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Among the skies above, and flying along their usual paths, the Sky Bison traveled over the land, flying through the air as if it was made of water. A large group, about fifteen strong, flew along by like any other day, going past an area known as the Eastern Air Temple. In the cooling air around the temple, smaller fliers, ring-tailed bat lemurs, also hovered and flew around, though stuck close to the temple rather than out in the open like the bison did. One of these lemurs flew through one of the windows, as the sun was beginning to settle down on the horizon. Landing inside, his owner, a little airbender with an eager attitude, soon saw the little lemur pal.

"Hi, Poki," he said, the lemur hopping up onto Meelo's shoulder. He gave a few chuckles as Poki licked his owner's face. After a little bit, Meelo set Poki down on the bed next to him. Meelo and his family, much like many other former residents of Republic City, had to find a new home they could live in. Upon Tenzin's choice mainly, the family had moved to one of the Air Temples. The closest one, the Northern Air Temple, wasn't an option since it was destroyed years prior, so after some debate, they decided on the Eastern Air Temple. Although the other options were considered, the eastern was their best place for a new home to live in. Meelo adapted quickly to their new home, over their old home on Air Temple Island, better than the rest of his family over the situation. The only bummer was that Korra was further away than what they were used to. Ever since first moving into the Eastern Air Temple, Meelo had been doing fairly well, and enjoyed the new home really despite Korra not being nearby.

"No, Poki, time for bed," Meelo said. It was late in the day, and the cheeky kid was getting a bit beat. Poki, part bat and all, was still a bit active at that point, hoping for some more playtime with his friend.

"Poki, I'll play tomorrow," Meelo insisted, trying to get Poki quiet so he can go to bed. After a little bit, Poki got the hint, and finally chilled out, sleeping by Meelo's side. Grateful that he was finally quiet, Meelo gave a tired yawn, settled down, and got to sleep.


Zaofu for the next few days had been a bit, in basic sense, relaxing yet a little bit awkward. Kuvira, eventually, did begin to join the others but still felt that she shouldn't be there after what she did. That, and still being around Baatar Jr. after what he said to her, just added to the fact. As for everyone else, they seemed to had an easier time of it. Then again, they didn't threaten Zaofu in anyway, really. Still, the fact they were there in the first place because they were kicked out of Zenshu did give some discomfort for those that knew why they were there at all.

As one night began to drew onward, with the metal seals beginning to be set up for the night, concealing the city around them, Korra began to get ready to go to bed. She had her own room, as before, with Naga by her side already asleep. She didn't know what to do with Vintana just yet, not meeting the girl face-to-face just yet, or what to do about Amon's return, or her doubleganger for that matter. Still, for the time being, all she could do was calm down, and get some rest. In her sleepwear, the tired Avatar got into bed, Naga settling down by the bed as Korra began to settle down, and drift off to sleep.

At first, everything seemed calm, collective, and nothing really was going on out of the ordinary. Same thing went for inside Korra's head ... Well, at first.

Korra found herself, for the beginning, with her close friends Asami, Bolin, and Mako, basically having a good time together back in Republic City, while it was still standing anyway. At first, it went on rather normally, the group going for a calm drive through a seemingly empty street (no traffic to back up the time). Korra was in front, passenger seat, with the brothers in the back, and Asami driving. It was a good time at first, but, soon Korra began looking on ahead. Up in the sky, which was crystal clear, and blue, she noticed a strange looking cloud hovering overhead. The look made Korra a little confused, and a lot more worried, as that cloud began to cover the sky, her friends oblivious to the danger. That one cloud soon covered the whole sky, blocking out the sun, making it impossible to see where they were going. Korra tried to get Asami's attention, but, turned out she was suddenly alone in the car, as the car stopped moving itself. Korra looked around in the darkened area, not entirely sure where she was or where she ended up on her lone ride. Only thing she could do was step out of the car, her back turned for that split second to make that gone too! On the bright side, she wasn't in mid-air, as she felt the ground at her feet.

This was when the dream began to take a rough turn.

As Korra kept trying to look around, she did eventually started to see some form of light. It looked like a large movie screen, a large square paper attached to a string. Something began to appear on it, yet the image was deeply blurred so the exact figure couldn't be seen. Then she began to hear something ...

Those were her last words ...

That voice came out of nowhere, and didn't sound like anyone she really knew from any point in her life, as sounds of sobbing could be heard. Korra didn't knew who her was, but she must've sounded important to whoever was talking.

Now, some of you had been saying a rumor that her death was deliberately done upon her. Surely, there's a misunderstanding. you see, the poor young girl was indeed found by the medical staff, yet, sadly she couldn't make it in time ... Such sorrow, indeed ...

Suddenly, the video began to mess up, and turn off as the large sheet flew off at her. Korra didn't had much time to react herself, as she thought she'd been covered in it. Instead, she found herself, as suddenly as the cloud appeared, in a crowd of people. At first, she didn't recognize any of them, and she had on some random commoner disguise, similar to what she used to spy in on Amon's meeting a long time ago. She was in a bit of a slump: stuck in a large crowd. The crowd in question was focused on the front, in one direction. Korra followed their eyes to see the Water Tribe palace, much the same as she last saw it. However, standing in front of her, in an opening as a sort of entertainment, she saw Asami standing there. What was she doing?

~Pray to her, the god among our wisdom~
~Long to live, the ruler of us all~

Why was she singing? The song was accompanied some sort of orchestra that Korra couldn't see, but, heard clear as day. Asami could be clearly heard too. When it came to the song though, Korra was all ears, in spite of the situation. Asami seemed happy with her performance, putting her best forward. But then ...

~Queen Vintana, mighty leader~
~Mighty leader, watching over us~
~Queen Vintana, mighty leader~
~Mighty leader, watching over us~

Wait, Queen Vintana? She was the one that was causing her trouble, why would she be her mighty leader? Korra began to feel worried until, suddenly everyone in the crowd shouted:


Korra was caught completely off guard by the sudden crowd chant, all in unison and out of joy. Korra couldn't make any connection with what was happening, growing more and more worried over the situation. Children, adults, and elders alike said that chant, making Korra the only one who didn't.

~And from high, your kindness with a smile~
~Teach us all, to be as kind as you~
~Queen Vintana, mighty leader~

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Zaofu dance taupe came out, with ribbons flailing as they danced, one of them being Kuvira! They too added to Asami's song.

~Queen Vintana, mighty leader watching over us~
~Queen Vintana, mighty leader~
~Mighty leader, watching over us~

Korra felt more and more scared, as she tried to get herself out of the crowd. However, the poor girl couldn't move an inch from her spot for some reason, forcing her to bare the full brunt of the event.


The crowd startled her again.

~All that live, the best is with majesty~
~Our ruler, how we all have waited long~
~Queen Vintana, mighty leader~
~Mighty leader, watching over us~
~Queen Vintana, mighty leader~
~Mighty leader, watching over us~

As that went, she saw the queen step into light, presumably Queen Vintana, with a group of her past foes behind her, just to add to the worry and confusion. Upon Vintana raising her arms, everyone around Korra cheered on seeing her appearance. Despite the loud cheering, she could still hear "SHOUT, SHOUT, SHOUT OUT LOUD, CHEER, CHEER, MAKE HER PROUD!" over and over again. Korra didn't know what to think: the appearance of her enemy turned to everyone's savior, Asami's perfect singing to make the song impossible to ignore, everyone around her not even bothering with her. After looking around the crowd, she noticed something peculiar ...

She knew these people.

Tenzin's whole family, the Beifongs, her own family, all chanting the same stuff. She also saw Mako, Bolin, Kai, and other friends of hers doing the same thing. What was the scary part was what she saw above everyone ... String ... attached to everyone around her. Each string controlled the movement made by everyone else. Korra felt terrified, and she felt even more terrified when she found strings on her! Korra couldn't see where the strings were coming from, but, the fact someone was controlling her was terrifying itself. Everyone else with the strings made that even more so, as she saw everyone, even Asami herself controlled by these strings like some string puppet. Vintana didn't had these strings on her body, and looked to Korra with a sinister grin. All of her friends under her control, and Korra couldn't do anything.

Even worse, Korra looked to the happy Asami, looking proud at first ...

... Then the tears ...

Korra got up in a jolt, stuck in a cold sweat. Everything looked normal back in her room. Naga didn't wake up from Korra's startle, still fast asleep. Korra quickly checked her hands, to make sure no strings were attached to her body. Nothing. Korra breathed a sigh of relief that none of it was real, the emotional jabbing not withstanding. Without waking her pet, Korra got up and then began to go out of her room.

After some walking (getting in her casual clothes, of course), she went on outside of the building to clear her head. When she did though, it appeared she wasn't the only one going around. Outside, she saw Kuvira standing there, leaning on a fence not too far away. It didn't take very much for Kuvira to notice Korra come over.

"Hey, Korra. Woke up too?" Kuvira asked, as Korra walked over.

"Yeah. Thought I'd come out and clear my head," replied Korra.

"Well, I'm not gonna stop you," Kuvira stated, letting her stand next to her by the fence. At first, not much conversation was really said to each other, but eventually Korra started one up.

"So, why are you out here?"

"Couldn't sleep. Been having some trouble since coming back. Though, I don't need to remind you that ..."

"I see."

"Not only that ... well ..." Kuvira had some trouble getting the rest out, but, Korra was all ears. So, with a sigh, Kuvira said it.

"Baatar broke up with me." Kuvira revealed. Korra, although showing surprise, didn't find it that shocking. Anyone who's willing to kill their lover to get their own goals complete would end up ruining a relationship pretty good. Still, Korra showed her sympathy to Kuvira.

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that."

"Don't be. It was bound to happen anyway," Kuvira admitted. Even if she knew it would happen, it'd still hurt her that it actually did happen. After that reveal, Kuvira turned to Korra.

"What about you?"

"Oh ... well, a nightmare got to me. It was uh ... Different."

"Different how?"

"Well ... I was with my friends ... Then this stormcloud came then, I ended up by a Water Tribe palace. Everyone was there, Mako, Bolin, Asami. And you ... I couldn't help any of you ..."

"Oh ... I see ... Be glad it was just a dream then," Kuvira said. All Korra did was nod. Not too long after that, the two realized when they actually woke up. While they both thought it was late at night, the domes opened up to show it was actually the morning, the sun peaking through the dome openings as it slowly opened up to show the light of the sun. Guess they were up at the right time after all.


Back at the Air Temple, the residents there were already up and about the place. With the winged lemurs and Sky Bison going on about for the day, the main airbending family (Tenzin and his family really) were up and about. For little Meelo, his day was fully planned out from the start. With Poki on his shoulder, Meelo happily went right on outside to join the other airbenders. In fact, Meelo had given himself a list of things to do (none of them really involving anything work-wise, but, still a list). Meelo and Poki looked it over.

"Let's see. play hide-n-seek with lemurs, prank sisters, hang out with uncle Bumi, paint. Yep, there's a lot for us today, Poki. Ready to go?" Meelo asked. Poki happily fluttered in agreement, ready to go. But, just before they could go anywhere ...


The sound of Tenzin showing up got in their way, as Meelo turned around.

"Oh, morning dad."

"Morning. Meelo, it's the kids turn to take care of the Sky bison today."

"I thought that was next week, I got everything planned today!" Meelo groaned.

"You've gotten out of your turn three times now. Ikki and Jinora are waiting," Tenzin advised, pointing to where the Sky bison were at, before going off to handle his own work for the day. Meelo groaned, though he knew he had to do it now. As Tenzin said, he'd been out of it three times in a row, and he wasn't going to go for four.

So much for his own list ...

Few minutes later, Meelo was right out to the Sky bison daycare, getting the Sky bison out for their daily flight. Although all Air Temples had their Sky Bison pens - the eastern being no exception - there's still the matter of giving their Sky Bison room to roam around. And the only way to do that without having them fly away, is to watch over them, and direct them back to the Air Temple once they were satisfied. However, this kind of option was easier said than done, as not all tamed Sky Bison were as loyal to their owners. To Meelo, this will be challenging. Sure, he'd done this before a few times, but, not enough to get the hang of it. The one who done it the most was Ikki, fond of the large animals herself. With Poki by them, Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki, began to work out the herd of tamed Sky Bison into the open mountain range, flying alongside them so they wouldn't wander off from the other members of the herd.

"Come on, this way, this way," Ikki called, getting the herd to the right spot. When it came to grazing, the Air Nomads knew of a particular area where the Sky Bison go to in order for them to graze, and basically roam around the area. This area was further away from the Air Temple, but, not too far away so it was out of sight. The area was a clearing in the mountain forest, a cool river going through the area. It was spacious, secluded from any poachers, and with the Air Nomad's help, a good area to relax.

After some coaxing, the Sky Bison herd landed down in the field, whilst some flew around the area for a little bit. While the domestic herd, and the wild herds remain apart to avoid any confusion, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo knew that wilder Sky Bison were around, and needed to be wary of that.

"Man, this is so boring," Meelo complained.

"Meelo, complain all you want, you're not getting out of it," Jinora said.

"Why can't the adults do this?"

"Because some people have many more things to do besides counting the number of stripes on a Bat Lemur's tail."

"Hey, It's different with each lemur!"

While Jinora and Meelo bickered, Ikki was doing her best with making sure none of the baby Sky Bison wander astray. The parents do a good enough job, but, just to be sure if one of them decided to wander away. Amongst that amount of wandering Bison, one of them was a main bother most of the time. One of the Sky Bison was a young, adventurous bull. What separated him from the others was a peculiar second ring around his tail, giving him a two-ringed tail instead of just one like other Sky Bison. The Bison wasn't too young, about a good two tons worth of Sky Bison, but the adventurous young male was still young, and still exploring. Ikki caught him along the edge of the clearing, near the forest.

"Not again, come back here Ringo," Ikki called. Ringo, so-named for the rings on his tail, was more interested in what was in the forest rather than rejoin the herd. Ikki quickly went over to him, and tried to corral him back to the others, with difficulty. Ringo was a bit annoyed, and tried to get her to go away, with little success. Soon, Ikki waved to her brother and sister.

"Help me out here!" Ikki called. Jinora and Meelo stopped their griping, and flew over to try to get Ringo back into the herd. However, as he'd done a number of times, Ringo took off into the forest, trying to explore without being captured.

"Darn it, not again."

"Yeah, we know. Come on, let's get him," Jinora said. However, before any of them could go, they suddenly began to hear something nearby into the forest, like a loud groan of a large animal. It didn't sound like a predator, or another Sky Bison though. In fact, just moments later, Ringo backed out of the forest, and went back to the rest of the herd without their help. When it came to Ringo, that was a very first. Ringo wasn't afraid of much anything around the place. As they watched him go back, the other Bison turned back to where Ringo came from, and the nomads were suddenly casted by a large shadow. Upon turning around, the nomads immediately moved back to the herd as something huge began to exit the forest.

It was indeed a large animal, taller than a the Sky Bison by over twenty feet, weighing twice as much as a full grown adult (which were ten tons easily). marching out of the thicket of the forest, moving away branches with its body. The giant was hairless, with hard grey skin, a long thick neck and had the appearance of a giraffe, mixed with a rhino. The huge beast was accompanied by three others, one of them a calf moving next to the leading female. The Sky Bison moved aside, Ringo being pushed away by the towering animals, as they marched to the river for a morning drink. Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo all never seen these creatures before, their huge shadows blocking out the sun from their view. One of them snorted at them, but didn't harm any creatures as they moved through the herd. The calf alone was close to the size of the Sky Bison at height, the adults of the other species dwarfing the flying animals.

"What are those things?" Ikki wondered, as Poki peeked from behind Meelo to get a better view.

"Beats the heck out of me," Meelo said, moving to get a better view. The calf saw him, backing away as the apparent mother towered over him. The animal ducked her head, stamped the ground, and grunted loudly at Meelo - clear animal aggression. Meelo got the hint and backed away, as the animals drank from the river. The Sky Bison were a bit perplexed by the newcomers as well, yet one of them threatened to charge at them due to her calf being threatened. One of the giants turned to the Sky Bison, and charged at the creature, whacking her with its head. It was enough to get the mother flying away far enough to keep her distance. When the giants were done drinking, they began to move off again, following the river away from the Sky bison herd. After they finished up the herding, the air children quickly got back and told the other Air Nomads what they'd seen. The nomads were joined by the acolytes, along with their parents and youngest brother.

"They were HUGE! Looked like hairless fat giraffes with no horns," Ikki described. However, her description wasn't very much a good one.

"Well, something like that. Anyone know what we're talking about?" Jinora asked. It took a little bit, but, Bumi eventually spoke up.

"I've heard of those things. Some sort of Giraffasaur or something, roam far and wide in herds like you said. Dunno why they're doing here though," Bumi explained.

"You saw Giraffasaurs, Uncle Bumi?" Rohan asked, sitting in his lap.

"Big as life they were, towering over me and my squadron while going through Si Wong desert. Never seen anything like it: these giant grey creatures marching through the desert dunes like living tanks of meat and bone."

"But what're they doing here if you found them there?"

"Beats me. Funny thing too: They just disappear after a while. Tracked them for days, and they simply vanish, tracks stopping immediately for some odd reason."

A rather interesting fact for the day, they must say. Enough to peak their own curiosity over these giant creatures.


"You sure they'd gone this way?"

"I think so."

Not too long after they were told, Ikki, Meelo, and Poki decided to investigate the Giraffasaur group. Since they were so big, it was easy to follow their footprints, which went along the river as they thought they would from last time they saw them. The footprints leading by shown flat, three-toed feet like a rhino. Despite their efforts to follow the tracks, the herd itself couldn't be seen.

"How can we miss those giants?" Meelo wondered, looking around.

"I don't know, maybe they - wait, look!" Ikki pointed ahead of them, the two starting to see the large shadows casted from before. They began to move away, as Ikki and Meelo rushed to catch up to them. However, once they did manage to get around the bend in the river ...

They were gone.

All of them, just gone. Their footprints seemed to cut off down the ways, as Ikki and Meelo got to the end of them. no signs of any struggle, or anything like that, they just stopped at one spot and that was it.

"Where'd they go?"


Back in Zaofu, the time that day seem to slow down. There wasn't too much going on for the moment, so, they basically were doing their own thing. For Kuvira, she took the moment to look over something else: Huan's sculptures. She hadn't seen his work for quite sometime, and figured now would be a good time to check it out. As expected, Huan was already working on his other metalbending work-of-art. Kuvira didn't bother him at first, looking over what else he made, including the artwork of the exploding giant mecha suit - one Kuvira remembered far too well. Other than that, it seemed pretty decent works of art, far as she's concern. Then again, her critique on art wasn't too great. After a little bit, Huan noticed her, stopping his work for a brief moment.

"I'm sorry, am I bothering you?" Kuvira asked.

"No, you're fine," Huan replied. While personally he'd rather work without anyone watching him, he knew Kuvira was going through enough trouble with his family already so, he didn't bother to shun her as well.

"I suppose that one was from my defeat?" Kuvira asked at one point, pointing to the mecha suit explosion.

"A more obvious one, but yes. Difficult at first, yet, inspiration can be fickle when it wants to be," Huan explained, working out the sharper points in his latest creation. From what Kuvira could see, it looked like some sort of kanji symbol, though it was hard to make out exactly on what it entirely was.

"... And what about the one you're working on?"

"It's but a mere child of art - it's meaning will be recognized in due time."

"Oh ... Huan? Can I ask you something?"

"It's about Baatar, isn't it?" Huan said while working.

"Lucky guess," Kuvira sighed.

"Well, I'd figured it'll come up. So, what about it?"

Kuvira only sighed before answering.

"Well ... I don't know what to do, Baatar broke up with me yesterday and I don't know if I should try again or not."

Huan stopped for a moment to think over what Kuvira said. He already dealt with Baatar's side of this coin, and now it's Kuvira's turn. Giving it some thought, Huan turned to face his former enemy.

"Well, did Baatar tell you why he broke up with you?"

"He said it was for what I did back in Republic City. I know it's my own fault, but ... but ..."

"Kuvira. You can do either one of three things: you can try to patch it up with Baatar again, go out and try to find someone else, or you can just wait for someone else to come to you in love."

"But what if I don't want to find someone else?" Kuvira blurted out. Huan needed a minute: that wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for that one word: want. If it was "can't find anyone else, then, that'll be a simpler issue, yet, Kuvira didn't want to find anyone else.

"If that's how you feel, then, it's going to be hard on you is it? Baatar had accepted that he wasn't going to be with you long before you came back, and moved on from there, and I know you can do the same. I'm not saying you should try, but, the chances of you two getting back together now aren't very good. I apologize, but, that's just how it is," Huan explained, turning away and working on his sculpture once again. Kuvira felt a bit unsure if Huan's advice was helpful or not. Basically, Huan told her that it wouldn't work out, and to find someone else in the end. Yet, if that's what'll have to be, then so be it. That didn't mean she couldn't try to regain Baatar's heart, though, although she did accept that fact he broke up with her yesterday.

Plus, trying right away wouldn't be a good idea either. If she did that, it'll come across as clingy, and that's the last thing she wanted to show herself as.

"Well, thank you, Huan," Kuvira said eventually, walking away. As for Huan himself, he knew that, at one time, Baatar still was worried over Kuvira while she was being locked up. And if love is as blind as they say ...

Well, who knows?

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