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Ep.2: The Spirit's Call

The sun moved upward slowly over the Northern Water Tribal area. The city was just waking up from the night of calm relaxation of slumber, the sun shining up onto the icy area, the expanse of sunshine reaching out over the city along the coast of the northern ocean. As the sunrays went through, it soon began to reach the main palace, the building standing tall in its full glory. On the front doorsteps stood the grand ice statue of a Polar Bear Dog - the same creature that saved the city from the infestation months prior. The sun began to coat the palace in pure bliss, until eventually the sunshine began to go into one of the rooms, the gentle rays of sun going into the bedroom. As the rays ventured into the area, the girl in the bed began to stir as the light began to wake her. Soon, she finally woke up, rubbing her eyes and giving a stretch of her own arms. She'd only been in the North Pole for a few days, resting up from her latest crazy adventure, one of which she was still trying to recover from both physically and mentally. As she just sat there for a bit, getting herself up, she looked outside to the bright sun. A new day.

Soon, she got out of bed, another stretch to get the rest of herself up, and soon she was ready to go. By her bed, a large Polar Bear Dog laid, though was happy upon waking up and seeing her, wagging her tail. The dog was named Naga, the girl's main pet. As for the Avatar, her body was fully rested, and what wounds she got from her last trip were more or less healed. The girl went over to the room's mirror, looking at her reflection for the day ahead. The mirror showed a brunette in her prime, a smile on her face and her blue eyes pretty as ever. The grand girl in front of the mirror was none other then the Avatar herself, Avatar Korra.

Korra got out a comb from the mirror cabinet and started to handle her 'bedhead' hair issue. Usually she wouldn't worry about it as much as the average girl, but today was a bit special compared to other normal days. While she got her hair back to normal, the door to her room opened up, and one of her friends went into the room to see how she was doing. The person who went in looked like an exact copy of her, only a different change of clothes, and a small cut on her face.

"Morning, sis. You sleep well?"

"Morning, Ziyou. Yeah, I slept great. I hope your ready yourself," Korra replied, smiling to her twin sister. Ziyou smiled a bit, flipping her hair with her hand.

"Yeah, whatever, I'm good. You all set?"

"I will be in a minute."

"Alright then, see ya outside," Ziyou replied, beginning to go. Korra finished up her combing, and got herself ready. Eventually, her hair got fully down as it should, and after a quick check from both sides, got up and went to join the others for that morning's return.

After an hour of preparation, the Avatar and her friends were outside by the docks. Alongside her was her lifelong friends, all also ready to go on their way. Among them was the lightning-bender Mako, his lavabending brother Bolin, and the future industries owner, Asami Sato, with her assistant pilot, Hotaru, and her airbending friends, Kai and Jinora. Many of her friends had helped her out for quite a while, old and new throughout her three years since meeting them, and had been there for her for a long time. That also included Ziyou and Hotaru, whom she met eleven months prior. They all began heading over to the ship, ready to cast off. As they were at the docks, someone else awaited for their departure: a monotone leader of the North Pole, named Desna.

"So, you'll be setting out then?" Desna asked, in his usual monotone voice and expression.

"Right. Thanks for letting us stay for the while, Desna," Hotaru replied. Desna sighed.

"At least now the amount of activity will be tolerable."

"Oh, come on, Desna, you know you liked our company. Tell you what, you're always welcome to Zenshu whenever you want to visit, K?" Ziyou said, playfully wrapping her arm around his shoulder. Desna wasn't at all the playful type, but took the arm hug with a slight small grin - a rare occurrence turned more common thanks to Ziyou.

"Much obliged."

After Ziyou let go of her cousin, Naga was already up on the ship, barking for them to come along. The ship was going to go soon, and the last thing they needed was to be left behind on their trip. The group looked up to the ship, as they started to go.

"Alright, time to go, Ziyou," Korra said. Ziyou started up first, joined by Jinora and Kai. Asami, Bolin, Mako and Korra all went up themselves, Desna watching them all go up. With the sounding horn, the ship started to set off on its course, the team all together waving back to Desna as the ship went off away from the Northern Water Tribe. As the tribe was further away, and the ocean in front of them, Korra took the moment to look out from the front of the vessel, the wind blowing calmly against her body, her hair going with the wind behind her head. The Avatar was soon joined by Asami, her hair also blowing slightly with the wind.

"There you are, Korra. You excited to get back to Zenshu?" Asami asked.

"Well, I guess so. Wonder what Raiko would think when we get back," Korra wondered, looking out to the northern ocean.

"Sure Varrick already got the worst of it," Asami replied. Both of the girls chuckled a bit on the idea before they both looked out onto the direction of the ship's travels.

"Glad we already got a home back in Zenshu ready for us."

"True. I just hope Zenshu's a good place to live."

"It is, actually. It's not too different from -" Asami suddenly stopped herself before she could finish, but Korra knew what she was gonna say. Republic City. Their last fiasco there wasn't the best on them, Korra and Asami especially.

"I know where you're talking about ..."

"Korra, it's not your fault, we keep telling you that ... If anything, it's my fault ..." Korra's mood quickly shifted as she turned to Asami. The raven-haired women looked out to the ocean, away from Korra. The idea of it stuck to her for a long while, and Korra was the only person she trusted enough to talk to.

"Asami, you had nothing to do with it, don't say that!"

"Korra, listen to me. I'm from the Shadow Nation, those Voronon we fought became active to protect me, and Taar was one of the Voronon. I understand if you couldn't stop Taar from what it done, but I brought him back ... I brought Taar back ... And Republic City suffered from it ..." Asami began to feel more distraught from her own explanation. Even if she knew that most of the destruction of Republic City was Taar's fault, she didn't want Korra to keep blaming herself for it. As for Korra, she turned to her, and patted her shoulder.

"Okay, maybe we both are a bit sad for what happened. All we can do is try our best for Zenshu."

Asami took a second before nodding with Korra. Anyone she could trust, it would be her. Asami and Korra both looked on once more to the front of the boat, out to the water. Their new lives will begin as soon as they reach Zenshu, and when they do, they'll be ready for what Zenshu had to offer. Eyes to the sky - they're on their way.

~~(One Year Later)~~

The city of Zenshu stood tall for high noon. The skies were bright and clouds were providing just enough shade so it didn't turn scorching. Amongst the activity, Zenshu's residents were going about their day as they would normally do for the most part. While many people were just going along the sidewalk, one figure was rushing along the building tops, as she usually does. Some of the people on the ground saw her zoom by with intrigue, though she didn't care as she happily went along the skyscrapers. Soon, the airbender went to a stop eventually on the edge of the roof, looking around the place. The girl in question, Ziyou, was supposed to be on the lookout for her sister, and on the rooftops was the perfect place to look around for her house. While up there, she got her hand over her eyes, like a solute, as she scoped the area.

"Okay, where are you, Korra?" Ziyou said to herself, trying to seek out her target. While looking, the airbender suddenly found what she was looking for: a building off to the shore, though appeared different from the apartment buildings around the place. Soon as she saw it, a smile bulged out on her face as she began running off again. The building she spotted was a decent-sized building, similar to a mansion. It was rather big, fancy garden front, the walls giving the property a nice touch, and the main area itself was wide open. Ziyou landed down in front of the main building, about to open the door when it suddenly swung open in front of her, hitting Ziyou square in the face. Ziyou backed up, as Asami went outside, only to find Ziyou with a red bump on her head.

"I'm sorry, you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine - ouch -. Is Korra home?"

"Yeah, she's about to come out," Asami replied, pointing to the door. Seconds after, the girl in question soon came back outside. Korra was in her Water Tribe attire, and looked fairly good. However, one difference was her hair: it was growing back into shape and like the style Korra had before. However, her hair-loopies weren't present, instead all of her hair in a long ponytail down her neck, and stopping past her shoulders. It was still a fairly new look, though, but it was pretty good on her.

"Hey, sis. Looking good," Ziyou complimented.

"Thanks, thought I'd try a new look. So, how was your time out on the town?"

"Great! Seriously, Zenshu has so many new places, its awesome. OH, that reminds me." Ziyou then pulled out a message from her pocket, and showed it to Asami and Korra. It was a simple letter, rolled up and all. After a quick look over, Asami looked to Ziyou.

"Where'd you get that?"

"Found it while going around town, tied to a Lizard Crow. Get this -" Ziyou unrolled it, and cleared her throat before speaking. " - 10:30 at the Mei Long Museum, "Big Momma"." Ziyou couldn't help but chuckled quietly at the nickname, as Korra looked it over.

"Big Momma huh? Well, get this to Lin, perhaps she would want to see this," Korra suggested. Ziyou nodded, and quickly took off to find Lin. Asami then looked over to Korra.

"Well, I guess you'll be busy?"

"Yeah, sorry Asami. I promise, we'll have our night together, trust me." Korra promised, though Korra did feel a bit bummed out on this new call up. Oh well, there's always tomorrow night. For the moment, Korra had to get herself set up. Yeah, she wasn't apart of the police forces, but, she might as well go and help out either way, and the situation when it comes to these sort of things can last for a long time. Besides, she was the Avatar after all, and it was her job as anyone to help in anyway she could.


Speaking of police, the police department in Zenshu was as busy as ever, the number of policemen and women continued on with their own work. While they were busy, the main chief of police soon showed up in the main room, looking over his fellow workers. He was dressed in metal-bending police force armor, a serious look edged on his face as he looked everything over. Soon, he went over to one of his newer police officers, working out some documents as he came over.

"You there, Mako," he said, the policeman getting up and saluting him.

"Yes sir?" Mako asked.

"You finished looking over those documents yet? They should've been done an hour ago."

"Right, just finished," Mako replied, putting the last file away.

"Just finished you say. Look, keep up with the rest of the squad, I'm not paying for slackers."

"I'm not, I swear, but it's just hard when -"

"No excuses, Mako. You may have been a detective for Republic City, but you're working for my police force now. So, what are you going to do?"

"... Not slack."

"Good. Now, get back to work," the chief replied. Before he walked away, suddenly the police room was startled by a sudden visitor, waving the note in her hand.

"Hey, police! Got something for ya!" She yelled, waving the note. Immediately, the chief confronted her, looking angry as heck to see Ziyou there. His look was enough to even make Ziyou a bit uneasy.

"You better have a good reason to just barge in," he sneered. Ziyou gave him the note, eyes locked in his own gaze. The chief groaned, and grabbed the letter, looking it over quickly. Mako felt a bit sorry for Ziyou, having to deal with the chief's stare. He looked back to Ziyou.

"Where did you get this, kid?"

"Uh ... I was going around, found it, and brought it to here ... Yep ..." The chief continued looking over the letter a bit more, reading it over a bit until he gave it to Mako behind him. Ziyou stood there for a bit, waiting for some response from the chief.

"... Eh ... I'll see myself out."

"Yes. Do that," The chief stated. No sooner, Ziyou rushed out, as the chief looked back to Mako again. Far as the chief behavior goes, he didn't like this Chief all that much. He prefer Wu over him, at least Wu gave him satisfaction, and Lin Beifong showed some satisfaction too. Not this chief! After some thought, he looked off to another part of the room, another policewomen looking over the board.

"Hey, Kuvira."

Yes, Kuvira was apart of the police force too. After her time for a while, she joined into the force to lend more of a helping hand for the right people. Though, the idea for THIS police force was a bit rough to say the least. The chief went over to her, and showed the note in her face like it was a wanted poster.

"You and Mako, get on your game: We got a robbery ready to start tonight, you both get on that, and keep an eye out," the chief instructed. Kuvira wasn't used to this kind of behavior aimed at her, but didn't try to say or do anything rash.

"Well, isn't it too soon?" Kuvira asked, trying not to sound like she was refusing it. Sure, she'll do it, but, it was high noon, not sunset. However, the Chief glared at her.

"You have a problem with that, kid?"

"Well, if this is true, then, maybe we -"

"What? Maybe what? We lay back as Big Momma and her gang plan everything out? I don't think so, now you and Mako get over there, and be on guard, am I clear?" Kuvira could feel herself getting angry at the chief, but she just bottled up her anger, and all that came out was a rough sigh.

"... Crystal."

"Good. Now, get to it." And with that, he walked back to his office, as Mako went over to Kuvira. He and Kuvira were mostly stuck together, namely because the two were still new to the Zenshu department, and they ended up starting over. At the point, the two were average policemen and policewomen, but that was about it. After getting another groan out, Mako looked to his pre-made partner for the assignment, as the two started to walk out to their police cruiser.

"Why do we have to deal with Muro?" Kuvira asked after she was sure Chief Muro couldn't hear them both.

"I know, just handle it. Lin will be back to Zenshu at some point, and we both can be out of his way," Mako assured her. Soon, the two found their police car, and got in.

"How long was Lin going to be gone again?" Kuvira asked.

"Another week," Mako groaned. He wasn't enjoying it much either, but, so long as they both knew that Chief Muro was just temporary when it came to their work, they're just going to have to deal with it for the time being. Soon, Mako got the car started, back out, and soon they both went off to their destination as of were.


Soon, they had shown up at the spot as planned. The Mei Long Museum in question was rather large compared to the museum back in Republic City, about as big as Republic City's City Hall. Then again, the museum didn't had a monument on top of it, so, there was more room for more stuff for exhibits, and even including a skylight. Kuvira and Mako weren't told exactly how to keep guard, so, they got out, and stood guard by the front for the while.

Time ticked on longer...

And longer ...

And longer ...

Soon, before they even realized it, a ton of time had passed with them just standing there doing nothing. Some people passed by, visiting the museum on hours, and that was it. Soon, Mako was just leaning on the wall by the door, as Kuvira yawned bored. The two didn't want to just stand there doing nothing all day, even if under Muro's orders. Eventually, Kuvira looked to the museum entrance.

"How long have we been standing here?" Kuvira asked, at a point. Mako tried to find some indication of time, until he found a nearby clock in front of the museum walkway, those outside clocks tall as a light post.

"An hour, maybe hour and a half."

Kuvira groaned: she didn't mind too much over waiting on guard, being a guard herself once before, but this was ridiculous. It was one o'clock, and the thing wasn't going to happen 'til nine hours later! Even she and Mako didn't want to end up standing around like this, doing absolutely nothing. So, they both looked to each other, and then to the museum entrance.

"Want to guard from the inside instead?"

"Yeah, sure."

With that, Mako and Kuvira both went inside to continue their guard duty. Although it was probably the better option, at least it gave them something to do while sticking around the museum. If they were going to guard, it might as well be inside where the valuable stuff even was.

As time ticked on. it finally began turning to nighttime after the longest time: the night hours starting to come around. At least the walk around the museum gave Kuvira and Mako something to do through the time being. After checking out the whole museum, they both went back outside and checked the clock. Like they had anything else in mind really.

"Nine thirty. Okay, they should be close," Kuvira noted. Mako nodded, and kept a better eye out. The streets in front of them were vacant, as everyone was pretty much home by that point. While they wished they'd gone home by now, their job assignment still stood strong. They had to stay, otherwise getting the risk of a verbal beatdown by their temporary boss. They've suffered worse, but, they weren't in the mood for any bad reports by the time Lin would come back to Zenshu. Seriously, they would prefer Lin over Muro.

Anyway, still waiting for something to happen, the two began to loose more patience with their time standing around. However, while they both continued to stand there, amongst the rooftops nearby the museum, a few figures were eyeing them like midnight falcons, making sure the two weren't looking their way. After making complete sure that no one else, not to mention them, were watching, the figures quickly jumped off the rooftop, onto the museum building. Kuvira and Mako didn't notice yet, so, the two were in the clear. Along the quiet roof, the two began examining the surface for some route inside, one way or another. As they kept looking, two more joined them on the same roof, again without being noticed. Soon, one of them began to locate a way in, while two others kept an eye out for any eyeing guards. Soon, they got a hatch open on the roof's skylight, silently moving away a piece of glass from it. The skylight was the perfect, and possibly only sneak-in spot that they could do. After that, one of them helped tie on some ropes to the other three, and they got in without much effort. Kuvira and Mako kept looking around, unaware of the trouble inside, as the three thieves began to look around. As they were though ...


Suddenly the three found themselves caught, once Mako took a quick glance over his shoulder. The trio quickly tugged on the rope, as they were quickly pulled up, out of reach by the time Mako and Kuvira caught up to them. Kuvira launched up a metalbending rope, but, they dodged it by inches. As a perk, it did give her and Mako a way up, as the two pulled themselves up to the roof. The four figures started to rush off again, Kuvira and Mako in their way after a bit.

"Stop, you are under arrest!" Kuvira demanded. The four thieves quickly dispersed, moving a bit too erratically for Mako and Kuvira to get a good aim at. The four suddenly disappeared, as they all got into an alleyway. Kuvira and Mako rushed to the alleyway, jumping off the roof to confront them. However, before they could do anything, the four rushed off down the alley ... Suddenly, they came back, bended with water to the wall, and frozen in place. Rather fast, clean, and quick, but the four were apprehended. And guess who walked out of the other alley, smile on her face and all?

"Am I late?"


Kuvira and Mako both went up to her, as the thieves stopped struggling in their icy trap. She maybe a bit late, but, the quick act was fast enough to get the job done for their sake.

"Wow, Korra, that was quick."

"What can I say?" Korra replied. While they were talking, Kuvira got out her portable radio, and got into the police station.

"Come in, chief, this is Kuvira, suspects had been taken care of, and are awaiting pickup."

"Rodger that," Muro replied from the other line. After that was handled, the two looked to Korra.

"Well, I'll see you guys later," Korra said. After a quick goodbye, Korra got back into the air, and quickly went off as the thieves had to be dealt with by Mako and Kuvira. Honestly, as far as Korra was concern, these thievery side quests of hers were a bit too easy to deal with, honestly... However, as she went, her movements were being monitored by another source...

Watching from a vision orb, two figures stood there, watching the Avatar rush off along the rooftops towards home. They both kept a silent watch until one of them spoke.

"Is that her?"

"Right, that's Korra. I'd recognize her anywhere."

"Should I start now?"

"Not yet. I've got plans for her soon enough. You check on our comrades, I'll see what I can do with her."

With the order given, the other figure walked away, as the remaining person watched her for a while more ...

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