Ep.6: Polar Barring
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Book Six: Shadow



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June 19, 2015

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Heading through the North Sea on its transportation route, a cruise ship for the Northern Water Tribe was happily going off through the calming colder sea. Within the cruising vessel, many people from all four nations were happily enjoying their time on their cruise, kids going about their fun time while adults got to relax from their usual working lives. Amongst the vacationers, one of the passengers was looking out to the sea, a bored expression on his face. Even so, he probably needed this time off now more than ever. While staring off into blue ocean and sky, one of the VIP staff went over to him.

"Your drink, Chief Desna," he said. Desna turned to him and just took his drink without saying a word. Well, nothing other than a thank you. The staff member went off on his way as Desna continued his viewing of the water, thinking a bit. Ever since Eska left him, Desna had become far more withdrawn and distant from the rest of the world. Eska was the only person he could speak to directly and maybe even indirectly since she was his twin, so with her gone, Desna didn't have anyone to truly speak to. He had his uncle, but he had been out of the picture for ages. Images flashed in his mind of what his sister had done: in particular her final fight with a demonic water spirit... The very idea made him down on himself.


As the young prince continued looking out onto the ocean blue, he tried to handle what bad thoughts were floating around in his mind. The sea seemed to calm his spirit for a little bit...but as he was looking out, some of the other kids were also looking out nearby, one of the kids having binoculars. The kid with the binoculars suddenly caught something moving in the distance, getting excited.

"WOW! Awesome!"

"What is it? Catch something?"

"I think I see a Whale Shark, over there!" The boy pointed out to sea, the kids he was with trying to catch what he was seeing. Because he had nothing better to do, Desna looked to where he was seeing, catching the water moving...

"That's huge!"

"Yeah, I see it!"

"You sure that's a Whale Shark?"

As they all watched, the water mound started to move gently over the ocean, but then began to move more rapidly towards the ship. While the kids were still impressed, Desna started to feel uneasy about what was coming their way. The mound created by whatever it was looked far too broad to be a Whale Shark. Also, there was no fin to signify it being a fish... Then it breached the surface.

The thing didn't appear to be any known creature, let alone any Whale Shark. It had dark brown fur with armor in various places. Its face was flat and resembled that of a walrus - if a walrus was made of rock that is. Its eyes looked like small rings, an orange tint within the rings. Its large frontal flippers pushed it along towards the ship, getting some other passengers and staff to notice it. The gigantic beast looked about as large as the vessel itself, making it well over one hundred feet in length. It soon dove down again, the silhouette of the beast under the surface clearly visible to everyone on the boat. Many of the passengers were in awe over the sight of such a creature.




"So cool!"

While the crowd seemed grateful, Desna wasn't so sure. For starters, he had never seen such a creature before. Secondly, this thing was dangerously close to the ship, as in, right next to it. However, the giant beast began swimming alongside the ship, the back flippers dangerously close to the propellers. Then, Desna suddenly heard something go haywire, a rough explosion from the back of the boat! The workers were already out as Desna ran to the back of the boat.

"What happened?"

"The propellers have been torn off!"


Before any details could be given, that same beast started pushing on the ship. The force was making it lean roughly, passengers having trouble keeping their footing. Immediately, some of the workers rushed to call for help. The beast whacked the ship hard with its back flippers, sending the ship spinning a full one-eighty. After the ship stopped spinning, Desna rushed to the edge, seeing the giant breach water again right next to them. For that second, its body blocked out the sun from view, just before it collapsed back into the sea, its right flipper slamming into the ship. The hit ripped a huge hole into the vessel, which immediately caused a panic. Since there were no metalbenders, no one could mend the hole.


That call was enough to get most of the passengers on deck to get moving. Passengers young and old were ushered into the many life boats, as the beast circled the ship, occasionally looking out of the water to eye the humans. Desna tried to help as best as he could, getting others on their life rafts while trying to avoid getting knocked off the boat. As they were, the beast kept on ramming the ship, trying to capsize it. About eighty percent of the passengers were put into their life rafts, but by that point, the beast breached again, only instead of ramming the ship, it actually landed on it. Its huge rocky tusks pierced the right side of the ship, immediately turning the ship. The impact was so harsh, some of the passengers were launched off like it was a catapult, landing like pebbles into the ocean. Desna kept his grip, trapped on one side of the ship while other passengers started to fall and slide. Desna tried his best, but could only stop half of the people while the rest slid right into the cold water.

"Oh Raava, help us!" Desna thought, as he tried to keep others from falling into the water. The beast didn't bother to move, watching people slide off. Desna quickly found one more life boat and began to bring those he saved onto it. The giant noticed that and pulled back into the sea, but since water was in it, the ship stayed that way. Luckily for Desna, he got whoever was left onto the raft, including himself, and they managed to land in the water. However, that didn't mean the beast was done, as it was still not satisfied from the casualties it made. In one, giant leap from the water, the giant beast landed its giant body onto the vessel, causing the whole thing to literally collapse on itself. A giant tidal wave was created upon landing, making the life boats move off a good two to three miles away! Even from that far, the beast was still easily visible, as everyone on the lifeboats tried to calm down.

"What in the world?..."

"I'm scared!" one of the younger female passengers yelped.

"Sshh, it'll be okay," her mother replied, trying to comfort her. Desna kept calm, but was as shocked as everyone else by this giant monster and how it so easily destroyed the giant vessel. The monster didn't stop until the ship was completely gone, no trace left, and then disappeared back into the waves, but not before leaving another huge wave to send all the lifeboats away from where it was...


What started off as a relaxing day had turned into a rough and unforgiving time, even afterwards. All the passengers were grateful that the workers had indeed managed to call for help just before that beast managed to drown the ship. It took hours before a ship had finally managed to come by, rescued them, and bring them to the closest area of land: the Earth Kingdom. Unexpected, but it was the best place to go for the moment. Sometime after being practically stuck, Desna waited in his guest room at the city when some of the workers and his guards came in.

"Chief, there you are. Any injuries?"

"Don't worry about me, worry about the others. So what's the damage? How many casualties?"

"Several families lost at least one member, half the crew went missing, that's all we got," the guard informed.

"Wonderful, and the status on that killer walrus?"

"Nothing yet, our last five attempts this week got cut off after three miles from shore. That beast must've wiped them out on sight," the worker replied.

"Tell me something I don't know. Well, we can't leave that thing swimming around; any ship—no anything near that thing stands no chance. Any weapons good on it?"

"Negative; any info we got back says our artillery has no true effect on it."

"There's something that has to work. What have you tried so far?"

The foreman started counting his fingers as he replied. "Bending, harpoons, bombs, none seem to work on it."

Desna kept his mind calm, but hearing what effect that their weapons and techniques had on the thing were horrifying to think about. Eventually, Desna started to look out the window to the sea, trying to think over what exactly to do. Trying to fight this thing was becoming more and more troublesome, the casualties and ships being lost to this creature increasing with each attempt. What was he to do?... However, while looking outside, Desna began noticing something beginning to move. Unlike before, he knew what it was.

"Then better find something else, it's coming our way."

Indeed, about a mile away, the beast was starting to swim right to shore. The injuries were shown all over its body, showing the hard week it endured. Some harpoons were still punctured through the creature's tough hide, though it didn't seem to care or even notice for that matter. Many people on shore, passengers mostly, began noticing the freighter-sized beast heading right for them. Some began rushing inland, thinking it was going to run aground. Instead, the giant beast felt the ground under the water and skidded to a halt, causing a huge wave to crash into the docks, soaking many people. Its coat appeared slightly darkened, probably due to its blood being soaked into the fur. Desna quickly got outside to see the giant stop by the shoreline, rearing its head back to look around. The first person it spotted was Desna, but didn't do much at first. In fact it didn't seem to acknowledge anyone at first, just sitting there on shore, looking over the crowd. Desna wasn't sure if a straight up attack would be called for.

"What's it doing?" one of the guards wondered.

"Don't know. Wish I knew what it's thinking."

The giant walrus looked around a while more, as if judging the crowd as the people were starting to run away inland, trying to get away. The walrus gave a groan, moving forward, until Desna got in a battle position, catching its attention. Desna started to work more water around him, the beast moving over to him. The chief had one idea, but it was a rather crazy one. The giant reared back and jutted its tusks down at them. The giant narrowly missed them, Desna just stopping it by making an ice shield in front of him. While the shield didn't stop the tusks from piercing the ground, the head couldn't go through, making it stuck in Desna's ice shield. Desna's shield remained firmly still, as the giant kept thrashing about, until it finally yanked itself free, breaking its tusks. The creature screeched in pain, but at least it couldn't kill anyone with those anymore. With all the black blood spewing from the wounds, Desna thought it would end like that, but it wasn't done. Screeching in anger, it thrashed its frontal flippers around, getting rid of everyone around Desna. Afterwards, in rage, it turned around and its back flippers swung right to him. In one violent swing, Desna and its tusks were launched off fifty feet in the air. Desna skidded and skipped across thirty feet of water like a flat stone before slamming into the water, the hit knocking him out, as both tusks skewered the water right by him.

Everything was silent for Desna, floating underwater. He wasn't dead, not quite, but with what he had just gone through, he might as well be. He began to sink down slowly away from the surface, until the tusks floated back up, lifting Desna to the surface so he could breathe. Still, his consciousness hadn't returned. The giant walrus had seen where Desna had resurfaced and began moving towards him.

While knocked out, Desna was stuck in his own mind, an expanse of darkness through which he couldn't see...he knew this would be his fate; he was beat, hurting, and unable to fight the creature directly. He was no stranger to battle, but he was so used to fighting alongside his sister...

"...Eska...I'm sorry, Eska...I can't fight..."

Desna's thoughts within his own mind echoed for a bit...Until he opened his eyes again, seeing what he thought was a reflection of himself, only blue...but Desna took a better look and realized the slight changes...

"Brother. You can win this battle."

"But Eska, I can't fight him."

"Yes, you can. Who fought alongside the Avatar when the dark spirits threatened to destroy the world?"

"...We did..."

"Who helped lead the Water Tribe after Unalaq's defeat?"

"We did."

"Who went out of their way to help Team avatar track and beat El Niño?"

"...We did, but we did it together; I can't fight alone, I don't know what to do."

Eska placed a hand on her twin's shoulder. Then she closed her eyes for a brief moment, Desna's face of doubt shifting to one of understanding... He knew what Eska meant with those eyes of hers. Afterwards, Desna went and hugged his twin, smiling...

Back in the real world, his eyes flashed open (literally), and just in time, as the beast was meters away from him,and coming in fast. Desna, now having a plan on what to do, began to dive back underwater. The beast stopped for a brief moment, ready to dive itself when it noticed something starting to form under the began to spin. The spiral grew bigger, bigger and bigger. The spiral became a quick whirlpool, the giant animal starting to move to the center. The center became a pit for the beast as it fell in, struggling to keep itself stable in the whirlpool. While inside it, Desna was hiding in the surf, and soon reappeared in the spiral with one of the monster's tusks, using it like a surfboard. The beast watched him spin around the whirlpool until Desna quickly got his waterbending to work and used it to direct the tusk towards the beast. All it took was a quick launch to get the tusk flying from the water, right towards the giant beast. It could barely react upon impact, the tusk skewering right through the beast's head. Black blood gushed out from both ends, darkening the water, as the lights suddenly faded away, the body collapsing completely...

The beast was no more...

Desna halted the whirlpool after a few minutes, burying the beast underwater, and looked back to the crowd on shore. Even if a long way away, he could hear cheering coming from the shore. He felt... Good...


Miles away, still flying over the land, Team Avatar was having little luck with their search. Even with a prime directive, it had gone quiet when it came to activity. Lazily gazing, Korra was looking out the window from her quarters in thought when Asami came in.

"Hi, Korra. You alright?"

"Huh? Oh yea, I'm good, just thinking, is all."

"Oh. Well, on what?"

"Actually on Desna. I haven't heard from him in months; I hope he's okay."

"I'm sure he's doing just fine, Korra. He's a very tough fighter, what's the worst that could happen?"

Korra thought for a minute or so before responding.

"...Yeah, you're probably right... Say, Asami? When do you think we'll find any more of those Voronon anyway?"

It was Asami's turn to think for a minute or two, trying to remember what the visions had for her...

"Well, that's something I actually wanted to say. I don't know if we're the only one taking them out."

"What do you mean?"

"Some visions they... Well have been altered. Two Voronon are already taken out by other people in the world. I don't know where, but Whoii and Xevadr, it just feels like we're dealing with less Voronon now..."


"Those were the Voronon I sensed, they are gone..."

"Really? Well, that's a good thing," Korra assured her. Asami looked to Korra and nodded in agreement, although she didn't know who exactly, it was a fresh start, and not too much havoc to handle. Didn't mean that was all though.

"Yeah. Well, I'll see you later, Korra," Asami said. With that, she gave Korra a small kiss on the cheek and went on her way, leaving Korra back to her thoughts.

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