in until she said something and was actually a little bit startled because of it.

"Oh, Ziyou! Don't sneak up on me like that, please."

"I wasn't sneaking, you were not paying attention. So what's the problem?" Ziyou asked, standing next to her. Korra just looked out at the morning sun.

"Well...It's just Asami, I mean...she let herself be alone in such a harsh place, I..."

"Korra, I'm sure she's okay. She's pretty smart and adaptable from what I see."

"Have you ever been to Si Wong desert? That place is completely horrid for anyone to go through!" Korra snapped, not meaning to. Her stress from Asami not being around was getting to her a little bit, and Ziyou took her sudden yell with a bit of rough take. Ziyou knew, though, that Korra was worried a bit about it.

"Hey, hey, Korra. Look, I know you miss her, I mean, you two have this big relationship going, but you can't get all uptight about her if she's alone. Seriously, the girl's got fighting skills most boys don't have, and coming from me, that's saying something!"

"Fancy moves won't beat a living mountain."

"And yet those fancy moves helped us out many times before, right? Gronihag, Yiplov, I remember us having to move quick for them." Ziyou was right, Korra had felt a little bit overly protective over Asami. Guess that came from the fact they were dealing with giant mountains built to fight off whatever came at them. After a bit, Korra looked to Ziyou with a smile on her face, but before she could say anything, Jinora soon came in.

"Hey guys, we're almost at the site. You two ready to go?" Jinora asked. Since they left, the group had gone over who would fight what Voronon, instructed by Asami herself before leaving. In that case, Ziyou and Korra picked one to go on together, and their area was not too far away. They've been given their instructions on the weakpoints, but weren't told much on what it exactly was. Ziyou happily put her arm around her sister's shoulder with a big smile on her face.

"Ready to go!" Ziyou said with a big smile. After sometime without much action, she couldn't wait to get rolling. While Korra wasn't as bombastic on the idea of fighting this thing, she too was ready to give it her all once they do get there. With a nod, Jinora went off to tell the others, as Ziyou and Korra looked out the window again. They weren't sure exactly what they were in for, but one thing they did know: it was gonna be one big fight.


About an hour or so later, the airship began to approach its destination, Ziyou and Korra both ready to head on out as soon as they landed. While looking out the window, the group saw the Earth Kingdom landscape, more flourishing than Si Wong Desert. What actually got their attention, though, was that they found a lone area of raised land, as if something had sliced it open and raised the land upward. The rocky outcrop stretched for well over a mile, but the most unique spot was that, in the center, appeared to be some sort of encrypted door, markings unknown in any current nation. The airship settled down by the door, looking large enough to fit the ship inside, as they got out to observe the area. The door itself looked very old, looking thousands of years of age.

"So this is where Asami said it'll be?" Ziyou wondered, looking up at the door. Korra then turned to the others by the entrance to the airship.

"Looks like we're on our own here. We'll call you once we're done, alright?" Korra said, as Ikki, Kai and Bolin went over to her, giving her their goodbyes.

"Good luck, you two!"

"Give it your all in there."

"We believe in you two!"

"Thanks you guys. Good luck with your Voronon too," Ziyou said. Soon after they gave their goodbyes, Korra and Ziyou were left by the door, watching the airship fly away. Things were all set, but the issue then was how to open the door...should've thought of that one. While the door looked old and ready to fall over, it was purely made of stone and hard to move. Luckily for them, Korra happened to be an earthbender, so all she did was open up a decent sized tunnel for them to fit inside.

"Ready, Ziyou?...Ziyou?"

Ziyou did feel a bit uneasy about Korra's way of getting in. Looking through her tunnel, it looked very, very dark... However, Ziyou snapped back to reality and quickly went over to Korra's side. When she was done, the two went inside...

Beyond the door, while appearing to be ginormous from outside, actually lead to a much smaller cave tunnel, big enough for a sky bison to fit through, but that was about it. Ziyou and Korra continued onward, Korra keeping a light on by using her firebending, fire light in the palm of her hands. Despite the light, making them able to see, Ziyou still was a bit troubled about the situation they were in. It wasn't exactly claustrophobia getting to her, it was more the fact that they were going to fight this giant beast underground, where anything bad could happen to them... That, and maybe it was the uncomfortable cave network she and Korra were walking through. Korra continued on ahead, though noticed Ziyou's reaction about going through the cave network.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yea, course I'm fine!" Ziyou replied, a bit too quickly for it to be believable. That, and the fact Ziyou was gripping Korra's arm made it even less believable.

"But, you're gripping my arm."

"...Is it wrong that I don't wanna split up here?" Not the best excuse ever...

"Ziyou, if you're scared, just say it."

"HEY, I'm not scared! Just uncomfortable with caves, that's all."

"Really? Didn't you go with us to find Chi? The caverns going to her cave weren't much better than this, you know."

"There's a difference between real life and a vision in your head, thank you very much. We're not just sitting on our butts meditating to get here!"

"Okay, okay, sorry...Can you at least let go of me?"

Ziyou did as she was told and let Korra's arm go. Ziyou had to admit, the caves weren't the most inviting place to be in. So dark, enclosed, not much fresh air either. Staying close, Ziyou and Korra continued off ahead.

The caves continued stretching down for a while more, the cave stalactites and stalagmites jutting out of the floor and ceiling. The floor remained cold and smooth, fully of rock rather than dirt, or sand, or anything else. As Korra and Ziyou continued, something else began to appear on the walls of the cave network: some sort of Earth Kingdom crystal! Normally that would be enough to surprise, but the duo wasn't there to find some fancy crystals, they were there to fight living earth. But at least they were given more light to work with, not fully reliant on Korra's small light anymore. In fact, she had enough light from the crystals that she didn't even need to have her own light. Ziyou looked around at the crystals, slightly calming down. Yeah, it was still small, but at least they could see...

"Hey, Korra? What do you think this Voronon will be? A mole maybe, or a worm, or what?" Ziyou asked, trying to start some sort of conversation with her sister so it wouldn't be so quiet. Korra tried to think for a little bit before answering, looking around on where they are.

"I'm not sure actually. From what we fought so far, it could be many things," Korra answered. Ziyou didn't want this conversation to be short, and it didn't help that the cave started to thin out and shrink. The smaller the cave had gotten, the more uncomfortable Ziyou had gotten... And it was starting to show again. Unlike before though, Korra didn't say anything to her sister, as they both continued on through the tightening cave. The odd part came when the came started turning into a man-made tunnel, the floor, walls and ceiling starting to show the same encryptic writing as the main door outside. The path was fully straight, so the thought of losing their way wasn't something to worry about. After about a minute or two, the sisters realized they'd reached a stone door. Unlike before though, the door was able to move by itself, and the two sisters easily opened it like a sliding door. What awaited them on the other side left them simply awestruck.

What awaited them on the other side was probably the most elaborate underground city they'd ever seen. All the buildings were fully abandoned and left to rot inside the cave. All the buildings were close to matching the buildings made over eighty years ago, the buildings lining the walls, some roads dropping off downward on the sides and some not having any sidewalks for being so far on the wall. Some roads were actually apart of ceilings to other buildings the walls. Small canals were also made around the area, linking back outside somehow. The center of the area was cleared, signifying the plaza. In the center, they could see two statues standing tall and proud, both looking like brothers even. Ziyou and Korra had both never seen anything like this before.

"Woooowww...Incredible..." Korra said through amazed eyes.

"Is this even possible to do?" Ziyou wondered, looking around. Eventually, Korra and Ziyou found a safe path down and started walking down to the center of the ancient city. While going down, a small sign read out 'Accuro' on it, signifying the name of the place. Ziyou felt much better, her being in a far more open landscape with glowing crystals all over the place. It felt like she was in some sort of gigantic stadium, much more room to go around. While they were going, they started to cross over a stone bridge over a flowing mineral river, Ziyou balancing herself on the rim, arms out like an airplane for balance.

"This place is right out of a dream. Wonder what'll happen if Mom and Dad saw this place?" Korra wondered.

"They'll probably be surprised, but maybe more focused on the goal. At least Dad would from what I saw," Ziyou replied, chuckling. Korra chuckled alongside her in agreement.

"That does sound a lot like what he'll do."

After that, the two twin sisters continued on from there. Indeed, Ziyou had actually met back with Tonraq and Senna during her time with her sister. A time she would not easily forget, like she would want to forget that time anyway.

--(One month ago)--

Air Temple Island was calm and collective, as Korra waited for the arrival of Mom and Dad. It had been a while since she had met back up with her parents, not seeing them for almost four years. Tonraq and Senna had received a letter regarding Korra's adventures, but the received letter mostly dealt about her twin sister, Ziyou. The news was so surprising, that they told Korra that they'd return to Republic City in order to see if Korra's sister really was there. After a bit, Korra looked back, waiting for Ziyou to come out.

"Hey, Ziyou, you coming out soon?!" Korra asked, hearing Ziyou coming outside. However, she was a bit more formal than she was used to, her hair more well kept and her clothes cleaner than normal.

"Sorry, sis, trying to get used to being this formal," Ziyou groaned. At leasts she didn't have to hide her scar on her cheek for this one.

"You're not THAT formal."

"Says you."

Soon after they'd finished, Korra and Ziyou both looked off to the ocean and soon noticed a ship coming their way. Korra easily recognized it as a Water Tribe ship, but not just any water tribe ship. This ship was more high class. Korra knew exactly whom the ship belonged to. Ziyou watched the ship dock by the island, but still felt a bit curious to what her true parents were like...or why they didn't ever bothered to tell Korra about her to begin with. With a slow stop, the ship stopped right at the end of the dock. Soon, the doors to the ship opened up, revealing to them both the Water Tribe Chief and his wife.

Tonraq and Senna.

"Dad, Mom! Great to see you!" Korra said, hugging both of her parents upon seeing them.

"It's great to see you too, Korra," Senna said. Soon though, they both saw Ziyou standing nearby, looking at them both for a bit. She didn't know what to really say to them, having been separated from them for, well, practically her whole life. Tonraq went over to Ziyou, surprise on his face as he looked her right in the eyes.

"Ziyou?...It is you...?"

"Yep, that's me," Ziyou replied, trying not to sound embarrassed or awkward. Ziyou truly didn't know what to say to her birth father but tried not to act like a complete nuisance. Tonraq and Senna both hugged Ziyou tightly, very happy to see their twin daughter after such a long time.

"Oh, Ziyou, you have no idea how happy we are to finally see you," Senna said, so far as tears coming from her eyes.

"I think I can take a guess," Ziyou joked, as Korra went forward to her family, a smile on her face.

"Where have you been all this time?"

"Me? Well, I've been around the Earth Kingdom, trying to live for a while. Found my sister after a while and stayed with her. Korra told me a bit about you guys."

"I'm so glad you're still with us, Ziyou." Then Ziyou looked at her mother with confusion - still with us? What did that mean?

"What do you mean by that?" Ziyou asked, stopping the hug for a bit. Tonraq waited for a minute until he knew Senna wasn't going to say it.

"Well, when you went missing, Unalaq told me that they found you dead in the polar wastelands. For the longest time, that's what we thought happened to you," Tonraq explained, feeling more anger to his deceased brother for lying about a member of his own family. Korra and Ziyou were equally surprised by what Unalaq did in order to keep Ziyou a secret.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"We both thought it would be worthless to tell you..."

"Wait, what? Worthless to tell her about me?!" Ziyou gasped, feeling a bit insulted. Dead or alive, she should at least be known by the rest of her family!

"Ziyou, please don't be upset, we never knew you were alive...But, we're grateful you're still here now." Ziyou raised an eyebrow at them both, arms crossed, and an angered look on her face. However, she was more upset at Unalaq - again. Unalaq had kidnapped her, lied to her, and now lied to her parents to think she had been dead! All Ziyou did was sigh.

"Yeah, okay, another thing for Unalaq's 'worst family member' list," Ziyou concluded, groaning a little bit for that. While she was peeved at Tonraq and Senna calling her incident worthless to talk about, at least they had some reasonable alibi that she could work with.

"It's nice for everyone to be here. You guys wanna come inside?" Korra offered.

"Sure honey. It'll be nice after the long boat trip here. It can give us time to know Ziyou a bit more too." Senna said, smiling to Ziyou. Ziyou smiled back, as Senna and Tonraq started going in. Before Korra could follow, Ziyou poked Korra's shoulder.

"Did I do good?"

"You did just fine, Ziyou. Now come on in," Korra said, bringing Ziyou on inside.


Korra and Ziyou continued down the various, worn away paths down through the empty city. Far as they both knew, they were the only ones there. Then again, the Voronon had to be somewhere around here. The city was quiet, only main resident, if any, were cavehoppers scurrying around, some jumping out of the way as they went through. As they reached ground level of the cave, the canals reached into a larger pool of mineral water, which Korra and Ziyou went alongside to reach the main plaza. While going by though, Ziyou glanced in the water and saw a small school of fish swimming in it. They were very small, white, eyeless, and didn't notice Ziyou or Korra. A cavehopper accidentally hopped in the pool, which one of the slow-moving fish gobbled up.

"Ziyou, over here!" Korra called, getting Ziyou's attention again. The girl rushed over in a 4-legged sprint until she was at Korra's side again. They both were practically at the main center, but still couldn't see, nor hear any Voronon anywhere. In fact, the cavehoppers and cave fish seemed to be the only thing evident within the cave.

"Where's that Voronon?" Korra wondered. Ziyou was equally curious, not seeing anything similar to any Voronon in the area...However, the duo was looking in the wrong place. Or rather, the wrong direction. Just behind them, the statues in the center of the city began to come alive. Slowly and steadily, the statues themselves began to move behind them, stepping forward to Ziyou and Korra. Korra quickly turned around to see the statues suddenly come alive, getting Ziyou to turn around and see the same thing. Both figures remained by each other's side, looking down at Ziyou and Korra.

"I think we found them. Hey Korra, remember who these two are?" Ziyou asked, starting to back away from the two giants. Korra too started to back up, trying to remember what Asami Sato had said to them.

"Uh...Katayt and Koyot, that's it - WHOA!" Soon as Korra had said it, the Voronon duo attacked together, stepping forward and nearly crushing them. Ziyou jumped to the right while Korra leaped to the left, the ground shaking from the stomp on the ground. The vibrations made a ton of cavehoppers panic and hop away from the living statues. Katayt challenged Korra while Koyot confronted Ziyou for the battle. Although they both challenged a different person, the sisters noticed them both not straying too far from each other. However, the sisters paid more attention to how to fight the things rather than how the Voronon fought.

Katayt moved forward, a fist ready to squash her like a bug, when Korra quickly made a rock pillar in front of her. Katayt slammed its fist into the pillar, not crushing Korra, but enough to shatter the pillar upon impact. Meanwhile, Ziyou began rushing along the houses to gain higher altitude over Koyot, who kept its vision on her. Ziyou then leaped above Koyot, hoping to land on its head, but it raised its armored arm and swatted her away like a fly, sending her flying off to the ground.

"Ziyou!" Korra gasped, trying to reach her. Katayt nearly crushed her multiple times as she reached Ziyou, helping her up. Katayt and Koyot eyed them down as Ziyou and Korra readied to fight. Korra shot a mixture of earth and fire at them both as Ziyou tried to regain herself. Katayt was taking most of the hits, and eventually Koyot got in the way and took the hits for its counterpart. Ziyou rushed off to the side as Katayt changed targets and slammed both fists into the earth to get the fast-moving human. Korra stopped for a brief moment, Koyot reaching over to Korra. Korra tried to keep Koyot from getting her, but it quickly grabbed her before she could react. Ziyou saw her sister getting snatched and rushed as fast as she could to her aid, only to have Katayt grab her as well.

"HEY! Let us go!" Ziyou demanded, trying to get herself free from Katayt's grip. Katayt and Koyot looked over to each other, holding onto both girls tight, and gave a nod to each other, as if they agreed on some plan. Simultaneously, the two looked to a large monument towards the end of the city, looking like a worn away rock hive indented in the rock wall. Both Voronon rallied up and threw both Korra and Ziyou right at it. Both girls flew for a while, landing hard against the bottom of the monument, threatening to collapse the thing on top of them. Katayt and Koyot marched forward and were in front of the thing just as Korra and Ziyou got themselves together. Ziyou was the first to start running to the outside, but before she could get out, Katayt and Koyot suddenly grabbed the upper area of the monument, proceeding to pull it downward until Korra and Ziyou were blocked out. The two were suddenly trapped. The area became much darker, much more concealing, and Ziyou became much more worried soon after she realized what happened. Katayt and Koyot stood there at first, looking down at their prisoners.

"What the heck, man! Get us out of here!" Ziyou yelled. Korra straightened out, getting to her feet.

"Hold on, I'll get us out," Korra said with determination. She walked right to the wall, and slammed both fists into the wall as hard as she could. She thought that would make her earthbend the blockade out of the way...only that didn't happen. No matter how many times she tried, she couldn't bend the cage open no matter what she did. Korra tried an alternate route - underfoot, only to have the floor be made of the same material as the walls.

"I can't bend the walls!"

"Korra, don't joke with me," Ziyou said, very urgent.

"I'm not joking. We're trapped."

"What?! No no no NONONO!" Ziyou was suddenly in complete panic. The girl tried punching, kicking, and body slamming the wall as much as she could, with no luck on her. As if being trapped in a cave wasn't bad enough, they were trapped in a cage, in a cave, with two Voronon standing just outside. Ziyou even went as far as to propel herself into the wall, not getting any results.

"GET US OUT OF HERE!" Ziyou screeched, going in full panic mode. Eventually, Korra had enough f seeing Ziyou hurt herself, so she grabbed Ziyou by the torso.

"Ziyou, stop that!"

"Korra, we're trapped in here, two killers just outside, they're not gonna let us out of here, the others don't know where we -" Ziyou was suddenly stopped when Korra, to her surprise, slapped her across the face good and hard. It was enough to silence Ziyou and have her calm down a little bit. Korra knew they were in a rough situation, but panic was not needed for something like this.

"Ziyou, don't panic. We're gonna get out of this, panicking isn't gonna help with this. Please, Ziyou, keep it together..."

Ziyou just looked to her twin sister, feeling the reddened area where Korra slapped her. Ziyou didn't like the situation at all, but Korra was right, going into a complete panic wasn't going to fix anything...All Ziyou did was sigh nervously.

"Yeah. Y-you're right. Phone the others, please!" Ziyou pleaded. Korra understood and got out her portable radio. Thank Raava Asami suggested the radios for the split up plan. Korra quickly tried to signal the rest of the group.

"Avatar Korra calling Team Avatar, come in Team Avatar...Team Avatar, are you there?" Korra at first couldn't seem to get it right, Ziyou becoming more and more worried as each second past. Finally, a voice suddenly came through.

"We're here, but what's with the military talk?"

"Ikki, that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. Did you get your Voronon yet?"

During the talk, Koyot overheard the other voice inside the trapped cage. Koyot turned to Katayt, giving it a disappointed shake of the head. After it did, Katayt suddenly made a loud screech, making Korra and Ziyou cover their ears. The screech didn't go through to the other end, but it was enough to have the radio suddenly go haywire. It became damaged beyond repair, the sound enough to short-circuit it.

"AARGH! What was that?!" Ziyou groaned, checking to see if her ears were damaged. Korra tried to reactivate the radio, but all she got was static.

"Guys? Hello! Hello!!..."

The silence made them both a bit worried by that point. Communications cut off, Ziyou and Korra could only hope that they could get some sort of idea on what was going on...for the time being, all they could do was hope for the best...and wait...


Back on the airship, Ikki was left kind of blank-faced from the sudden loss of communication. What did that mean, just left off with that kind of question. While trying to get her end to work, Jinora soon came back in, seeing Ikki with the radio.

"Ikki, what're you doing?"

"I got a call, but Korra won't answer me," Ikki said, annoyed. Jinora took the radio and tried to get something from the other end.

"Korra, are you there?...Korra!" Still no response. Jinora began to think, getting a little bit concerned over her friends. Ikki and Jinora both looked to each other, Jinora thinking the response as much more troublesome. After that, Jinora gave back the radio.

"Hold on, I got an idea," Jinora said, sitting down on the floor for a second. Ikki wasn't unsure what Jinora was trying to do, as Jinora kept quiet, crisscrossing her legs, and beginning to meditate. After just a minute, Jinora's spirit began to appear again where Korra and Ziyou was. The spiritual projection appeared in the trapped area, where Korra was making a fire in the palm of her hands so they could see. Despite the dim light, they could easily see Jinora's spirit there.

"Jinora?!" Ziyou gasped, not having seen Jinora as a projection before.

"What happened to you guys, we lost connection with you," Jinora asked, worried.

"Jinora, we're trapped in here, and we can't get out! We need you guys back here as soon as you can," Korra explained, showing Jinora the trapped wall keeping them in. Jinora immediately looked worried.

"Didn't you try earthbending or metalbending?"

"It doesn't work Jinora, quick, get everyone together and get here!" Korra replied urgently.

"Okay okay, we'll be there as soon as we can!" Jinora said, her silhouette disappearing. Katayt overheard the conversation inside the prison and turned to Koyot, nodding. Koyot looked to where the only entrance was to the city. Koyot settled down, where they could easily see the entrance. These Voronon were smarter than Korra and Ziyou thought...


Time ticked by, Korra and Ziyou weren't sure how long they were trapped in there. There were no cracks, no windows, nothing to get anymore fresh air from outside. At least in the cave there was a way to get air, but not in their prison...No, not a prison, a death trap. Ziyou tried to keep her composure, though was getting more and more worried as time went by without any word from anyone. How far did the team fly off from them? The only light they had at the moment was Korra's fire light, which was starting to dim down as hours ticked away. The sisters could still feel that Koyot and Katayt were just outside, waiting for them to just keel over in their tomb. It was beyond quiet, the only sound for hours their own breathing. There wasn't a way they could contact anyone to keep each other in check. Ziyou was no longer panicking, instead became more and more depressed as time went by. The fall had also made them both internally injured, not noticing the pain until after Jinora had left them alone. Ziyou and Korra stayed next to each other, by Korra's flame.

"Korra?... How are you feeling?" Ziyou asked at one point.

"Tired, but okay...What about you?"

"Same here..."

They both looked to Korra's flame, huddling together...

"...Korra?...Do you really think we'll get out of here?"

"Of course we'll get out of here... We'll get out of here..." Although Korra tried to stay optimistic about the situation, even she was worried about what fate had in store for them. The air was starting to get thinner and thinner as time went by, the two beginning to feel light-headed from the lack of oxygen. The amount of air they could tell from the fire in Korra's palm...which was small for what a fire would be...

Katayt and Koyot were still waiting for whomever would come back around. The two knew that backup was coming at some point, so the two remained on their guard for whatever was coming for them. The two remained motionless by their prisoners...However, as they were sitting there, suddenly Koyot got up, looking directly up. Seemed one of them was sensing someone else coming down.

Outside at the entrance, Koyot and Katayt could sense something arriving at the entrance of their city...coming down the tunnel very quickly. Katayt and Koyot began to move away from their prison cell...

"Korra! Ziyou!"

The voices yelled from the tunnel, and soon more people quickly got to the city. The group, Team Avatar, looked around for any signs of Korra and her sister but couldn't see any sign of them anywhere. They did see Katayt and Koyot though, standing nearby a few buildings away from the monument. As they thought, the team rushed over towards the two Voronon, away from where the two were really at. Katayt and Koyot took battle, yet the two could barely hear what was going on outside.

"Anyone remember the weak spots on these two?" Mako called, trying to avoid getting crushed by the two.

"The heads, Asami said the heads!" Ikki replied, trying to reach the weak points herself. While she, Kai, and Mako were busy dealing with the Voronon, Bolin and Jinora were busy trying to find out where Korra and Ziyou were. Sure, Jinora saw they were trapped but didn't get the chance to see where the trap was, so it wasn't easy looking around. Katayt and Koyot were starting to get a bit troubled by the Air Nomads flying around their heads, not able to swat them away as easily.

All the while, Korra and Ziyou couldn't exactly hear what was going on within their cell, them both not believing that their friends were just fighting outside. Only way they knew the Voronon were moving around was the slight, tiny tremors from inside, dust falling to the ground. Korra got up, just able to, trying to hear what Katayt and Koyot were doing.

"What's going on?..."

Then Korra looked back to her sister, who was barely able to sit up straight...

"...Forget it..."

Korra wasn't sure what that meant, until Ziyou suddenly fell over! Worried, Korra rushed to her sister, down on her knees almost right away. The flame left on was barely lit now, giving Korra a small view of what was happening. Ziyou couldn't keep herself up anymore, the air too thin to keep her mind straight, nor her body working right. Korra may be a bit in the same state, but not enough to fall over. But seeing Ziyou suddenly collapse made her more worried than ever.

"Ziyou! Ziyou, get up, get up," Korra insisted.

"Korra, please...I'm tired, and I know you are too..."

"Don't, Ziyou, stay awake...If you sleep now..." Korra couldn't bare to finish that sentence, but it was enough to prove the point. Outside, the Voronon were beginning to fight the group over back to the prison, making sure they wouldn't get through. Course, Korra and Ziyou weren't aware of it.

"...Korra...I give up..."

"Don't say that...please..."

Korra finally gave up her sense of balance and fell on the floor next to Ziyou. She too was getting too weak to continue. She did have enough energy to shed tears...

...This was it...

"...Ziyou?...I'm so sorry...If only I knew you were there...We could've been together much longer..."

"...You don't say...who'd thought it'd end like this?...Korra?...Sister?...We've had a good run while it lasted..."



Their voices were barely audible by that point. facing each other, both girls silently closed their eyes...

...Korra's flame finally went out...

Outside, Katayt and Koyot stopped for a brief moment in the fight, glancing back at the prison hold. They both were unsure if those inside were gone or not, but that glance gave the rest of the team their chance to figure out where Korra and Ziyou were. Leaving them alone, Bolin, Jinora and Ikki rushed over, as Mako and Kai kept Koyot and Katayt distracted. After reaching the wall, they all could immediately tell that the wall was very thick, and breaking it down was impossible. Jinora took a second to look inside through her spiritual projection...When she saw Korra and Ziyou, her heart stopped for a brief moment...

"Get them outta there, now!" Jinora said as soon as she came back. Bolin wasted no time and got his lavabending to work. However, Katayt and Koyot quickly saw Bolin melting away at the prison and began heading over to him, despite Mako and Kai's attempts to keep them distracted. Jinora and Ikki saw the two coming their way and tried their best to keep them back as Bolin melted the walls of the trap, trying to reach Korra and Ziyou inside. Time after time, the Air Nomads and firebender kept them back, but weren't able to reach their weak points. After five agonizing minutes of melting away, Bolin finally managed to get to the other side of the wall. Ziyou and Korra were still laying down on the floor, not moving an inch, the light seeing a much better picture.

"Korra! Ziyou!" Bolin gasped, rushing over to them. Bolin tried to get them awake himself, but the two were already passed out. Bolin took a second to feel for their pulses...Thank Raava above, there was still a pulse on both girls, but not very much. Katayt and Koyot both noticed Bolin's rescue, as he managed to bring out both Ziyou and Korra. Upon the sight of them, Team Avatar rushed over.

"Are they okay?" Mako asked, very urgent.

"There's still a pulse, but not much," Bolin answered, giving Korra to Mako to carry.

"Let's get them out of here."

"What about them?" Ikki asked, pointing to the Voronon.

"Nevermind them, Korra and Ziyou are dying! Come on, let's go!" Kai answered. Katayt and Koyot watched as Team Avatar ran out of the city as fast as they could, Korra and Ziyou not showing signs of consciousness. Katayt and Koyot failed... So, without another thought, the two went back to their pedestal where they first began...

The light in their eyes dimmed away. Souls at rest.

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