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Asami felt her body being moved along in darkness as she entered Taar's body. Asami could barely move as she was being brought in. At first, she thought that she would end up digested inside Taar, or simply crushed from the power of Taar's tentacles. However, as she continued moving, Asami didn't feel any sort of pain as she moved more and more into the darkness, letting herself be transported by the tentacles to wherever they were bringing her. She felt devastated for the fact that, not only did she ditch the others back at the evacuation area, but she also failed to do anything other than simply getting captured. Far as she knew, she felt completely stupid and miserable. Her fever didn't help either, not adapting well to the situation and causing more discomfort. She couldn't see anything, so she had her eyes closed for the time being (like it would matter, anyhow). Eventually, Asami felt herself finally being released within somewhere. Upon opening her eyes, Asami could actually see (which was a shock on itself) a rounded, den-like area. The whole thing was entirely made up of smoothed out, root-like growths from inside Taar, the entire place lit by some unknown source outside of the room. Asami didn't know why she wasn't dead yet, but all she could do was sit down and try to figure out how to get out.

For the first few minute, it had been like that, Asami just sitting there trying to figure things out. It was rather harsh for her to steal Oogi from Tenzin and fly back to the city, so even if she did get out, she was going to have to answer to that. Korra came to mind next as she sat there. Korra didn't want her to get hurt by Taar, and yet, here she was trapped inside of the same threat to the city. Speaking of threat, Asami could hear the faint steps of Taar from inside her strange tomb, so she knew enough that Taar was still moving about. The raven-haired girl felt like she had let her friends down. Far as she knew, Kuvira was probably going off to tell the rest of the team what had happened to her.


Asami looked up from her spot, looking around the room. Of course, she saw nothing and no one in there, though she could've sworn that she ...


Then it was for sure. Asami got up after hearing her name the second time. Who was trying to talk to her? It couldn't be Taar, Voronon couldn't speak in the first place, and even if they could, the voice sounded like a young girl rather than a giant beast.

"Who said that?" Asami asked, trying to find some sort of clue to where the voice was calling from. So far though, nothing seemed to be around her, yet she heard the voice as clear as day.


"Where are you?" Asami called. However, the voice stopped after a bit, as she felt a low groan, possibly from Taar itself. Before any voice could continue, the hairs began to move from the ceiling and started to gently go around Asami. That time, Asami tried to fight back, whacking at the tentacles as much as she could. However, she ended up constricted completely and pulled upward. Either Taar was forcing her out or was answering her question in its own way. Either way, Asami felt herself rocket up at high speed, not getting hurt as multiple roots from Taar's body moved aside to let the girl through. The higher she went, she could feel herself getting a little bit colder, and less air to breathe, much like going up a mountain or flying a plane. Light started to reach her after a while, as she ended up higher and higher, going outside of Taar. Asami shielded her eyes as the light broke free, and she was outside.

As her eyes finally adjusted, she found where she ended up after the climb upward. Looking around, she found herself on what appeared to be some sort of blue plain (though in reality was the top of Taar's back) with the bright blue sky and the sun beaming down on top of her. However, being a mile upward meant that the air was very thin and, despite the sun, was actually quite cold. There wasn't much wind apart from a slight breeze that was enough to make her hair flow with it, though that was about it. An odd thing too; Asami didn't have too much trouble breathing so high up. In fact, it looked very beautiful from that high up, to say the least. However, the thought of why she was there still hung in the air. While she looked around at the landscape, suddenly the 'grass' started to become alive and moving around just ahead of her. The hairs started to move upwards in front of her and began to take the shape of some sort of building. The building, though, was a bit less modern than any Republic City building, looking more like a temple than a skyscraper. Asami wasn't sure what Taar was doing, if anything, but soon after the completion of said shape, a strange mist suddenly appeared in front of her. Asami was suddenly covered in the mist for a little bit, and by the time it subsided, she suddenly no longer saw any of the blue plain or vines. Instead, she found herself in front of an actual temple, the ground solid dirt, with a small river and bridge behind her. The area seemed, to put it simply, ancient. However, not seeing anywhere else to go apart from the temple, Asami walked towards it, until she was at the front door. Her hand reached out for the door, trying to see if the door was real or just some trick. Soon, her hand made contact with the doorknob, feeling that it was actually there.

"Well, here it goes," Asami thought, turning the doorknob, opening the door, and went inside ...


Back outside, Team Avatar was rushing around the beast, trying time and time again to fight it off as much as they could. So many of their attacks seemed to be fruitless, as any attack either caused little harm, or was simply ignored entirely. Lucky for them (for now), Taar had stopped moving entirely, staying strictly within the bay, only occasionally flapping a wing to move back any attackers. No matter who did what, the effect was little against the towering beast. The only effect their attacks did was turn Taar's legs into a bee hive of holes, but it wasn't enough to cripple the beast, let along make it collapse. While they were fighting it, Ziyou managed to catch Kuvira flying back on top of Oogi, who himself looked a bit frazzled by Taar's attack from earlier.

"There's Kuvira!" Ziyou called, pointing up as Oogi landed nearby, staying a good distance away from Taar as good as he could. Ziyou went over to her, along with Korra and Lin, while whoever else was there continued fighting it as much as they could.

"Kuvira, there you are! Where'd you go?!"

"I was trying to find that spirit energy cannon when Taar nearly blew us out of the city. But we got another problem," Kuvira explained.

"What's that?" Korra asked. Unlike many people, Kuvira was a bit more straightforward when it came to bad news, so she didn't waste any time.

"Taar has Asami."


"Asami came back, and Taar caught her. Which would explain why he's here," Kuvira said, pointing to Oogi. Korra was hit hardest by the news, and to think she thought that Asami was safe from the fight. Korra turned back to Taar, still having her shocked expression on her face. Asami inside Taar?!

"That's not true ... Tell me that's not true!"

"I'm sorry, Korra..."

Korra stayed quiet at first, trying to comprehend what Kuvira had told her.

Asami was captured ...

Asami was gone ...

Korra clenched her fists, gritting her teeth due to the anger that built inside of her. She never asked for this. To make matters worse, the promise she made with her had been brutally broken due to this. Asami had promised she wouldn't go away on her ... Soon, Korra's eyes started to glow brightly, making everyone else step back. Air, water, earth, and fire all circled around her as she started to rise up.

Korra was in an enraged Avatar State.


Meanwhile, Asami was still looking around the temple a little bit more. Asami wasn't too sure on where she was, but the building was pretty detailed. Eventually, Asami got into one of the bedrooms. The bedroom looked very similar to a Fire Nation royal bedroom, only the colors were matching midnight instead of fire. The bed was a queen-size draped with lavender sheets and curtains. There was a window in the room, but Asami couldn't see anything outside. In the room, she also saw a full length mirror. Asami started to walk around a bit in the room, exploring for a bit. However, when she crossed the mirror, something in it made her stop. When she looked into it, she saw the reflection of someone else standing in the mirror. She looked like a women, about the same age as her, and even had a formal Republic City dress that matched what Asami would wear. The key difference was that the materials that made up the dress were of dark blue and purple colors rather than the red colors Asami would use. The dress itself stretched passed her knees and was a violet color, with the band on her waist a darker midnight blue. The top shoulder pads of the dress were also a midnight blue. In her hair, the girl had a special, blue feather that almost seemed to shine in comparison to the rest of her. The lipstick she used was also purple instead of the usual red. With all of those differences, Asami could see many peculiar key similarities between herself and the girl in the mirror. From the facial features, to the flowing raven hair she had. Asami couldn't understand why she was looking that way and gave her own body a quick look over. In the end, she looked pretty much the same, but the mirror proved otherwise.

Asami reached over to the mirror after a bit, expecting to feel the glass surface. However, her hand suddenly went through the mirror, freaking Asami out a little bit. But Asami began to go within the mirror after a bit, a strange urge telling her to go in. By the point when she fully got within the mirror, she found herself within the same room, but her clothes had been completely altered into the same formal wear she saw from the mirror. Also, she began to hear more noise coming from outside of the room. Asami wasn't too sure on who else was with her, but she began walking out anyway. Upon opening the door, Asami found herself within a much larger room, almost like a ballroom. The odd thing was that she didn't find the room when she first arrived at the place. The room was full of people, formally dressed in similar clothes to Asami's new outfit. Some people were happily talking, while others were slow-dancing with each other. Asami ended up in front of the room, next to what appeared to be some of the higher class, or even the hosts of the event for that matter. Both of them were a married couple. They both looked rather old, in their thirties probably, and judging by the clothing, they seemed rather royal. Asami couldn't exactly catch what they were talking about, but at one point, she noticed someone else come out from another room further away. By then, though, she noticed that another couple was by her, looking younger probably. The women's clothes matched hers almost exactly (main difference being that she had on a full violet flower than just a feather like Asami did). One other thing: the girl was pregnant too. A rather pleasant surprise nonetheless. She couldn't really tell what they were saying either, but after a bit, suddenly she noticed that the main room had been cleared away. After a bit, five performers went out to the main room, all dressed in some special actors clothes. Some were dressed like some humanoid birds, while the others were dressed in simple formal clothing.

Asami stood by the royals as the performance began. The performers started to manipulate their own shadows, coming out of the ground in sparkling bliss, as if the night sky arrived in the room to perform for them all. In unison, the benders started to manipulate and form the shadows in the air, wowing the crowd and Asami as well. The shadow soon turned into a magnificent Chinese Dragon, which started to fly around the ballroom under the benders command. The dragon looked simply beautiful as it circled the room. While in the air, suddenly the large dragon started to split up into a flock of starlit cranes, flying around in a circle. Soon, the human-sized cranes landed and started to dance alongside the bird performers, which was pretty nice to say the least. Asami was simply mesmerized by the performance, as the shadow cranes started to fly around in the sky again, circling together until they fused together into a huge shining flower, signifying the end of the performance. Everyone, including Asami, applauded the performers for a fine job well done. When the performance was finished though, Asami started to notice a mist again, coming from the flower that time. The girl didn't react fast enough, as the fog covered her vision completely. Everything happened so quickly: she heard something move around quickly as Asami tried to readjust her eyes to the sudden change in events.

The next second she knew, she was outside in a large training area. The area was wide open on a large square platform, about ten students practicing their fighting styles in shadowbending and one older teacher, similar to the one she saw in the ballroom. Asami wondered a little bit about that, hand on her hip. However, when she did, she realized that her outfit had changed again. That time, her outfit was close to those in the pro-bending arenas, yet strictly grey in color. Asami started going over to the battle area, observing the training going on amongst the fighters. One odd fact, most of the fighters were actually women, only a few of them men. That alone was very odd, but Asami was more interested in the style they were doing. Asami saw various attacks done in shadowbending, which included shadow darts, slices, kicks and punches enhanced by shadowbending. While they were training, Asami took in each detail in her mind before the mist returned again from behind her. Apparently, this part was going to be short.

Suddenly, the area became much darker, and Asami found herself standing in a smaller room, back in her formal clothing from the ballroom. She wasn't sure where she ended up at first, but she soon saw some more people. She saw the same pregnant girl, a bit bigger than before, so she must be close to having her new child. In front of her appeared to be a much older women, holding her palm as if reading it. As far as Asami knew, the women must be some sort of fortuneteller. She still couldn't understand them much at first, while the pregnant women got her palm read. However, when the elderly women started to talk, Asami understood her that time.

Your family line will last for many years to come, Princess. I see the nation in vast disappearance for the years to come. Yet, your line will bring them back from full annihilation.

Family line? Bringing them back? Asami wasn't too sure what she was referring to, but thinking over what happened beforehand, something began to come around. Why else would Taar show her, and her alone, this? The mist started to disappear from her vision, as all of the stuff disappeared, and she saw herself back on Taar's back, in the same sky, on the same plain...

"W-whoa..." Asami breathed out, looking around again, making sure that her eyes were working properly again...

Then, she heard the blasts.

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