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Ep.4: Northern Invaders

The morning sun went through into Korra's room on Air Temple Isle. Among the events happening thus far, Korra felt like a lot was given to her at a rate she wasn't ready for: I.E, Her lost sister, Ziyou suddenly revealing herself after so long. However, Korra was rather glad to reunite with her sister, anyhow. Speaking of Ziyou, the introduction to the rest of the group hadn't happened just yet, Ziyou actually having to sneak in the Air Temple Island home rather than simply walking in. Korra gave a yawn, and sat up in her bed, stretching her arms out. She turned to the window, oddly to find Ziyou sleeping there. Ziyou had her back leaning on the sill, arms behind her head, as Korra herself got back up.

"Ziyou?" Korra said aloud. Her voice woke up Ziyou, whom stretched as well and got off the sill, and onto the bedroom floor.

"Mornin', Korra," Ziyou said, rather sleepily as she gave a yawn.

"What were you doing sleeping on the window sill? I made a bed for you already," Korra stated, pointing her thumb towards a pillow and sheets by her bed. Ziyou just shrugged.

"I tried it, but couldn't get comfortable," Ziyou simply said, still trying to get herself awake and up. Korra could kinda guess that could be the reason: Ziyou practically never had an actual "bed" in a long time, so, it was natural to not get comfortable so soon. Though, the sleeping on a window sill thing wasn't as much expected for her. Before their little chat could go any further, someone else suddenly rushed over to Korra's door, swinging it open fast. Ziyou kinda jumped once the door swung open, revealing the person behind the door to be Ikki, the Air Nomad of Air Temple Island.

"Korra, you have -...who are you?" Ikki said, changing subjects once she saw Ziyou next to Korra. Ziyou wasn't expecting intros right away, much rather be more awake for it, as Korra did the introduction for her.

"Ikki, this is Ziyou, my twin sister. Ziyou, this is Ikki, a part of the Air Acolytes," Korra introduced. The mention of "sister" got Ikki's attention straight away, her almost immediately beaming at the news.

"Sister? Oh gosh, you never told me you had a sister, Korra!" Ikki beamed. The beamed yelling woke up Ziyou a bit more, and gave a smirk to her, arms crossed.

"Well, Korra and I hadn't met in a long time," Ziyou remarked, as Korra stepped in again.

"You said there was something for me, Ikki?" Korra asked. Ikki quickly remembered what news she had gotten earlier.

"Oh yeah, right! Desna and Eska called earlier, something about 'Spirits deliberately causing accidents' or something like that. They wanted you to go to the North Pole as soon as you could," Ikki explained. This news was rather odd to hear, and rather unexpected by the by. Ziyou, however, gave a rough sigh.

"So much for a simple introduction," commented Ziyou.

"Don't worry, Ziyou, I'll make sure to introduce you as we go...You don't mind going, do you?"

"Eh, I'm fine with it. Unalaq's dead now, it's no big deal," Ziyou said, kinda forgetting Ikki was still standing there. Through the night before they went to sleep, Korra gave Ziyou the heads up on what had happened to her through the years, including what happened to Unalaq during the Harmonic Convergence, and his fate at the end of it, alongside Vaatu...However, the twin rulers at the North Pole were a different matter to handle, yet, it didn't bother her enough to stay away.


The morning was going by rather quickly for the rest, as Ikki went around Air Temple Island, and Republic City, to tell the others what's going on for Korra, and her mission, as Korra and Ziyou got themselves ready to head off. It was just about mid day when Korra got herself ready, and an airship all set up to make for an easier trip straight to the North Pole. That didn't mean she was going alone though.

Those that decided to go with her include: Bolin, Mako, Asami Sato, Ziyou (who wasn't there just yet), Naga, Kai and Opal.

Those who came to see them off: Tenzin's family, Lin and Suyin Beifong, Varrick, Zhu Li and Wu...Though Ikki was a little hyped up about the trip.

Korra was standing in front of the airship's ramp inside, alongside those who were willing to go with her.

"Alright, this won't be very long of a trip, we'll probably be back in about a week," Korra stated to the others.

"Okay, and don't worry 'bout a thing, we'll keep track of the city while you kids are off on your little fun time," Varrick assured them, in his usual bombastic way as she gave a thumbs up and a wink.

"Good to know."

"You sure you'll be okay, now?" Lin asked, still slightly protective over the Avatar.

"We'll be fine, Chief, don't worry," Mako said in assurance, as Suyin went over to Opal, a hand on her shoulder.

"Take care, sweetie," Suyin said to her.

"I will, mom," Opal said, giving her a hug.

"Alright everyone, let's be off on -"

Bolin was cut off while heading up into the airship when Korra grabbed him by the arm, keeping him still.

"Hold on, Bolin, not everyone's here," Korra reminded. That made Bolin slightly confused, as he began to count out how many decided to go, counting about 6 people and 1 pet total. Who was exactly missing, for all they knew?

"You sure about that, Korra?"

"Give me a second," Korra said, looking to the Air Temple. With a smirk on her face, she put her index and middle finger to her mouth, and whistled good and loud! The second after she did that, they all suddenly heard a tumble inside the temple, a bit loudly. Soon after, their missing passenger, Ziyou, ended up outside, a bit scuffed up but ready to go. Everyone (except for Asami, Korra and Ikki) looked at her in utter surprise and confusion, not remembering seeing her at all come into the Temple. The other exception was an angered Lin Beifong, recognizing the face from the crime 2 nights prior. Ziyou brushed off some of the dust, fixed herself up, and started walking over to them. Mako kinda nudged Korra.

"Who's that?" Mako whispered.

"And how'd she get in my home?" added Tenzin. Korra walked over to Ziyou with a smile, being a good time to introduce her.

"Everyone, this is Ziyou, my twin sister. She and I have kinda been apart for a long while," Korra said, as Ziyou nodded in agreement. Lin, however, glared down at her, arms crossed and eyebrow raised.

"So this is our little thief?" Lin groaned, unamused by the news. Ziyou wasn't exactly fond of Lin either, and from the same event 2 nights ago.

"Hey, I was starving and didn't have any money, what'd you expect me to do?" Ziyou snorted, getting in Lin's personal space. Lin gritted her teeth when Ziyou did that, but Bolin quickly got in between them, pushing them apart with both hands.

"Hold on, hold on, no fighting please, now's not a good time for one," Bolin advised. Ziyou, although still annoyed, backed away again back to Korra, as Lin simply gave the old "I'm watching you" gesture with her hand, obviously not trusting her in the slightest, leaving out the fact Ziyou attacked Korra in the first place and kept a man hostage in the market. Tenzin, slightly ignoring what just happened, looked over to Korra's apparent Twin, seeing just how much she looked in comparison.

"Well, I assume you're going too, Ziyou?" Tenzin stated.

"Yeah, why else would I be here?" Ziyou replied, picking at her ear with her pinkie as she said, and picking out some wax from it. Obviously, Ziyou wasn't a "classy" girl, just from that gesture.

"Can you try to stay out of trouble?" Tenzin advised.

"Yeah yeah, I'll be fine. Just 'cuz I stole some fruit doesn't mean I'm a full-blooded thief," Ziyou stated, not exactly worried about the fact she did steal from the market. Tenzin just sighed, as Ziyou herself started to walk into the airship.

"So, we'll be off then," Korra said, as the rest began to go up into the ship. Before they could fully go, however, Ikki suddenly started up herself, easily being caught by Tenzin.

"Ikki, where are you going?" Tenzin asked. Ikki stopped and turned around, a bit annoyed.

"Ugh, can't I go with them, please?!" Ikki asked, or rather pleaded. Korra turned around and kneeled down to Ikki's height, a hand on her shoulder.

"Ikki, this won't be very long. You simply stay here, keep track of Republic City for me, okay?"

"But I want to go with you guys, I don't want to be left out again!" Ikki protested, in a similar whiny way. That had been a bit of a problem for Ikki since Korra went missing months ago, when she, Jinora, and Meelo had to look for her. Throughout the trip, Ikki had been simply left out of everything interesting going on, and she wanted to go with them so she wouldn't miss out on anything. It annoyed her when she was left out of everything, and anything that could be important.

"You're not being left out of anything, Ikki, we're just going on a quick trip to the North Pole, handle the issue, and come right back. In the meantime, you can help the other in making sure Republic City is safe until I come back, understand?"

Ikki still felt bummed out that she wasn't able to go and, while she still wanted to, had to comply with it, as she turned, eyes to the floor, walked back to the others off the airship. Suyin then went over to her to comfort her.

"Don't worry, Ikki, it'll be okay. Maybe you can help Jinora with her classes," Suyin said, as an option for the young airbender. All Ikki did was nod, and smiled, although she was still bummed out about the whole thing...

A few hours had passed, and night started to come down onto the city. Team Avatar had long since left on their airship to the North Pole, no sign of any of them in sight. The others were more used to it than most, but Ikki oddly felt much more rough about not going than the others had, when all was said and done. While the day itself was alright, Ikki still felt that she was left out (again). Far as she knew, they could be on a much larger adventure without her. At that point, Ikki, Jinora and Meelo were in bed, Jinora and Meelo fast asleep, while Ikki was wide awake, staring up at the ceiling from her bed. She couldn't get it out of her mind; curiosity and anticipation filling her head, as Meelo and Jinora were completely fine. That didn't mean Ikki didn't try to go to sleep, attempting about 5 times before just giving up on it. Ikki sat up in her bed, and turned to Meelo and Jinora, whom still slept soundly in their beds, Meelo a bit more lazily than Jinora. Ikki turned towards the window, opening out to the sea...She made a big decision.

As quietly and as carefully as she ever could, Ikki got out of bed and began to tiptoe out of their bedroom, trying her best not to make too much noise. The dim light didn't make things any easier for her, as she had trouble knowing if anyone (or anything for that matter) was there or not. A rough time for the young airbender to handle.

Eventually, Ikki had somehow managed to the main room, without awaking anyone. She'd thought to just go, but then she considered another rough idea: what will the others do if they found her not in her room? So much for planning it through. She needed something to work with in order to get the others to know where the heck she was going, so (again, trying to be quiet) started to search around until she found a scroll and ink to use in one of the rooms. Straightening out the paper, Ikki thought up on what to put, and eventually started to write.

Dear Family:

By the time you read this, I'll be very far away. I've had enough with being left out of everything, so, I decided to go after Korra and the others, and head for the North Pole. Don't bother looking for me, I'll give you all a call once I arrive at the Northern Water Tribe, I promise you that.

Love: Ikki

Ikki didn't waste anymore time. After setting the note where they can easily find it, getting some supplies, and getting on her suit, she went off outside the Air Temple. She looked back to her house, wondering just what'll happen once they all find that note. Will they go after her, or send out the police to look for her? Regardless over what will happen, Ikki had made her choice, and with one leap in the air, started flying away right to the north.


The night dragged on to the morning hours, and Ikki was still flying off to the north, like a bird on its migratory route. She had long since past through Republic City, and was deep in the wilderness of the Earth Kingdom by morning's start. As one could easily imagine, Ikki was getting tired from the night flight, but only a little bit, yet hunger made her have to land. The wilderness around her resembled that of northern pine forests, large pine trees growing with ecstasy, a bit more so since the spirits had returned to the physical world 3 years prior. That also meant more spirit and animal life around the area where Ikki had decided to land. Since it was getting colder, the ground was pretty hard and chilly already, but that could've been just the morning sun not warning up the place just yet. The trees around Ikki blocked off whatever light there was, so, the heat of the sun will have to take some more time to get. Ikki herself sat down on the ground, and pulled out a piece of bread she brought with her to eat. After a few bites of the bread, something suddenly came up in her view: the little golden hummingbird spirit she was playing with a few nights ago.

"Oh, it's you," Ikki said, as the little bird landed on Ikki's shoulder, looking into Ikki's eyes, as if reading her mind.

"It's nice to have some company on this trip," Ikki added, taking another bite of her bread as the bird spirit hopped down onto her knee.

"It must be nice to be a spirit: you're free to travel around the world if you want to. I'm just stuck away from the adventure all the time. I just wish my family didn't keep me out of everything fun," Ikki said, bummed out a bit as the bird seemed to acknowledge Ikki's words as Ikki continued.

"So many of my friends, always having so much fun on their amazing adventures, and here I was, stuck at home, playing assistant to Jinora's training school. There isn't much fun in that. I just hope I find Korra soon to join her on her mission." Ikki knew that the hummingbird spirit couldn't speak to her to comfort her, but it was nice to at least have her information out to some living creature. As she pondered over what to do next, her little bird spirit took flight again, suddenly tugging on Ikki's collar, as if trying to bring her somewhere. Ikki turned around and the bird flew upward into the trees.

"Hey, wait, where are you going?" Ikki asked, as she jumped up the tree with an airbending leap, landing in one of the branches where her bird friend was. Ikki looked to her bird next to her in the branch, but before she could say anything, suddenly she heard a sort of sound from the ground under her. Ikki looked back down as she heard some sort of runner start to home in on the tree. After a little bit, suddenly something quickly came into view: a group of hunters. The animals under her looked like deer, does to be exact, but these deer are anything but friendly, having the head and pattern of a wolf. Ikki never saw these creatures officially before, but she knew what they were from Jinora's many reading of books.

"Deerhounds," Ikki whispered, trying to stay out of sight as the pack of hunters begun to sniff around the place where Ikki was just standing, each one having their heads to the ground, ears erect for any signs of danger (an act from their deer counterpart). Ikki didn't know how ravenous the pack was, but something told her the pack below her didn't come to just hang around: they were hungry, and were looking for meat. The airbender readied herself to fly, but could see that the tree thickets were too thick to just jump out and fly away (at least from where she was); it's either down or stay. As she readjusted herself, the little movement suddenly knocked down a pinecone from the tree she was in, catching the predators attention! One of the deerhounds looked up and saw her in the trees, giving a deer call for the others to pick up, Ikki's cover was blown! Ikki didn't dare come down the tree, as the deerhounds started to bark up the tree, scratching at it with their frontal hooves, even jumping up to get her down, but it wasn't working.

"Oh no, oh no, what're we gonna do?" Ikki wondered. The deerhound below continued barking as if a bunch of pet dogs chased a cat up a tree, Ikki the cat in question. Ikki could try to fly, but the risk of falling to the ground was deeply engraved in her mind...But, something else suddenly sounded out, making the deerhound stop. The roar sounded like that of a bear, or a lion, but slightly unlike either. The deerhound started to run off from where they came from, which at first made Ikki relieved. But only one thing intimidates a predator...a bigger one.

Ikki felt like going down the tree, but that "bigger predator" made her immediately change her mind. This time, the creature was much larger, about as tall as a horse. Its fur had a pattern like an ocelot, or a cheetah in colouration. The animal had a huge, dog-like head and body, with feet similar to a hippo. Ikki NEVER heard of such a creature before, but she wasn't willing to find out about it. It didn't help that the animal was standing right under her either. Ikki had to think of something to do, she couldn't just stay in the tree forever.

"Well, here it goes," Ikki thought, looking upward. If she could at least take some flight, she could escape the giant beast under her. She adjusted herself (not knocking anything over), and tried to leap off. However, the branch itself was rather damp from the frost, and as such, she suddenly slipped! Next thing she knew, she was tumbling out of the tree, hitting a few branches, and landing right onto the monster's back! Of course, the animal didn't like that, and quickly bucked her off it, Ikki landing hard on the ground. The beast turned in her direction, snarling at her, showing its large, canine teeth! Ikki did a smart move, and bolted off to the side as fast as she could, the beast roaring and chasing after her at full speed!

Ikki began to get off the ground, taking flight, but the beast was moving rather fast for her to fully get above it! The animal ran in a sort of galloping motion, which gave it a longer stride to keep up with the flying airbender. Ikki, meanwhile, kept trying to get higher upward, but couldn't find a good opening in the trees to do so, the beast drawing closer and closer to her. Its jaws started to open up as it became inches away from, and snapped its jaws shut! Luckily for Ikki, it only snatched her shoe, giving her time to get out of there with her body intact. Even if her shoe was given to the beast, she was glad to get away at all...


Ikki continued on her flight for the next two days, barely getting any rest from it all. Half of it was because she couldn't really guess if there were any predators or not, something she didn't want to find out. If there was a record for longest flight, Ikki would've probably broke it by now, she'd flown for such a long time. The forests around her started to turn into a sort of mountainous plain, not as many trees around, except for large mountainsides all around her. The only companion Ikki had with her was her hummingbird, which flew alongside her throughout the whole time. As she looked down, she did notice something that heightened her spirits: a railroad! A metal railroad, going through the countryside. At first, Ikki was very grateful to see such a sight, especially when she saw a train along the same track!...that was, until, she noticed the train had stopped, being hijacked by bandits! Isn't that a fine kettle of fish?

Ikki landed nearby, not being noticed, and observed the situation. There were about 5 other workmen, outside the train, 3 tied up alongside the track, and the other 2 metalbended to the tracks by the rings on their fists. There appeared to be just 3 outside the train, but there could be more inside robbing the train of its goods. The ones outside, 2 girls and 1 guy, each were on lookout, one of the girls on top of the train for lookout. The train itself had a huge gaping hole on the side of it, but Ikki wasn't sure if that's because it was blown open, or they just metalbended open after stopping the train. From where Ikki was, she wasn't able to exactly hear what they were saying, but she didn't need to hear what they had to say in order to get the idea. The golden hummingbird that was with Ikki began to act up again, wanting Ikki to go away, but Ikki could see that they needed help, and wasn't going to just stand by and watch this happen to them. Despite the bird, she began to blindly run to their aid, the thieves catching her just as she air kicked one off the train!

"Hey!" One of the girl thieves shouted, already starting to bend huge rocks at her, which Ikki was dodging with ease. 3 rocks were launched at her from both outside thieves, each missing her. Ikki started to fight them again, jumping down in between them both. She made a quick leap, and did the splits mid-air, giving an air-kick to both of them. Her hummingbird tried to avoid the falling bodies being launched off. The thief that was knocked off the train pulled out a whip, and tried to whip her! She only got one hit just before Ikki launched her back. As she feared, 4 more thieves quickly ran out after hearing the ruckus. 2 of them were metalbenders, the other 2 earthbenders. Ikki could only jump around like a freaked out rabbit as they started shooting metal at her like arrows. Her bird then, getting the hint from Ikki's motives, began to go to the trapped workers, trying to cut the ropes with its needle beak. Ikki was having more trouble dodging every single attack given to her, each metal ring and stone grazed her by inches, as she tried to shoot back with air blasts, rarely getting a hit, if at all!

"Get lost brat!" one of the thieves shouted.

"Let this train go then!" Ikki replied, getting back in her battle stance. The benders all got their elements up and ready, about to launch her away again. Ikki jumped right up as high as she could, narrowly missing all of the hits as good as she could. The stones shattered each other, causing a ton of dust to appear, bothering Ikki by a lot.


The sneeze was good and loud. Normally, a sneeze wouldn't do anything, but she was an airbender sneeze, equals 7 thieves being launched to the mountains! The threat now gone (accidentally or not), Ikki helped the train engineers out of their binds and ropes.

"Thank you so much, kid," the conductor said.

"No problem, mister. Say, maybe you can help me?" Ikki asked.

"You just saved us from a bunch of thieves, I'm sure we can lend you a hand."

"Cool! I'm trying to find a large, green, Earth Nation blimp heading to the north. Have you guys seen anything like that?" The workers thought for a brief moment before answering.

"Can't say that we have. But, if you're heading north, we're heading to the Northern coast with our cargo, wanna lift?"


After an easy decision, and a fixing of the train, the cargo train was off north along its tracks again, with Ikki as their new passenger. Ikki was very glad to be going somewhere and getting rest for her efforts, compared to the last couple days of flying and nearly being eaten by wild animals. Sitting down comfortably, she looked off out the window, seeing the wilderness move past her as the train went on its route. Her hummingbird friend rested in a nearby cup, which was empty, and used it as a nest. As Ikki continued to look out the window, one of the train workers, a middle-aged woman, walked over and gave her a cup of tea, which Ikki happily took.

"I want to thank you again for helping us back there, it was very brave of you to stand up against all those thieves," she said. Ikki placed her cup back down, as her bird friend fluttered up to her shoulder.

"Oh, it's alright, I try my best," Ikki said, petting her hummingbird on the head.

"Where'd you come from? By the looks of it, you seem to travel quite a bit."

"Me? I flew here from Republic City."

"Republic City? All by yourself? That's quite a flight you did then."

Ikki sighed, resting her head in the palm of her hand, elbow on the table.

"Tell me about it, the trip wasn't easy, let me tell you. Flying for days on end isn't really easy to do," Ikki pointed out. After that, another worker, a young man in his early twenties, walked over to them.

"You sure got a lot of courage to travel that far, kid. All just to find the Avatar, too," he commented.

"Well, she always goes on all sorts of fun adventures, and I'm always left behind! I'm not missing out on this one."

Ikki didn't mean to raise her voice like that, but the fact she was left behind on the trip (again) made her rather flustered. Although surprised, the women just got up, smiling to her.

"I'm sure she'll let you join her."

Both workers went off back to their business, leaving Ikki alone.

"I hope so..."


Time went by at a bit of a slower rate, as the train began to reach its destination. The mountains were still evident around them, but Ikki was able to see up ahead to the body of water that was the Northern ocean, just a fly away to the North Pole. Ikki began to wonder if Team Avatar had already made it or not: if Korra wasn't there yet, then Ikki could wait around a bit. If she was there, then it was just one flight away until she reached her. The place where the train finally stopped was a remote town; a seaside town, where the train stopped at the southern end of it where the Train Station awaited them. The station was rather modern, and more for an outside rail road rather than a large fancy train station, like those express trains take. Made sense though, after all, she was riding a cargo train. The train itself screeched to a halt, men already waiting for the safe goods on the train, waiting to be distributed. As the cargo was being moved out, Ikki went on out herself, looking around the station where she ended up. Her hummingbird stayed close to Ikki, not entirely used to such human activity in one place just yet. Before she left, she turned back to the conductor.

"Thanks for the lift," Ikki said.

"It's the least we can do for you saving our cargo. Good luck," the conductor said, giving her a wink. Ikki happily nodded to them, a smile on her face, and she started off into the town.

The town itself looked rather normal overall; for a seaside town anyway. The town had its fair share of ports, and fishing markets (a rather obvious choice, being by the water and all), as Ikki walked along. As she continued, she began heading over to one of the markets, where she saw a man contributing and advertising his store.

"Excuse me, mister?" Ikki asked.

"Hey there, sweetie, what can I do for ya?" he asked, the same enthusiasm Varrick had. (okay, maybe not AS much, but it's got to be up there)

"I'm here looking for someone, have you seen an airship fly through here?" Ikki asked.

"Airship, eh? Let me guess: wanna tag along, left behind, that right?" Ikki was surprised how well the guy actually got it, he was practically spot on.

"Yes, you got it! But, how'd you know?"

The man chuckled.

"Well, I can tell just by lookin' at ya, that you've been on a trail for a good while, say, a couple days worth. Also, I bet you need a new shoe from the one you'd lost on your way," he said, Ikki finally realizing that her shoe was indeed gone. All that flying and fighting kind of forced the fact out of her head until that point.

"You're good at this. Now, did you see one or not?"

"Ha, course I did, ship's been docked by the water right over there, can't miss it," he said, pointing down the road towards the shore. Ikki's face beamed again.

"Thanks a lot! C'mon, let's go," Ikki said to her hummingbird friend, who already started flying off in the direction. The man just smiled, and went back to his advertisement.

As the man said, the airship was indeed at the docks, Team Avatar outside, with some supplies with them. The supplies was the overall reason why they'd docked in the first place, having a little less food then they'd realized when they left. Bolin, Mako and Opal had some bags with them, Korra, Kai, Asami and Ziyou waiting for them.

"Alright, this should be enough until we reach the North Pole, eh?" Bolin said, holding his bag up to show them.

"Should be enough. Now let's be on our -" Before Kai could finish up, suddenly something landed on his head. Kai tried swatting it away, but suddenly he realized the thing was the same Hummingbird they were playing with back in the Spirit World! But that wasn't all...


Everyone turned up to the town, seeing Ikki running over to them, her hand waving high in the air so she could be seen. While Ikki was happy as heck to see them, the team was quite shocked seeing Ikki here, alone and from so far away.

"Ikki?!" Kai, Opal and Bolin gasped, as Ikki stopped in front of them.

"Ikki, what are you doing here?" Mako asked, just as soon as Ikki stopped.

"I told you, I wanted to come with you," Ikki reminded.

"Ikki, how the heck did you get here?! Does Tenzin know about this?" Asami asked. Ikki nodded no, but didn't seem to deterred from it. The only one who wasn't questioning her that much was Ziyou, who had her arms crossed, listening to what she had to say.

"Ikki, we told you to stay back home," Korra reminded. Ikki was a bit peeved with them.

"I didn't fly for days on end, nearly get eaten by some monster, AND fight off earthbending bandits to save a cargo train just to go back home! I'm staying right here (aims her finger with anger to the floor) with you, and that will be that! I'm not gonna be left behind, and I meant it!"

"But, Ikki -"

"But nothing! You guys always go on some awesome adventure, and I'm always left out of every single one. Amon, Vaatu, Zaheer, Kuvira, every time I hardly got to help out. I'm not being left out of this one, and that's final."

The group all looked to each other, trying to think over what Ikki had just said. As they did though, Ziyou walked forward to her, smile on her face (though more of a slight smirk).

"You know what? Why don't we bring her along?"

"What? But Ziyou -"

"Now now, hear me out. I know Ikki made a rather dumb decision to run away, no offense Ikki," Ziyou started.

"None taken."

"But, if even half of what she said was true, she had to have a lot of determination and bravery to make it this far by herself, not to mention fighting off Earth Kingdom bandits and escaping some 'monster' (her fingers quoting monster). Besides, were just a flight away, we can't turn back now, might as well bring her."

The group all took in some consideration for a minute before Asami answered.

"Alright, you can come, Ikki," Asami concluded. That news immediately excited Ikki, her jumping for joy, and hugging Asami tightly.


"'re welcome," Asami said, an embarrassed smile on her face as Ziyou walked over.

"Alright then, we're just about to take off again Ikki, so, make yourself comfortable inside and we'll be off on our way," Ziyou said. Ikki nodded and began heading inside, her hummingbird flying off Kai's head, landing on Ikki's shoulder. Ziyou smiled as Korra walked over to her, the others starting to head up into the airship.

"That was rather smart of you, Ziyou," Korra said.

"Yeah. It is hard being on your own, searching for those you love for a long time," Ziyou said, remembering her own experiences as she and Korra watched Ikki go in with the others. Korra gave Ziyou a pat on the back, and they both went on inside themselves. Next stop: North Pole.


- The episode was released on the 23rd of January 2015, as incomplete, being fully complete on the 26th, 3 days later.

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