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Ep.7: Wanderers

The following morning was a bit of a rough one, to say the least for the rest of the group. Korra, Mako, Asami, and Ziyou all were a bit tired, yet Korra felt accomplished (half-way anyway). With the Blue Heart Staff in hand, they need to go off, find Amon, and purify him before he could do any harm to anyone else. When they did get back to their home, they quickly realized that Kuvira wasn't exactly around to speak to, yet, they didn't really think too much of it. The group sat down, with the Blue Heart Staff at the center of them on the table. Naga was resting just outside the door.

"Alright ... so, we broken the law. Now what do we do?" Mako said roughly.

"Relax, we weren't ratted out, we should be fine. But seriously, now what?" asked Ziyou.

"Now, we have to find Amon, and use the staff on him. Question is, where is he?"

"You mean you three don't know?"

"Ziyou, just because we kicked his butt before, doesn't mean we know everything about him," Korra said. Ziyou, hand to forehead, could only groan.

"I knew we should've asked Choden," Ziyou quietly snapped.

"Okay, sorry. Listen, he couldn't had gone very far, probably hiding in Zenshu somewhere. We'll split up, and look around Zenshu for him."

"Say no more, I'm on it," Ziyou said, ready to go outside. However, Mako got up.

"Korra, listen to me, even if Amon is still running around, we don't know how this staff works, and you've defeated him with your airbending alone. We have to wait until everything calms down, at least."

"The longer we wait, the more time Amon is given to ... Whatever he came back to do. Anyway, I'm not risking it with him. Do you want to give him any advantage?" Korra explained. Ziyou went outside during that time, but, suddenly she got back inside, and got the door shut.

"Guys, the rat told on us," Ziyou said urgently. They then heard another voice bellow to them through a megaphone.

"This is the Zenshu police! Come out with your hands up, and the Blue Heart Staff in hand!" A police informant demanded. Looking outside, Asami saw the group of police officers standing outside, already handling Naga by keeping her down with their metalbending rope and net. Mako got even more upset.

"I knew it. Why did you have to steal that thing?" Mako said to Korra, very angered.

"Mako, we have to defeat Amon with that!"

"No we don't, just give it back!" Mako said, grabbing the staff, and ready to return it to the authorities. Korra wasn't ready to return it though, and quickly grabbed it in Mako's hand. Mako didn't let go, and tried to get Korra to let go.

"Mako, please don't! Like I said, I wouldn't lie about this. I promise, it'll all work out by the end of everything, I guarantee you that, just please, we have to look around, we have to defeat Amon," Korra concluded. At first, Mako was still objective, but, in a snap, suddenly Mako looked a bit calmer.

"... Okay, but I still draw the line at staying. We need somewhere else to go to so things can settle."

Another snap.

"Okay then, but not for too long."

That was weird, and Asami and Ziyou knew it. After all that, how can they come to that kind of agreement so quickly. Just seconds ago, Mako wanted to return the staff, and Korra wanted to find Amon, and they both agreed to do neither?! Then, the two heard something from outside, to the back window. Just glimpsing, Ziyou caught somebody standing just outside. The figure saw them, but Ziyou acted first that time.

"No you don't!" Ziyou snapped, rushing out the window, and grabbing the man by the neck. That time, the man didn't get away, and the others found him. The goon looked right up at the snarling Ziyou, who had her teeth barred in a killer growl. The goon looked simply horrified.

"What have you been doing?! come on, spill it!" Ziyou demanded.

"D-Don't hurt me, I'm just doing what I was told!" The man said. Talk about easily cracking under the pressure.

"Who told you? And don't try lying - I saw you with Amon earlier, you got something to do with this, talk dangit!"


"Talk!" Ziyou yelled, ready to bite into his neck.

"Okay, Okay, I'll tell you! Mistress Vintana told me to keep track of you, keep track of your heist - it was her idea!"

"Vintana? Why?!"

"I don't know, I swear, she didn't say too much to me! She said if I didn't though, she'd kill me! Please let me go, that's all I know, honest!" He begged. Ziyou didn't really care for the moment what situation they were in, especially with the police eavesdropping from the corners of the house to hear what the deal was. Still, Ziyou lifted him up in the air by his neck, hand keeping him up.

"I don't believe you, I know your lying."

"I'm not lying, really!"

"What else do you know?! Spill it, or I'll beat it out of you!"

"I-I don't -"

Ziyou readied to punch the guy in the face for his lack of cooperation. That broke him again. However, he snapped his fingers, and Ziyou began to get the thought of releasing him in her mind, something that would be the best choice in her life! That same message went out to the other minds along with the finger snap ... Course, she snapped out of it, and didn't follow it.

"You little trickster, don't try with me!" Ziyou said, slamming him into the wall. The police men were ready to go, but, the leading officer, Muro, gave the signal for them to stay still. This was getting interesting (and that wasn't from the goon messing with him either).

"N-No! I'm sorry! I told you everything, really I did, please let me go!"

"Talk, dangit!"

"Okay, okay, I did it, I gave her the idea! Vintana told me to do that, seriously, I have no interest in that dumb stick! Please, let me go, please!" He pleaded. Without a snap of his finger, Ziyou actually did calm down. The police, and Team Avatar took in everything he said ... especially Korra ... Still, none of them needed to do anything, as Ziyou began to aim him away.

"I'll let you go, squirt," Ziyou said. She took in a huge amount of air, and then, the man was blasted off with a huge air blow, the man disappearing into a tree. Only after everything, did the police men were allowed to expose themselves, and go into Ziyou's sight. Mako, Korra and Asami were a bit perplexed by the whole thing, and Ziyou finally relaxed herself after everything that'd just happened. Then, Muro stepped forward, Ziyou ready to beat him if it came to that.

"Okay, chief, before you say anything -"

"We heard everything. Mako, you and your girls come out here," Muro ordered, oddly calmer than usual. It took a bit, but eventually, the three came out of the back door, and confronted Muro. He still looked disappointed a bit, but, not enough to unnerve the situation. Mako did bring out the staff, and handed it back to Muro, who took it, and gave to one of the officers.

"Mako? I assume you were involved in this 'heist' too?"

"... Yes, sir."

"... Look, while I see now that it wasn't entirely deliberate, there's still the issue with the public of Zenshu about this. The news had already gone out, and the public are already having a negative impact towards you all. It doesn't excuse the fact that you joined the local crime lord to do so," Muro explained, a bit rough on the last bit to get the point across. "It will take some time, but, it'll be handled. For now, punishment is still required ... Get out."


"You heard me: get out of Zenshu. After everything you pulled, you won't want to stay around. Am I clear on that?" Muro said. The team weren't too sure, but, the idea seemed to be the best option in that regard. Muro knew he wasn't in that kind of authority to banish people from Zenshu, but, he knew enough that some punishment was required, and throwing the Avatar into jail wasn't the best idea for his record. The four looked to each other, before Korra looked to him. When it came to what happened, and all of the choices she did, she felt very guilty. Even if he just gave her the idea, she went with it rather than ignored it. From talking to Big Momma, to getting Rikuu out of jail, to stealing the Blue Heart in the first place, all of that she agreed to do. If only she realized it sooner ...

"We were planning on leaving anyway," Korra concluded. Muro nodded, giving the signal to call of the other officers. As watching them go, Naga was freed, and the polar bear dog went right over to them. Before Muro left, he turned back to the group.

"I'll give you until tomorrow to go," Muro said. They went back inside, Korra feeling rough on the subject. They didn't have much choice.

"... Guys? I'm so sorry about this."

"Let's just get ready. Can someone tell Kuvira what's going on?" Mako asked. Ziyou went out, and was already on it.

"Where are we going?" Asami asked, soon after Ziyou left. Korra roughly sighed.

"Well, that goon gave me the idea, but, I would've decided that even without him messing me up," Korra said, walking away from her.

"Where's that?"

"Well ... Where do you think Bolin is?"


Later on that night, the enemy was still out in numbers. Off in the outskirts, away from any real city, there stood a lone barn house practically isolated from civilization for years by the look of it. One would think that nothing would be going on, but, that night a few people were inside the barn house. At the barn gates, one man was about to head in himself, giving a special knock on the door. Once that was completed, the door opened up for him.

"Amon. Nice to see you back. You weren't followed, right?"

"No. Thank you, Zikara."

Within the barn, Amon saw a number of other people inside, not exactly disguised, or in matching uniform. In there, for the moment, were the members of the Red Lotus (Ming-Hua, Ghazan, P'Li, and Zaheer himself), along with Zikara, Vintana, and the man that spilled the beans to Team Avatar earlier. He was on the ground, bowing to Vintana in submission, though, Vintana didn't appear too disappointed.

"See you got the other Red Lotus," Amon stated, looking around at the other three.

"That I did, thanks for noticing, Amon. Glad you came back in one piece," Vintana said, turning her attention away from her goon.

"So, you're the Equalist leader, huh? Vintana gave us quite a story about you," Ming-Hua said, getting up. Amon turned to the armless waterbender.

"And you're the benders that can bend without arms?"

"Call it a gift," Ming-Hua said, her water arms spreading out to demonstrate her ability. However, her attempt was making a bit of noise, which Zikara saw to.

"Ming-Hua, calm down, you might give off our position," Zikara said, as Ming-Hua got her water arms back to normal.

"So, what'd I miss?"

"Well, turns out, things are going just as planned by this point. Even with someone's little breakdown while being caught." The man looking extremely guilty for panicking. "Korra's already going off from Zenshu, and towards Zaofu. At least, she should be by this point. Need someone to continue her paranoia."

"Zaofu, eh? Haven't heard that name in a long time," Ghazan said, hands behind his head in relaxation. Vintana didn't take much mind to Ghazan and instead looked to Zaheer.

"Well, good. Because I'd like you and your teammates to go there to do the job," Vintana concluded.

"What for? What happened to that Blue Heart thing you've been going on about?"

"Don't bother, that thing's fake anyway. Like the Spirits would really give up one of their most precious artifacts so easily. Besides, we don't need them to deal with Korra anyway," Vintana explained, giving the man that was freaked out earlier quite a shock.

"B-But why'd you go through so much trouble?!" he asked, a little shaky.

"Reputational wreck. But anyway, Zikara, mind tagging along with them? Could use an extra eye," Vintana advised.

"Yes, mistress," Zikara said, bowing her head.

"Excuse me, but, we don't need an extra kid to follow us around," Ming-Hua protested.

"Hey, I'm a lot tougher than you'd think," Zikara said, though Ming-Hua rolled her eyes.

"Cute, but we've been out on the field for a while longer than you had by a long shot."

"So being stuck in jail for years on end since Korra was a baby considered 'out on the field'," Zikara said, eyebrow raised. Ming-Hua got her water arms out, freezing the ends into sharp tips, and aimed it right at her. However, Zaheer quickly got in between them before things could escalate any further. Normally, he would let her go, but, considering how they were brought back in the first place, he didn't want to risk it anymore than he'd done already.

"Ming-Hua, enough. Very well, we'll bring Zikara to Zaofu, though it wouldn't hurt to know why, Vintana."

"If I did tell you, then eventually the group will get it out of you, and they'll use that against us, so, no I'm not going to say."

"Do you know who you're talking to? We've been in jail for years on end, and we hadn't broke once. I'm sure you can -" suddenly, Vintana got annoyed with Ming-Hua's behavior, and suddenly had her back to the wall, her hands clamped on her stubs of arms, the water falling to the ground.

"I'm sure you can afford not to find out. Since you're working with me, anyway, you'll find out in due time," Vintana stated firmly, before she released Ming-Hua, allowing her to bend her arms back into place.

"Now then, mind being on your way now?" Vintana informed.

"We'll go," Zaheer said. After that was decided, despite the rough time all the while, the Red Lotus group, along with Zikara, went off to go to Zaofu. When they left, Amon turned to Vintana, taking the moment to take off his mask to show his real face to Vintana.

"Vintana, you sure you know what you're doing? Revealing myself, and having the Red Lotus to go to Zaofu seemed a bit too dynamic."

"You'd think that, would you Amon? Now then, you can rest for the while, I have a message to write," Vintana allowed.


For the next few days on end, Team Avatar had went on their way from Zenshu, back to Zaofu, using one of Asami's airships, the main way to get them going at a fair time. In the main lobby of the airship, Mako, Ziyou, Naga, and Asami were in there, waiting it out until they showed up on Zaofu. Despite the destination, Kuvira was with them as well, looking outside from the window at the scenery that slowly passed them by. Korra, however, wasn't with them for the moment, most likely still guilty of what she caused them to do, despite their plea.

"See Zaofu yet, Kuvira?" Ziyou asked.

"No. No I don't," Kuvira replied. As if it wasn't bad enough that Korra actually did go that far to steal the Blue Heart Staff, but to also get banished from Zenshu. Deciding to go back to Zaofu, no less, the same place where many of her dictator acts had been made. How could she return to such a place? Sure, Suyin Beifong let her go and everything, but, that's just one person compared to an entire family that she threatened, thrown in her own jail, and took away their home all in just a short while. How could she face that? ...

"Anyone know where Korra is? She didn't say a word since we left," Ziyou wondered.

"Don't blame her, Ziyou, she'll come back around by the time we get there," Mako stated, though he didn't put any real hope on that. However, they did know where Korra might be, and Kuvira actually walked off, without them really noticing. After some walking, Kuvira eventually came across Korra's room, the door shut. The girl knocked on the door.

"You in there, Korra?" Kuvira asked.

"That you, Kuvira?" Korra's voice asked from the closed door.

"Yes, it is. Can I come in?" Kuvira asked.

"I'd prefer not," Korra replied. Kuvira knew what was coming, and gave a rough sigh.

"Korra, listen. I know you've screwed up back in Zenshu, we all know that by now, but what you did is being taken care of. Heck, it's barely a problem anyway. Before you say on how bad it was, believe me, there are worse things you could've done ... I should know ... But, if you still want to stay in there, I'm not going to make you come out," Kuvira explained. As Kuvira went to go, suddenly the door opened, Kuvira seeing Korra come out. Her hair wasn't too maintained, but other than that she looked okay.

"Kuvira, I'm sorry for all that, but that's not why I've been quiet."

Kuvira turned around, a little confused.

"I've been thinking a bit. That man that Ziyou found gave me those ideas himself, but, he was just a minion. If someone like that is just a goon, I could only wonder how deadly Vintana is ..." Kuvira realized Korra had a point: even if she herself didn't meet this man before, if a goon could do that to someone, the power their leader could have could be anything really. Keeping someone that can alter ideas to suit the purpose under control is a bit of a challenge, at the least.

"I see. Well, you'll get some time to catch up with Zaofu once you get there, I'm sure that whoever this Vintana is, I know you can handle it. After all, you faced practically everything before, don't know how she will be any different."

"And Amon?"

"Let's cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, let's just try to recover a bit, okay?" Kuvira advised, a hand on her shoulder. Korra calmed herself, and looked to Kuvira with a smile. However, they both knew that Kuvira had to follow on her own word once she got to Zaofu. After all, many of the same people she had faced, and brutally locked up, were inside the city. No matter how she liked it, she was ending up in Zaofu again, and when she does step one foot in that place, there's gonna be heck to pay.

"We're here!"

Speak of the devil: Kuvira and Korra both went out to the main lobby, only to see the city just in sight! It was in full glory, the place as shimmering as they remembered it. Kuvira was still a bit uneasy upon seeing the place show up in their sight, but, she kept her composure. Speaking of Zaofu, some of the guards had apparently saw the ship a while before they did, considering they were clearing out a landing platform for them before they landed. Upon landing, the first to get out was Ziyou, who rushed onto dry land looking for their pal. It wasn't too long before they found him, dressed up just like the Zaofu guards. They didn't notice him until he took of his helmet to show who he was.

"Ziyou! Guys!"

"There you are, Bolin!" Ziyou said, heading over to him and hugging the boy. Korra, Mako, and Asami too noticed him. Naga barreled outside to see him, though the first thing she met first was not Bolin, but his Fire Ferret buddy Pabu. Pabu hopped off of Bolin, and right onto Naga, rubbing against Naga's forehead as his own way of welcoming the polar bear dog. Naga gave Pabu her own, and licked the fire ferret, soaking the little guy in saliva.

"Guess Naga missed Pabu too," Asami said, as Pabu shook off the spit from his red fur.

"Great to see the gang all here! what brings you by?" Bolin asked excitedly. First question asked by anyone, and it happened to be a hard one. However, Mako took the chance at it.

"We saw your letter, and thought it was time for a visit. How's guard life for ya?" Mako asked.

"It's been going great bro. A bit bored, but great," Bolin admitted. As they spoke, soon the Beifong family stepped out to see them. The whole family was out to see them: Suyin, Baatar, Baatar Jr., Wei, Wing, Opal, and Huan.

"Korra, nice to see you again," Suyin said upon seeing her.

"Good to see you too," Korra said.

"Hey there!" Ziyou suddenly said, catching their attention. The sight of apparently two Korras did cause some surprise from a good amount of them.

"Wait, there's two of you?" Wei asked in surprised, his fingers making a cross, aimed at them both.

"Oh, right, you didn't meet her yet. Everyone, this is Ziyou, my twin sister," Korra introduced.

"What's up Beifongs? Korra told me a bit bout ya," Ziyou said, shaking hands with Baatar.

"It's ... Nice to meet you too. Sorry, this is just quite a surprise."

"Eh, I'm used to - wait," Ziyou began to look over the amount in their group.

"2...3...4...Hold on, someone didn't show up. Least she could do."

"Ziyou, give her sometime," Asami insisted.

"We gave her plenty of time. Besides, I'm sure she would want to see you," Ziyou said, rushing back into the airship. After a little bit, Ziyou popped back out, though that time with someone else behind her. She was still plenty reluctant upon venturing out, but in the end, it was something she had to do (or otherwise will be forced to do). Kuvira stepped into sight of the Beifong family, not looking to them just yet. She didn't look angry, if not guilty.

"Come on, don't be rude, say hi," Ziyou said, nudging Kuvira. Was Ziyou aware of her dictatorship? Yes. Was she aware of her involvement with the Beifong family? No. That seemed apparent with everyone, anyway.

"Ziyou, please."

"Kuvira, come on. Yeah you had a bad record, but, you're cool now," Ziyou said, dragging her down by her arm, as if not sensing anything wrong.

"Kuvira. What a surprise," Suyin said, though that didn't help the mood all that much.

"Ziyou, is it? You do know what she'd done, right?" Huan asked, just to clear that up.

"Course I do, Kuvira's been our pal in the fight with those nasty stone giants, and gave a big hand in that whole Republic city Movement. Sure, she's been a bit of a dictator, but, she's been doing a good job, really," Ziyou explained. Upon the word 'dictator' Kuvira slumped a little more, still not looking at them directly. Korra went over to her twin, tapping her on the shoulder.

"Eh, sis, you remembered what she did to them, didn't you? I thought I told you," Korra quietly said, moving Ziyou away.

"Yeah, she's been a guard here, I already know that."

"And the fact she prisoned them and took over Zaofu before you showed up?"

"... Oops," Ziyou realized, looking back to Kuvira. At first, not much was said, but, eventually Baatar spoke first.

"So, you've been helping out the nation lately?" Baatar asked, not sounding very friendly.

"Yes, sir. Listen, I've made terrible mistakes before, and I've been trying to make up for them. I've been helping the Avatar and her friends for a long time now. I feel awful for what I've done, to you and Zaofu. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me ..."

"You've been a dictator for years, turned towns and settlements into slavery and concentration camps, thrown me and my family in prison, and nearly killed all of us in Republic city. And you expect me to forgive you that quickly?" The words hit Kuvira hard, yet, she expected much from him. After all, forgiveness is mostly earned, not asked for. And in this case, Kuvira really needed to prove herself to gain their trust back ... It didn't help that Baatar Jr., her once sweet fiancé, was standing nearby ...

"... No. No I don't."

Perhaps the thought was a bit too much to bare, but, eventually Suyin began to speak.

"Honey, let's not be hard on Kuvira, please. She'd gone through enough already, and by what Ziyou said, she's been doing much better," Suyin said. Baatar looked to Kuvira after she said that, but, was still slightly questionable over her. Reasonable, considering what she did to them. Then again, she did begin as the head guard of Zaofu before turning into a dictator, so, her past wasn't too horrible.

"I'll give you the benefit of a doubt, Kuvira," Baatar decided. Kuvira looked up for the first time to Baatar's face, only to catch Baatar Jr. again. After that, he turned to Korra.

"Do come in, Korra, we were about to have dinner."

"Sounds good," Korra said. After that was decided, they begin to head on in, though Kuvira didn't go at first.

"You coming?" Bolin offered.

"I'm not hungry, Bolin, thanks," Kuvira replied.

"Oh. Well, come in when you feel like it, okay?" Bolin assured, starting to head in himself. Kuvira looked around Zaofu, some of the other guards seeing her. She knew that things were going to play off a bit differently for her, as she began to walk along the path, not heading inside right away. She needed a bit to pull herself together.


After their arrival, the team themselves were basically trying to relax after what had happened. Zaofu was a bit calming for everybody there, at least for the main group. Korra, Asami, Mako and Bolin were catching up with the Beifong Family, figuring out what had happened since they were away. Korra and the others told the Beifong Family many details: from first meeting Ziyou, to their travel through Republic City after Taar wrecked it, to their time in Zenshu (ignoring the part when Korra stole the staff, that is). As for the Beifong Family, they told them about their own encounters with the Voronon, Divix, since they visited. While surprised how they met the creature, it would explain a thing or two.

Only one who wasn't present was Kuvira, feeling a bit awkward still on returning to Zaofu. She was dropped off here, she was raised here, she protected, attacked, controlled, and released it. Quite a record, really, and one that Kuvira felt would get at her eventually. The girl was alone, outside, as the sun was beginning to settled down. Ironic - her own advice helped Korra, but, she was suffering similar issues and her own advice not being followed. As she was waiting outside, eventually she felt that someone else was watching her. Soon, she ended up turning around, and soon saw that someone was outside. Though, it wasn't someone she'd expect to see her: Baatar Jr.


"Oh ... Hi," Kuvira said, hearing him come closer.

"Hi. Are you going to come in?"

"Not yet ..."

"Okay then ... well, there's a room whenever you want to," Baatar Jr. said, beginning to head in. However, Kuvira had something she needed to let out...


He stopped upon hearing his name, and turned around.


"Look. I know I said this already ... But, I'm really sorry for everything I did ..."

"I understand you are. Listen, Kuvira. Throughout the entire time you've been gone, I was worried about you, and what they'd do to you ..."

"You and Suyin both."

"But, I'm going to make this clear ... It's not going to be the same between us."

That's when Kuvira turned to look at Baatar.

"I've loved you for the longest time. But what happened in Republic City, it ... I'm sorry, Kuvira ... but I don't feel the same way for you, anymore ..." Kuvira's heart sank, she knew very well what Baatar meant. Even with them in love for the longest time, what she did despite his own plea, was something no one can simply fix. Kuvira shamefully looked down to her own feet.

"You're sounding like it's your fault," Kuvira sighed, turned away again. "Many people make mistakes in their lives ... But what I did was my choice. I knew what I was doing ... We were so close. We could've gotten married, had a great life together, and I ruined everything at the last minute!" Kuvira could feel her emotion come out through her tears, as they fell down her face.

"Kuvira, please. It's hard, but -"

"I know ... I know ... you go back in. We're done now ..."

Baatar still felt rough for this decision, but, he knew it was for the best. So, without a second word, he turned around and went back inside, leaving Kuvira to heal on her own. Kuvira knew it was coming for her: they were indeed so close, and her own dictatorship forbade that at the very last second. Still, even after everything, Kuvira somehow knew that their breakup was something non-avoidable. As Kuvira was just standing there, thinking it over, she noticed the sun was setting, hiding away behind the mountains. Even the sun was leaving her alone.


"New tunnel?" Asami asked eventually, while they were still having dinner.

"That's right. It was dad's idea. We found that the tunnels go all around Zaofu, and lead to great deposits of minerals in the nearby mountain range," Opal explained.

"So, you use it like a mining shaft then?" Ziyou asked, her mouth full of food.

"That's the main idea of it, though some other ideas were put up. Wei and Wing wanted to use it as a extreme sport site."

"It'd be the best ever too," Wing added in, a bit annoyed.

"And what's this amazing idea of yours?"

"There's a number of tunnels that go right down from the mountain, perfectly flat and curved in a spiral. Picture this," Wing then made his spoon and got the spoon into a spiral version, a perfect spiral downward. His finger guided along to what he was talking about. "Try starting from up here, and go down right to the bottom in one go like a giant slide. Eh?" Ziyou looked a bit impressed, being daring herself, and that idea sounded pretty cool.

"Sweet idea! And, maybe something for an extra boost?" Ziyou said, making a small wind orb in her hand. Wei and Wing got onto the idea right away, optimistic on it. However, Baatar himself overheard what they were talking about.

"Your not turning the mining tunnels into any slide," Baatar concluded.

"You sure we can't use any -" Wei saw his father's firm look, telling him that he's not going to change his opinion. "... And, never mind."

While they were talking, Baatar Jr. returned to the dining room, sitting down by Bolin and Mako.

"There you are. Where'd you go?" Bolin asked, Baatar Jr. not telling anyone where he wandered off to. Baatar Jr. just sighed.

"Not important."

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