Ep.4: Northern Invaders
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Nighttime began to come across the traveling Team Avatar, still heading north on their airship. The northern ocean underneath them sparkled under the watchful eye of the moon spirit far above the earth, casting its lunar glow upon the world in absence of the sun. From where they were, no clouds blocked their way, so, it appeared they were the only ones flying through an empty water world. Inside the main room of the airship, the group were resting up inside, lounging and awaiting until they had reached their destination. In the meantime, Ikki was telling her adventure while traveling around the Earth Kingdom, in her own way. She'd explained about the first bit, and was speaking about her encounter with that "monster". Korra, Asami and Ziyou were sitting together on one couch, Bolin and Opal on another, and Mako and Kai were sitting by themselves.

"There it was, right on my tail! I flew as fast as I could, but the monster kept getting closer and closer," Ikki said, her arms acting like the beast's mouth as she snapped them in front of Korra, Asami and Ziyou, whom sat by each other as Ikki was explaining.

"Well, I'm glad you managed to get away from it," Asami said, slightly startled for Ikki nearly hitting her with her demonstration.

"Yeah, but not exactly. I ended up losing my shoe, see?" Ikki lifted her bare foot, wiggling her toes to make sure she got the point.

"Guess you'll need a new one, Ikki, can't walk in the snow with a bare foot," Ziyou commented.

"Yeah, I know, you guys got a spare shoe?"

"No we don't, sorry. But, we can get you some new ones when we get to the north pole," Mako suggested, which made Ikki much happier to hear.

"What did this monster look like again? Sounded rather menacing," Opal asked, whom sat next to Bolin. Ikki thought for a moment about that.

"Hm, well it was big, had a wolf head, spots, larger than Naga I think," Ikki summarized, the name catching the sleeping bear dog's attention from a few feet away. Opal tried to think on what it could be but surprisingly, Bolin got a surprised look and already answered "Oh! That's a Spotted Hippo wolf!"

"A what now?"

"A Spotted Hippo Wolf. It a pretty nasty and large animal. Like Naga, but deadlier," Bolin said. Naga responding with a low, annoyed growl. Bolin chuckled nervously when the bear dog did that. Opal kinda giggled at Bolin's reaction, turning back to Ikki. Ikki continued explaining her endeavours from the flight she'd done, barely resting during the whole thing, and was going through the thieves when Mako spoke back up again.

"That's pretty impressive, Ikki. Maybe we should have you join our force," Mako joked, as Ikki chuckled from that.

"How'd you win?" Kai asked.

" was sort've an accident actually. Kinda sneezed, you know, and being an airbender...yeah," Ikki explained, rubbing the back of her head. Kai laughed after hearing that.

"Who'd of thought you could defeat a team just by sneezing at them?" Kai chuckled. It was just for fun on his part, but Ikki saw it as slightly annoyance...That didn't mean she was gonna let him off easy, as a smile formed on her face.

"Yeah, something like this."

Ikki suddenly inhaled, as the others oddly started to get out of her way, going behind her. Kai wasn't exactly sure what was about to happen. but the scene went like this:

Before the sneeze: Kai was on his chair, eyebrow raised in confusion.

After the sneeze: He was blown about 20 feet away from her, the chair now on top of him, tumbled over, Kai in a complete daze. Kai managed to get himself together, getting his hair out of his face, as Ikki stood over him with an innocent smile.

"Just like that," Ikki said, the others behind her keeping their distance. During this, Bolin tapped Korra on the shoulder.

"Remind me not to question her stories," Bolin whispered.

"No problem," Korra replied, as she too got up, looking outside into the night. The brunette turned back to the others, Mako and Bolin helping Kai back up on to his feet.

"Well, it's getting late guys. I think I'm going to hit the hay," Korra decided, as Asami Sato walked over to her.

"Yeah me too, We got a lot to do when we get there, and need our rest. Goodnight." Asami Sato added, as she and Korra walked off out of the room. Ziyou smiled, as the others decided to head off to bed too, however, she saw Mako with a rather, confused expression on his face...

"What's with you?" Ziyou asked, kinda catching Mako by surprise. That question got the other's attention as Mako regained himself.

"Nothing," Mako said, bluntly and quickly. Ziyou could easily tell Mako wasn't claiming the truth to her, and gave Mako a bit of a skeptical look.

"Come on, Mako, spit it out," Ziyou insisted, trying to get the truth out of him. Mako still wasn't too sure about it, trying to think, but the others all looked to him, wondering what he was gonna say. In the end, he had to comply.

"It's with Korra and Asami. I dunno, but they seemed to be together much more often lately."

"What's weird about that, they're friends, right?" Ikki asked, not seeing the weirdness of their friendship like Mako was.

"Well yeah, but there's with it. I dunno, when I see those two together, it just felt a bit different from normal."

"What do you mean?" Kai asked.

"Well, it's kinda like you with Jinora, or Bolin with Opal or something."

"What's weird about our relationship?" Bolin asked, a bit judgemental. Mako quickly corrected himself, the only thing he could do.

"No, no, that's not what I meant, I mean Asami and Korra have a similar vibe like you do with Opal. I'm not sure why that feeling's there, but it is," Mako implied. That feeling he was talking about was the same feeling when around a husband and wife, a bond that kept them together beyond a regular friendship. It was indeed confusing to state, but that got the others thinking too.

" know, they had been closer together, now that you say it..." Opal agreed.

"Yeah, she did bring Asami when she confronted me at the spirit portal," added Ziyou. The pieces of this puzzle were falling in place, though some pieces kept missing their mark, as they were unable to grasp an exact answer from it...Then, Ziyou got a rather mischievous idea, starting to walk away towards the same hall Korra and Asami went down, a rather suspicious grin on her face.


Back in one of the other rooms of the Airship, Korra was laying down in her bedroom, looking off outside into the night sky. She herself wasn't able to sleep, but not because of any exact negativity, and more positivity. So much had happened to her already the past couple of days, and was really enjoying it all for the most part. As she was thinking, Asami Sato walked into her room, a smile of content on her face too.

"Hi, Korra. Mind if I sit down?" Asami asked. Korra didn't reply, more rather patted her hand on the bed as her 'yes'. Asami sat down next to her, looking to Korra. At first, there was some silence as the two looked out the window, until Asami broke it.

"So...A lot has happened, huh?"

"Yeah it did. I've discovered my lost twin, and now we're off to the north pole. To be honest, I'm happy for it," Korra confessed, as Asami nodded, gently putting her hand onto Korra's hand on the bed.

"I'm glad for it too. It's nice to be off on adventures again," Asami said, as Korra turned to her, her cyan eyes looked right into hers.

"I know, it is exciting...Asami? Thanks for coming with me," Korra said, smiling.

"No problem Korra. I'll always be here to help you, remember that," Asami assured her. Korra smiled, and rested her head on Asami's shoulder, a comforted smile on her face, and eyes closed.

"Thank you, Asami."

Asami stroked Korra's hair with a smile of her own. The moment was very sweet. The moon gave off a more special feeling into the room they were in as Asami looked outside, Korra as well. It was, indeed, a sweet moment...

"You two are quite the item, huh?"

Both girls literally jumped when a sudden voice was spoken right behind them, a shriek coming from both of them. Next thing they knew, soon after turning around, they both saw Ziyou, smirking and arms crossed. Both girls blushed hard, and quickly got up.

"Ziyou?! When - where -" Korra tried to put the right words together, not expecting anyone to see what they were doing, and in such silence until the last possible second. Talk about embarrassing. It didn't help that Ziyou was giving a chuckle or two at their reaction.

"OH, wait til the rest hear about this," Ziyou chuckled, quickly starting to bolt off back to the others! Of course, Korra and Asami quickly gave chase after her.



The night turned itself into morning as time went onward, the airship continuing on its strictly route to the north. Luckily for Asami and Korra, they managed to stop Ziyou from telling everyone about that little 'moment' back in Korra's room, and Ziyou made a rather sketchy promise not to say anything...A really sketchy promise. The group still hadn't seen the North Pole yet, still just seeing the blue water below them, and blue skies above, now with various cumulus clouds as they went. As far as they knew, the Northern Water Tribe could still be miles away, or just a few minutes. Regardless of which one was right, they still had to wait. In the main room, Ziyou had her eyes staring off to outside in the day time, her foot having a constant tap in it in order to keep herself distracted (though it was barely working). Asami and Korra, meanwhile, enjoying a drink, were thinking over what had happened last night. For all they knew, Ziyou could blabber at any time, and they weren't exactly ready for that yet. Top that off with Ikki being on board, and trying to explain to Tenzin back in Republic City on what happened only made things even more complicated. Before things could really continue on, suddenly Ziyou's eyes flew open, and a smile edged her face.

"We made it!" Ziyou shouted. Korra, Asami, Bolin, Kai and Opal all rushed over to see. Indeed, she was right; there was the land mass that was the North Pole just ahead! They could see the snow-covered, icy land that was the North Pole, as they could also see the Northern Water Tribe buildings along the coastal bay...But something seemed odd with it, all things considered. The ships outside were all docked at the Northern Water Tribe decks, none of them out into open water, or even out in the bay for that matter. However, where they didn't see many people, they did see a lot of flickering lights of...well, something, zooming about in various places. It was hard to really tell what those flickering lights actually were, but they didn't seem to do much harm to the buildings, or to the approaching Airship as it landed in the docks.

The team looked around, starting to head off to the capitol main building. As they continued walking, the similar streets, buildings, and people all looked about the same. However, the main difference was that everywhere they went, a various assortment of creatures were roaming about the place. All the animals looked like some sort of water fleas, able to fly with their antennae at surprisingly fast speed. So fast, they almost seemed teleporting from place to place, various people trying to get them away, with no avail. Korra had never seen such creatures before, as with everyone else present, but the creatures oddly didn't seem to do any harm to anyone (not intentionally, anyway). Ikki's Hummingbird Spirit looked at all of the flying animals in deep fear, huddling close to Ikki's head for protection as the odd animals zoomed by them, hovering in place almost precisely on the spot. None of them seemed to be truly real animals, appearing completely alien, and no regards for any of the animals around them. A bit unsure on what to really do with the issue yet, Team Avatar went straight to the palace, the whole time seeing the flea-like animals zooming around, watching them with multiple eyes.

Inside the building, they both saw the main rulers of the North Pole, Desna and Eska. Both of them looked at the group with their usual bored expressions, the various odd animals bolting by inside the throne room. Ziyou looked right at them, with a rather intrigued expression, seeing how bored and emotionless both twins were.

"I'm guessing this is the problem?" Korra asked, pointing to one of the many animals flying around. Desna swatted away one of the creatures with little care for them.

"It is embarrassing to call you in, but these spirit pests are getting to be a nuisance," Desna groaned, unable to even touch the animals as they bolted around the place. Ikki's hummingbird spirit got so scared, it flew off quickly, and disappeared. The strange animals didn't seem to acknowledge it, as they continue to fly around. Desna and Eska both got down, and walked over, Bolin kinda worried what Eska would say to him.

"You are the Avatar, do you think your spiritual connection will eradicate these troublesome spirits?" Eska asked.

"I'll see what I can do," Korra said, looking up to the animals as they continue to fluttered around the place. Among the crowd of 10-20, only one actually noticed her. Korra knew how to send spirits back to the Spirit World, though it was unsure if it would work this time (spirit portals wide open anyway), but it was still worth a shot. As she walked out, Eska and Desna turned to Ziyou.

"So, Ziyou, you're back," Desna stated, in the usual bored, monotone voice he and Eska shared.

"Yeah I did, happy to see me?"

They both didn't change much expression in their faces, remaining the emotionless look, which made a rather awkward moment for the group there.

"What's with you two? Did Unalaq give you the talk too soon or something?"

...That didn't help the awkwardness go away. Ziyou simply turned away, looking to Korra. Korra, meanwhile, looked up to the creatures, now hovering together in a group. Korra gave a sigh and began to work out the technique that Unalaq had used to send angry spirits back to the Spirit World. Seeing some water in some jars nearby, she used that to start slowly moving the water into a DNA shape around the creature. The animals, now surrounded, seemed unsure what was going on...until the water started to glow its golden colour. Suddenly, all of the animals trapped started to screech in panic, hurting everyone's ears, and making Korra loose her focus. The animals began to suddenly vibrate and shiver rather violently, just before they suddenly scattered at lightning fast speed (close to a literal sense), bouncing off the walls like rubber bullets as the screeching continued in the panicked animals. Of course, such fast movement and panic had everyone in harms way, Desna and Eska quickly making a barrier of ice to protect them from the panicking fleas. That didn't mean they avoided injury exactly:

Korra was whacked around about ten or so times by the animals, being whack to the wall about 5 times.

Mako was also hit, nearly knocking him outside of the palace in just one hit to his back, before being whacked 3 more times to the ground.

Kai was hit only once, but was brutal enough to shatter some nearby jars almost instantly.

Opal was in the firing sight of one of the animals, but Bolin blocked her and took the hit, sending them both launched to the wall.

...And just like that, they all disappeared; none of them evident inside the palace, or rather what was left of the place. Walls and floors were covered on holes and cracks, and it was a wonder why they didn't collapse at all. Desna and Eska lowered their barrier after that, Eska getting Bolin up to his feet (rather roughly, but still her way of helping). Opal had to pick herself up off the ground after that, Eska not bothering with her.

"You seemed to have a sort of protective nature towards that women," Eska stated.

"Well, yeah, she's my girlfriend," Bolin made known, mostly for Eska to know. Eska simply stared at Opal nearby, who straitened herself up after the tumble. Eska actually rose an eyebrow of judgement towards Opal.

"Not much in control, I noticed. She needs some work," Eska stated, ignoring Opal's angered expression.

"Guys, is now really the time? We need to figure this out," Ziyou said, getting in between Opal and Eska in case the two ended up in some trouble. After that was quickly sorted out, the team (along with the chiefs), went on outside to the mayhem. The many other fleas down below didn't seem to notice Korra walk out, but were on edge from their kind fleeing from the palace.

"Okay, it seems these things are frightened of the spiritual energy, so, we need to figure out another way. Mako, Opal, Bolin and myself will try to handle the problem in the southern part of the city. Asami, Ikki and Kai will handle the west side, Desna, Eska and Ziyou will handle the east side, understand?" Korra explained. While most of them agreed, Eska had some resentment to the placement.

"I'm going with Bolin," Eska stated, already standing by Bolin's side, which made things a bit uncomfortable for him, to say the least.

" sure?"

"You need someone to lead you. Follow me, my little snow flower," Eska said, not sounding at all sympathetic, as she practically dragged Bolin off by the collar. Opal was a bit unsure about this, but walked off with him anyway.

"I guess it's just you and me then, Desna," Ziyou stated, rubbing the back of her head. Desna, not changing emotions, nodded in agreement. After the "sudden change in positions", each team went off on their way.


First group: Korra, Mako, Bolin, Opal, and now Eska, went off to the south, seeing the tons of animals hovering around them. Eska, the whole time, gripped onto Bolin's arm rather roughly, not helping the situation much, all things considered.

"Okay, let's think. Eska, does it matter exactly how to get rid of them?" Korra asked.

"I would like to keep my kingdom unscaved, but what plan did you had in mind?" Eska asked.

"Well, I'll need Bolin for this, so, I think you should let him go."

Immediately Bolin smiled, as Eska (though annoyed) let go of Bolin's arm, as Bolin rushed over. Mako and Eska watched as Korra began her plan, discussing it with Bolin, whom complied. Korra then started working with her airbending, creating a miniature cyclone in the middle of the road! The various animals started to get sucked in and, after 5 minutes, were all spinning around in an air orb. Bolin went on next, and as Korra placed them on the ground, Bolin began to use his lavabending skills to conceal the creatures inside, turning the lava into rock. Soon, the animals were all in an earth cage trap, which they all saw as a good idea...somewhat.

"There we go, all inside," Bolin said, whipping his hands in satisfaction.

"But how are we gonna move them if they're stuck in the ground?" Mako asked, looking at the rounded orb...they didn't think of that part. But, it didn't matter too much, anyway, because the rock sphere was starting to crack open! A little too quickly to react, as the spirits broke the top of the rock prison, spewing out like a geyser, as they all scattered like crazy...except for one, who rammed both Korra and Bolin away before flying away. Eska got Bolin up to his feet as Korra got herself up.

"Whelp, so much for that plan," Bolin sighed.

"It was a flawed endeavour," added Eska.

Second group: Asami, Ikki and Kai were trying to handle the problem themselves, but with little success. The strange animals continued to flutter around them like they were nothing, as Asami tried to think. Ikki, however, got an idea, and walked over to one of the crowds.

"Excuse me, mister spirit?" Ikki asked politely. one of the spirits hovered in front of her, curious of the young Air Acolyte.

"Can you find another place to go? Not many people like what you're doing here," Ikki asked. The creature didn't seem to fully acknowledge it, and flew off again, accidentally knocking her back as it did so.

"A good try, Ikki. Let me try," Kai insisted, helping Ikki back up on her feet. Kai walked over to the animals again, but instead of asking politely, he tried a more 'rougher' approach, using his airbending to suck one of the creatures down to his level.

"Listen, we don't appreciate your kind's destruction here in the Northern Water Tribe, so how about you just go back to where you came from, alright?" Kai demanded, trying to be firm. The animal, however, didn't take very kindly to Kai's demand, immediately ramming him into a nearby water jar, head first, before flying away. Kai got himself up, rather fazed, and hurt, as Asami and Ikki helped him up.

"That didn't work..."

Third group: Ziyou and Desna continued to walk around their area to handle the problem. Oddly enough, though, not too many were around the area they were in, so, there wasn't much to handle.

" and your sister are Water Tribe Chiefs now?" Ziyou asked.

"It's a boring profession," Desna said blankly. Ziyou continued to walk, hands behind her head as they continued.

"Really?...well, Korra told me about Unalaq, and her involvement with him," Ziyou said, looking away from Desna.

"What about it?"

"Well, she kinda told me you and her had some...trouble?"

"Yeah, we tried to kill her when she took Bolin away from my sister. It happens," Desna said, again rather blankly and bluntly...Oh, how there was so much of an awkward moment between the 2, until Ziyou spotted more of those things flying about the place, not acknowledging them. But, before they could go after then, suddenly something else stepped out of an alleyway nearby, soon as the things disappeared. The thing, as it turned out, was another spirit, looking like a tiny start plush toy with a flower poking out of its head.

"I-is it gone?" It whispered, terrified. Ziyou and Desna looked back upward, not seeing them anywhere.

"Yeah, they're gone," Ziyou said. The little guy walked out, slightly better.

"Thank Raava."

"What are those things? You know?" Ziyou asked. The little star spirit nodded nervously, starting to tug on Desna's royal gown.

"You have to hide before the Qishi come back," it warned.

"What's this 'Qishi' you're referring to?" Desna asked, not exactly as scared as the spirit was.

"The Qishi are a group of deadly creatures, they disappeared eons ago, but they're back! And if they're back then -"

Before the little spirit could finish, the water fleas suddenly reappeared right in front of them, all eyeing the star spirit, which quickly disappeared in a literal flash. The animals (the Qishi, presumably), began to violently shake and bolt at them again! This time, Desna got the shield up just in time, as they heard countless hits on the ice shield, it cracking rather easily...then it stopped. Desna removed the shield, only to find that the street they went down looked an absolute mess, areas hit, broken and toppled down...This was going to be harder than they'd thought...


After nearly a whole 5 hours, the team regrouped back in the palace, which (like the rest of the place) was being investigated by the Qishi from outside. The few that got in were being chased around by Naga, who didn't enjoy their company anymore than anyone else there. No matter how much she swiped, or bit, she couldn't even touch them as they fluttered about. Desna and Eska sat by each other, Eska sitting rather close to Bolin again, as the rest of the group tried to figure out what the heck to do.

"Any luck from any of you?" Korra asked, walking in. To their dismay, they all nodded no.

"It's unfortunate such creatures refused to return to the Spirit World. Such a annoying problem," Eska sighed.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea, anymore. It seems the spirits are afraid of these things," Ziyou made known, trying to relax as the Qishi continued to bother her by her head.

"Well, where else are they suppose to go? We can't just leave them alone and - GET AWAY!" Mako said, to the end trying to blast the creatures away (with no success). Korra sat down next to Ikki, very annoyed. Desna and Eska looked to her with a judgemental look.

"Don't know why it's such trouble for you, you dealt with worse back in Republic City after all," Desna pointed out. That, almost at once, quickly got Ikki on her feet, as if just remembering something.

"Oh man, I forgot to tell Tenzin! Dang it, he's probably in a panic by now," Ikki said, kinda spastic that she forgot so soon.

"Don't worry, Ikki, we can go and give them a call. Desna, Eska, you have a phone?" Korra asked. without a word, Desna got up, and lead Ikki and Korra to their phone, which was just in the next room. The phone itself was rather old-fashioned, but can still work fairly well. Korra quickly made the call, and waited for a minute until it managed to go through. The phone rang back at Air Temple Island, where a stressed and worried Tenzin picked it up.

"Hello?" A voice said from the other end of the line.

"Hey, Tenzin, It's Korra. Are things going well back at the city?"

"Not at all, soon after you left, Ikki went missing! We tried looking all over the city for her, but couldn't find her anywhere," Tenzin replied, sounding rather stressed. Korra sighed.

"Yeah, about that..."

Ikki got Korra's attention, and the Avatar handed her the phone.

"Hi daddy."

"Ikki?! Where are you?!" Tenzin said, urgency in his voice. Ikki wasn't too sure, but she could've sworn she heard a sort of shuffle on the other end, probably her family huddling around the phone for hearing Ikki's voice on the line.

"I'm at the North Pole with Korra."

"Ikki, I told you to stay home, we were worried sick about you!"

The line sounded like it was being switched to another person, Tenzin's wife, Pema

"Oh, sweetheart, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Mom, really," Ikki chuckled.

"We were so worried, we didn't know where you ran off to, how did -"

"You didn't know? I left a note for you downstairs, didn't you read it?" Ikki asked, kind of confused. She could've sworn that she did leave a note for them just before leaving. The exact response took its time before going through.

"Meelo was in charge of cleaning the house that day," Pema said, as the phone changed to Meelo.

"Sorry, I thought it was garbage, and didn't read it."

"What the heck, Meelo?!" Ikki yelled through the phone.

The phone went back to Tenzin.

"Sweetheart, come back home, please," Tenzin insisted.

"Dad, I don't want to go home! I'm here with Korra, aren't I? I'm sure I'll be just fine," Ikki protested. Silence hung in the air for a good while until Tenzin spoke again.

"Hand the phone to Korra, please."

Ikki did so, handing the phone back to Korra as she answered back.

"Yes, Tenzin?

"Korra, listen. Please, promise me, you'll keep Ikki safe? If anything were to happen to her..."

Tenzin trailed off in his thoughts, but Korra already got the overall idea.

"Okay, Tenzin, I'll be sure to," Korra promised.

"Thank you, Korra."

"It's no problem. Oh, and before I forget, it might take me a while longer than I'd thought."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, there's a sort of...infestation, or something like that, I'm not too sure, but we're working on it, and we'll be back as soon as possible," Korra reminded, trying her best to assure her words that time. Tenzin sighed over the phone.

"Alright then. Good luck, Korra."

"You too, bye."

With that, Korra hung up, and they started heading on back to the throne find it infested by the Qishi again, more than it was before arriving. Desna groaned upon seeing the creatures again, as the others in the room tried to handle the issue. Naga was having the worst trouble, swatting the Qishi away with her massive claws, but the animals moved far too quickly to even get touched by her, and even knocked her back, rather painfully.

"Hey, leave her alone!" Korra snapped, not willing to see her pet suffer. However, the fleas quickly "complied", and attacked her instead, ramming her aside. Time for a fight.

First to attack was Mako and Bolin, whom started to blast fire and earth at the animals (or tried to), but the creatures moved far too quickly to even remotely get hit, but they scored direct hits when they rammed them back. Ziyou went next, rushing in at high speed at one of the creatures (of course, getting hit back). Instead of just slamming in the wall, she used her momentum to rush on the wall, running like some sort of animal instead of a human, and quickly leaped back at it, scoring a hit. The animal yelped in some sort of high-pitched screech as Ziyou held on, but was knocked off, and hit Bolin rather hard. Bolin shot a barrage of bullet-sized rocks at them, missing almost each time, only hitting one of them. Naga, too, was joining the fray, giving it her all with her claws and teeth, but wasn't getting many hits like the others. Opal and Ikki kept on fighting with their airbending, but the air blasts didn't do much damage, just repelling them not hurting them. One of them rammed Ikki back, into the same room with the phone from earlier. The Air Nomad was about to go back and help...but then, the phone rang again. What a time for a phone call, but being the calm and happy girl, she took the second to answer it anyway...yeah, she did.

"Hello, this is the Northern Water Tribe Royal Palace," Ikki said.

"Good, this is Fire Lord Izumi, am I speaking to the chief?"

"Well, no, I'm Ikki, Air Acolyte, Avatar Korra's friend."

"Avatar's friend? That mean Korra is there with you?"

Before Ikki could answer her, Korra was knocked back hard in the same room. She groaned, got up, and ran back out there.

"She's a bit busy at the moment. Can I take a message?" Ikki asked.

"Very well, it's urgent that the Avatar knows this; apparently there's been some sort of violent spiritual activity going on in the eastern islands of the Fire Nation, heading towards the capital," Izumi explained through the phone.

"Yeah, the Water Tribe's in a bit of a bind too on our end (winched as she heard a crash in the other room). It might be a while before we get to you."

"Well, whatever that 'bind' is, please tell Avatar Korra to come down as soon as she can. from the reports, there had been aquatic monsters that had been invading the Fire Nation cities, and we need the problem handled before things get any worse."

"What a coincidence; Water Tribe has a similar issue with some giant flying bug thingies. We'll handle the issue here, and head right back to you, okay?"

"That would be most grateful. Please, hurry, I'm not much sure how much longer it'll be before they get to the mainland."

"Sure, see ya," Ikki said, hanging up the phone as she went back out there to the fight at hand. During the chat, though, the fight went to a stand still, the team on one ends, looking beat up, the flying fleas on the other, floating in mid air above them. Looks like she missed quite a bit just from that quick chat. Each member of the team looked completely beat up, bruised and even bleeding a tiny bit from those bruises. Only Asami noticed Ikki walk back in, as she went over to her.

"Ikki, where'd you go?" Asami whispered.

"Sorry, phone call, I'll tell you later," Ikki said. Asami didn't had time to argue, as one of the fleas started to shake violently again, a warning that it'll charge at them. However, they were all weakened, and slowed down because of it, as the one charged headlong at them. Just before any of the humans were hit, Naga took action, jumped in the way, and finally laid a direct it with her large front claws! One swipe was all it took, to literally slice the thing into ribbons, liquid spewing out as if it was some sort of living water balloon, as the remains splat onto the floor. That seemed to spook the rest, beginning to back away from this new threat. Team Avatar was left rather speechless as Naga stepped forward, the Qishi backing up with each step. Naga could tell they were now afraid of her, and her muzzle curved into her own version of a smirk. Then, taking a leap forward, she let loose a huge, loud, spine-chilling roar, as loud as she could muster! The Avatar team covered their ears, Desna and Eska simply winched from the roar, as the Qishi suddenly panicked, fleeing as fast as they could. Naga chased them all outside, and made the same roar. Unlike before, which just scared them out of the palace, it seemed their panic had gotten to the rest of the entire city, as hundreds on hundreds suddenly took flight, as fast as they possibly could, all of them flying away from the Water Tribe...when Naga finished her roar, every single Qishi water flea had vanished from the Water Tribe grounds, as if none of them ever came in the first place. Sure, the damage had remained, but all of the Qishi were now gone just from Naga...It was simply incredible. Ziyou rushed over, giving Naga her own hug, as the rest went over to her.

"WOO! Way to go, Naga!" Ziyou cheered.

"Yeah, good girl!" added Bolin. Naga gave her thanks by giving giving both a good lick, which both chuckled. The others were left kinda speechless, but were very proud of Naga for literally driving away a destructive invasion in just a minute flat. Desna and Eska turned back to the corpse, which looked more like wet plastic.

"Let's get the maid on this," Eska sighed.

"Agreed," added Desna.


Later on that day, Korra, Mako, Asami, Kai, Ikki, Bolin, Opal, Ziyou and Naga were back at their airship, Desna and Eska at the docks to see them off on their way.

"I'm glad that problem was taken care of. Didn't expect it to finish so abruptly," Desna admitted.

"Yeah, you're welcome. It was nice seeing you guys again after so long," Ziyou said with a smile. Desna and Eska glanced to each other, not changing expressions, but gave a tiny hint of a smile.

"Nice remaking your acquaintance," Eska replied. As they were "chatting", Asami turned to Ikki, whom was standing beside her.

"Now, Ikki, about that call..."

"Huh? Oh right, right! Uh guys?"

The group turned to her as Ikki spoke.

"We kinda have more work to do," Ikki admitted, playing around with her index fingers as she said so.

"What are you talking about?"

"We got a call from the Fire Nation earlier today, and -"

"When did we get a call? I don't remember any calls from the Fire Nation today," Ziyou pointed out.

"Yeah, it was during that little fight you had in the throne room. Anyway, Fire Lord Izumi wants Korra in the Fire Nation immediately. Apparently, they're having the same problem the Water Tribe had today."

The others took this random new information in; first the Water Tribe, now the Fire Nation? If this was true, the Qishi are travelling much faster than they first thought...

"I guess we're heading to the Fire Nation then. Come on guys, let's be off," Korra concluded, walking back up to the airship alongside Asami. Ziyou gave a mischievous smirk; knowing the "reason" behind them being together. At least, the main jist of it. Before the rest went in though, Desna and Eska were oddly following them inside.

"Uh, guys?" Mako asked.

"We're coming too. Too boring around here, could help us out," Eska answered. Some of the others stopped and turned back as Desna and Eska continued into the Airship.

"I think we'll be just fine, you two, we (Desna and Eska walked right past Korra) uh...okay then. Just try not to cause trouble," Korra concluded.

"Fine," they both said.

Guess the team's got some new passengers to the Fire Nation, as they went inside, and started off on their way south.

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