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Ep.7: Old Wounds
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The night dragged on non stop, as Team Avatar continued off to the west as good as they could, until the morning light started to show itself up in the sky. Even if inside of an airship, the sunlight easily penetrated through into the main room, Korra still laying there, even if Asami Sato was gone. Korra was laying on her stomach, one leg dangling down onto the floor, one arm sprawled off the rim, a small bit of drool dripping out of her mouth. Korra's eyes begun to flicker open, seeing Ziyou standing over her.

"Hello...wake up, Korra. (Sees Korra's eyes close) No, don't. (Korra wakes up) Hi."

Korra groaned, getting herself to wake up, a hand gripping her temple in pain.

"Oh Raava, my head..."

Korra looked over, and saw some of the others awoke too: Opal, Bolin and Ikki, and Desna (without Eska). Korra was still unsure what happened yet, and sat herself upright, still having a splitting headache from her little trip.

"What happened?"

"Well, you kinda got a teeny tiny bit drunk on cactus juice. Hehe..." Ziyou used her index finger and thumb to signify the tiny bit, as she chuckled nervously. Korra was wide-eyed: Her? Drunk?! How?! Korra's head ached again, as she tried to take it in.

"I...But - WHA - I don't even - Ziyou, what happened!?"

"I just told you, you -"

"I meant how!"

"Oh! Well, I dunno, we found you just acting a bit nutty."

Korra still couldn't believe that she, somehow, got drunk during her patrol. She never drank in her life, fully sober her whole life ('til that time that is). Next, Ikki walked over, leaning in to her.

"You were acting really funny, Korra, more childish than Meelo does," Ikki said. Korra still didn't know what was going on, so she just got up, head thumping like a drum was in her brain.

"You remember anything?" Opal asked, worried.

"Uuugh...well, let's see, I found El Niño...and everything else was just - wait! The city, why are we still flying!? Where is he?! What happened to the city?! Where's Izumi?! What -"

"WHOA, slow down, Korra, we will answer them, really. Izumi had to stay behind to handle Fire Fountain City, and will meet us later at the Capitol," Opal explained. That didn't seem to help much, as Korra got to her feet.

"No way, we can't just rush off! What about El Niño and his plans!"

The group was quiet at first, unsure how to respond. Ziyou looked back to the others, who weren't sure either. Ikki gestured her to continue, Bolin shrugging, Desna and Opal not reacting...guess it was up to Ziyou.

Ziyou took a deep breath.

"Yea...about that..."


" see...*inhales* we didn't get him and he flooded Fire Fountain, but don't worry we -"

"HE WHAT?!?!"

The sudden change in tone from confusion to anger made them all jump (except Desna).

"We tried, really we did, but he had us trapped, honest!" Opal said, trying to calm her.

"We're going back!"


"We can't just ditch the city, we gotta make things right, now turn this airship around!" Korra ordered, turning around and storming off to the exit. That yell, though, got the others up, Mako and Kai at the entrance.

"Korra, you're up, that's great!" Kai said. However, Korra was still fuming, walking right up to Mako.

"Not now, going back to Fire Fountain, pronto!" Korra ordered.

"Korra, we can't, Izumi -"

"You too, Mako? What's with you guys?!"

"Korra, if you'd just listen to -"

"No, NO! I'm not turning my back on people who need me! I'm the Avatar, and I gave my word to protect the city, and I meant it! You don't just walk away and shrug off a problem as big as this, ALL OF YOU PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT!"

"You done?"

All eyes shifted over to Desna, arms crossed, an emotionless expression still evident on his face. Of course, those two words didn't help either, as Korra turned and stormed right up to him.

"A city is practically flooded because I was out, no, I'm not done! I don't know how much you care, but I gave a promise to Izumi, and -"

To everyone's shock, Desna suddenly gripped her by the neck (not collar, her actual neck) and pulled her closer so she could be quiet. It wasn't enough to choke her, but enough to at least keep her still as Korra tried to pull free...then Desna spoke.

"Listen. You may be the Avatar, but that doesn't make you a miracle worker: Not all promises can be kept by you, nor anyone else. If you just focus on fixing just the small problems, the main problem will thrive. The small problem was Fire Fountain, the main problem is El Niño. Besides, you'll just be wasting all of our time running back to Fire Fountain, no living waterbender to date would be able to remove the amount of water El Niño somehow managed. It would take months to do so, and you and I both know we don't have such time. Even if you can do it, soon as we leave, he'll just come right back and flood it all over again. So do us all a favor, and focus on the main problem at hand instead of trapping yourself in your mistakes. Once you do that, you'll never evolve into something new. And as for the cactus juice, that wasn't your fault either, El Niño drugged you with the concoction before the night even came around. So our priority now is locating, and stopping El Niño, before he can continue his plans for these monstrous Qishi creatures. Is that clear, Avatar Korra?"

Everyone in the room was completely quiet, just waiting for something, anything, to happen. Desna loosened his grip around Korra's neck, enough for her to break free. Some didn't know what to expect from Korra, as Korra glared at Desna, taking the words in. Half of her still wanted to return to Fire Fountain...but the other half...

"...You're right, we need to focus more on the main issue. The sooner we stop El Niño, the better."

"Good. Now, there's another town we should be passing in a short period of time, could be a good spot to recuperate, and work out a strategy on the situation."

Korra simply nodded, and walked out of the room to think. The entire group simply stated at Desna, eyes widened. Where'd that come from?...Bolin was just about to say something, but Desna immediately placed his index finger over his lips, shutting him up.

"Being a chief, you need a bit of discipline...let's leave it at that," he said, as he and Desna walked out, leaving everyone speechless as they left.

"What happened?" Bolin asked Kai, who shrugged, unsure himself. Only Ziyou had a different look on it...and a slight smile appeared on her face.


The day continued by, and the group had found their next spot. The next town they came across was placed on a mountainous region, on one of the larger islands closer to the mainland. Being on a mountainside, the idea of huge buildings wasn't all much in evidence, mainly just a modern village, per say. As they landed by the town, the group began to head on out. As Ikki started out, she glanced into one of the rooms, and noticed Kai doing...something. It was hard to tell what exactly was going on, getting her curious.

"What're you doing?" Ikki asked, walking in. Kai turned back at her, revealing he was writing out a letter (about half-way finished).

"Oh hi, Ikki. I'm just writing a letter back home," Kai said, continuing to finish the letter up. Ikki looked over his shoulder, looking over what it said, as Kai finished up. Soon after, he rolled up the letter and got back up.

"There, finished."

"I didn't know you were writing letters, Kai," Ikki said.

"Well, I promised Jinora to write back on what was going on, so, yeah I've been doing this for a while. This is my...third one, I think?" Kai pondered. Ikki looked back at the letter nearby, and gave a nod, as they both walked back out to join up with the others, the letter remaining put on the table.

After that, they caught up to the others, who were already outside, looking around. The town itself, like Jang Hui and Fire Fountain, didn't seem to be under too much stress, nor aware of any danger. But, unlike Jang Hui, which lived on water anyway, and Fire Fountain, which was in a valley close to the bay, this town was far from any water currently. Why would El Niño bother himself coming here, if there was no benefit towards his Qishi? It would be a good time to think over what to do. Bolin and Eska both looked out to the mountain, getting an amazing view from where they were. Beyond a few mountains, they could see the slither of ocean as well.

"What a view up here," Bolin commented, observing the scenery.

"It is quite marvelous," added Eska, as Desna went off ahead of the others.

"Okay. There should be an establishment just down the block, should be good accommodations for us," Desna explained.

"Wait, how do you know? I don't recall you ever visiting the Fire Nation," Korra asked.

"Course not. Eska and I took a vacation here about 5 months ago. It was rather...interesting."

"Interesting?" Ziyou asked.

"Long story," Desna said dryly, as he turned and started walking. The others were about to follow, but they all suddenly heard another person walk out of the airship; Asami Sato. While in physical appearance, she still looked pregnant from the Flower Squid ink, the actual 'inflammation' had ceased, making her healthy enough to walk around without trouble (or pain).

"Asami, you feeling any better?" Kai asked, a bit surprised to see Asami about again (being in bed for the past couple of days).

"I feel fine. Still bloated, but fine," Asami admitted, walking down to them. Asami wasn't too used to her slightly larger frame, occasionally trying to balance herself. During that, Korra went over to her, and held her up to keep her from falling over.

"There you go, that help?" Korra asked, as Asami looked up to her.

"Yeah. Thanks," Asami replied. The others glanced to each other before they all continued on. Only one who just walked off first was Mako, still being rather 50/50 on the relationship thing. The time spent thinking about it through the night (which he barely slept due to his thoughts) had given him a rather...questionable reaction upon the idea. Half of him said it wasn't right, his other half said it was okay, and he couldn't decide which was the correct one. However, it wasn't a good time to get the fire lit again, so he simply walked on after Desna and Eska, the rest going behind. Only Bolin really noticed his brother's self confusion out of the rest...

While the group went onward through town, each member (except for the particular firebender) chatting among one another, they did eventually find where Desna was talking about. The place in question appeared to be a sort of local inn, resembling a Fire Nation temple in external architecture, colors and all. Without much introduction, Desna and Eska went first inside, the others following soon. The interior of the first room seemed more comforting, mainly an area to check in...then came the staff, who immediately recognized the twin chiefs. An excited gasp could be heard from the first employee to see them.

"D-Desna! E-Eska! You're back!" She said in a very excited tone. Pretty soon, about 8 more employees suddenly showed up...they all looked pretty much the same, apart from very small differences (eye color, hair tone, etcetera). Other than that, they were practically the same, same attire (Fire Nation girl clothing), same skin texture, same expression.

"Welcome to the Phoenix Inn!" They all said, in pure unison, smiling to their newest customers...the group was unsure how to react to this sudden surprise, the boys even more so (excluding Desna). While Kai and Bolin had a respected girlfriend, Mako...well...

"We all missed you, Desna, it's so great to see you again," one of the girls beamed. Kai nudged Desna.

"They sure like you," Kai commented.

"This being a female-only establishment, that's correct," Desna said. That fact didn't make the situation anymore comfortable. One of the more straightforward employees then cleared her throat.

"So, are all of you checking in?"

"Indeed. May I introduce you to my cousins, Avatar Korra, and her twin sister, Ziyou."

"The Avatar?! This day keeps getting better and better," one of them beamed - again.

"So, a party of ten then? Think we can handle that. Will you be sharing any rooms?"

"I think that's for the best," Korra concluded. It was then one of them, a bit more blunt than the others, saw Asami.

"Oh! Didn't know one of you was expecting. Those who are, are given a 20% discount of stay," she said, smile on her face. Asami, however, wasn't as optimistic about it as Ziyou was thinking.

"Uh, excuse me but, I think you -"

"We'll take it, thank you!" Ziyou quickly interrupted, Asami getting caught off guard. The employee nodded happily, Asami judging Ziyou on her quick decision.

"Ziyou!" Asami quietly yelled.

"What, what's wrong with saving money? Just act it out 'til we go," Ziyou replied back, Asami just sighing.

"That's good. We have upstairs all open for all of you," one of them explained.

"That's just fine, thank you," Asami said. Then, that same blunt girl spoke up again.

"May I ask who's the lucky guy? Is it him?" She asked, looking at Mako, who stood stiff, embarrassed. To think that they were broken up, and asking that about them. However, it was Ikki's turn to speak.

"No no, Asami's single, so is Mako," Ikki said, pointing to the respected person. That right there got about 5 gasps of excitement, eyes sparkling...right at Mako. The firebender felt a cold shiver go right through him: looks like his internal torment wasn't done yet.

"I'll...I'll be in my room," Mako quickly said, rushing off to get to his room. A bit concerned, they all went off, following the employees to their rooms. Beforehand though, Korra remembered a particular pet.

"You guys allow pets by the inn?"

"Sure we do, why?"

"Cool, give me a second," Korra said, walking back outside. She took a deep breath, and (some airbending for good measure) gave a good whistle, nice and loud. At first, nothing seemed to happen, until after a minute, Naga quickly rushed out of an alleyway, stopping right in front of Korra, tail wagging happily. Now the gang was all here.


It did take a bit to work out, but everyone of Team Avatar got to their respected rooms, getting there by the employee's help. However, who went where was kind of questionable...

First room: Mako, Bolin and Desna

Second: Korra and Kai

Third: Ziyou, Eska and Asami

Fourth: Ikki and Opal

A bit off slightly with some choices, but it was good to accommodate over all. Before they could discuss on what to do, they needed to settle in a bit. Desna and Bolin went on to settle in the room, as Mako was trying to handle himself, by the room's window sill...banging his head on the wall.


Desna gripped the back of his head before he went for a 5th hit.

"Stop that. You'll dent the wall," Desna stated, as Mako eased himself, gripping his forehead and sitting down. Bolin sat down next to him.

"Everything okay, bro?" Bolin asked.

"What is your mind having trouble with?" Desna added, eyebrow raised.

"I don't know, it's just...well..."

Mako wasn't too sure how to word it out, if he had trouble talking to Korra and Asami about it, talking to Desna was about impossible.

"Just talk," Desna insisted. Mako was silent for a bit, still unsure how to word it. But Desna seemed to have an odd look in his face, one that showed he was all ears to Mako's words. It was different to see from someone like Desna, so Mako still wasn't sure about it. But he thought about it, and he realized what difference it really made...

"It's... Well, with Korra and Asami..." Mako started.

"Still? Bro, don't worry about it," Bolin assured, trying to comfort him.

"You think it's that easy?" Mako asked, annoyed.

"Well maybe, but you can't just dwell on this forever," Bolin said, Mako letting his head hang.

Desna nodded.

"Let me guess: you felt deeply conflicted over your feelings towards your former lovers being together, only increased from the possibility of Ziyou's relationship theory to be correct, and you're uncertain if it's right or that it?"


"How in Raava's name did you know?" Mako asked, shocked as to how accurate Desna's 'guess' was. Were his troubles that obvious to notice? Desna sat down next to him.

"I saw your state of doubt earlier today, soon after you observed Korra assist Asami. You looked quite withdrawn," Desna explained.

"Well alright, but what about -"

"The former lovers? Ziyou claimed to get her information while discussing with Korra. Quite descriptive," Desna added.

Mako turned away.

"Mako, it's not that big of a deal. Remember what you told me, about the leech?" Bolin said.

"That doesn't work here, Bolin," Mako groaned. Bolin just turned away embarrassed.

"Oh...I don't know. Desna, you're her cousin, what do you think about it?" Mako asked. Desna thought for a second before answering.

"Well, it's her choice. If she chooses to go out with another woman, so be it."

", you don't care."

"Not much. In fact, consider yourself lucky," Desna advised.

"What do you mean?"

Desna cleared his throat before speaking.

"Well, even if you had previous affairs with both females in question, it's really their choice of they want to or not, not yours. It's still just a guess anyway if they really are romantically paired or not, although their behavior has been rather questionable."

Bolin looked to Desna with eyes wide.

"That behavior again," Bolin thought.

Desna placed a hand on Mako's shoulder.

"Be happy that both girls still consider you a friend, Mako. I agree with Bolin, this shouldn't be something to worry you."

Mako pondered over it a bit, putting 2 and 2 together. Even after breaking up with both, they both didn't exactly consider him an enemy or a nuisance, and his little argument about their relationship earlier wasn't really brought up again, so it wasn't that deep (as far as he knew)...Mako turned back to Desna, and then to Bolin.

"Thank you...both of you," Mako said.

"No problem, bro," Bolin said, hugging Mako, as Desna sighed and got back.

"There's just one issue you gotta deal with..."

"What's that?"

Before Desna could answer, suddenly their door opened, showing 3 of the workers, each with a panda lily in hand.

"Hello," they all said, eyes fixated on Mako...

"That's what," Desna answered.


Time ticked away into the nighttime hours, each member of the team settled into their rooms and were relaxing, as Naga waited outside. Even if Mako found it rough to deal with all of the female employees, at least it wasn't as awkward as when he arrived earlier, his mind easing a bit over the whole "Asami Korra relationship" thing. Still, despite that, there was still the matter of El Niño to handle, not to mention his Qishi. So, with that in mind, they met up in Ziyou's room (the largest of the 4 given) to discuss on what to do. The room was spacious, even with 10 people in it, so that wasn't an issue.

"Alright, if we're gonna stop him, we need information. What do we know about El Niño so far?" Mako began, pacing around the room pass the others time and time again.

"Let's see. He is a powerful waterbender to start, and able to move an ocean," Kai said, who was sitting on one of the 2 beds, next to Ziyou.

"Guess the motive has to involve those Qishi he's with. Seemed most of his excuses for flooding revolve around them," Desna pointed out, who sat down next to Eska on the 2nd bed.

"Yeah about that, had any of you guys notice how naive he is?" Bolin suddenly reminded.

"How so?" Mako asked.

"Yeah, you're right, he seemed unaware that his acts are doing a lot more damage. Like back in Fire Fountain, he acted like it was no biggie," Ziyou agreed.

"Either that or he doesn't care," Eska said, as bluntly as ever.


"Well, either way, it's obvious El Niño won't listen to reason. If he really is going to the capital, then we have to fight him before he gets there," Mako concluded, a fireball forming in his hand. However, Korra soon got up.

"No, Mako, we can't just wipe him out that quickly. Perhaps we can -"

"If you say reason with him, Mako literally just said he doesn't listen! Besides, we tried that, and he flooded Fire Fountain anyway," Ziyou blurted out.

"I was gonna say contact the spirits for some help," Korra finished.

"...Oh...carry on..."

"You sure about that? The spirits were in a state of panic last observed," Eska said, eyebrow raised in doubt of Korra's plan.

"And besides, they didn't help us out with Kuvira, right?" Kai added.

"This time's different: I'm not going there to get them to fight El Niño, just asking information about him. They have to know something if they know to avoid him," Korra explained, as she got in her lotus position, and started to silently meditate...

"What's my sis doing?" Ziyou whispered.

"Korra's meditating into the Spirit World. Just keep quiet for a minute," Bolin answered, quietly. Korra kept in her position, silence filling the room until Korra opened her eyes, revealing a white glow...she'd done it.

Korra, still in her lotus position, opened her eyes to the world before her. But the landscape she entered gave her quite a shock: for miles and miles on end, it was completely submerged in water, Korra being a good 20 feet underwater. The thing, however, that she wasn't in the middle of some spirit lake. Instead, it was in a submerged forest, tree trunks like columns under the surface, the ground covered in dead leaves. Korra could still breathe (oddly enough), but the need to get to the surface was still a must for her, as Korra swam up to the surface. Soon as her head and shoulders got out of the water, she could see the full devastation: the entire forest was flooded up to the understory of the trees, and no spirit was present anywhere. However, the Qishi were: all sorts of types abundant among the water, and trees. Some looked like flying jellyfish, some like odd starfish clung onto the branches. Korra didn't know how, but El Niño got his Qishi here as well as the physical world.

"Not here too," Korra sighed in worry, looking around at all of the creatures. As she was, something suddenly caught her eye: a shoal of fish-like Qishi charging right at her! Korra tried to escape, but they quickly got to her, dragging her underwater, and ripping her apart! While it hurt, she was in a spirited form, so there wasn't any gore or blood to speak of, but those parts ripped out showed a cyan blue glow under her skin, as the giant beaked fish tore at her almost non-stop! Korra couldn't move, the fish moved far too fast for her to focus as the surface moved further and further away from her. As she looked up, a large shadow could be seen, eyes like blue embers as they stared down at her. Korra looked right at it, eyes wide and fear filled. Then, a ghostly feminine voice echoed through the panic.

...Fire Nation Palace...Meditate...All of you...Find me there...

No sooner as the message was complete, the horrid Qishi fish blocked her view completely as they tore at her face...

A gasp suddenly filled the room, Korra returning to the real world. The group jumped upon hearing Korra back, her skin in a cold sweat and huffing heavily. Bolin started first.

"Korra, you're back! Got an answer to -"

Korra raised a finger quickly, quieting them for a second. The Avatar just took a few more breaths before answering.

"The Qishi...they're there too. Everywhere," Korra shuttered.

"Seriously?!" Ikki gasped.

"It was horrible, they found me, and were tearing me apart! So, so horrifying."

Korra was actually shivering in fear. It must be extremely horrid to get the Avatar suddenly in a panic after just one full encounter. Bolin, being next to her, quickly went to her aid.

"Korra, Korra, please, calm down, there not here. You're safe. Deep breaths...there you go."

As Bolin was talking, Korra's breathing softened, as she began to regain herself from the experience, eventually calming down.

" luck then?" Ziyou asked.

"No, sis...well, nothing on Qishi or El Niño anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, while I was there, something told me to go to the capital. I dunno what it was, but it said to go there," Korra explained, getting back up on her feet.

"That's funny; we're heading there already, weren't we? Just gives us another reason to get there," Opal said with a smile.

"Right. We'll stay for the night, then we can (hears faint barking)...we can... Is that Naga?"

Korra looked out of their room window, and suddenly saw Naga far below, on the ground barking up a storm outside, looking up at her. Ziyou, Mako and Opal looked out the window as well, seeing her too.

"What's wrong with Naga?" Opal wondered, as the Polar Bear Dog turned around, eyes fixated away from the Inn, and to where they their shock, their airship was flying away! Dislodged from its landing spot, it started to fly away, towards the mountains, a group of those same odd jellyfish from the Spirit World flying with it!

"Oh crud, OUR AIRSHIP!" Ziyou yelled, immediately jumping out the window, and leaping far towards it! Opal quickly followed, flying off to it as Mako and Korra quickly rushed to the door.

"What is it?!"

"Airship's dislodged! Come on, we have to catch it!"


Someways ahead, Ziyou and Opal were closing the gap between them and the loose airship. Soon, they were joined by Kai and Ikki just as they got 20 feet of it. The others were still far behind them, so they were the only ones at the point. The jellyfish around it didn't seem to notice them yet, but weren't leaving it either. Luckily for them, it wasn't high enough, so Kai, Ikki and Opal quickly flew over to it, as Ziyou tried to keep up, running on all 4s on the rooftops, an air kick here and there for a higher jump. The jellyfish didn't notice them until Kai, Opal and Ikki got onto the ship's windows, and they started to fly at them! Kai quickly blasted the two away, and opened the window to let the 3 in, the jellyfish close behind them! Soon after that, the others, Naga carrying a few of the slower ones, were close to the airship, as it veered off course towards the sea, away from the town!

"Oh no, now what?!" Bolin asked. Korra quickly looked around, and then saw a mountain path, good enough to reach the airship.

"This way!" Korra yelled, them all running down as fast as they could as the airship loomed overhead, surrounded by the now aggressive jellyfish. They could see the air blasts from inside, going out, launching jellyfish after jellyfish, unable to veer its course back.

Inside, Kai, Opal and Ikki were still having trouble with the jellyfish, fighting them off over and over again. Even if each blast hit its mark, they kept coming back in, and it kept acting continuous throughout it all. Just outside, Ziyou kept good pace with the ship, her 4-legged running making that easy. The hard part was getting inside with all the angry jellyfish looming around. During the fighting, Ikki saw Ziyou running outside.

"Clear the way!" Ziyou screeched, as she suddenly jumped up, and air kicked hard behind her, launching herself strait to the open window, just missing Ikki, and slamming into 2 jellyfish inside.

"Ziyou, help Opal and Kai, I'll get the wheel!" Ikki ordered. In this situation, no time to argue, Ziyou charged into the fight as Ikki raced for the controls, literally diving into the control room hatch to get in. As if the fight wasn't bad enough, she saw a jellyfish inside the control room, tentacles wrapped around the wheel! Ikki rushed for it, but the jellyfish, panicking, shot upward, yanking the metal wheel right out!

"Crud, crud, crud, crud!" Ikki panicked, rushing back out, as the other jellyfish rushing out too, wheel in its grip. Before the others could notice though, Kai was at the window, and saw everyone else running alongside the ship! Quickly, he opened up the side hatch.

"Hurry guys, come on!" Kai yelled, extending out a hand, ready to grab. Korra got up first, and help up Mako and Bolin up in the moving ship, all the while keeping the jellyfish at bay. Desna and Eska were able to just jump aboard off of Naga, as Naga herself leaped inside the out of control airship, Asami on her back. And just in time too, the path just ending as Naga jumped in.

"We made it!" Bolin said in victory.

"Not yet, there's still these jellyfish!" Ziyou yelled, blasting away another one of them while talking. As the group got together, the jellyfish horde outside suddenly started to fly in circles around it, getting it to stop in place.

"There's too many! Anyone got any ideas?!" Ikki asked, hoping for a quick answer. From the situation around them, it seemed obvious fighting one at a time would be impossible to handle all together, they need a plan to get them all off and out, before it could get any worse. Then, Kai got an idea.

"Everyone hunker down, Ikki, Opal, Ziyou, Korra, help me!" Kai ordered. With no time to lose, the others hunkered down as those called rushed over. Soon, Kai got his plan going; as he began to use his airbending to make a circular air current outside the window. Seeing his intent, Opal got to the other window and started bending the same way, adding to the current. While they did, Ikki and Korra began making a giant air orb to keep the ship stable, as Ziyou helped out Kai with the current outside. After a minute of work, the current's speed had increased, creating their own makeshift tornado around them! As Kai hoped, the flying jellyfish started to succumb to the wind, tossing around in the tornado's strength like balloons in the breeze.

"It's working, they're almost gone!" Kai announced, giving the tornado one more blast of airbending to keep it going. The jellyfish outside continued getting tossed around, but some kept hitting the ship to grab a hold of it, in the process weakening the orb! Korra and Ikki were straining to keep it together, even when Ziyou and Kai tried to help. As they were, the jellyfish already inside were getting sucked out, all but the little one, held down by the wheel it was gripping onto. As they were, to their horror, one of them grabbed Naga by the shoulders, dragging her towards the window! Naga couldn't get a grip as she was forcefully pulled towards the window.

"Naga!" Korra gasped, immediately stopping what she was doing and running to the bear dog. Naga was literally right at the edge, and even fell out, being saved by a metal rope wrapping around her paw, courtesy of Korra!

"GUYS, HELP!" Korra yelled, trying to pull Naga back in, as Mako, Bolin, and Ziyou tried to help save her. Naga herself could feel herself getting pulled to the airship, but more of the jellyfish continued to grab hold of her! Naga knew that if they did bring her in, the jellyfish will attack them again...she made a gut-wrenching decision. As the team tried bringing her in, Korra heard Naga roar to her, getting her attention, as she could only watch Naga stare back at her...raise her paw...and snap the rope...

The team fell backwards from the weight removed, but only Korra could see Naga fall, a sorrowful howl echoing pass the vicious winds, as Naga disappeared from sight, into the tornado.

"NAGA!!!" Korra screeched, barely believing that what she saw was real. The panic however didn't stop there, as the orb began to deplete, the jellyfish finally breaking it. Everything still inside held on tight to anything firmly planted down, as the airship started to move out of control, spinning around and getting tossed in the wind like mad.


...everything went still...

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