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Ep.2: Killer Shards

Thousands of years ago, there were two ultimate beings of earth. Both opposed each other in every way and all ways. One of these beings was Raava, the embodiment of all good. And Vaatu, the embodiment of all evil. Both balanced one another as well as separated each other, trapped in an eternal struggle. One day, Vaatu broke free from his counterpart. The separation favored Vaatu as he grew stronger, as Raava weakened from her struggle. When they confronted each other once more, Raava found a brave and noble human, whom she fused with to form a being known as the Avatar. Together, they finally trapped Vaatu in the Tree Of Time, a prison between the spirit and mortal world...

One day, known as the final day of peace, Vaatu had resurfaced from his prison and challenged the Avatar for the fate of the world. But Vaatu proved to be too powerful and successfully defeated his foe. The defeat meant that the great devil could end all the life on earth. For the time to follow, year after year, the demon wiped out the land of humanity. Multiple portals were opened across the globe, dark spirits being released to aid Vaatu's goal. All hope seemed lost for the world with the God and Avatar deceased as Vaatu destroyed the world around him. However, an omen of truth was casted on Vaatu; he was confronted by the warrior of judgement. Unlike many others, he was not afraid and took battle with the demon...

"As such, with a swing of his blade, the warrior defeated Vaatu and stopped his reign of terror for all time."

The group around the room applauded the elder's tale, happy with her great work. The group consisted of a bunch of kids who were willing to listen to her tale. The elderly woman simply smiled at the kids amusement about her story. Soon afterwards, the kids began chatting with each other for a while, talking about how cool the story was. Just outside their room window, someone else was listening to their little story.

Leaning on the wall of the building was a boy in his early twenties. He looked pretty much like a typical street boy, a sleeveless black top with grey shorts, much like what a fitness instructor would wear. What split him apart from other people though was his pure, snow-white hair and his blood red eyes. Those two factors made it apparent that he was born with a case of albinism, a rare effect that removed pigment from the skin or hair and turned eyes pure red - at least those are the physical signs of being an albino. The boy went by the name of Mejiro. After listening to the elder's story, Mejiro silently began going off on his way down the sidewalk.


Throughout the years since that particular event, the world had undergone some tough changes. Since Vaatu had continued to destroy the world through his reign, many areas of the world where humans lived were either completely destroyed or had been altered. The town where Mejiro lived was one example of an altered area of civilization. In his case, the town was littered with growing trees, many of which grew on the buildings themselves rather than on the ground, and the main streets were flooded, turning into rivers. The effect was just one of the forests called Spirit Wilds, an area of forest where spirits live in. However, while spirits themselves weren't as common in this town, the change in landscape proved to be a bigger problem to deal with. Mejiro walked through the broken area of town, tree roots digging through the concrete steps of the side walk. Mejiro was used to these trees by now...

And something else...

While Mejiro was walking, suddenly he felt something was around. However, to a normal person, it would appear that nothing was around him, yet Mejiro could still sense it around him. Upon hearing a footstep behind him, Mejiro turned around and saw that something else was standing there: a fairly large, simple, purple spirit with a wooden face. The large purple spirit looked to Mejiro, face-to-mask.

"Can I help you?" Mejiro asked after a while. The purple spirit tilted its head like a curious dog would and looked over Mejiro for a little bit longer. The spirit then pointed upward with its small arm stub, bringing Mejiro's attention to a cloth hanging from one of the tree roots, out of reach of the spirit. Mejiro put two and two together and went over to the root itself. Mejiro looked over the root a bit before he began to climb it, slowly and steadily. After a minute or two, Mejiro was right up there, next to the cloth. A quick grab and drop, and the spirit got his cloth, as Mejiro went back down.

"There you go, that better?" Mejiro asked. The spirit merely nodded, as it took the cloth and tied it to its neck. Afterwards, it turned and disappeared, leaving Mejiro alone again. Everyone has their own talents and uniqueness to them, and Mejiro just happened to be communication with spirits in the real world, something not really done by most people. With the spirit satisfied, Mejiro continued on his way down the road... While walking, about a few meters away, another figure stood off nearby, keeping an eye on Mejiro. It looked robed, so the face wasn't visible, and it didn't say or do anything as it turned and walked away.


The day started to shift off into sunset, the city starting to fully relax and calm as everyone went off to sleep. Mejiro, not exactly home just yet, continued walking at a casual pace, letting his mind roam a bit looking around the place. The albino took the time to think over the world he was in: the amount of green spirit trees, the flowing river that was once a lowered subway station. Indeed, the neighborhood he was in wasn't entirely the best place ever, but visually it was like some strange dream. While not many others he passed noticed, Mejiro could see smaller, shyer spirit birds and animals scurrying in the trees. They didn't bother him though, remaining in the trees out of reach.

"Why are they so scared? No one else can see them, let alone touch them," Mejiro thought, watching a pair of spirit squirrel toads scurry amongst the branches. As he continued down the sidewalk, he began to hear someone else walking around in a nearby alley. The only way he could tell was the shadows looming out onto the sidewalk, which was covered in vines from the river. He'd continue on, but he then began to hear some muffled groans and even muffled yells coming from said alley. Mejiro wasn't so sure if he wanted to find out, but he needed to walk through to get back home anyway. So with that in mind, he began walking on ahead, trying to keep very quiet, steadily moving his feet so he wouldn't make any noise...

By the time he reached the very corner, he took a peek down the alleyway. The alley was completely littered with tree roots with four to five figures standing there, two male and three female. What got Mejiro's attention first though was one of the older males had a large, metallic arm, which he was using to keep the female still against the wall. And metallic not as in just one small piece or just a plastic cast, he had on a fully functioning, mechanical arm, gears and all. The girl struggled but fighting was futile. The man's accomplice was holding what appeared to be a blade, but the markings on it were black and blood red rather than a plain silver knife. Mejiro tried to keep quiet, but his foot accidentally skidded, catching their attention. Luckily Mejiro hid out of sight just as they looked over.

"Oy, scope it out, handle whoever's there. We got the girl silenced," the older man ordered. One of the girls amongst the crowd moved off to check it out. Mejiro kept as quiet as he possibly could as the female moved in. Mejiro could only mke note of her eyes, which seemed much more noticeable, the color of a cyan blue. The rest of her was either pure black or was too dark too tell fully. She moved slowly to the end of the alley, Mejiro barely out of her vision... However, one quick motion, and the girl had him by the neck, an ice ring from the river clinging him to the wall. The girl turned to him, her surprisingly dazzling blue eyes staring right into his killer red.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Let me down!" Mejiro gagged, the ring right around his cold throat. The girl didn't bother to, as Mejiro thrashed abound trying to get himself free. She gently felt Mejiro's chin, matching gazes with him, leaving the albino kid with more questions - who the heck was this chick?!

"You're an albino? You are a special one, I can tell," she said, her voice a mix of comfort and disturbing at once. How can someone even do that was beyond Mejiro's knowledge.

"I can't breathe, let me go," Mejiro managed to say.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, under orders. You know how it is, don't you? Blood Star?"

"B-Blood Star?"

"It's just a special name. I usually pick one for my target," she explained, tightening her grip on his throat. Mejiro thrashed around a bit more but realized it wasn't working. His breath shortening, throat hurting and cold, the girl not showing too much remorse for his struggling. Mejiro knew that he was not going to last much longer in the state he got himself in. He could feel his neck tighten... His arms and legs relaxed and dangled, as Mejiro dangled his head...

The girl looked him over a bit more, getting the idea of what she'd done. Only then did she finally remove the ice ring, Mejiro falling to the ground with a thud. Giving a sigh, she turned and began heading back to the group in the alley. After walking away from the body, Mejiro suddenly opened one eye, looking around to see if he was in the clear. Yes, the albino faked his death in order to get himself out. After feeling his neck loosen up, the albino got up and ran off as fast as he could, making sure none of the other people saw him...Well, almost...


Later on, Mejiro had managed to get himself back to his home. His quote on quote "home" was anything but perfect. In fact, his place of stay was nearly covered under an old, giant spirit tree, roots covering it to the point where it was more of a tree hole with a door rather than an actual house. The interior wasn't as bad as the house outside, but it was still a bit dusty and stuffy inside, since it had no windows thanks to the spirit vines. Mejiro walked inside, being greeted by another creature at the door. The thing was about dog-sized, though features made it look more like an equine than a dog. Only thing that made it half dog was the head, tail, and dog-like behavior. Mejiro went over right to his bedroom and collapsed on his mattress, the little guy following him. The near-death experience with those people wasn't on his planning list, and he needed a bit before he could relax. The horse dog hopped up onto his bed, nuzzling him.

"Sorry, Baxter, I'll feed you in a minute," Mejiro said, scratching Baxter's head. Baxter laid down next to him, letting Mejiro relax on the bed. While lying there, Baxter then lifted his long, donkey ears, hearing someone walking about in the house. Even if he could see spirits, Mejiro couldn't exactly tell what got Baxter's attention just yet. After just a little bit though, a figure manifested nearby him. The figure looked like a girl, about the same age in appearance. If she wasn't a spirit, people could mistake her for Mejiro's twin, her appearance to the point where she too was albino. Though her clothes were mostly white and looked ready for winter, unlike Mejiro's. Upon appearing, Baxter went off the bed towards her, wagging his tail playfully. She kneeled down and patted Baxter on the head.

"Hey, Baxter, Mejiro."

"Oh hi there, Zuzu," Mejiro replied, as Zuzu sat down next to the albino kid, seeing his distressed state.

"A bit stressed, huh?"

"Yeah, I am. Had a unexpected run in today by the Blood Eye Kite members," Mejiro sighed.

The Blood Eye Kite (B.E.K. for short) Mejiro knew from many reports from all over the place - a supposed group consisting of assassins and criminals, hell bent on violent crimes and a rumored conspiracy around the world. What conspiracy that was, he had no clue, but the group didn't take kindly to outside ears and would kill those who discovered them in the act (which was what he did apparently). Zuzu and Baxter both felt a shiver upon even mention of the group, as Mejiro felt his neck again, still slightly cold from earlier.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Mejiro. I wish I could've helped..."

"It's fine, I'm happy I made it at all," Mejiro sighed, lying down on the bed. As he did, he turned to Zuzu.

"Hey, can you watch over the place tonight? I don't know what the clan would do at this point."

"Sure I can," Zuzu said, as Mejiro settled in his bed. Baxter laid down beside him, as Zuzu got up and kept an eye on him...However, thanks to his mad dash earlier, one of those said members had already found out about him being alive. After watching from a good twenty feet away, she went off away...


Later on that night, two figures moved over to one of the many buildings nearby the large river. The building itself was completely hidden away due to the devastation amongst the other buildings, the door having a large X on it. Both of the figures were a male and female from earlier, the male holding a case by him, the female being the same one who attacked Mejiro earlier. The man turned to the girl.

"Listen to me, right now. When we go inside and talk to him, we both have to be careful, any bullshit, and we're screwed. Understand, Shimo?" The man explained.

"Yes, sir," Shimo nodded. After that was clear, both of them got their nerves together and soon knocked on the door. The door itself just creaked open, the two looking into a large room. The room looked like an abandoned office, desk at the end of the room. However, as the moonlight went into the room, it was pitch black so they couldn't see anything. The two only walked in for a few steps until they were about in the middle of the room.

"Hey there. Come to meet the devil himself?" a sinister voice suddenly rang out. The two looked ahead and soon saw a small silhouette of a person sitting there. They could see the small outline of his red eyes and hair as he smiled devilishly at them. Shimo and her partner kept their cool as things continued.

"We've heard that you're an expert in your work. That true?"

There wasn't a reply at first, but they both heard him get back up and walk over a few steps until he suddenly moved some blinds from the back, the moonlight going into the room. The two found themselves standing on a floor almost entirely covered in shards of broken glass. The sight of it all made them both a lot more worried. One wrong move, and they were done for. They both looked back at their colleague, who still had his signature grin on his face...

"Much better...So, what business do you bitches have for the devil tonight?" he asked, giving them a sort of death stare. Shimo tried to ignore the glass floor and looked back at him, as the boy sat down at his desk.

"You are an expert assassin, right? We need you to kill someone for us, he's down the road, living under one of the spirit trees." The glass suddenly ended up in the air, levitating around them both like suspended snow. The boy had his hand raised, bending the glass in place.

"And what's in it for me?" he asked. Shimo and her friend looked to each other, trying to think on what to tell him exactly. Instead of words, the boy then pulled out a case full of money and set it down in front of him. The assassin opened it up himself with the glass shards, seeing how much money he had been given.

"When you kill our target, that all can be yours," the man explained. However, the assassin closed the case, settling his feet on it in a relaxed posture on his seat.

"Hold on there, man, I'm no idiot. I take this, and all you two are going to do is screw me over when I'm done. Let me take the money now, and I think I can agree to your little deal." Normally, a smart person would point out that he'd just do the same thing, but considering whom they were talking to, it was best not to point that out. All the two could do was nod in agreement.

"Good, good. One more thing, names please?"


"Well, I'd like to know whom I'm working with. Just in case they try to pull a fast one on me."

"...Okay....I'm Shimo, he's Tara."

"Now that wasn't so hard. I'll have the results in by the end of the week."

With that, he took his money case, walked past them, and right out the door. Looked like one assassin had a job to do...

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