Ep.6: Tides and Floods
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Ep.7: Old Wounds

The days went onward, the airship on its course to the capital, and Team Avatar was still trying to figure out the cause of these new creatures to suddenly appear from nowhere. There was no prompting, nor any evidence to show exactly how. The only clue that the team managed to get was from the story told to them back in Jang Hui, about this 'El Niño' person showing up just before the creatures did. So far, though, there was no evidence to truly support the connection, so the group didn't pinpoint the idea out as much.

Some good news, Asami and Korra were no longer annoyed at Mako for his 'troubles' with their relationship, although Mako still had a bit of resentment. After all, it was a little off to find 2 of one's previous girlfriends suddenly be together as often as those two were. Of course, it could be rubbed off as just a coincidence, but that vibe was still there, and it was something Mako couldn't simply shake off so easily. As for Desna and Eska, their little training sessions with Ziyou and Ikki to be 'happy' weren't going as well either. While Ziyou and Ikki were trying to make them feel better and so they wouldn't be so emotionless, Desna and Eska felt like they were just acting stupid for the most part. They could understand what they were trying to do, but it just wasn't working out so well...

While the flight continued onward to the west, passing island after island in the Fire Nation's archipelago, the teams were getting rather bored, Ziyou especially, as they awaited for the arrival in the main room.

"UUGH, are we there yet?" Ziyou groaned, sitting upside down in her seat out of boredom.

"We told you no the last 20 times, and it's not gonna get us to go any faster," Mako said, equally bored yet slightly annoyed.

"Why not, what's in the way?"

Mako didn't answer, hand to forehead, and a groan passing his lips. It was indeed a boring trip. That was, until...

"Hey guys, come here!"

Ikki, over by the window of the airship, suddenly got everyone's attention rather quickly, as most of them (except Asami), went over to see. Down below them, they all saw a seaside town, Fire Fountain City, far below them, rather updated similar to Republic City, but on a smaller scale. What got their attention though, was a Fire Nation soldier on top of one of the roofs, waving two red flags as if signalling them to land. They didn't know why exactly, but it could be a good idea to land down in the town to see what the problem was. Judging from the signals the soldier gave off, it seemed he wanted them to land towards the center of town, which was wide open, and large enough for them to land fairly easily. With some maneuvering, they'd got down in the center of town, landing rather easily, as the team went out. Just outside waiting for them, a group of high-ranking guards stood there, along with the Fire Lord herself, Izumi. It was a bit of a surprise to see Izumi here instead of at the palace.

"Fire Lord Izumi?"

"Avatar Korra, it's good to see you," Izumi said, giving a small bow in her presence. Rather odd for royalty to do, but Korra didn't question it.

"Good to see you, too. To be honest, I thought you would be waiting at the capital," Korra admitted, as the rest caught up with her.

"I was, but after hearing the more violent reports, I couldn't stand by and wait any longer," Izumi explained. The Firelord then saw Desna and Eska, still in their new hairstyles, courtesy of Ziyou and Ikki.

"I see you brought the chiefs as well," Izumi stated.

"It was mainly our choice," Desna said bluntly.

"Being chief is rather boring," added Eska. Izumi just smiled, and turned back to the others, when Ziyou spoke.

"So, this problem, I assume, has to do with these weird creatures, right?" Ziyou asked, almost nonchalantly. Izumi nodded.

"Yes, the violent hordes are attacking cargo ships, and targeting my people. The main danger is that they will strike here next."

"How do you know?"

"That's the thing. The one responsible actually notified me, and he seemed to act like it wasn't such a big deal. He goes by the name of El Niño, and told me about his plans for this settlement."

"El Niño notified you?" Korra asked, obviously confused. She'd faced many a foe before, each one unique in their own way, but the only one she could recall who would openly tell what they would do was Kuvira and Zaheer, and they had a reasonable catalyst too. This 'El Niño' guy didn't seem to have one, if it involved these creatures in anyway. Izumi simply nodded to Korra's question, not needing words.

"What does he have planned?" Bolin asked.

"He said something about a proper breeding grounds, and here seemed to be his choice. He needs to be stopped before he begins."

"When did he say he'll start?"

"Tonight, during the full moon. We don't know his whereabouts at the moment, but if what he said is true, then we need to be ready for him by tonight," Izumi explained.

"I understand. Don't worry, Firelord, we'll -"

"Please, just call me Izumi," Izumi insisted. Korra nodded.

"Okay, Izumi, we'll be sure this settlement is safe," Korra assured her. Izumi was glad to hear that from the Avatar.

"Wonderful news, Avatar. Come on, we got work to do."


Team Avatar, with the help from Izumi's soldiers, begun to work out the protection for the Fire Fountain City at hand. Izumi commanded her soldiers to patrol the various streets of the city, with Team Avatar also joining in with the fleets. Opal, Kai, Ikki and Ziyou all kept an eye out on the rooftops, while Mako, Bolin, Desna and Eska joined the Fire Nation soldiers in their routes. Korra kept to her personal routes, permission by Izumi herself, and using Naga as a tracker to help locate El Niño. The groups kept on their lookout, the residents of Fire Fountain City aware of the threat set upon their home, and were warned to remain away from the city until the threat had ceased. So far, though, the group hadn't found El Niño just yet.

While looking around on the rooftops, the airbenders remained still at one point, taking another look around the place.

"Does anyone else think this is a lost cause?" Ziyou asked at one point.

"I know it's boring, but we need to be alert. El Niño could come at any time," Kai insisted.

"But El Niño's gonna strike tonight, right? And it's the afternoon. Besides, how do we know this isn't just some bluff to get us off his trail?" Ziyou asked.

"And where else would he go then?"

Ziyou shrugged.

"Okay then. Now come on, let's look over there," Kai insisted, taking flight again with Opal and Ikki. Ziyou, not having an airbending suit, simply followed behind, hopping on roof after roof. As they went, the group passed over Korra and Naga and Ziyou stopped for a brief moment. Korra and Naga had been on their own for a while, trying to find El Niño on their own on the ground.

"Hey sis, you found anything yet?" Ziyou asked from the rooftop. Korra looked up to her twin sister, while sitting on Naga's back.

"Nothing yet, I'll let you all know when I do," Korra assured, as Ziyou nodded, and went off to follow the other airbenders again. Korra continued on her end, examining the area as Naga sniffed the ground, moving forward in her step. Korra didn't have any luck, only finding occasional soldiers, and empty streets as they went along. It was indeed a suspenseful time for them, especially since the warning that Izumi had shared. One thing was for sure: just wandering around the area without too much direction wasn't getting anywhere fast...Until Naga suddenly made a low growl. Korra looked down at Naga.

"You got the scent?" Korra asked, hoping she was right. Naga looked ahead, and trotted over past a street corner, looking straight ahead of her, teeth showing. Korra looked on ahead of Naga, and managed to catch was Naga could sense. Just ahead of her, walking down the road, appeared to be a boy...same Water Tribe clothes...same wet, dark blue hair. He seemed to be sightseeing for a bit, walking down the empty road casually, as if nothing bad was going on around him. Of course, Korra got off of Naga, and confronted him.

"Hey, El Niño!" Korra shouted, immediately catching his attention. It was official: he was El Niño, the main threat. El Niño in question looked right to her.

"You again...You know my name?" he asked.

"Yes, I do, and you're coming back with me," Korra ordered. El Niño tilted his head, trying to think.

"What for? I didn't really do anything yet," El Niño said, slightly blunt in his words.

"I'm not allowing you to make this city into your breeding grounds!"

"What do you mean, I'm not pregnant, nor do I know of -"

"I mean your monsters!" Korra corrected, uncomfortable with El Niño's response.

"Monsters? OH, the Qishi, right. Why not? This place is an ideal spot for them," El Niño said, understanding what Korra meant.

"Why not? You'll be destroying this entire city, people live here, and they don't want their homes flooded!"

"What people, no one's here but you, me, and your mount," El Niño pointed out.

"We had to evacuate them before you showed up."

"Then there's no risk, right? No one's getting hurt, it shouldn't be a problem. Besides, the Qishi can't live in the sea forever."

"It IS a problem, you're ruining people's lives because of this!"

"How's making a bay into a breeding ground ruining anyone's lives? They can swim, can't they?"

"That's not the point!"

"What is the point? I'm rather busy and I can't keep waiting," El Niño suddenly spun around, bending a lot of water out of thin air into water arms, "And I don't want any animals present in the Qishi's new home."

El Niño quickly began to attack Korra, using his water arms as fast moving whips, which Korra barely dodged. Seeing that El Niño wouldn't quit, it was time for offensive action, as Korra immediately started shooting fireballs at him. However, El Niño whipped them away in one spin, disintegrating the fire in a matter of seconds before shooting back a large set of water blasts, only one hitting Korra in the right shoulder. The hit was rather brutal, and El Niño didn't want to have her stay, wanting her out. Korra then began earthbending at him, shooting giant boulders at him, which El Niño sliced up with ease, perfect cuts with his water arms. But the third hit was too fast, and El Niño got knocked back to the wall of one of the buildings. The hit caused him to land nearby some liquid-filled barrels, the contents inside were unclear. Korra was about to blast another fire power hit at him, but El Niño (without thinking) quickly bending the liquid out of the barrels, and aimed the contents right at Korra's head, forcing her to swallow it, and knocking her back away from him. Korra got right back up, rather roughly, and was about to attack again...but all she did was stand still, eyes widened after a second, and irises growing wide. El Niño didn't know what happened, nor what liquid he shoved in her, going as far as to wave his water arm right in front of Korra's face, Korra not responding to it. El Niño looked rather confused, but he just shrugged, and gave Korra a lighter water whack. Not strong, but enough to knock her over. With that, he ran off out of sight. Coincidentally, the commotion was heard by Korra's friends, along with a few soldiers, as they went over to investigate. Mako, Bolin, Izumi, and Desna and Eska had heard her, and found her laying on the ground, an odd liquid around her face, a tiny amount drooling out of her mouth. Naga tried to get her back to her senses, but it wasn't working.

"Korra! You okay?! Korra!" Mako yelled, trying to get her up. Korra got up to her feet, groggy and looking rather odd in the face, having an odd "puppy eye" look in her eyes, staring right at Mako.

"Why are you spinning?" Korra asked, her voice throbbing a bit, as she tilted her head like a curious dog. Mako didn't really get the odd question, nor her odd behaviour.


"You spin like crazy. My turn! WEEEE!" Korra beamed, suddenly spinning rapidly like a ballerina, laughing uncontrollably as she lost her balance soon afterwards, landing in Bolin's arms. Everyone simply stared at Korra like she had a second head or something, what in Raava's name happened?

"Korra, you feeling okay?" Bolin asked, a bit concerned. Korra looked straight up at Bolin's face, smiling in a goofy expression.

"Absopositalutly!...Wow, funny word," Korra said, another laugh escaping her lips as she got herself back up on her feet, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Naga whimpered, nudging her back, as Korra spun around, hugging Naga's head.

"Good doggy beary," Korra beamed, Naga about as confused as the rest of them. Mako looked at the liquid on the ground where they saw Korra, along with Izumi. After a little bit, Mako and Izumi got up and turned back to the others...Korra singing and dancing like a loony all the while.

"So, what's wrong with her?" Bolin asked.

"Whatever happened here, Korra ended up drinking Earth Kingdom imported Cactus Juice...In other words, she's pretty much drunk," Mako concluded, arms crossed as he watched Korra keep going about, drugged up by the juice. Bolin gave a groan, hand to forehead, as Korra suddenly popped up behind Izumi, playing with her black hair.

"ASAMI, you did something with your hair?" Korra asked, sniffing the strand she was holding.

"I'm Izumi," Izumi corrected, yet she knew it wouldn't help her out too much. Korra, none-the-wiser thanks to the drugs, cuddled her hair as Desna pulled Korra away. After a bit, the airbenders finally flew back around, a bit worried themselves.

"Everything okay, we heard fighting!" Kai said, landing down in front of them, seeing the damage...and a drunken Korra. Korra went over to them, still spinning around a bit, and hugged both Kai and Opal rather hard.

"I love you guys!" She beamed out, Ziyou and Ikki backing away. Ikki glanced over to the others, awaiting an explanation for this sudden behaviour change.

"Cactus juice, Korra drank it and now she's lost," Bolin quickly explained, until Korra let Kai and Opal go, the two trying to regain their oxygen. Ziyou, clueless, snapped her fingers in front of Korra's face.

"Yo, Korra, can you think straight? How many fingers am I holding up?" Ziyou asked, holding up her index, middle and ring finger up to her face as a test...however, Korra's vision was a bit blurry, seeing double, so...



"Yeah, she's gone," Ziyou concluded, as Korra leaned up against Ziyou, the sudden weight making Ziyou stumble.

"You seen Asami?" Korra asked, suddenly. Korra jumped up, hand cupped around her mouth as she started shouting "ASAMI! ASAMI!"

"Why do you want to see Asami?" Ikki asked. Korra turned around, hugging herself affectionately (adding more confusion), and gave an odd moan in annoyance.

"Me miss my Asami Sato!" Korra yelled out, close to baby talk, but more of a drunken tone in her voice. The others looked to each other hearing that statement, as Korra continued, "I want my Asami!" like a spoiled child. Izumi looked on in concern, taking the damage around the area in account.

"This isn't good, the Avatar can't fight in this condition. She has to step aside until she recovers from the effects...Next day," Izumi sighed, as Korra simply stood there, arms crossed and pouting like a child.

"Oh great. Come on, Korra, let's -"

"I'm not leaving without my Asami!" Korra demanded, acting spoiled again.

"So you want to know where your 'friend' Asami is then? Just go back to the airship and - WHOA!" Soon after Ziyou said where Asami was, Korra gripped Ziyou in a tight hug, spinning Ziyou around for a little bit.


"ACK - Korra, can't breathe!" Ziyou choked out, before Korra let her go, and gallivanting off back to the airship, others looking onward. Ziyou got back up, and wiped herself off.

"Well isn't this a fine kettle of fish, now the Avatar's drunk as a skunkfish, and at the worst of times," Ziyou groaned.

"We'll just have to continue on without her. Come on, let's continue," Kai concluded, not seeing much other choice. The group agreed, but Mako then tapped Ziyou's shoulder.

"Hey Ziyou?"

"What is it?"

"Well, about Korra. Think you can keep an eye on her for a while? It might help us all out to know where she is," Mako asked.

"NO. WAY. She may be my twin, but I'm not watching over a drunk, thank you. Why don't you do it?"

"I can't do it, I'm still helping on patrol!"

"Well, so am I!"

"True... How about we play Sword, Shield, and Arrow to see?"

"Alright fine," Ziyou groaned. They both got their hands out, and went down in unison to Ziyou's counting.

"Okay, one, two, three!"

Ziyou's hand was shaped into a fist, signifying the shield. However, Mako's hand was in a chop position, signifying the sword...Ziyou lost.

"Good luck, Ziyou," Mako said, running off fast before Ziyou could change her mind. She was stuck on watch over Korra now until she got better.


Time ticked away, and so did the day, shifting off into the end of sunset, and the moon just starting to rise. The teams spread out, and all kept a wide eye opened for El Niño, which they hadn't found too much of a clue. Even from the fight, El Niño practically disappeared, so no luck from there. As for Ziyou, she was stuck with handling Korra back at the airship, which was about as enjoyable as fighting off moth wasps...

However, the group outside continued their own routes, making sure El Niño was nowhere to be seen. So far, that seemed the case, El Niño wasn't anywhere to be found...

"It's almost time," Opal said, looking up into the twilight sky.

"Get ready, El Niño could be around at any moment," Kai instructed to his group. They both agreed, but Ikki started to wonder where El Niño would actually strike from. Even if dealing with water creatures, El Niño didn't give any indication on where he'll strike, so it was on high alert...

The reason: El Niño wasn't in the city!

Since the little event earlier, the Water Tribe boy went and waited outside of the city limits, until the time would come, remaining out of sight from any guards and trouble that could befall him. The location: by a mountainside, leading out into the bay right next to Fire Fountain City. El Niño began to climb up the mountainside, looking out to the bay before him. While standing up there though, he was in plain hindsight of the airbender group below him, Kai catching it first.

"That must be him. Opal, come with me, Ikki, go and warn the others," Kai ordered. They both understood and Ikki, jumping on a makeshift air scooter, darted off to get the others as Kai and Opal took flight towards El Niño, who looked out to the sea. Both Kai and Opal quickly launched an air blast from below, knocking El Niño backwards a little bit before landing on his feet. Opal and Kai both landed at the edge of the mountain, intent to fight, as El Niño stood in a casual posture.

"I assume you're part of Raava's group of helpers?" El Niño asked.

"If you mean Team Avatar, then yes," Opal said, not moving out of her stance as El Niño walked over, his water arms returning again.

"You do understand what time it is, do you? I thought you would be sound asleep by now."

"Not when a deranged waterbender is about to flood an entire city!"

"Wha - deranged? Do I sound deranged?" El Niño asked, slightly looking unsure of what 'deranged' meant, slightly insulted.

"It's deranged when someone's trying to flood an entire city for creatures the world can live without."

"First of all, I don't even know what deranged means. Second, I'm not exactly commanding what the Qishi do, I just gave them their proper instincts in order to survive in the realm. Third, I observed you humans to be quite adaptive, can't you just built Fire Fountain City somewhere else?"

"It's not that simple, El Niño! These creatures are wreaking havoc everywhere they go, they can't stay in this world!"

"You actually heard that somewhere, or are you jumping to conclusions?"

"That's not important, what's import -"

"I think it is important, so I know you're not just spouting nonsense," El Niño interrupted.

"But we're not, we're protecting those who we care about!"

"So am I," El Niño, having had enough of this, attacked first with his water arms, lashing out at them both. Both Opal and Kai quickly jumped aside, rushing around him as he continued to try to hit both humans, only getting slight slaps as the fight progressed. Opal and Kai weren't doing any better (if not, worse) not being able to hit El Niño even once throughout the tussle with any air blast they launched at him. The way El Niño dodged though seemed more fluid than a normal dodge, as if he's just leaning away from a threat with ease as he continued to fire back at them with brutal efficiency. None of them knew when the help would arrive, but they needed to come soon. During the fight, El Niño scored some direct hits, sending both of them nearly careening off the cliff, stopping at its edge. Before they got up, El Niño suddenly bended water around them, their feet and hands stuck to the ground!

"Why can't you just let it be?" El Niño sighed, lifting them both up off the ground. But just before he did anything, he felt a sudden...heat, under his feet. He looked down, only to see the earth under him suddenly turn red and glowing! A quick jump, avoiding a lava pit trap set up for him, El Niño turning around to see a familiar lavabender standing there.

"Bolin!" Opal and Kai gasped, happily. El Niño didn't enjoy all of that, and the fact that the others came as well, including Izumi and her guards, didn't help in that regard either.

"Oh come on, is this really that big of a deal?" El Niño sighed, dropping both Kai and Opal down on the ground, away from the Lava trap.

"El Niño, I command that you step down and leave at once!" Izumi demanded.

"Why? You seemed much more calm when I notified you," El Niño said, his water arm scratching his head.

"I never agreed to let you flood the city!"

"It was a notification, not a request. Besides, can't you just move Fire Fountain City away to a new spot?...Wait."

El Niño started counting out the people among the group, them all ready to fight whenever ready.

"Where's that other girl with you? Tan, short hair, about 5 feet 7 inches tall I think," El Niño asked, his water arms matching the height description.

"You mean Korra," Ikki corrected.

"So that's her name? A bit average for Water Tribe, but kinda sweet."

"Stop acting so innocent! We know what you're up to, and the Avatar's not ...I mean, she's not present, but she'll be here," Bolin corrected. Not exactly a good time to blabber on about what happened.

"You sure she'll be here? She seemed a bit beat earlier today when she fought me. Dunno what happened though, she you humans say 'zoned out'."

"So you drugged her!" Ikki accused, a bit tactless and to the point. El Niño gave a rather confused look to them.

"Drugged? Wait - what?"

"You drugged her with Cactus Juice, and now she can't fight at all! You knew that," Bolin added...El Niño actually had to think for a minute, until a look of realization ended up on his face.

"OOOHHH, so that's what that white stuff was! Heh, thought it was milk or something. Though, that would explain that odd little act afterwards," El Niño shrugged...guess he didn't knew after all. Mako didn't take it too well, groaning after that.

"It was a rather peculiar moment indeed," Eska commented.

"Either way, we can't allow you to do this!" Mako ordered, fire at the ready. Before any of them could react though, El Niño suddenly 'summoned' a water wall around them all, suddenly trapping them in a liquid cage! Desna and Eska, being waterbenders, tried to get themselves out, but each time they tried, it only added to the cage. Izumi's guards tried to attack, but El Niño quickly sent them away, creating a huge wave of water to send them back, again coming from thin air! Taking one more look back at the others, all trying to get out, El Niño took a calm, deep breath, focusing his energy upon the sea before him, and the full moon that shined above him. His water arms morphed from tentacles, into 'hands', a thin layer of water surrounding his arms, as he began to pull upon the ocean. The others were unable to see what was going on, but they could hear a gigantic amount of water being moved from the sea, in one giant blanket of water, coming from the hillside leading to the sea, into the city! Wave by wave, the city started to flood in a shockingly short amount of time, each wave flooding more and more of Fire Fountain City. Each road, street corner, and turn became submerged in water, as most of the buildings started to become waterlogged themselves! Oddly, the buildings remained standing, despite the tons and tons of seawater being moved into the city from the nearby ocean!...Just like that, the deed was done.

El Niño dropped the cages, and to their shock, jumped off the cliff himself! Bolin and Ikki quickly bolted over to get El Niño...but he was gone by the time they made it to the cliff. They all looked out onto the once proud Fire Fountain City, now submerged in water. The taller skyscrapers of the city stuck out like columns, as the medium-sized buildings were barely visible under the water. The moonlight cast its reflection on what was left of the Fire Fountain city, as the group just stared on...

They failed...

"Oh no..." Izumi breathed out, still unsure if what she was seeing was real.

"How is this even possible?" Bolin gasped.

"It's not possible. No human being is able to manipulate and control so much water at one given time, even if empowered by the moon," Desna explained, even him and Eska shocked by the sight.

'Oh no. Korra's not gonna be happy about this," Bolin sighed.

"Korra? The airship, it's still in the park!" Mako yelled, remembering where the airship was. Before he ran though, Izumi grabbed him by the collar.

"Don't be so sure."

"What for, you saw where it -"

"Look," Izumi instructed, pointing her index finger towards the city. By luck alone, the airship could be seen still flying, heading right up to them, no damage on it. Team Avatar was relieved to see the ship safe and sound, along with the passengers on board, as it landed nearby them. As soon as it opened, Ziyou went right out.

"You guys alright?" Ziyou asked.

"We're fine, but El Niño managed to get away...we couldn't stop him..." Kai announced.

"I think we all know that by now," Ziyou said, a thumb pointing to the new bay created in just 20 minutes time.

"Oh, right. It's great to know you're alright," Mako said.

"Same back to you. But seriously, what're we gonna do about this guy? It ain't gonna be easy if he can bend the ocean like it was nothing," Ziyou wondered.

"Don't know. One thing is for sure, we can't allow him to continue on like this. You all go and try to find him, if the pattern remains the same, he will continue west towards the capitol," Izumi instructed.

"What're you gonna do?"

"We'll catch up with you. Right now, we have to make sure no one else was harmed in this flood, it's unclear if everyone did evacuate the city."

"Understood. Good luck, Firelord Izumi," Mako said, giving a bow in respect.

"I wish your team the best of luck as well..."

After the goodbyes, Team Avatar went back into the airship, and they started back off into the air again. The fleet inside went over back into the main room, as the airship was soon off to the west again. As most of them went in though, Ziyou quickly shushed them to keep quiet.

"Why?" Ikki asked. Ziyou nudged her head into the main room, her eyes pointing to where the main room was. The group looked inside, and were left with a rather...odd surprise. In the main room, Asami and Korra were (somehow) on the couch together...asleep...Korra's head with a big, odd smile, obviously out cold from the cactus juice as she lay there...on Asami...

"Uh...Ziyou?" Mako asked.

Ziyou sighed.

"Korra kept complaining over and over again, and I had to bring Asami in. She kept blabbering on and on with her about nonsense, even asked if she was pregnant at one point. You know, from the Flower Squid ink thing and all?"

"And...when did this -"

"Korra was too much in a daze, and went all 'lovey-dovey' with her. It was rough to watch..." Ziyou said, getting a headache just remembering.

"And that's when she passed out?"

"Pretty much."

"Why isn't Asami waking up?" Kai asked, pointing to a sleeping Asami Sato. Ziyou just gave a shrug.

"You know, I'm not sure. I'll tell you though, she was really patient, I'll give her that. But considering how close they are, I guess it's more natural," Ziyou concluded, kind of getting the others confused.

"What do you mean by 'natural'?" Opal asked.

"Oh, well, I 'slightly' promised them not to say, but I guess it no longer matters with that drunk thingy earlier...Apparently, I went to check up on them a few nights ago, and I kinda saw them together...cuddling," Ziyou revealed.


Only Ikki really spoke after about 10 seconds of silence.


"Well, yes, cuddling. Uh, something like this," Ziyou said, demonstrating by putting her head on Mako's shoulder, showing a literal example. The group just looked over to the sleeping pair on the couch, each one with their own opinion on what Ziyou was telling them. Some of them (Ikki, Kai, and Bolin) didn't see anything too weird with that scenario. It was weird, sure, but, not too much. But as for the others, it was something entirely new...Especially for Mako, who started to walk away.


"...I need to rethink everything..."

He walked away, without another word.

"...O...Kay...Too soon?" Ziyou asked.

"Let's just leave them alone for now, we got bigger issues to attend to," Kai concluded.

The rest went right off to bed, leaving Korra and Asami asleep...

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