Ep.3: Black Feathers, Old Fangs
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Book Six: Shadow



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After being sent off, the souls of Team Avatar were on their way to the Spirit World. Despite the idea that their only reason for going was a pure speculation, it was the only bet they had on them...

Soon, the souls of Korra, Asami, Bolin, Mako, Jinora and Tenzin all arrived at their set destination: the Spirit Library. The only one of their group who had been here before was Jinora, and it still was the same upside down building she arrived in last time. Their souls appeared inside the building on one of its many bridges leading over a huge pit leading further down into the library. Everyone looked around the place for a minute or two, just seeing how huge the library actually was.

"This is the Spirit Library?" Mako asked.

"Wow! It's such a marvel," added Tenzin. Jinora turned to them all.

"Alright everyone, this library is massive, and a lot of knowledge is shown everywhere, so look around until you find any clues, okay?" Jinora advised, everyone else agreeing. However, they literally just moved one step before a large shadow cast over them, and a huge figure suddenly landed in their way. The figure itself appeared to be a gigantic black owl, towering over all of them by a good 3 meters or so.

"You again," it groaned, glaring at them. The group turned to Jinora, who slumped in her place.

"Eh, Wan Shi Tong. I forgot to say that, didn't I?" Jinora said, a bit guilty. Wan Shi Tong moved a step forward at them.

"Get out of my library, now!" Wan Shi Tong demanded.

"Wan Shi Tong, please, we need to find some information on -"

"It doesn't matter anymore what reasons you have, no humans are allowed in my library! And don't go on about being the Avatar, any human isn't allowed in here. Not even you." A policy Wan Shi Tong deeply advised apparently.

"So much for that," Korra sighed. Tenzin came up next to confront the owl after the warning he gave.

"Surely you can make an exception, He Who Knows 10,000 Things. The Avatar is a friend to all spirits."

"No, Raava is a friend to all spirits. The Avatar's just a host for Raava to live in. Besides, your own father betrayed my trust in the past. Why should I believe you?" Wan Shi Tong stated, his neck elongating and appearance more menacing.

"You know my father?"

"Of course I do, he's the previous Avatar, stealing my knowledge of the eclipses to create an advantage for himself. He used my knowledge to overthrow the Firelord, and I'm not risking that kind of threat with you!"

After making that well clear, Wan Shi Tong attacked, his screech filling the entire library with his horrid screech. The lunge made everyone almost get launched right off the bridge.

"Just let us get our info and we'll get out!" Korra said.

"I refuse to allow anymore abuse!" Wan Shi Tong replied, readying another strike at her. Not wanting to see her get hurt, Asami tackled her out of the way as Wan Shi Tong jutted forward. Asami was the next target, and she was caught in Wan Shi Tong's talons. The pain shot through her as she screeched, her screams also echoing through the entire library. The echoing reached all the way to the bottom of the library...where cyan eyes began to appear in large numbered pairs.

"Let her go!" Mako yelled.

"Let this be a warning to you," the spirit owl said, looking down at Asami Sato. Korra charged forward, but a flick of the wing knocked her back. But before the owl could finish off anyone, they all felt some odd tremor coming from below, as a gigantic phase of pillars appeared on all sides, one of them knocking Wan Shi Tong off of Asami. The strange beast looked like it had multiple heads, about 7 to be exact, all resembling that of a snake, their necks ringed with rock. The heads resembled the cobra far too well, as they all saw the creature up and ready. Wan Shi Tong shook off the hit, but remained still upon what he was seeing. The beast's many heads hovered around the bridge, eyeing the whole group.

"What? What are those?" Tenzin gasped, eyes fixated on just a few of the heads. In worry, Bolin turned to Wan Shi Tong.

"Uh, Mister Owl, any answers?!"

But Wan Shi Tong didn't answer, trying to keep track of which head was where. Two of the heads tried to ram the owl, Wan Shi Tong dodged and both heads collided. Asami stepped back, though two of the other heads stayed by Asami Sato's side, leaving the group surprised by the beast's urgency to keep by Asami.


"Get away from her, you overgrown pile of rock!" Bolin yelled, running at one of the heads. Bolin made a loud battle cry, and attempted to bend a pillar in its face... But nothing happened. Bolin just stood there, slightly embarrassed, fully freaked out.

"Bolin, you can't bend here, remember?"

Bolin simply stared at the head for a second or so, the other heads looking at him while some kept Wan Shi Tong at bay.

"Uh... I didn't mean..."

The heads immediately went on attack, the heads slamming down into the bridge, nearly crushing Bolin. Wan Shi Tong flew up to a higher balcony, watching the creature from a safer distance. Many of the heads, except for the two by Asami, attacked the team. The team tried to scatter, but the beast moved too fast for them. While Jinora and Korra dodged, everyone else was quickly caught. One of the heads then aimed for Wan Shi Tong, and just got him by his leg, slamming him into the bridge, where he struggled on the ground. Korra and Jinora saw the struggle, and quickly rushed over to help, but an extra head appeared in front of Korra, and just stared at her. Jinora got past it, but Korra was stuck...she just stopped, eyes locked with the beast's blue eyes, as if in some trance of sorts. Jinora looked back at Korra and suddenly found herself in a dilemma. She was alone with the beast... Well, almost. As the attacks occurred, Asami ran for her friends, despite the heads trying to stay by her, but oddly not hurting her. Asami got over to Jinora, the heads becoming aggressive again and attacking the girl. Jinora rushed off to the side, but one of the heads got a hold of her. Soon, Asami realized all of her friends and Wan Shi Tong were being constructed and held down by the beast. Asami also noticed most of the eyes were on her. Asami knew she couldn't attack it directly and get any luck, but she also noticed that, for the whole fight, she didn't get hurt even once...

Then she made her decision. It was a risky one, but if it worked, everyone would be free. Quietly, Asami began walking to the edge of the bridge.

"Asami, what're you doing?!" Korra yelled.

"We need help!" added Mako. But Asami didn't listen. At the edge, she saw it fall into a deep abyss, unable to see the bottom of it. She turned around and gave a whistle to get all of their attention...

"...You don't want me hurt, do you?..."

Asami raised her arms.

"...Then save me..."

Then she fell backwards, right off the bridge. The heads surprisingly screeched in some sort of panic. All of the heads ditched the others, letting them fall to the bridge as all of the heads rushed downwards to get the suicidal girl. The team rushed to the edge.

"Asami!" Korra screeched, as she watched Asami fall. Korra wanted to jump in to get her, but Tenzin and Mako held her back. Asami Sato could feel her life flash before her eyes before the beast finally grabbed the tip of her foot, another spare head grabbing a ledge to stop her horrendous fall. Asami's life stopped flashing in her head and she dangled there for a while, looking up to from where she fell. At least her friends were safe...but what about her?

"She...she nearly killed her soul to save you..." Wan Shi Tong said, looking down in his form of astonishment. For the longest time, he saw the human race as nothing but power hungry animals, who only desired to overpower others. But after seeing Asami nearly kill herself like that made him put that into question. Wan Shi Tong looked to the team for a second...then he took flight, making a falcon dive downward to Asami Sato. The beast knew the owl was coming, but couldn't react in its situation and Wan Shi Tong grabbed the girl and started flying upward. As they flew, Asami saw something glow on the beast's center, between all seven heads, but Wan Shi Tong moved too quick for Asami to fully get an idea of what she saw. The beast tried to get her, but Wan Shi Tong slashed at the head holding the rest up, making the beast fall straight down and out of sight. All they heard was a huge screech from the monster, as it disappeared from sight.

Wan Shi Tong flew right back to the team, resting Asami back down on the bridge. Korra, Mako and Bolin hugged her tightly as Wan Shi Tong settled down.

"You saved her. Thank you so much," Korra said. Wan Shi Tong looked to the group, Asami especially.

"I've been among this world for many lifetimes. Yet, this is the first time I've seen a human willing to throw her own life to save those she cares for... Asami, is it? If this information means that much to you, then I'll allow you to seek the knowledge in my library THIS ONE TIME."

Asami and the others were pleased by that answer, but when they tried to go with him, the owl split the group away from Asami with his wing.

"I said SHE is allowed. The rules still apply to the rest of you."

"What, but-"

"It's fine, Korra. You just go back, I'll catch up later after I figure it out. It'll be okay, really."

After thinking it over, the team agreed, but they weren't sure how Asami would come back by herself. However, Wan Shi Tong nodded in assurance before he sent their souls back; all it took was a flick of the wing for their souls to suddenly vanish like the wind. Asami was a bit startled, but didn't believe that Wan Shi Tong would just wipe them out that quickly. The owl looked down to Asami.

"I can take a guess on what you want to know about... Follow me."

Meanwhile, back at the police station, the team had woken right back up, catching their attention. After waking, Korra saw her sister, Ziyou, right by Kuvira. However, Ziyou was more focused on Kuvira, who was still quiet and had her eyes closed. Ziyou kept trying to wake her up, snapping fingers, waving hands, but nothing seemed to get to her.

"You're back! Did you find anything out?" Lin asked.

"No, Chief, didn't get the chance to."

As they came around, Korra went over to Ziyou.

"Sis, what're you doing?"

"Been trying to wake her up for 30 minutes, and she ain't coming around." Ziyou went right to her ear. "Hello?! Anyone in there?!"

Nothing. Funny thing though, Kuvira didn't exactly appear asleep, her eyes were just shut. Korra tried to wake her herself with a gentle pat to the face. Kuvira didn't react even once...

"Kuvira? ... Wait a minute..."

Korra took a deeper look at Kuvira's face, trying to figure out what was the issue. After a good look... The answer was clear...

They weren't the only ones who left to the Spirit World.


Back in the library, Asami was still following Wan Shi Tong through the expansive library, going past rows of the many books. There were so many opportunities to look around and learn, but Asami didn't want to anger Wan Shi Tong, so she didn't bother herself with it, following Wan Shi Tong. The owl himself was still impressed with Asami, though still kept an eye on her just in case if she tried to pull any fast ones on him. Eventually, the owl lead her to a secret door at the back of the Library. Slipping his feathers through a crack in the wall, he moved the wall to the side like a sliding door. Asami looked inside where Wan Shi Tong was heading into, a bit shocked by the sight of everything within the room. It looked like a crypt, about as large as a museum's main entrance. All around her were varying monuments of different creatures, all of them varying in shape and appearance. Wan Shi Tong walked through.

"These creatures... Are they...?"

"Voronon, and they aren't creatures exactly. They're more living monuments, like a Golem of sorts. They've been wiped out hundreds of years ago, but apparently some have remained untouched. Like that one you've nearly killed yourself over." Wan Shi Tong looked over to one of the monuments, which appeared just like the Voronon she just fought in the library; seven snake heads wrapped around one another.

"So these are starting to come back?"

"Correct. How exactly is unclear, but it seems they are returning somehow. If that's the case, then they'll start to protect where they were brought back from anything within it."

"But is there a way to stop these giants?"

Before Wan Shi Tong could answer, suddenly they both heard a sound from behind them.

"We already know."

The two turned back around to where they came in, and saw someone else standing there.

Another human.


Immediately, Wan Shi Tong flew right at her, stopping inches away from her. Kuvira took a step back from the sudden charge, but didn't run off.

"You! Why are you here?"

"The same reason as the Avatar; I want to know more about these Voronon. This room's the only place to get that answer."

"Get out of my library, no humans are allowed in here!"

"And you let her in?" Kuvira pointed past Wan Shi Tong, over to Asami standing in the middle of the room.

"I've made her an exception to the rule -"

"Because she nearly killed herself? If it takes someone dying to change your mind, then you're worse than I thought." She had a point in that regard; even if it was for her friends' safety, it took a near death for the stubborn owl to change his mind at all.

"Don't act like you have any morality, dictator, you'll be happy to take away lives if it meant power to you, not to mention use spirits as weapons!"

"That's not me anymore, I've learned from my mistakes."

Before it could go any further, Asami suddenly rushed in the way, both hands in their faces so they wouldn't attack each other.

"Guys, don't! Now, Kuvira, what're you talking about?"

"Well, doesn't the owl know?" Kuvira asked, arms crossed. Wan Shi Tong snorted, and ushered Asami away from her.

"I'm Wan Shi Tong, He Who Knows Ten Thousand Things. Of course I know how to defeat one."

The angered owl began walking away to one of the statues within the room. Stopping by the multi-headed one, he blew off the dust with a motion of his wing, revealing a cyan blue mark at the center. After he revealed the mark, Asami and Kuvira saw some writing on the monument platform. The Chinese writing stated the name 'Clivuuk'.


"The name of the Voronon. Each Voronon was named uniquely for each maker. This one you just fought here," Wan Shi Tong said, referring to Clivuuk. Kuvira looked to the one next to Clivuuk, looking suspiciously like a cobra. Wan Shi Tong caught her looking over the other Voronon. The owl still wasn't sure about Kuvira being here, but her point was too much for him. Besides, this was the only ONE exception he'd follow, he just had to make sure they didn't sneak up any other info with them as all.

"Who's this one? Think I've fought this one before."

"Shuvirra. Must've been active before you arrived."

Kuvira placed her hand onto the Shuvirra monument, looking it over and comparing it to the real thing. It felt like any normal statue, but it also felt hollow. Empty. However, Asami went over to another monument and placed her hand on it. Suddenly, the monument's eyes started to glow. The other monuments suddenly did the same (except for Clivuuk and Shuvirra), catching them all off guard. Asami and Kuvira, upon seeing the glow, suddenly had their heads in dire pain, beyond any normal migraine. Wan Shi Tong wasn't effected, but was surprised seeing Kuvira and Asami in pain; since the two were in so much agony, they quickly ran out. While running, the two kept getting images in their head of different Voronon, even names for each one, before they ran out of the room, not stopping until the pain recreated. Wan Shi Tong caught up with them soon after they ran out, seeing them trying to recover from their head trauma.

"I...I think we're done here..." Asami panted, calming down from the pain. Wan Shi Tong just nodded, letting them relax a bit before doing anything.

"Good. You can go."

With a flap of his wings, Asami and Kuvira were sent back...

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