Division at the Pass
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Book Six: Shadow



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June 26, 2015

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Ep.6: Polar Barring

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Ep.8: Ancient Paradox

A lone Earth Kingdom cargo ship was silently passing through the waters of the Earth Kingdoms Freshwater Sea. Weather seemed fairly well, crew going about their business as per usual. Far as shipments had gone, it'd been pretty much normal. However, unfortunately for the crew, they were heading straight for what most said to be the most difficult part of their journey: a passageway split open from a wall of rock. For the longest time, the amply named Serpent Pass had been the area of many ships' final sails, due to the large serpentine monster that'd lived there, hence the name. Speaking of which, as the ship went through, that very monster in question soon started to surface by the ship, obviously aggressive towards the crew. The obvious response by most of the crew was to fight against it and soon tried to drive it away with their own weaponry. The serpent didn't give up so easily and kept attempting to attack the boat. The serpent coiled around the vessel, keeping it still as it roared at the members on board. The roar echoed for miles around, even being heard on shore. While it appeared to be empty on shore, the roar didn't go completely unnoticed...

After the roar, something laying on the shore managed to pick it up. After a minute or two, the creature started to move and dragged itself into the water, beginning to swim to the source of the noise. The serpent kept getting hit, though the crew wasn't really better off as the monster continued to fight. The giant serpent gave another roar, but before it could attack, that same figure suddenly was spotted off from the ships left side. Soon after it was seen, the figure swam at high speed and breached the water at the serpent. The creature looked like a pitch black lizard, long enough to wrap around the serpent's upper body. Its tail was flat and oval-shaped, like a salamander. The serpent was taken by surprise and tried to regain itself, but the giant creature then bit into the serpents neck. Upon the bite, the creature released a powerful electric charge into the monster, electrocuting the entire ship, the crew, and the serpent all at once. After ten seconds, the serpent let go of the ship, paralyzed, and started to slowly sink, as the figure, sensing all human intruders dead, swam away...


The airship cruised along at slow speed through the air, heading through the Earth Kingdom landscape. The group inside still hadn't gone through very much on their flight, waiting to find another Voronon as they flew through the clear sky. In the main room, Jinora and Bolin were looking out the window in pure boredom. Nearby, Ikki was just chilling out, airbending a tiny orb of wind for her to play with.

"Man, when are we gonna land?" Bolin sighed.

"Don't get impatient, Bolin. I know, how about we play a game?"

"Game? Oh sure! How about... Eye spy?"

"Sure that'll work, you first."

Bolin looked out the window for a second or so before his mind began working out what. All he could see was wilderness, sky, and clouds.

"Eye spy...something...round!"


That answer came WAY too quickly.

"Wha - how did you - okay okay, try again that's too fast!"

Bolin didn't enjoy that in the slightest, answered by a girl in just a few seconds. He took a little bit again to look around.

"Okay, eye spy something...tall and -"

"Tree?" Jinora asked, giggling.

"WHA?! Son of a b- MMPH!"

Before Bolin could finish, Ikki quickly caught what he'd say and bolted over, covering his mouth with both hands.

"Hey hey, PG, remember? Watch the language," Ikki reminded, waiting till Bolin calmed down. Ikki let go of his mouth soon afterwards.

"Sorry," Bolin apologized. Soon after that, Asami came in with Mako, hearing the commotion from the other room.

"What're you guys doing?" Asami asked.

"We're playing eye spy - or trying to," Bolin stated, still bugged about the lack of tries he actually got. While he said that, Jinora looked back outside from the window, noticing the change in scenery. As forest started to break away, water started to show, a part of the Great Lakes of the Earth Kingdom. They knew they'll be passing through here since Asami said the word, and they were beginning to fly alongside the great stretch of rock wall that made the Serpent's Pass. Since they were flying though, the risk from being attacked by the serpent in question wasn't a thing to worry about. However, as Jinora looked on ahead, she began seeing something...well, rather unusual...

"What are you looking at?" Ikki asked at one point.

"Look over there. I think that's a cargo ship, but it's not moving," Jinora pointed out, Ikki looking over. The others, overhearing, looked too to see the same thing Jinora spotted. Indeed, it was a ship just sitting by the pass' opening. The thing, however, was that it didn't look damaged in the slightest, and activity seemed to not be present on deck like it should. A ship just idling in place, with no one working seemed like something worth looking over..

The idea quickly got to everyone else on board, as the ship loomed overhead. To keep it out of harm's way, they docked it on the higher peaks of the pass rather than the actual ship itself. Eventually, Ziyou, Korra, Asami, Bolin, Ikki, Mako, and Jinora went onto the main deck. The sight was not inviting, nor the best to look at. While the ship itself suffered no scarring, every single crew member on deck was lying on the ground all over the place. As if some screwed up spirit decided to drop a ton of bodies like sprinkles on a cake. Each body didn't appear like it suffered a physical attack, no struggle either. They all had their eyes wide open, that look that said they'd been killed almost on sight.

"So much for a warm welcome," Ziyou sighed, looking around the ship and the corpses. Korra went over to one of the bodies, feeling his hand for a pulse. Nothing.

"What on earth?"

"You don't think another Voronon did this..." Mako pointed out.

"I'm not sure. Whatever happened, we should look around. Maybe someone survived," Korra advised.

"You sure, sis? Doesn't look like anyone made it."

"Course I'm sure, we can't just leave this alone! Now come on, help me look," Korra insisted, starting to walk around. Ziyou joined up with her after a bit, as the others started to split up and search around the ship for anyone left aboard. Jinora and Ziyou went passed the left deck, but as they just passed through to the back of the ship, Ziyou suddenly heard something move. She spun around fast, but all she saw was an open door to the inside of the ship.

"You okay, Ziyou?"

"Huh? Oh yea, I'm fine, thought I heard something."


While most of the team searched the outside, Korra and Asami took the time to look around the inside of the ship. The interior was dark, some lights still on but not enough to beat the gloom. Since she found everyone pretty much dead on deck, it made the ship that much more ominous as Asami continued to look around. Korra kept going off ahead, with Asami close behind.

"Hello?! Anyone in here?!" Asami called. However, no one replied. The two checked room after room, but no luck, either the rooms were empty or the men were found dead. The more dead bodies found, the more troublesome the ship became. Asami felt more unnerved about the search, so many bodies in one place. Korra could see Asami's discomfort and rested a hand on her shoulder.

"You don't have to stay if you don't want to."

"No no, I'm fine Korra, really I -" before Asami could continue, suddenly she felt an all too familiar pain jut through her skull. It wasn't as hard, but enough for it to be noticed. Asami gripped her temple as new information was coming into her head.


"Korra. Another Voronon, it's here!" Asami announced to her, making Korra on edge, as she realized a Voronon did kill off those on the ship. Asami gripped her head for a bit, until she suddenly started running, Korra following close behind her. Asami was getting directions in her brain, the girl rushing around corners and down halls to get to the destination. That destination turned out to be the cargo hold, and Asami stopped at the door. She and Korra readied themselves as they both slowly opened the door...

The cargo hold was dark, not much light anywhere except for a few lights on the ceiling. The cargo boxes laid scattered all over the place, shipments just lying on the floor...that was when they saw it. The Voronon that attacked the ship was lying right inside, tail to them. It didn't seem to realize anyone had found it, so it didn't bother to move. Upon sight, the name suddenly zoomed through Asami's head.

"Yiplov. That's Yiplov," Asami quietly told Korra. The Avatar kept quiet as they both slowly started to move towards Yiplov. Yiplov's tail swayed back and forth, nearly hitting them multiple times as they tried to find out where its weak point were before it noticed them. Step by step, inch by inch, the two edged closer...



  • snap*

Before they realized it, Asami accidentally stepped on one of the cargo items, catching Yiplov's attention almost immediately. Yiplov turned around, facing both Asami and Korra. Korra and Asami readied to fight, but Yiplov didn't fight at first. Actually, it looked deeply puzzled, at Asami especially. Yiplov looked to Korra and gave a loud roar at her, enough to be heard all over the ship. Korra jumped back, Yiplov giving chase. The Voronon tried to bite her numerous times, but Korra easily dodged each attempt with her leaps and bounds. Eventually, Korra landed back with Asami.

"Sensing any weak spots?"

Asami tried to think as Yiplov turned around to face them again.

"I...I can't sense anything!" Asami gasped. Yiplov whacked Korra hard with its tail, sending her flying to the wall. Yiplov didn't bother with Asami, running passed her to reach the Avatar. Korra tried to get herself together, but Yiplov was already on top of her. As Korra and Yiplov fought it out, the others managed to find out where they were. Ziyou, Mako and Bolin almost immediately started fighting Yiplov upon sight of it.


Ziyou took the first strike, air kicking Yiplov to the wall. Mako started shooting lightning and fire at it while Bolin and Asami helped Korra back up. Yiplov made another huge screech, everyone taking the full hit. However, the screech made some sort of chain reaction, Asami gripping her head in deep pain. Yiplov began to feel overwhelmed with Ziyou and Mako, so it resorted to plan B. With one powerful hit, Yiplov's tail slammed into the wall, making a huge hole in it. Water immediately gushed into the ship, causing huge panic.

"We gotta get out of here!" Ikki yelled. They all were going to do that, but Yiplov rushed over to Asami and grabbed her. Korra immediately turned upon hearing Asami scream, Yiplov swimming out with Asami in its jaws.


Blindly, Korra dove into the water after Yiplov and Asami, the others having to evacuate via the other way, leaving Korra on her own with that one.

Just outside, Asami was in complete panic and tried to beat Yiplov on the head to let her go, but Yiplov didn't seem to notice as it swam away from the sinking wreck. Korra rushed after Yiplov, using her waterbending to rocket her forward. Yiplov tried its best to keep its distance from Korra, but the enraged Avatar was going too quick, and she soon caught up with it. Yiplov rushed to the surface (for Asami's sake), whacking Korra again with its tail. Korra rushed up again, soon ending up in front of Yiplov. The Voronon tried to swim away, but Korra quickly got Asami out of Yiplov's jaws. The Voronon was about to strike again, but Korra struck first, sending a jet stream of heated water in the creature's throat. It didn't do much but was enough to get Asami and Korra out of there. Korra and Asami breached the surface sometime later, only then did they see the ship half-way in the water. Luckily, they also saw everyone else by the shore already, safe and sound. Taking one more look to be sure, Korra and Asami began to head right for shore. It was a long haul, Korra trying to keep Asami from drowning as the raven-haired girl dealt with her migraine. Asami didn't felt this effect so harshly before, multiple images and information sprawling out in her head. The poor girl could barely make sense of it but focused on trying to stay above water. Korra did eventually reach the shore and set Asami down on the beach as gently as she could.

"Asami? Asami, are you okay?"

"...More...a lot more..."


"Voronon. They're everywhere."

Before she could continue, everyone was reminded of Yiplov, who began to charge forward at them all from the water. Everyone got ready to fight again, except for Asami, but as Yiplov swam near, suddenly another, larger shadow appeared under the surface. Yiplov almost reached the shore, when something clamped down on its tail. Everyone looked back and saw the culprit: the serpent. Still alive and recovered from the shock, the serpent swung Yiplov over its head into the water. The team couldn't see what was happening, but soon after the serpent and Yiplov submerged, a pool of black blood soon appeared on the surface...

The end for this Voronon.


Time had past, and the team was soon back on the airship. Their concern was more on Asami herself. She was laid down on her bed, cloth on her forehead to ease up the pain. Asami opened her eyes sometime later, seeing everyone around her as she woke up.

"You okay, Asami?" Jinora asked.

"I...I think so."

"What happened to you back there? You said something about Voronon?"

Asami took a minute or two before replying, trying to remember exactly.

"Yeah. There's a lot more information I just got. More Voronon around and active. Awadil, Katayt, Koyot, and...well something else, I can't seem to remember right now..." Asami's head was starting to hurt again, as Korra tucked her in.

"There there, Asami. We'll get back to you in a bit."

Seeing Asami would be alright, the others started to go out to give her some privacy. Before Korra left, she decided to give her a kiss on the cheek, much like what Asami gave her. Asami smiled to Korra before the brunette walked out too, Asami having some time to rest a bit. It would be a bit before she would get that migraine gone, but the sooner she did, the better. Awadil, Katayt, Koyot. Those three Voronon echoed in her mind a while more before she began drifting off to a nice, quiet sleep.

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