Ep.12: Crashing Waves PT2
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Book Five: Memory



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April 18, 2015

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Ep.11: Crashing Waves PT1

There they were, Team Avatar all returning to the mortal world. It was quite a shocker, though most of that shock came from the return of Korra's pet. After so long as well. The Polar Bear Dog, Naga, got up to her feet as everyone else came to life, getting back up.

"Korra, you've returned!" Hotaru said in excitement. Korra and Ziyou fully came around first, both not leaving Naga's side.

"What happened? Did you figure out what to do?" Ikki asked eagerly.

"And what's that?" Hotaru asked, not having seen Naga before. Naga licked Hotaru's face as everyone looked around.

"That's Naga, Korra's pet. Did anything happen?" Mako asked.

"Indeed, El Niño was already here, but he retreated just before you returned," Izumi explained, getting their attention.

"He did?! Where is he?" Ziyou asked, more urgent.

"Don't know, but he couldn't have gone far. He literally just left," Desna advised. They all looked over to the exit of the palace. Even if El Niño was gone, they could still sense him nearby...

They had to go after him.

Naga got ready, as Korra got up on Naga's back. As if Korra needed words to tell the others what they had to do, as she got herself ready. With a smirk on her face, and heart void filled again, Korra looked on ahead.

"Let's go, girl," Korra said, as Naga gave a determined howl before running right out of the palace, the guards moving out of the beast's way. Ziyou followed her as quickly as she could. As they went, Asami turned to those waiting.

"Wait here, if all goes well, the problem will be over," Asami assured, as she went out, alongside Desna and Eska, Opal and Ikki. Everyone else awaited for them in case something happened back at the palace. The problem would be solved.


No sooner after rushing out, everyone was on high alert, and on a run about to find El Niño somewhere in the city. Among many places, a glowing spirit had nowhere to hide among the night. The full moon was a good light as well for them. As everyone was on the ground, rushing around, Opal and Ikki took the sky route, and flew over the city to find said spirit. Thanks to their eye in the sky, El Niño was easily spotted, practically 'skating' on the ground towards the exit of the city!

"There he is!" Opal announced, she and Ikki already flying fast towards El Niño. The spirit in question was making good pace on the ground, his arms flailing behind him as he did so. However, Opal and Ikki rushed for him, Opal flying over him to cut him off as Ikki went full force on him! Course, El Niño noticed them, but wasn't able to stop Opal from blocking the way, charging at him at full speed! Faced with the humans turned monsters, El Niño quickly bolted to the left, Ikki and Opal missing each other by inches. Although having dodged Ikki and Opal, that gave the others enough time to catch up, El Niño soon having to deal with Naga, Korra and Ziyou. Upon sight, El Niño bolted off away from them, Naga locking on their target like a guided missile. However, Korra and Ziyou noticed how scared he was, as if something had happened.

"Why's he so scared of us?" Wondered Korra.

"Don't know, don't care, catch him!" Ziyou yelled. As Naga ran, Ziyou saw a higher balcony, and leaped off Naga's back, rushing in her 4-legged style to keep up with them. El Niño tried to get the water trail behind him to start swaying, in order to unbalance the angry beast, but that didn't work due to Naga's strong claws. It was a little too late when El Niño noticed Ziyou running on the high ground, and pounced down right at him! El Niño and Ziyou tumbled about for a bit, but El Niño managed to get himself out and continue rushing off. Naga grabbed Ziyou, got her on her back, and continued after him. Despite the idea of El Niño being afraid of humans now than just fighting them, the group still kept on his tail, knowing what to do when he was fully subdued.

El Niño continued his skating rush towards the exit, yet his attackers were still close behind him. Seeing he wasn't going to lose them this way, El Niño decided on something new: as he was skating, the water suddenly altered into a VERY steep ramp, going about 20 feet upward -that was just counting the incline straight up- at the very top, he swiped his tentacle behind him, causing the top to jut outward about a foot.

"Oh great, acting smart. Ready sis?" Ziyou asked.

"Always," Korra replied, as Naga started running up the incline of gooey water. Soon as she made it to the jut, Naga slammed into it, acting like a catapult for Korra and Ziyou to launch off, passing the block with flying colors. As they were airborne, the incline ended pretty much straight down, inclined and slanted as well. As if reading each other's mind, Korra quickly froze a chunk of the water, into an ice board. Korra and Ziyou landed on it, rocketing down immediately, and at a speed only matched by a Satomobile! El Niño thought he got the better of them, but seeing them rocket down at him made him all the more freaked out, skating off as fast as he could. However, comparing him to the speed the snowboard was going, he was out matched. El Niño thought of a bolt off to the side, but Korra saw that coming and grabbed his tentacle as they rocketed pass.

"No you don't!" Korra yelled, as they rocketed down the road on the iceboard, El Niño almost comically being dragged behind like a can attached to a string, attached to a speeding motorbike. However, Korra and Ziyou couldn't stop the iceboard too well, and even more so, El Niño saw an upcoming parked car, so with a free tentacle, he gripped the car tire as best he could. However, Korra's strength was more than he knew, because he found himself stretched down the highway until the iceboard slowed down. After managing to slip from her grip, El Niño was launched like a slingshot back in the same direction they came. Ziyou and Korra stopped, yet now El Niño was launched in the other direction. In fact, El Niño was launched back up his makeshift tower, right back at the top! Seeing Opal and Ikki flying overhead, El Niño suddenly made a small dome around himself, making it impossible for them to reach him! Korra and Ziyou caught up, as the others joined up. Naga got around to their side, Opal and Ikki landed by then, and Asami, Desna and Eska caught up with them.

"Great, guy's playing possum chicken with us. How do we get him out?" Ziyou asked.

"Korra, start sending him off to the Spirit World, he's not gonna move!" Ikki insisted.

"I can't work properly while he's up there. Besides, he'll bolt off soon as he notices," Korra pointed out. However, Eska already had her idea in motion, as she walked right over to the water wall. After a deep breath, her demonic grin returned to her face, as she walked right in! Her waterbending made a tunnel through, as she suddenly started up, right towards him.

In the dome, El Niño was huddled up in the middle of his makeshift room, trying to remain calm, and his lower body gone within the watery floor. However, soon as he opened his eyes, he was looking directly into the eyes of a devilish stare, and an equally killer smile evident right on her face.

"Time to go, El Niño."

The very sight of her made El Niño panic, and bolt off, exploding the top to escape as he screamed. The group got ready as he went for them.

"NO, LEAVE ME ALONE, ALMIGHTY!" El Niño screeched, running past the others. Him screaming 'almighty' did get some confusion among the others, as Eska got back outside with the others.

"Almighty? What's that about?" Asami asked, looking to Eska. The Water Tribe chiefest gave a small chuckle - much to their confusion.

"Let's just say I had fun with his point of view," Eska concluded. El Niño was rushing off like a paranoid cults for a while, but he didn't go too far that time. That was only because Naga got in his way, snarling like a true savage beast, right in his face. That gave Eska enough time to catch up, and tackled him to the dirt, freezing him in her palms so he wouldn't escape her icy grip! El Niño struggled like crazy, as Eska kept her hold and looked to Korra.

"What're you waiting for, send him back," Eska said urgently, trying to keep the spirit from escaping her grip.

"Eska, I can't! If I send him off now, you'll -"

"I don't care, hurry, before he gets out!" Eska demanded. Korra waited a bit, and could see the determination on the girl's face. Everyone else could only watch, as Korra began...

Slowly and steadily, Korra started to bend the water from El Niño's tower, and began to spiral it around El Niño and Eska. Eska could feel the power of her technique on her, as she readied for the inevitable coming her way, as the spiral of water started to glow its yellow amber light. As hoped, El Niño began to disappear in the light, though he had given up by that point... Eska too...

...Then it was done...

As the light faded, El Niño was completely gone, disappeared, and sent off back to the Spirit World. Almost instantly after he was gone, the Qishi suddenly started to twitch, and disappear as well. Soon, all evidence of the Qishi were all gone, and that tower collapsed into scattered water. Everything was quiet... They'd won...


The next morning was a quiet one. The capital, once brought in by the Qishi, was quiet as the sun rose on the Qishi-exterminated Fire Nation. Korra looked out on the city from the front of the palace, when Firelord Izumi came forward, stopping beside her.

"I want to thank you again for what you did, Avatar Korra," Izumi said. Korra looked over to her.

"It's no trouble," Korra sighed. Izumi looked out to her city as well, continuing their talk.

"News of Fire Fountain came through this morning - the flooding has ceased, and the Qishi have disappeared from the rest of the Fire Nation."

"Yeah...That's great..."

"Is something the matter?"

"...It's Eska. She threw her life away to help stop El Niño... I don't know if I can forgive myself for ending my cousin's life like that..."

Izumi placed a hand on her shoulder.

"She sacrificed her life for the sake of the people. A choice made by a true leader. Be grateful her life in this world did not end in vain..." Korra turned away, not looking at the Firelord.

"I've ended only one life before... And I've had no other choice...but this is different..."

"It'll be okay, Avatar. Her goal exceeded her own. Her passing was honorable... Korra, I've been the Firelord since I was your age. One thing I've learned, is that when those you care for are in danger, it sometimes takes a loss, in order to protect, and reach that goal you're trying so hard for..."

"It still hurts."

"And it will hurt. Time will heal the pain, Avatar come, your ship is ready to bring you back to Republic City," Izumi informed, walking away from her. Korra still stood there in wonder; sure, she and Eska weren't the closest family members known, but still, taking someone out from your own family by choice instead of hurt...


Some time later, Ziyou was still looking around the palace for one person: Desna. Desna was a bit silent since last night, and was the only one left out of the whole group. Though it didn't take much time to find him. Desna was still in his room, looking out the window, quiet and alone.

"Desna?...Are you okay?"

Desna didn't reply to her, though Ziyou could tell that a piece of Desna's heart had been torn away. Even if he didn't show it.

"I miss her already..." Desna said finally, as Ziyou walked to him.

"Eska...She chose to do this..." Desna concluded, a hand resting on the window sill.

"Oh...I see...we all miss her too, it's not like you're the only who cared for her," Ziyou said.

"I know...Ziyou. I never thought it would end this way...not this way..." Desna said, the last part under pained breath. Among so many, he'd never would've believed he would lose his sister after so long, and when she was so close to him...

"Desna. It'll be okay. I don't think Eska would want you to shut down like this. Besides...mourning won't bring her back..."

"What can I do? I never done anything without her...what can I do...?"

"...Here. You go back with us, rest up back in Republic City, and return to the North Pole to continue your ruling. It's what Eska would want you to do..."

Silence filled the air for a bit, Ziyou and Desna just standing there... Yet, Desna then hugged his cousin deeply, catching Ziyou slightly off guard. Despite that, she returned the hug to him, not saying much else.

"Uh...You're welcome..."

Eventually, Desna let her go, a tear down his face as Ziyou started walking out.

"Come on now, the group's waiting to go," Ziyou finished, walking out. Desna simply sighed, and walked out to join her...

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