Ep.4: Plain Boar
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Ep.5: Swamp Whispers

Just the next day, the entire group got up and got ready to go. With what information they could gather from Wan Shi Tong and his books, apparently the beasts would come back, and plenty more awaited their arrival. Where exactly was unclear, but wherever they would be brought back, they had to be stopped before any more damage could be done to the physical world. Besides, if just one Voronon could topple a whole mountain, who knew how much damage they could all do?!

Gathering outside, the group all got themselves ready to go. Korra, Ziyou, Bolin, Asami and Mako were getting themselves ready to go within Asami's new airship (she had another, but it was destroyed a few months ago, and had to be replaced). In the main room, Lin Beifong came in to check up on them.

"You ready to head out yet?" Lin asked, in her usual tone. Upon hearing her, Mako looked in her direction.

"Almost, Chief. You sure you don't want to come with us?"

"I'm sure, my priorities are here. Unless you have a place for Kuvira to stay in confinement, I can't leave her unattended," Lin explained.

"You're away from her right now, aren't you?" Ziyou asked.

"She's put under constant guard until I can figure out what to do. Still, it's risky for her being there without me, so, good luck," Lin said. Before she left though, Tenzin and his family, along with Kai, came into the airship as well to see them off. Ikki went right over to Ziyou first, hugging her playfully.

"Hey, Ziyou!"

"Hey there, kiddo, glad you could come to see us off."

"I know. Daddy, you sure I can't go with them?"

"I'm sure, Ikki, you nearly got yourself killed last time you snuck off! I'm not willing to have that happen again," Tenzin explained firmly. Ikki had pulled a sneak away once before and, despite going through a lot unharmed, he didn't want it happening again. Unlike before though, despite Ikki's own annoyance, Ikki didn't argue on the matter that much, and just walked back to him. However, Ziyou crossed her arms in annoyance.

"Hey, hey, she can come along too, can't she?"

"Ziyou, please, I'm not willing to put her in harm's way."

"Come on, Gramps, she stayed with us for that two-week trip to the Fire Nation, all the while dealing with that El Niño character. I think she's fine with helping us beat down a few Voronon, right?" Ziyou pointed out. Tenzin thought for a second or two, but realized that Ziyou had a point. Eventually he looked to Ikki, and gave a sigh.

"...Alright, Ikki, but only if Jinora goes with you."

Ikki smiled, and happily rushed over to Ziyou, hugging her. Jinora walked over to Kai, but seeing this made Meelo a bit sore.

"Aww, they get to go?!"

"Meelo, you're not ready."

"Sorry, sport, need a bit more time."

Meelo just gave a huff. After that was decided, they said their goodbyes and headed out, leaving those there ready to go.

"Alright, ROAD TRIP!"

"Let's do this!"

After some work, they all ventured off in their airship. Their newest mission had begun.


Outside civilization, among the open plains, a large hunter was going through the wide expanse of grass with her young pups. The beast was a spotted hippo wolf with 2 pups in tow. The mother, holding a leg from her latest kill in her jaws, guided her pups along their way. However, one of the younger pups started to wander away from its mother. The reason for this was because a butterfly caught its attention, and it was trying to catch it. As it was, the butterfly landed on a suspiciously large boulder. However, this boulder looked nothing like one. In fact, it looked like a large animal, about the size of a rhino, though looked more like a boar made of fur and rock. The young pup wandered over, trying to catch the bug still, but as the butterfly fluttered away, the hippo wolf pup accidentally ran into the boulder playfully...the impact seemed to turn it on, the eyes glowing an orange color. The mother and other pup noticed the small puppy activating the thing, as it got up on its 4 sturdy legs, giving a boar-like roar at the creature. The pup, scared, ran back to its mother, making the beast scrape the ground like a bull...then it charged...


Not too far away, the airship was continuing en route through the Earth Kingdom. The exact direction itself was purely up to Asami, the only one who actually had a clue where to go. For one thing, she at least knew what they were looking for. At the moment, the team was looking over the map of the Earth Kingdom.

"Let's see now. We just left Republic City, any clue on where to start?" Bolin asked.

"Beats me. Asami, you got that vision, where should we look?" Korra asked, turning to Asami.

"Well, I'm not too sure. The visions weren't exactly accurate, all I got were the appearance and full names. Sorry."

"That's alright, we can work with that. Just try to think on what you saw," Jinora insisted.

While they were talking, Ikki and Ziyou were chilling by the window as they were discussing. It was something to do while they were flying, and the ship wasn't that far off the ground. The view of the landscape was pretty nice: blue sky, green grass, usual clouds. However, as the two were looking, suddenly they both saw something in the distance. What they both saw was what appeared to be a blur running through the plains.

"Uh, hey, Asami. You saw what these things looked like, right?"

"Uh...yeah? What about it, Ziyou?"

"Did one of those included a large boar?"

The group looked at Ziyou and Ikki puzzled. Without much answer, Ziyou waved them over, getting them to the windows. What they all saw was a huge boar, galloping on the ground, chasing a mother spotted hippo wolf with her 2 pups. Upon sight of the glow in the boar's eyes, Asami suddenly began to get that same horrid migraine, the name repeating itself in her head. Everyone turned to her in worry as Asami seemed to try to say something.



"That's one of them, Gronihag! One of the Voronon!" Asami announced, the migraine receding soon after the name was said. They looked down to Gronihag below; it had apparently not noticed them just yet, too busy with the hippo wolf. At one point, Gronihag rammed into the mother, making her tumble onto the ground. Ikki became most concerned, and quickly rushed to open the window.

"Ikki, stop, what are you doing?!" Jinora demanded, try to stop her sister.

"We can't just leave them, they'll be crushed!"

"Ikki, you're not going at this right!" Ziyou snapped, actually surprising Ikki from the remark...until she smirked.

"If you're gonna jump out a window," Ziyou kicks the window wide open with one kick, "do it fast!"

Ikki and Ziyou both took the chance, and quickly rushed out of the airship. The sudden jump to the plains made everyone else speechless, mouths agape, as they watched Ikki and Ziyou get to the ground, and rushing at Gronihag. The boar Voronon turned to notice them, giving the hippo wolf a chance to escape and run for its life, with only one pup with her. Gronihag faced Ziyou and Ikki, and charged right for them, both missing the charge. Gronihag made a long U-Turn, and tried again, with the same result.

"Come on, Ikki, think. Where's the weak spot?" Ziyou said urgently, dodging another charge from Gronihag. While the Voronon was making another long U-Turn, Jinora, Kai and Korra got out, and went right over to help them. However, Gronihag stopped, and looked up, eyes locking with Asami, who was still up there. Outraged, the beast started running towards the hovering airship, jumping up to reach them, but it was too high for Gronihag to reach. Asami looked down, and saw Gronihag, and a huge mark on its back.

"Guys! It's weak point is on its back!" Asami shouted. With that information, they tried to think on what to do. Suddenly, Korra had a plan.

"I have an idea, but I need everyone on their game. Ziyou, you're the fastest on the ground, so you'll have to get Gronihag to chase you; keep it distracted and don't run too far ahead. Kai, you're gonna have to land on its back from the air; don't let it see you beforehand, got it? Jinora, Ikki, if Kai can't do it, you two have to be at the ready, understand? Everyone got it?" The group nodded. Korra quickly made an earth spear for Kai, and the plan began.

Ziyou was already in position, and started to whistle for the beast's attention. At first however, the monster wouldn't even bother noticing Ziyou.

"Hey, porkchop!" Ziyou yelled, blasting an air punch at the thing. Gronihag was pushed back, and moved its attention to Ziyou, charging at her with full speed. Ziyou, slightly freaked out, started to run in her 4-legged style almost immediately, and even that was barely enough to keep away from Gronihag. Kai took the point next, and started to fly at Gronihag. As planned, Gronihag was too distracted to notice Kai just yet. Things were going well, but Ikki glanced away and suddenly noticed the pup left behind. Ikki got Korra and Jinora noticing the scared pup nearby.

"Korra, cover me," Jinora said, as she and Ikki rushed for the pup. At first, nothing distracted Gronihag aside from Ziyou as they got to the pup.

"Sshh, it's okay, you'll be safe with us," Ikki said, trying to calm it. However, the pup didn't believe her, and barked loudly for its mother, making Gronihag stop dead in its tracks. Due to the abrupt stop, Kai overflew his mark, and missed Gronihag by inches. Ziyou skidded to a halt upon seeing this.

"What the, why'd it-" Ziyou quickly saw Jinora and Ikki by the barking pup.

"No no no, girls, run!" Kai screeched, as Gronihag started running at them! Quickly, Ikki grabbed the pup, made an air scooter, and raced off, just as Gronihag got close to them both. Korra and Jinora tried to catch up, but it was beyond hard. While trying to keep their distance, Ikki was also trying to keep the pup from getting hurt. Not understanding that though, the hippo wolf suddenly kicked the air orb, making Ikki lose balance and tumble, shielding the pup as she rolled along the ground. Gronihag didn't even bother to slow down, and went at them full speed, the pup still calling out to its mother. Just before Gronihag could trample them, their savior quickly came through: the hippo wolf mother. In one bite, the angry mother slammed her jaws on Gronihag's left eye, disabling and crushing it. Gronihag screeched and bucked like mad to get the mother off him, black blood spewing from the wound. From the airship, Mako, Bolin and Asami were watching the whole thing with a worried look. While they were, Asami couldn't bear to just stand aside, and began to formulate an idea in her head. Soon, Asami got an idea as she saw the glass table in the room. Mako and Bolin continued watching as Asami rushed behind them and smash the glass.

"What the?!" The brothers turned around and saw Asami pick up an arrowhead-shaped piece, and turned to them.

"Listen, I need some sort of rod, strong rope, string, and a sturdy piece as a balance, can you find those?" Asami asked urgently. Mako caught on to the idea first and rushed off to look for the items. Bolin did the same, but was a bit unsure. Soon, they came back with a bit of rope, white string, a metal spare pipe, and a piece of thin wood. Quickly, Asami used the string to tie the broken glass piece to the end of the rod. Next, she used the rope and tied it to the metal pipe. After that, Asami bolted to the edge of the open window, looking down at the battle between the mother and Gronihag. Quickly, Asami made the object like a bow and arrow, getting the arrow glass in position, her keen eye trying to get the right aim. Sweat ran down her face, for she knew that if she missed, she wouldn't get a second chance...

"Fly through."

Asami let the arrow fly, rocketing right out of the airship. The scene played out in slow motion. Gronihag slammed the hippo wolf mother on the ground with brutal efficiency. Gronihag was going to finish her off when it sensed the oncoming arrow. It turned its head, just as the arrow hit its mark, right through the head. The beast screeched, suddenly blinded by the arrow strike, the black blood spewing out from the wound. Fully blind, Gronihag bucked and bashed around like a psychotic bull. In the rage, Kai saw his chance, and stabbed Gronihag in the back. The beast finally went silent, and collapsed on the ground. Upon defeat, the airship landed nearby. The mother got up, retrieved her scared pups, and went off away from them.

"You guys did it, you defeated Gronihag!" Bolin said, almost in a cheer.

"Think we should thank whoever shot this," Jinora replied, pulling the makeshift arrow from Gronihag's eye, cleaning it from the black blood.

"That would be Asami."

Asami blushed at the comment.

"I was just trying to help out, that's all."

"Okay everyone, we can celebrate later. There's still more to look for, right, Asami?" Jinora stated. Everyone else had to agree, and began going back to the airship. Even if it was a good defeat, there were plenty more as Asami described in her vision, and if they were anything like Gronihag, Clivuuk and Shuvirra, then the mission will be longer than they thought.

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