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The city was on high alert by the time Team Avatar had landed. The giant beast, Taar, continued its movement forward towards the city. Even from far away, General Iroh's patrols were already fighting the giant beast but had little effect on any sort of fire power they got. In fact, Taar didn't seem to even care about the constant fire hitting its legs. Soon, Team Avatar had landed on one of the rooftops further down, away from shore. After doing so, they all rushed out (apart from Asami). They'd challenged pretty large Voronon before, but Taar was far beyond any living thing in existence (never mind any Voronon). Before they could think about what to do, Tenzin and his family landed on the same rooftop, on top of Oogi.

"Korra, you're back!" Tenzin said, jumping off of Oogi. He would normally be grateful to have her return, but there wasn't time for any reunion with Taar coming their way.

"Did you see that thing?!" Meelo asked, pointing down towards the shore.

"How can we not see it, that thing's island-sized!" Ziyou replied, looking at it again. It was impossible to say exactly how large the thing actually was, but everything around it was so small. Only thing that was bigger were the mountains, and even that was just by a little bit. Soon, Korra turned to Tenzin.

"Where is everyone? Did they leave?"

"Yes, Raiko called a full evacuation this morning. We have to stop that monster before it reaches the city!" Tenzin said with urgency. Korra nodded in agreement but wasn't sure what to do. Sure, the Voronon seemed rather straightforward in terms of annihilation, but Taar didn't appear like any Voronon they'd encountered before. Besides, where was a weak point on a beast as large as a storm cloud?! Still, from experience, perhaps the fight could be fully avoided if they could just reach the head and talk to it.

"Good, listen, you all get out and join the others, we'll try and handle it as best we can," Korra promised.

"You sure you know what to do?" Tenzin asked. Korra looked back at Taar again before answering him.

"Yes, I do. You have to do one thing for me, though," Korra assured him. Before Tenzin could ask what, Korra went inside the airship and soon came out with Asami by her side. Asami still didn't look very good, a bit red in the face.

"Listen to me, I need you to get her out of here," Korra stated firmly. Looking at the situation, Tenzin had to agree with her, but Asami wasn't as willing.

"No, I'll be fine, let me come with you!" Asami insisted.

"I'm not letting you come, you're not in any condition."

"I'll be fine, just -"

"No, I've already made up my mind! I'm not putting you at risk," Korra firmly stated. Asami, of course, didn't want them going off without her. However, before Asami could do or say anything, the group went back in the ship, Tenzin keeping Asami from running back inside the ship too. Soon, Asami broke free and began running towards the entrance.

"KORRA!" Asami yelled, but the airship door closed before Asami could get inside. Korra felt rough for leaving Asami like that, even a small tear down her face as she walked onward inside, but she knew it was for the best. Asami was ill, and Taar was beyond comprehension, there was no way she was going to let her come along.

Soon, the group went on back in their respected transportation and split up once more. Tenzin, Pema, Asami, Meelo, and Rohan were flown off the other way, while Team Avatar flew directly towards Taar, as fast as they could. While they were flying towards it, Korra and the others began heading towards the open roof, probably the only way to talk to Taar. Taar was still some ways away from the shore but was getting close to Air Temple Island. Looking at one foot, it could easily cover the whole island in one step. The airship had to fly very high up in order to even get close to the head. Taar didn't notice the airship at first until it was aligned with one of its eyes, which was actually nearly as large as the ship. The ships far below were still trying to damage the giant as the airship flew into place. On the main balcony, the team was standing out in its sight, Kuvira in front so it wouldn't attack right away. It shouldn't be too hard to talk to it, right? The giant eye, midnight blue rather than cyan blue, looked right down at them, though the creature didn't stop walking towards the city.

"Listen, Taar! We mean no harm towards you, but as apart of the Shadow Nation, you must turn back now! Our people no longer need your protection, spare these lives!" Kuvira yelled. However, Taar didn't seem to acknowledge it just yet. Annoyed, Ziyou went over to Kuvira's side.

"I don't know if he heard you, Kuvira. Here, let me try," Ziyou suggested. However, before she could try, Taar suddenly emitted a sort of strong sound. It felt like a roar, but it didn't sound like a real creature. The bellow took them completely off guard, and everyone on deck covered their ears. The bellow lasted for a full five seconds before it stopped, everyone trying to recuperate from the huge yell.

"I think it heard me, Ziyou."

"My ears are bleeding," Ziyou groaned. That wasn't true, but it had hurt just as much. Taar continued moving forward, its attention towards the air temple instead of the team next to it. Why didn't it listen to Kuvira?

"Taar, I said to leave these people be!" Kuvira repeated. However, Taar refused to listen to her and continued forward towards the city, much to their horror. Its huge body cast a shadow over the whole area of Air Temple Island, the deep shadow covering the entire island in under a minute. The team could just see the island underneath it, flying back so they wouldn't be hit by Taar itself. Lifting its middle right leg for the next step, Taar slammed the flattened foot right on top of it. The most shocked out of everyone were Jinora and Ikki, immediately feeling something break in them, tears forming up seconds after. Taar moved its foot after a bit to reveal a completely destroyed temple, reduced to a pile of crumbled stone. On the island, literally nothing was left on the surface.

"N-no!" Jinora gasped. She couldn't believe it, Ikki looking to Taar in anger, tears down her face. Taar didn't seem to notice too much about it but wanted the ship away from its eye. Suddenly, the hair on its head started to move and mold and suddenly started to wrap around the airship. The team tried to stop Taar, but it showed no mercy, as the airship was completely wrapped up, including those on board. Taar began moving the airship down to the water below with little to no effort, continuing its walk. Soon as it was low enough, Taar dropped the airship in the water near the actual water ships down below, releasing everyone on deck as well. Afterwards, the sky was completely covered by Taar's body from where they were, the shadow cast down upon them ...

... Taar didn't obey its creator ...


Meanwhile, farther away, Tenzin, his family, and Asami Sato soon arrived at the evacuation area. Many of the people from Republic City were there already but not everyone, as it turned out. Still, hundreds were still there, awaiting their time to return. Tenzin landed in an opened area within the crowd of people, the family going off Oogi's back, although Asami really didn't want to stay around. She wanted to go back and help her friends. Even if she was sick, she didn't want to be the 'protected damsel' in this scenario. Pema looked to Asami, who was still up on Oogi, despite landing.

"Come down, Asami."

Asami didn't reply, staying perched on Oogi like a lone, depressed bird.

"Asami, I know you're worried but, they'll be okay. I have full faith in them, and you should -"

"Pema, stop it! Taar's beyond anything they've ever faced before! Amon, Unalaq, Vaatu, Zaheer, Kuvira, El Niño, All of them weren't big enough to make Republic City look like a toy play set!" Asami snapped. Pema looked surprised about her reaction to it all but knew Asami was worried for the others back at Republic City.

"I'm sorry, Asami. They'll be okay," Pema promised, starting to go back to her family. Asami still didn't feel any better. How could Korra just leave her behind?! Sure, Asami kind of did the same for her back at the hospital, but Korra was in much more pain than she was, and all Asami had was a fever, and she had to be left behind ...

Asami then realized her current position: she was on a Sky Bison ...

Alone ...

And Tenzin, Pema, Meelo, and Rohan were busy further away ...

Next thing they knew, the girl and Oogi were gone and flying away without the others knowing.


Back in the city, Taar continued moving off from the island towards the main city. While it was going, a strong stomp on the water with its front foot was making strong waves towards land. The ships tried over and over again with as much firepower as they could, but it had little effect on Taar's gigantic legs. Even if they were doing very little to it, Taar didn't appreciate the amount of fire hitting, so Taar moved its middle leg and slammed hard nearby a group of ships, sending them off with a tidal wave. Team Avatar's airship was moved towards the shore, the group got out. Lin's forces were starting to get nervous but remained in the beast's path, as Team Avatar began coming out from the airship, looking up to the gigantic monstrosity. None of them were sure what to do. Soon, Taar was rather close to the southern shore by that point.

"Men, open fire!" Lin ordered, as the men tried their best to fight with earth and metal. However, it was like throwing pebbles at a mountain, but when the sharpened metal was shot, they literally blasted through the leg. Yet, Taar didn't seem to notice, as the hairs on Taar's head started to stretch towards one of the taller buildings off shore, picking it up with little effort. The hairs wrapped around the building and crumbled it up like some pretzel stick, the crumbled-up debris falling down all over the place, land and shore.

"Take cover!" Lin called, trying to dodge the falling debris, alongside everyone else.

"Man, what're we going to do?!" Ikki gasped, not having a clue. After Taar finished up one of the buildings, suddenly Taar gave another strong bellow. It wasn't as intense as it was up close, but just as loud. It was loud enough to shatter up the windows within twenty shore side buildings, even toppling about five. Kuvira, not being noticed by Lin's forces yet, suddenly had an idea. The bellows Taar made sounded very familiar to her. She'd hate to do it, but if Taar wasn't going to listen, then it was probably their best shot on doing any damage. While they weren't looking, Kuvira began running to the only place it could be.

Soon after she ran, Taar began to finally place the first steps in the shallow water, the waves dangerously crashing onto the shore. However, one of the large legs was actually hovering over them all. It was too late to run, as the foot came down on them. All of them braced for impact, waiting for instant death ... But that didn't come. When Korra opened her eyes, she found herself in a dense cloud of water vapor, too thick to see beyond a foot. However, while none of them were crushed, they could barely breathe from the thickness of the vapor. Plus, it had turned to a twilight state, not much light. As Taar took another step, light and fresh air quickly returned, as the leg was lifted off of the police officers and Team Avatar. Still, that didn't mean everyone went unaffected, as the sudden change in state had the effects similar to smoke, multiple people coughing and some even on the ground from lack of oxygen. Even if it wasn't instant death, it was best not to get stepped on again. Taar looked around the entire city, getting a full view of every single part of the area. Apparently, downtown had already suffered (though not in as bad a state as before), but Taar then briefly stopped upon getting onto land. The mix of buildings and spirit trees was a little bit rough to figure out for Taar. After all, destroying a city and destroying a forest were two different factors entirely. Still, the brief pause left the people there in the shadows and gave them some time to think about what to do.

"This isn't good, nothing we can do can even slow it down," Lin said, trying to get her breath back again between coughs. Taar continued forward, with four of its six legs on land. Bizarrely, the steps didn't result in any destruction of any buildings, as they turned to air upon contact. That wasn't the main issue though; they needed to stop Taar before it could do anymore damage to the city.

Meanwhile, Kuvira continued running through the empty streets, trying to reach her destination. However, it wasn't exactly easy for her to get to her destination, but eventually she did manage to find the last place she had it: the Spirit Portal. It was still the same as she thought it was: a ton of spirit vines wrapped out of a large green portal aiming high in the sky. Taar was nearby but wasn't close enough to the portal just yet. While Kuvira tried to look around for her object, Taar was starting to turn, aiming to the area where Kuvira was. Before Kuvira could notice, the girl looked up and notice something else flying in the sky. When Kuvira looked up to see, she could see a Sky Bison flying as fast as it could towards Taar, only one passenger on its back. Seemed whoever it was, noticed Kuvira, because the bison then began flying down towards her, landing next to her. The passenger on top was, much to Kuvira's surprise, Asami Sato.

"What're you doing here?" Kuvira asked.

"I was going to ask you the same question," Asami replied, getting off of Oogi after a bit. Asami took a sec before Kuvira would reply to her.

"I'm trying to find something to fight against Taar, that's what. If I can remember correctly, it should be somewhere around here," Kuvira said, trying to look around.

"What are you looking for?"

"Listen: I had a spirit energy cannon before I was thrown in prison. If I can find it, maybe I can activate it and use it on Taar," Kuvira explained, looking around a bit as she did so. Asami looked to Taar further away, who was still slowly turning towards them (half-way by that point).

"Kuvira, why couldn't you just talk to Taar?"

"We tried that, and we ended up crashing in the bay. Taar isn't going to listen like the other Voronon did, we have to take action," Kuvira concluded. Suddenly, the two turned to Taar, as another bellow emitted from the huge beast. Taar was currently in the direction of the portal, as hair on its head started to stretch out, grappling other empty buildings and crumbling them under its head like they were nothing. By that point, planes began to fly around, trying to find a weak spot anywhere on Taar, but Taar simply ignored them for the most part. Kuvira and Asami both turned to face Taar, as it towered over them despite it being half a bay away from them. Taar began to bend its head downward and suddenly reared back on its two sets of legs, its front legs high up off the ground. As it did, the three wing-like fins spread out wide and went back. Then, with its powerful bellowing roar, moved them forward in one simultaneous flap. The movement of the wings themselves nearly knocked out a number of planes, but the result of the flap was even worse. The wind moved by the wings flew in one great sheet across the city, seen as a huge blast across the water. Kuvira, Asami, and Oogi watched as the wind created by Taar blasted forward towards the spirit portal, the seawater blasting aside as one huge wave charged towards Air Temple Island, while the other forcefully collapsed one of the city bridges. When the blast reached the land, buildings collapsed and tumbled like a ton of flimsy trees. In panic, Kuvira, Oogi, and Asami charged into the only place of safety: the Spirit Portal. Just before the mother of all blasts got to them, the three got into the portal for that brief moment. The three heard the devastation outside for two long minutes, yet everyone outside could see what the result of the attack did. What the forces, sea patrol, and Team Avatar were forced to observe was one-fourth of Republic City, in a full line, literally blown away in one attack.

"R-Raava ... Raava, help us," Korra breathed out, unable to take her eyes off of the carnage. Taar landed back down on all six legs, the frontal set landing back in the water but not causing any extra waves. Taar actually began moving a little bit faster, moving towards the portal after the carnage took place.

"We have to stop that thing!" Bolin gasped, breaking the silence.


"Lin, snap outta it, focus!" Ziyou said, but the attack done on the city was so quick and devastating that Lin was left in pure shock: far more so than any other time in her life. Ziyou, not wasting any time, brought over Lin's arm and quickly gave her a good bite, snapping her back. Of course, Lin looked angry, but Ziyou bolted before she could punch her in the face. Besides, Taar's presence was all the more serious.

"Anyone got any ideas?" Ikki asked.

"We have to freeze it in its tracks, it's in the water, right?"

"But its feet aren't solid, it's just air," Korra responded.

"Crud, you're right ..." Suddenly, her mind tried to work out something to do, despite how hurtful it was. When Taar gave another roar, Ziyou finally got it.

"Ikki, Jinora, Kai, I got an idea! Try using your airbending in that Voronon's legs, maybe that'll slow it down," Ziyou said. No one even bothered to stop her, as the airbenders went off from there, flying off towards Taar. While Taar continued to move, the airbenders got to the third set of legs in order to try it out. All together, Ikki, Jinora, and Kai all started flying around the vapor foot, bending the air from within it. Soon, the trio managed to make the water vapor foot suddenly start to spin around. Finally, Taar began to take attention to the benders below it, but the spinning foot had little effect on its movement. Seeing what the end result would be, Korra and Ziyou suddenly took action and quickly started to go over the water to get them. Ziyou used her airbending as an extra run on the water while Korra used her 'water run' technique in order to get there. While they were, Taar lifted the spinning foot, causing it to calm down, and it suddenly condensed from water vapor to solid ice. Once that was done, it slammed the foot down hard in the water, causing a giant tidal blowback on the three airbenders. Jinora, Ikki, and Kai couldn't get out of the way and were knocked down to the water hard as Korra and Ziyou retrieved them. Taar's icy foot turned back into water vapor as it continued walking, the ice actually falling into the water, giving Korra and Ziyou somewhere to put the airbenders for the time being.

Back at the Spirit Portal, Oogi, Kuvira, and Asami ventured out to see the devastation resulted from Taar's attack. The air blast made the area around the bay completely removed of any building, or any spirit tree within the area of downtown. All the buildings around them were either toppled over or flown off into the water, or even on the bridges leading to the other areas of Republic City. The attack was beyond horrific. When Taar gave another bellowing roar, it was enough to get Oogi freaked out, backing up a bit. Kuvira and Asami got onto Oogi before the fear made the bison fly in the air. However, it wasn't enough to escape Taar, as its hairs started reaching for him. Oogi tried to maneuver away, but it was a useless struggle and was caught right away. However, none of the thick strands harmed them, though took a good grip on Asami as they tried to pull her up. Kuvira saw Asami being taken and grabbed a hold of her arms. Sadly, Taar was easily too strong for her, even with Kuvira cutting away with her metal weaponry. Asami was easily pulled out of her grip and quickly taken away as Asami screamed, muffled half way from being concealed.

Asami was taken. And Kuvira didn't know what to do.

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