The Spirit's Call
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The next following day was the time for much relaxation, for the most part. Kuvira and Mako were off of work for the moment, Muro stating that he doesn't need them for the next couple of days. If it was either because he didn't approve of them letting Korra do the job he tasked them to do, or he simply didn't want them in the way. Either one was an option, but, the two were grateful that they had a break from the guy. As for the others, Korra and Asami were greatly getting themselves ready for their night out. While Asami was trying to think over what to do for their night out, Korra eventually came in alongside Ziyou, with some letters in Ziyou's hand.

"Hey Korra, Ziyou, what's up?" Asami asked.

"We got some mail, that's what. Here, check it out," Ziyou said, showing one of the letters to Asami. Asami opened up the letter, and began looking it over.

Hey guys!

Things had been going better for me back in Zaofu: my job as Zaofu guard is awesome, and it's getting my relationship better with my sweetheart. Though, I do miss our fun-time as Team Avatar, battling the bad guys, saving the world, you know. Anyway, Lin's still here, and having some fun too - surprising, I know. Though she says she can't wait to check back in with Zenshu, I still think she'd much rather chill with her family. Well, that's Lin for you. hoping to hear from you guys soon, and hey, come by Zaofu sometime when you get the chance. And also, if you need anything, I'll be with you all the way.

BFF: Bolin

"Sounds like Bolin's doing good in Zaofu," Asami said with a smile.

"Bet he's having fun with Opal too," Ziyou commented, acting like she was making out with someone as a joke. Korra and Asami smiled, happy for Bolin and his relationship. Same went for Lin as well. After that, she settled the note down, and got another one with a Water Tribe symbol on it. It didn't take much to figure out where this letter came from.

Hey kid, this is Varrick

How's it going? Pretty good, I hope. I've been doing well back here in the South pole. Get this: I got two sweet twin girls! Sounds familiar, eh Avatar? Whelp, hope to hear from you crazy kids soon.

"Two twin girls, huh? Well, guess we're not the only two, eh sis?" Korra said. Ziyou laughed in agreement. That was the only main mail for that day, so, Asami herself got back up alongside Korra. Ziyou was well aware of their night out together, and gave e the two a smirk upon them getting up.

"So, you two finally going out on your night together, or what?" Ziyou asked smugly.

"Yeah we are, we'll be back later on, don't worry," Asami replied.

"Oh, no need to rush your little time together," Ziyou chuckled, with a wink to them. Both girls blushed upon the wink, a better idea of what she meant. But rather than respond to the cheeky girl, the two simply turned and walked out. Ziyou was glad that she had the house to herself.

As the day began to turn over to night, Asami and Korra finally hit up the town. The two got in their best casual clothes for their fun time together (no reason to be formal for this night). While Zenshu wasn't as big as Republic City, it sure was as lively at night, many people still going around having their own fun just like they were. The city lights were on, many places were still open for the night time hours, and the two girls finally had their own time together after days of planning. As for stuff to do, Asami and Korra had A LOT to choose from. On their schedule, the two began with a dinner out, at the Shirshu Steakhouse! The restaurant was fairly expensive for a steakhouse, but, the two women had got their seats with their money, and got a good booth by the window.

"Nice choice, Asami, I wanted to try this place out for a while," Korra commented, looking around. It wasn't too formal, nor too bar-like. Not many other people were around either, so, they didn't have to worry about that all too much.

"Yeah, me too. Doesn't look that bad," Asami replied, looking over the menu in front of her. Korra did the same thing for a bit, looking over the options on the menu. After a bit, Asami began to talk again.

"What are you getting? I'm torn between the roast duck turtle and the octopi soup," Asami stated, trying to think on which one she wanted. Korra licked her lips upon the options to choose from, and finally picked one that peaked her interest.

"I'm getting the hippo cow steak deluxe, sounds so good right now," Korra said, just imagining the taste of the meat.

While the two were busy doing that, outside Shirshu Steakhouse, the streets were still a bit busy with a few people going about, including people in cars. Just down the road, there was an alleyway, which something was looking down from the alley in question, towards the area in question. The view the figure got was just enough to see Korra and Asami make the order to their waiter. Korra and Asami couldn't notice the figure looking at them. The duo were waiting for their orders to come around, as that figure started to walk over ...

In the steakhouse, Korra and Asami were chillin' out for the bit, getting up some conversation to pass the time.

"Wait, he did?"

"Yeah, Hotaru's got a whole line of United fliers ready to use. Though, personally, I'd prefer the hummingbird mecha suits."

"Why, cuz you invented them?" Both girls laughed a bit on the idea.

"No no, the hummingbird suits are better for me to use, that's all," Asami said after laughing. Korra could understand a bit, and calmed down after a while.

"Glad he's going along okay." After that was done, Asami and Korra were given their meal, but soon after the waiter left, Asami took a glance outside ... The figure was still there, looking towards them from outside. When Asami blinked though, the figure simply disappeared. Korra quickly caught her gaze, but, the Avatar didn't notice anything out of the ordinary once she followed her gaze to outside.

"What's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing. Just thought I saw something," Asami replied, as Korra was enjoying her steak. Asami eventually got back to her meal too, and eventually got the thought out of mind. Still, the figure seemed ... Well, different in a way.

As the night went on, it continued like that. After Shirshu Steakhouse, the two continued having their own fun around Zenshu, yet the figure was still following them around, not being notice by them both in anyway. Heading through town, Korra and Asami eventually got to their next stop: the Zenshu docks. Zenshu had a nice boardwalk along the seashore, and it was the perfect spot for them both to go around for a bit. The city lights gave off a nice glow, though the moonlight was still a nice touch, to say the least of it. No one else was around either, giving the two some great alone time together. By the time they were there, they got some extra snacks while going about for some dessert while walking, in this case some ice cream. Still, even there, the figure remained vigilant nearby for a few more minutes.

"What a wonderful night, eh Korra?"

"Yeah, feels great, especially with the full moon out."

"True." The two took a glance to the full moon, hovering overhead as the two walked on. As they did, the two ended up finding a bench seat, and sat down together while watching the moon in its glory. It just felt nice: the two of them together, with the full moon looking down upon them - a picture perfect moment between them both. As they were looking on into the night sky, something special caught their eye: a shooting star, zooming along the sky above. Upon sight, the two made a star wish before the shooting star disappeared into the night sky. The two didn't say anything as it went, keeping the wish quiet so it would come true. Yeah, it was a rather childish thing to do, but, couldn't hurt to try really. Afterwards, Asami turned to her friend.

"What did you wish for?"

"Like I tell ya." The two chuckled, as they turned back to the night sky. As they were, the figure began to walk up to them from behind, the light of the moon starting to show who it was that was venturing towards them. At first, there was silence for a good minute, Korra and Asami unaware that someone was standing right behind them ... Then, as the two continued to stare, Korra looked down, and noticed a shadow casted on the ground - one that didn't belong to either one of them! Korra turned back, and all she saw was an oncoming chain whip, which slashed the bench in two, splitting Asami and Korra from each other right in the middle! Both of them jumped up, as the bench collapsed, immediately looking back to who'd done it. The sight upon who it was, in its own right, was shocking to say the least, and horrifying the most ... To Korra, at least.

Standing there, just a few feet away, was what appeared to be a girl, early 20s, and had an almost exact copy of Korra! While Korra dealt with this surprise once before with her first meeting with her twin sister, this was very different. The hair was long like it was before Korra cut it off during her 3-year absence, the eyes were pure white, and sternly staring them down, slouched over slightly, with her right arm covered almost completely in chains and both hands cuffed. Korra couldn't understand it, though her fear skyrocketed more than most, as much as the encounter with the doll back in Republic City. But, how? Korra thought she'd lost it, but seeing the bench split in two, and Asami staring directly at it made this no illusion or hallucination from any traumatizing event. The figure gave a low sigh before turning to Korra.

"Remember me?"

Korra immediately went on the offensive, trying to attack her doubleganger with a barrage of fire, but her copy easily dodged each attack with little effort, moving like a leaf in the wind with Korra unable to make a shot. As for Asami, she was still a bit perplexed by this sudden appearance: Yeah, Korra did eventually tell her about the hallucinations she'd gotten from her time alone, but, how was this an hallucination if they both can see her?! Asami never recalled any real traumatizing time for her to have this kind of illusion. The metal whips lashing out made Korra very edgy, and tripped over them multiple times during the whole sudden duel. Suddenly, Korra and the doubleganger stopped, the full moon reflection watching it all.

"Go away! I thought I got rid of you!"

"Did you?" The doubleganger asked, the voice matching Korra's voice down to a tee. It was literally a conflict with herself.

"How are you talking to me? How are you even here?" Korra demanded, as if Asami wasn't there herself. The doubleganger gave Korra her stern stare, as she had been.

"Korra, is this -" Asami tried to ask, but Korra's double suddenly got aggressive once more, and lashed out at Asami, knocking her back with a strong whip to the chin. Korra grew angry with her more than scared, especially for hurting Asami with little provocation. She knew full now that this was no trick of the brain. The double quickly attacked her next, wrapping around her legs, and knocking her to the ground. Asami jumped back up, catching her sight once more, Asami wasn't sure what to do, her friend tied up in the metal chain she released upon her.

"Let her go!" Asami yelled, yet she didn't yield to her plight, tightening the chain around Korra's body. Korra Launched a fire breath at her, enough to move her back and release Korra of the chain. Korra and Asami looked to the doubleganger again.

"Who are you?!" Korra demanded.

"I'm you. The side that you had to suffer from for all those years," she replied. Korra immediately shook off the fear that statement brought back.

"You're not me, you've never been apart of me!"

"Not entirely."

"How are you even here?!" Korra demanded, her fists forming flames. The doubleganger gave them a more disappointed look rather than one of anger.

"You forgot already? When did you first see me?" She asked. Korra didn't need to be reminded of when she first started seeing the hallucination, two years back. She tried to go back to the others, but seeing her everywhere ever since the first time there. Republic City, Fire Nation, Si Wong desert, Everywhere she saw her! Course, the first time she saw her at Republic City was too unforgettable for her.

"Republic City, so what?"

"No ... Think back further," she retorted again, a hand extended further. However, instead of a chain bolting out at them, her hand had a slit, and blood began to form up in her hand. Using her other hand, she formed the blood on her hand into a red flower ... A red flower ... A Red Lotus. Suddenly, Korra's mind remembered the battle she had to deal with to fully defeat them, all that struggle, her near-death, and the poison used on her to top it all off.

"Liar, I never saw you that far back!"

"You both had. Think hard." Asami and Korra thought a bit more, until suddenly they both got the exact same thought in mind. The double sensed that they both understood where she first came from: Korra's rampage after being poisoned!

"How did you ..."

"Zaheer gave me my blood. You gave me my life. And now, I don't need either of you," she explained, readying the chains again. However, the chains on her arm suddenly dug into the ground under her, yanking her down harsh by her right arm. Korra and Asami watched as she struggled to stay up, her own chains working against her. Her own legs were also sinking into the ground. She grunted, yelled, and tried getting them both, but it didn't work as her body was soon pulled underground. Within just seconds, she was gone completely ...

Korra and Asami just stood there at first, not sure how to react. As suddenly as she appeared, she was gone. After all of that said, she seemed far more dangerous than anticipated.

"... Let's go home ..."


With that, the two quickly started heading off back home, running as fast as they could away from the shoreline. Never a good idea to stick around any longer with a spirit just around like her.


Speaking of which, the spirit in question ended up regaining herself once the chains stopped pulling her. She manifested back, yet the chains were attached to a wall alongside her. She was fully slouched down to the floor, not putting much of a fight to break out of her restraints. While she was just staying there, a few other figures came in, checking on the restraints on her that time for extra precaution.

"Her restraints better this time?"

"She should be completely restrained now."

"Don't kid yourself, try bounding her some more."

"Bound her with what?"

"I don't know, use something, we can't have her running off again."

The girl in question looked up, sighing roughly upon hearing what they were going to do. The person looked rather young, her hair in a ponytail and a tint of yellow, though a bit darker. Upon seeing her face, she had a diamond symbol on her forehead, fully purple like her eyes. Her clothes were small, and orange in color as she looked to her. Alongside her appeared another women, taller and more fully figured than the other girl. Her clothes were a light green, deep purple bands on her wrists, and her hair light brown and oddly similar to the Water Tribe three ponytail hairstyle (despite looking like she was from the Earth Kingdom). The restrained spirit looked up to them.

"You're up now?" The older one stated.

"Let me go."

"I'll allow that once we're done, Kirra. For now, I won't allow you to run off again." Both figures began walking away afterwards, Kirra hearing over what they were talking about.

"Zikara, are the others ready to go?"

"Yes, Mistress Vintana, but are you sure this is a good idea?"

"If all goes well, it will help everybody, dear. Now, you go to the Republican mountains and find him, I'll find the others."

With that, Vintana and Zikara both walked away, leaving Kirra to her own thoughts once more. For the time being, all she could think was how much bounding she will get by the time they'll be back. Still, regardless of who's doing what, Kirra can't escape...

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