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Back in Republic City, the defenses were still out in numbers. Since the attack from Quixico, defense to protect the city from any other attacks had doubled - no, tripled - up along the borders and within the city itself. From what they found out thanks to Quixico, these beasts were far beyond what they were used to, and they had to be prepared for the absolute worst. Lin Beifong had gotten her forces out and around all over the city, prepared for any type of attack that would present itself. As for everyone within the city, they were on high alert, and evacuation was a priority on the slightest threat from any Voronon coming. While none of them had any clue if any Voronon were coming again, until Team Avatar said that they were all gone, they had to be ready for anything. During the whole fiasco, President Raiko had called another meeting in City Hall, trying to figure out what to do. Such a huge threat could not be ignored. Attending the meeting were Lin, Tenzin, Desna (who came down sometime after his own experience), and Raiko himself. Mainly, the meeting mostly revolved around what to do about the next attack. If another were to show up, they needed to be ready for it.

"I'm sure you all know why I gathered you all here today. As you all know, throughout the past month, many areas of the Earth Kingdom, including Republic City, have been attacked," Raiko began.

"We are well aware of the threat level, sir," Desna stated.

"Then you are also aware that we have to be ready. If one of these monsters can do this much damage, who knows what they are capable of."

"I say we go out and look for them. If we take them out first, they wouldn't even have the chance," Lin suggested.

"Korra and her friends have been doing that, Lin. I say we -"

"Korra isn't going fast enough, those demons nearly destroyed the city while she was gone!"

"Lin, enough!" Raiko demanded. Lin didn't mean to snap, but the talk about these same creatures that killed her mother right in front of her made her a bit edgy on the subject. Even so, Desna actually nodded in agreement to Lin.

"The chief has a point, sir. I saw what they are capable of, we can't leave them to such chance like this. Even if the Avatar is already handling it, we're not sure when another attack will come to the United Republic, or anywhere for that matter."

"But we can't leave the United Republic behind while we look. If one of them does come while we're away, we might come back to find nothing left."

"And you say it won't happen anywhere else? While that walrus giant was alive, it took down five different ships within a week, and dozens of lives had been taken away during that time, nearly my own as well."

"Desna, as true as that is, there won't be anyone here if we all go out to look for it. What we have to do is keep the Republic safe until all of them have been defeated," Tenzin concluded.

"I have to agree with Tenzin on this one. I have General Iroh's men patrolling the borders, and the police force guarding the city. If one of them is truly coming our way, we can't leave it alone. They have to be stopped."

"You can't be serious!" Lin protested.

"My mind is made up, Lin. Besides, you're the Chief of Police, we need you here more than ever." All Lin could do was sigh angrily. Raiko called the meeting to a close, but as they went, Raiko's phone began to ring out. Raiko got to answering it.

"Hello? ... What's wrong? ... What?! Where is it now?!" The three leaving stopped upon hearing that. "... Alright then, get your men under - Hello? Hello?! You there?!" Soon afterwards, Raiko immediately turned deadly serious, as he looked to the three in front of him.

"We got a problem, another one is heading our way!"

"What?" the three said in shock.

"The men are battling it as we speak, it is beyond what they have ever seen from what I got; Lin, get your men ready; Tenzin, get the citizens out of here; Desna, contact Avatar Korra, we need all the help we can get." The orders were quick and precise, and all three got on their way. Raiko wasn't sure exactly what Voronon was there, but he wasn't taking any to chance. If it caused as much damage as the previous one, he didn't want any lives at risk. When outside, Lin, Desna, and Tenzin split up on their tasks. However, as Tenzin started to go off along the rooftops, he suddenly stopped upon one of the larger rooftops. The reason why that was, was that he began to catch something far off in the distance. Tenzin couldn't tell very much at first, so with a few quick movements with his airbending, he got up on one of the taller skyscrapers in order to get a better look. From the building, Tenzin could see practically most of downtown, including the area where the new spirit portal was made. He also got a good view of the ocean as well ... something was out in the ocean ...


Meanwhile, the team in question had begun heading off back west on their way to return to Republic City. Since the group hadn't had any more incidents with Voronon, and since Asami and Kuvira no longer felt as deeply effected as they were, the group had decided that it was time to head back home. During the whole relaxing drive, they were chilling out in the main room. In there, Jinora was looking through her animal book she got back at the Observatory, Kai and Kuvira were playing Pai Sho together, and the others were basically doing their own thing.

"How's your game, guys?" Jinora asked, glancing over to Kai and Kuvira in their game. Suddenly, Kuvira took her chance and got her winning piece where it should be, securing her win.

"Pretty good," Kuvira said. Kai just realized that he had lost, sighing in annoyance, as Jinora went back to her book page. While she continued through her pages, Mako, Korra, and Ikki came in.

"Hi, sis!" Ikki said, surprising Jinora by landing next to her, sitting down with a big smile.

"Oh, hi, Ikki. Say, when do you think we'll be returning home?" Jinora asked.

"At this rate, we should be home this afternoon," Korra answered.

"Great! I wonder what we've missed since leaving?" Kai wondered, resetting the Pai Sho board. Kuvira though looked a bit worried, since she was once an enemy to the United Republic. What was gonna happen once they got back and found her coming out? Would they just throw her back behind bars? Would they take her as she was, or shun her completely? While she tried to think, Korra saw the look on her face and went over to her.

"Hey, Kuvira, it'll be okay. I'm sure after some explaining, they'll warm up to you," Korra assured.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Well, I've forgiven you, haven't I? We all did. I'm sure they'll understand." Kuvira, whilst still unsure about the whole situation, nodded in agreement. At least, she hoped that the others would agree to her so quickly. However, before things could continue, Ziyou suddenly came in.

"Korra, there you are."

"What is it?"

"It's Asami, I think she caught a fever or something, I don't know. Come here, maybe you can help," Ziyou insisted. Confused, Korra decided to go with her, along with Jinora. Soon enough, Ziyou brought them to Asami's room. Asami herself was still lying in her bed, despite it being late in the morning. She looked a bit stressed, eyes closed, teeth slightly gritted, and sweat on her face. Korra immediately looked worried about the girl in front of her.

"She's been like that all morning," Ziyou said, as Korra went over to her, kneeling down, putting her hand on Asami's forehead, feeling how hot her forehead actually was. Asami opened her eyes once Korra felt her forehead.

"Oh my, Asami, you're burning up!" Korra gasped. Asami moved her head a little bit to look at Korra.

"Man, must've been that darn trip through the jungle," Ziyou thought aloud. Jinora looked worried towards Asami, as the girl got up in a sitting position.

"You feeling okay?" Korra asked. Asami took a minute, holding her forehead.

"I'm tired ... A bit hot, too..."

"Don't worry, we'll be back in Republic City, and you'll get better in no time, don't worry," Korra assured her. Jinora and Ziyou moved off out of the way, as Korra stayed with her for a little bit more.

"Anything I can get you?" Korra asked.

"Some water would be great, thank you." Korra nodded and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Asami felt a case of déjà vu hit, Asami doing the same thing to Korra while she was in her hospital bed. Asami blushed a little bit before Korra left her to her fever.


Time ticked on to the afternoon. Back in Republic City, the news was spreading around the city at a fast rate, as Raiko wanted. Tenzin was even more quick to try to get everyone on the memo, especially since he actually saw something gigantic move off shore. Speaking of which, the giant could still be seen very far away, moving ever closer. The defenses tried to get themselves prepared as well before said thing could show up, both from Iroh and Lin. Meanwhile, on Air Temple Island, the family had yet to be told of the danger. In fact, Meelo and Rohan were having fun together with a little telescope they had. Pema was handling cleaning up the house. At that point, Rohan was fiddling with the telescope for a bit, enjoying the little play thing, when suddenly the boy got a good view of something far off into the ocean.

"That's so cool!" Rohan beamed.

"What is it? Let me see," Meelo insisted, trying to get a look through it. However, little Rohan wasn't done with it yet and tried to keep it from Meelo.

"It's still my turn," Rohan insisted, pulling the telescope away. Meelo didn't give up so easily and tried to have a look without Rohan pulling it back. While they were doing that, Pema looked over to the boys.

"Meelo, Rohan, you two playing nice?" Pema asked. While Meelo agreed, Pema looked outside too. While the telescope was a good touch, it wasn't actually needed to see what was coming their way. Pema quickly went over to the window, all three of them looking out to sea. All of them could see something move around towards them at a very slow pace. However, suddenly they heard someone running into the room to find them looking out the window. Turned out, it was Tenzin who had come about to them after rushing around the city.

"Hi, Fad, did you see that thing?" Meelo asked, pointing out to the ocean.

"Yes, I have seen that. Listen, we have to go before it shows up, Raiko has gotten a full evacuation underway," Tenzin explained. While Rohan still didn't understand the situation, Pema had gotten the idea, as Tenzin and Meelo got out. Rohan watched the thing in amazement, but Pema picked him up and got him moving before he could do anything else. The air family quickly got outside, Tenzin giving a strong whistle.

"Oogi!" Tenzin called. No sooner afterwards, the sky bison in question flew out from the sky, landing in front of them. Tenzin quickly got Pema, Meelo, and Rohan on Oogi before getting on himself. A quick 'yip-yip' and Oogi was flying off again towards the evacuation area. It was all Tenzin could really do for the moment, as he glanced back at the beast far off shore.

Meanwhile, as if on cue, the airship that had Team Avatar in it started to fly over the mountains towards the city. The air family, being in the air, could just see the airship fly over and began heading over there to warn them. Meanwhile, inside said airship, the team hadn't noticed anything just yet. In fact, Ziyou and Ikki had just noticed they made it at all, not looking out to sea yet.

"Guys, we made it! We're back home," Ikki beamed, as Ziyou continued looking. The others in the room were glad to hear that, but suddenly Ziyou looked out a bit further to Air Temple Island ... Eyes wide and face full of shock. It took a while before one of them actually noticed Ziyou's look, Bolin in particular.

"Hey, Ziyou, I know you're excited but, we haven't been gone for that," Bolin reminded. That didn't change Ziyou's look. Bolin tried getting her attention, but the girl then grabbed Bolin by the chin and moved his head forward. At first, Bolin didn't catch it, but when he did, he was left shocked, mouth agape.

"What's wrong, you two?" Korra asked at one point. The two turned back to her, not changing expressions at first.

"We got a problem," Ziyou managed to say. Unsure of what she meant, Korra went over and looked out the window herself ... Then she saw it.

Although it looked tiny from where they were as they flew in, it was extremely far away, which made it very scary. Even from very far away, they could see the features rather well. A gigantic beast, far beyond comprehension. Its skin was a tint of sea blue to match the sky, the broad head white with long flowing hair going down the neck, as if defying gravity for the whole strands to stay on its skin. It also had three sets of huge hairless legs, closely resembling a human leg. Along its shoulder were three sets of wing-like extensions, resembling the fins of an orca or a sea turtle, two of which evenly lined while a smaller third pair was a bit behind, lining to a sort of triangle shape. Exact details (feet, eyes, etc.) weren't able to be seen, but that was the least of their worries. That thing was coming their way. It didn't appear to look like any voronon they'd ever seen before, but it was far more dangerous considering the sheer size of it...

"... No ... Taar ..."

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