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Ep.6: Zaofu Ties

"How did we get roped into this?"

That was the question on many minds, as Korra neared the destination given to her by Big Momma. Korra's recent decisions had been a bit confusing, to say the least: in just one night, they've turned from trying to stop a villain, to breaking out a criminal from jail as favor to a crime lord. So long as they weren't figured out by any official law enforcements, they should be alright. One of Big Momma's men was with them, just to be sure that they weren't going to mess with them. Besides, they needed some help with trying to get the right person anyway. While Mako, Asami, and Ziyou were simply unsure about the whole thing, Korra felt calm and collective (oddly enough).

The group eventually arrived at their vantage point about mid-day: far off from Zenshu, there was an isolated prison hold. It looked pretty big, large stone walls surrounding the area. The main gate itself was spiked at the top, with a number of guards patrolling the area. A number of areas had some large, chain-link fences. Some large, police trucks were also lined up inside, most like trucks for bringing the prisoners in. Asami, Mako, Korra, and Ziyou were observing from the hillside, out of sight from any guards down nearby the large prison.

"This must be it," Korra said, looking onto the prison hold.

"You were expecting anywhere else?" Ziyou commented.

"So, what do we do?" Asami asked. the man that went with them looked to the prison, looking over every detail from where he was.

"Pretty straightforward."

"Straightforward? This is one of the most secure prisons to stuff someone into," Ziyou pointed out, a finger aimed right at it.

"That kind of privilege depends on who your talking to. I've broken out of worse prison holds than this," he said. Good side of the coin: they have an experienced prisoner escapee with them... The bad side: they have an experienced prisoner escapee with them. Be it good and bad, he studied the exact prison Big Momma's own was in.

"Well, all we need are some good disguises, a getaway, and some good old fashion fire power. Think you can handle that?"

"Disguises, why didn't you say that before we left, we got nothing," Asami said, a little worried. Before they could answer, they began to hear a truck in the distance, almost as if on cue. How the heck does that happen? They were just out of sight, as the truck began to approach along the road.

"Speak of the devil. Watch this," their chaperon said. Pulling a knife out of his pocket, he aimed directly for the wheels of the truck. The driver was oblivious to them, and the man gave one good aim directly at the front wheel! Seconds later, the truck started to go to a stop, the wheel making it too difficult to continue. The two guards went out of the truck to inspect the damage, when the same man took a few well sized stones, and threw them at the guards. Since they didn't have any helmet, or head protection, the stones knocked them both out almost immediately!

"Nice shot," Korra said.

"I'm known as Sharp-Eye for a reason. Now, let's decide who plays as who, shall we?"


Sometime later, near the main gate, the main guards were keeping their eye out for the next coming truck. It did take a little bit, but, they eventually saw an oncoming truck, coming towards the gate. The front gate guards went over to the truck, to speak to the driver. The driver only gave a small, two-fingered salute to the guard. Checking his clipboard, he marked them to pass, and they drove through. As for who the two were, it was actually Korra, and Asami! With some dandy work, they both barely looked like they would normally do. Both were in full uniform, looking exactly like fellow officers, including their hats, and some police shades to hide their eyes. So, they both looked very good, and very much like police informants. Soon, they parked their truck a bit inside, pass the main guards at the gate. After that, Asami and Korra both went over, and opened up the back to get their 'prisoners' out. The prisoners in question here were Mako and Ziyou. Ziyou didn't like playing the prisoner, as Mako felt a little bit uncomfortable, being in the police force himself. Asami and Korra forcefully got the two out, and began heading off to bring the prisoners in. Mako and Ziyou kept quiet, though personally wished they could play the guard, but Sharp-Eye insisted that they'd be the prisoners for the operation. Sometimes, Korra would push along Ziyou rather roughly.

"Quit it, we're just playing it out, remember," Ziyou whispered.

"Shut it, prisoner," Korra replied, hitting her fist on her head. If they weren't acting it out, Ziyou would be all over her. There's plenty of time for that later. For the moment, they had to find this guy, and without any guard getting suspicious over them. Course, they needed Mako and Ziyou brought to where the prisoners go, to make it look more convincing. Besides, they can't just wander around with two convicts without doing that.

It took a little bit, but, eventually Ziyou and Mako both were brought to the main area, where the other prisoners were for the moment. At the time, it was the hour out in the yard, so, bringing them to the yard seemed convincing enough. Korra and Asami pushed the two past the prison gates, closing them up behind them. The prison yard itself looked rather dried up, with dried grass for the floor, as a number of the prisoners were around the place. Some of them already noticed Mako and Ziyou being dropped off, as the two started to go on through. As they did, Korra got out her portable radio and, seeing no other guard was around aside from Asami, called in.

"This is Avatar to Sharp-Eye, the doves had been released, awaiting further instructions," Korra said. A bit soon for code talk, but, Sharp-Eye got the idea right away.

"Keep an eye on them while they look around - that prison's no playground."

"Copy that."

As Asami and Korra went off to a good lookout, Mako and Ziyou began going through the main yard to find their target. It wasn't entirely easy, many of the prisoners dressed the same as Mako and Ziyou were. Not only that, many of the prisoners were keeping their eyes on them as they walked through, the two trying to find out the exact person Big Momma assigned them to find. They remembered the picture, sure, but still the chances of finding one prisoner in a prison hold like this wasn't going to be easy. It didn't help that the other prisoners were staring daggers at them either.

"You see him?" Ziyou asked at one point.

"Not yet, but keep looking," replied Mako. The two kept going around for a while longer, as Korra and Asami watched them from afar by the guard lines. At least Mako and Ziyou had some comfort knowing Korra and Asami were keeping an eye on them. After a while, one of the prisoners ended up spotting them, and actually got up. He was wearing a similar attire to the other prisoners, but, his short black hair and catfish-like mustache split him apart from others.

"Hey, you two."

Both of them stopped dead in their tracks, as he walked over. Ziyou didn't recognize the man in the slightest, but as for Mako, he seemed a little bit unsure ...

"Uh, can I help you?" Ziyou asked, eyebrow raised. He looked a bit middle aged, and a bit rugged really.

"You two seem familiar. What are you in for?" He asked, arms crossed. Ziyou and Mako weren't told of any sort of backstory to follow, but, they needed to think of something. After a little bit, Ziyou ended up getting her idea out.

"Oh, uh we got thrown in here for uh - uh - attacking the Zenshu police force!" Ziyou concluded.

"Is that all?" He asked.

"Yep. What about you?"

"I don't have to repeat myself to you two. You already know," he said. While Ziyou was still a bit clueless, Mako began to get the idea right away, as he eyed them down. Mako worked out his memory a bit more, but, suddenly began to recognize him a little bit. It was a really long time ago, but, he did begin to recognize the man after a bit. Apparently, the man could tell Mako had got it.

"Remember now, detective?" he said.

"Did something happen?" Ziyou asked.

"Quit acting dumb, Avatar," he groaned.

"Huh? Oh, I'm not the Avatar, really I'm not, many people keep confusing me for her," Ziyou explained, which was kind of true really. Mako sighed, no point on hiding it anymore. He knew who he was, and he knew who he was.

"You worked with Amon, didn't you?" Mako said. He nodded.

"I used to. Not fond of him anymore, and still not fond of you benders," he said, gritting his teeth on saying 'benders'

"Getting in a fight won't help either of us, pal," Mako firmly stated, although he was ready to beat him up at any time. As Mako began to go, though, Ziyou stuck around.

"You worked with Amon before? Really?"

"Second-in-command, actually. Course, why should you care anyway?" Suddenly, Ziyou got her own idea that can help them out.

"So, you know him rather well then? Have any sort of tips on what to do with him?"

"What're you talking about? I've been in jail for four years, and even I heard about his death."

"You kidding? He nearly beat me up yesterday, took my dog, and freaked out my sister to oblivion," Ziyou said. Tactless came out again, but, it was enough to get his attention, his look turning from serious to interested in just seconds. So, even after so many years of absence, the masked liar is indeed alive? Well, the news left a bad taste in his mouth, remembering the last time he saw him before being escorted off to prison.

"Quit messing around, we have enough issues," Mako said, starting to drag her away from him. Last thing they wanted was to deal with a former enemy like him.

"Can't he talk to us about Amon?"

"I can tell you about him - I fought him before."

"But he's his second-hand man, right?"

"Doesn't matter," Mako groaned, dragging her off. As he was doing that, he began looking around, away from Amon's second-in-command, until he saw someone along the rock wall. He was sitting down, his back to the wall. Mako worked out his memory, and began heading over with Ziyou. Soon, the man looked up to them as they approached.

"You there. Can we talk to you?" Mako asked.

"About?" He asked.

Ziyou sat down next to him, so she can talk to him without any eavesdropping.

"About a little cooperation. You know someone by Big Momma, right?"

"I can already see where this is going," he said with a smirk.

"Good, then don't try anything funny while we do this. If this works, then we all can get out of here with no trouble. Our friends are going to join us in a bit," Ziyou explained, looking up to Asami and Korra, still disguised. Mako looked to them, and gave a small thumbs up. Their signal given, Asami and Korra began heading back to their position. Mako, Ziyou, and the prisoner began heading back across the field, keeping their attention away from the other prisoners and guards. They're only there to get one prisoner out, and that's all. They didn't end up there to get the whole prison out. While they were getting in position, Korra and Asami began to go off to their position as well, Asami calling in to Sharp-Eye.

"They found him, and they're heading in position. You almost ready?"

"Soon as you head out, I'll be ready with the truck. Just make sure Rikuu is okay, and you get to the rendezvous point," Sharp-Eye ordered.

"Right," Asami said. Soon after that, Korra and Asami both arrived nearby the fence, Mako and Ziyou with the prisoner. Korra and Asami concluded that he was the right one, though the real challenge was actually getting them out. If any prisoners saw them going out, then they'll have many more involved than needed. And, if any guards caught them, they'll all be behind bars. Asami and Korra kept their eyes out, back to the fence, as Korra began to use her own bending to chip away a small hole on the fence, just big enough to get them out. They all kept an eye out for any other guards, as Korra kept at it for a while longer, until a small hole was opened up. Asami and Korra stepped away, as Ziyou, Mako, and Rikuu slipped out. Only one prisoner actually saw what they did, and moved over to the fence soon after the group began to go off. Seems they weren't the only one's going to escape.

Korra, Asami, Rikuu, Mako, and Ziyou continued going around the outside prison hold, working out their maneuvers to avoid being spotted. So far, it was going fairly well, no guard noticing them. Unfortunately, Amon's old lieutenant was also keeping in pace, keeping out of sight from not only the guards, but also the Avatar team. He had his own little mission to do. Soon, they were close to the final gate, leading off to outside the prison. Sure enough, one of the trucks was waiting outside for them, an armored truck in case they were spotted if they were caught.

"Alright, there's no cover here, we have to rush it when we go," Ziyou said quietly. However, right behind them, that same man had kept pace, standing up fully. His own little move about had got him a bit of firepower himself, and now he felt like he had them to his own whim. Soon, his own shadow gave him away, catching Mako's eye, and turning around to see him standing there.

"What the - Why are you here?"

"I'm been in prison for years, what do you think?" He scoffed. Korra and Asami also recognized him, a bit faster than Mako did.

"Seriously, mustache?" Ziyou groaned.

"It's Choden, mind you. No matter," he said. So that was the second-in-command's name. However, Choden then pulled out something from behind his back: a set of firecrackers!

"Nonononono, keep quiet, put that away," Ziyou said, a little freaked out.

"Get me out of here, and maybe I will. Though, I'd rather see you behind bars," Choden threatened, ready to throw the firecrackers out to the open. It'll be an advantage to Choden either way, but, they didn't have time to figure anything out, especially now.

"Okay, okay, just please follow through, and keep that quiet," Korra said, looking on ahead. Choden didn't seem too worried over what they were about to do, as the group looked on for a bit just to make sure. Sharp-Eye saw their extra with them, but kept his cool either way. There was nothing they could do now. They began to see a few guards around the perimeter, probably expected. The group only had one shot, and one shot only.

"One ... Two ... Three," Korra said. With that, everyone did a mad dash, as fast as they could to the armored truck. They didn't have any time to think, just run to the truck. Ziyou was the first to get to the truck, opening up the back fast for the rest. Rikuu, Mako, Korra, and Choden got in the back as Asami and Ziyou joined Sharp-Eye in front seat. The guards suddenly saw Choden, the last one to run, and quickly raced down to them. Sharp-Eye quickly started up the car, and rocketed off before the guards could get them. The group had got them out, and was out of sight as the guards got there...


It took a while, but, eventually Team Avatar arrived back to Zenshu with Rikuu fine and well. Everyone went right back to the office, uncaught by any other official officer of Muro's. Big Momma was pleased when Ziyou, Mako, and Korra went through her door with Rikuu with them.

"Sweetheart, welcome back," Big Momma said, getting up, and happily hugging her lieutenant. While it was nice to see, Korra still needed to get things rolling.

"Okay, Big Momma, we did our end of the deal. you do yours," Korra said firmly. Big Momma looked right to Korra, letting Rikuu go for the moment.

"Yes, of course. Sorry, Rikuu, for putting you to work so quickly, but, our dear Avatar wishes for our help in stealing from the Mei Long Museum."

"Say no more, I'll take care of everything," Rikuu said, beginning to head off to get started.


Later on that night, when she finally had her free time, Kuvira was off to the museum front entrance. It was close to closing time for the Mei Long Museum, so, not many people showed up when Kuvira did. The first place Kuvira went right over to: the Spirit World exhibit. It didn't take long before she found the Blue Heart Korra was talking about. Since she was the only one in there, she had sometime to herself as she looked over the staff in question. She could see how Korra would be interested in it, but, not enough for her to steal it. While Kuvira was looking over the item in question, one of the employees spotted her standing by the said item.

"Excuse me, but, we're about to close," she advised.

"Oh, right, sorry," Kuvira replied. Taking one more look at it, Kuvira then began to go off outside. Kuvira walked out onto the empty stoop to the museum, but, as she was starting to head back herself, she began to think over the idea itself. If she would go off, then Korra would steal the staff, and she wouldn't be able to stop her. Or worse, she would end up be put in the same situation she was in during her prison days. Before she could decide which side to take, she suddenly felt an uneasy feeling creep over her, looking back to the museum...

"Raava, please don't have Korra go through with this," Kuvira thought.

Unfortunately, the Avatar was indeed going through with it. Nearby from the Museum in question, Korra, Asami, Mako, and Ziyou were ready to go nearby, just out of sight from Kuvira. Rikuu was with them as well, readying a map to guide them as they would go in. They knew where the staff was, but, how to go in undetected was another matter that Rikuu needed to take in account for them. With Kuvira beginning to go, their plan began.

Looking on to make sure, Ziyou began first, and jumped onto the roof, keeping an eye out for anyone. This seemed like some odd case of DeJa vu for Korra and Mako, dealing with the similar scenario from before Korra found out about Kirra, never mind Amon's return. She had to focus though, as she jumped over with Ziyou as she made the thumbs up signal for them to go over. There wasn't exactly a roof opening to steal anything, so, they had to improvise. Asami had to stay with Rikuu, helping in navigation, as Korra, Mako, and Ziyou got onto the roof in order to begin. The three ended up heading to the same spot that the thieves had to go through before: the skylight. Before they could start though, Rikuu began to call in.

"Wait a second," Rikuu said, from the other end. Rikuu took another look to makie sure there was no one indeed around. He did see Kuvira begin to walk away from the entrance, and soon gave the signal that the coast was clear. Soon, with some quick cutting, and moving, the three quickly got into the museum. Not a soul was inside, which was a good thing, as the three began to go off to the Spirit World exhibit. It was surprisingly easy, to say the least. Soon, Korra looked over, and saw the Blue Heart Staff present, right in sight.

"There it is," Korra said. Ziyou and Mako both kept their distance, as Korra began heading over to the Blue Heart staff. Mako was still unsure about everything, and began to get a bad feeling in his stomach as he watched Korra near the staff itself. Korra was standing right at the Blue Heart Staff, sitting fully in sight, ready for Korra to take it. Korra calmed herself, and began to get her own hands ready to grab.

With Ziyou and Mako at watch, Korra then began the tedious work of removing the glass casing. As imagined, the casing itself was welded in, but being a metalbender made that a small problem. After loosening the seal, Korra began to slowly move the casing off of the stand, just enough to get her hand inside. Korra's fingers touched the staff itself, and with one quick dash, got the staff out, now in her hand. Korra actually did it: she got the staff in her hand to get at Amon. However, she wasn't out of the woods just yet. However, before any of them could do anything ...

A flash filled the air, catching everyone off guard. The Avatar looked around frantically for the culprit of the photo, the last thing she really needed. Ziyou and Mako looked around too, similar reasons, until Ziyou caught something in the shadows. It looked like someone was standing there, hiding out, but in its hands appeared to be a camera. Obviously the culprit was spotted, yet Korra already saw the culprit before she could tell her. The culprit, actually, turned out to be the same women who told them about the Blue Heart legend in the first place! Korra didn't expect her to still be around, and Rikuu didn't either (apparently). She immediately tried to make a run for it, but Ziyou got in her way before she could run with the photo in that thing.

"D-Don't hurt me," she stuttered.

"We won't, just hand over that camera," Ziyou said, hand out and ready for the camera. However, she kept it away, thinking they would smash it. If she did keep it though, force will have to be used on her. It was either her or the camera, and the Avatar demanded that camera.

"W-What do you want with that?" She asked, pointing to the Blue Heart Staff.

"Listen, we promise we'll return it as soon as possible, but we need it right now," Korra said. However, she was still unsure, if not freaked out on what the heck to actually do about the situation. She didn't have any choice. So, she handed over the camera to Ziyou.

"Listen, promise me you can keep this quiet until we return," Korra said, a hand on her shoulder. All the girl did was nod.

"Good. Let's go," Korra said, beginning to head out with Ziyou with the staff, and camera. The employee watched them go, calming down a little bit after seeing them go. At least she wasn't hurt ...

And her photo got through before they took it.

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