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Ep.12: Voice of the Crypt

Republic City was still its usual self as Lin drove the armored truck into her station. When it came to exact results, the involvement with Kuvira was NOT a happy one for her - the dictator managing to escape, and for Suyin to actually let her made her feel pretty ticked. For her, Suyin was already gone and heading back to Zaofu, so the drive back to Republic City was silent, only her radio playing her tunes as she finally made it back. Lin simply went inside, out of the armored truck, and went to her office. She made sure to have the door locked behind her - she didn't want any interruptions after her long drive. Her office became very quiet, Lin resting her head on her desk as she tried to relax a bit.

"Man, now what?" Lin thought, trying to calm down. Lin then glanced over and saw a childhood picture of herself, Suyin, and Toph all together. All Lin did was groan on sight of it and turned her head. As if Kuvira's escape and the long drive weren't enough, the fact that her mother was no longer alive was the icing on top of Lin's stress cake. The police chief tried to think on what to do to calm herself down and relax. At first though, she couldn't really think of anything to exactly do in order to relax. While she was, she heard a knock on the door.

"Leave me alone."

"Chief, someone wants to see you."

"Well, tell whoever it is to come back another time, I'm off duty," Lin groaned. She was in no mood to talk with anyone at the moment. However, the voice from the other side made her change her mind.

"Lin, open up the door, I haven't seen you in nearly two weeks."

She could easily recognize the voice - Tenzin was behind that door. Why was he exactly there? Not getting up, she used her metal bending to unlock the door from her seat, allowing the airbender inside. Tenzin could immediately tell that Lin wasn't in her better moods, but he went in anyway.

"What do you want, Tenzin?" Lin asked, her head resting on her hand, looking away.

"I've come to see you, Lin. You've been gone for quite some time."

"Tenzin, you and I both know you don't just 'drop by' to see people. You got something important to tell me, get it over with," Lin said. They both knew Lin was right on that one, and Tenzin did have something he wanted to tell her, being the Chief of Police and all.

"President Raiko had a meeting a few days ago and informed Republic City about the increasing problem with giant monsters attacking the Earth Kingdom. He insisted I tell you once you came back to be on your guard until the problem is resolved."

Lin got up soon after hearing that, a groan escaping her lips.

"I think I already know - one of those monsters attacked me and Suyin already back at the Foggy Swamp."

"I see. I'm glad you made it out alright, but what about Kuvira?"

"Kuvira's escaped." The message was short and quick, but enough to surprise and immediately worry Tenzin.

"What?! Where'd she go?"

"I don't know, but Suyin insisted to let her go for some reason. Now, can you go? It's been a long week, and I'm in no mood," Lin insisted. Tenzin expected that kind of response from Lin Beifong, so he turned to go. Before he could though, Lin's phone rang up. Lin, although not wanting to, picked it up and answered as Tenzin started to walk out.

"Hello, Republic City Police Force."

"Hi Lin, you back in the city?"

"Korra? Haven't heard from you in a while."

Upon hearing the name, Tenzin stopped and turned around. He too hadn't heard from Korra in quite some time. On the other end, Korra was talking through their temporary home phone, main one they got on hand.

"Yeah that's right. We've been pretty busy lately, handling the Voronon issue pretty well," Korra said.

"Yeah, they didn't know what hit them!" Ziyou added, talking from the same line.

"Is that so? Well, what'd you got so far?"

"Well only a few. Gronihag, Yiplov, Katayt, Koyot, and Liunovvix so far, but Asami keeps saying there's more to get. Dunno how many though."

Tenzin tried the phone next.

"How're Jinora and Ikki, are they doing alright?"

"They're doing pretty good. In fact, they're right here," Korra answered back, giving her end to Jinora.

"Hi, Dad."

"Jinora, great to hear from you. How's your little sister?"

"We're both doing just fine and making plenty of progress!"

Soon, Lin got the phone back, as Jinora gave it to Korra.


"Yeah, I'm here."

"Okay, good, look, we got a problem. It's Kuvira, she'd escaped custody and is still at large," Lin warned...however, Lin could hear some odd discussion, until she heard Korra give the phone to someone else.

"You're referring to me?"

"Kuvira?! What're you doing there?!"

"Lin Beifong, let me make it clear that I'm no longer going to take over the Earth Kingdom, I'm staying with Korra to stop the Voronon."

"Don't try any games! What did you do to -"

"It's fine, she's cool now. You need a spa trip or something, you're getting snappy," Ikki responded from the other end. Lin, hand to forehead, just sighed.

"I've got enough to do over here, just don't do anything rash, got it? Good, now I have to go."

"Alright, Chief, talk to you soon," Korra finished. Both ends hung up, Lin trying to calm down a bit more. Tenzin bid her farewell and walked on out. Lin got to thinking for a bit on what to do...

That spa trip did start to sound good...


About a mile or two away from the city, the borders had been a bit amped up on security. Ever since the Voronon news had spread, Raiko had called upon military defense in order to deal with any oncoming threats. However, none of them knew exactly how to truly deal with a Voronon, but assignments were assignments, and they just had to go through with it. Along the eastern border, the men were still on patrol in their designated area, the land around quiet as soldiers moved around in lined fashion. While they continued, suddenly one of the soldiers looked on ahead, the sky starting to cast an odd shadow down onto them.

"Enemy inbound! Fire away!" one of them called. However, no matter how many boulders, fireballs, or whatever were fired at it, it didn't even flinch as it just flew passed them. As it did, the wind rocketed the soldiers in all direction, along with any weapon or vehicle nearby...

Almost like nothing was there...


First thing one would guess, Lin would be right at her office, stressed as usual. Next minute, Lin was down on a massager's table, only in a spa robe with a smile of pure content on her face. The women massaging her back was doing an excellent job on her shoulders and back, giving her the full treatment. Why didn't she think of this sooner?

"Oohh yeah," Lin sighed, resting her head comfortably on the pillow in front of her.

"There you go. We'll get the mud bath ready in just a minute," the massager said after finishing. Lin felt very relaxed, so no gripe about waiting from her. Lin stayed comfortably in her spot, the comfort of the table very nice...

"Hey there, didn't expect to see you here."

Lin's eyes shot open upon the voice. Turning to her right, she soon saw a much younger boy laying next to her. He had on fancy shades too for a different look. She wasn't sure if he was a rare sight or she set herself up for this...

"Wu? How long were you there?"

"Just getting the expert treatment while you were zoned out on the massages."

Lin sighed and settled down again.


"Yeah, it feels wonderful, doesn't it? The workers here are the best ever," Wu complimented, one of them setting down a bowl of complimentary cherries for both of them. Wu happily picked one up and popped it into his mouth.

"Well, they're doing fine so far," Lin sighed. While Wu got up after another worker got ready for him, Lin sighed in relief - happy to avoid the kid's conversation. However, as she laid comfortably on her table, one of the attendants went right to her.

"Your mud bath's all set, Miss Beifong," she said. With a nod, Lin got up and walked to the room in question... As she left, none of them were aware of the bowl of fruit that shook ever so slightly, a cherry falling to the ground...


About a few hours later, Lin Beifong happily walked back outside, feeling so much more flexible than before, her muscles happily relaxed and tensity completely diminished. Lin had never felt better. After a good stretch, the officer began going back to her house, heading down the road. As she did, though, she began seeing a group of familiar faces up ahead. Just at the corner, three people were hanging out there: Varrick, Zhu Li, and Hotaru. Hotaru was mainly looking to Zhu Li, probably wondering about her pregnancy and such. With a smile, Lin Beifong went right over.

"Well if it isn't the Chief of Police herself! How's it been?" Varrick began.

"I'm doing much better, just finished my trip to the spa," Lin said, giving another satisfied stretch.

"A spa trip? I didn't think you'd go there," Hotaru admitted, rubbing the back of his head. Lin would be annoyed, but she was in a good mood still, so she didn't say anything.

"So, what about you three, anything new?"

"Well, I'm happy to say our new flying machines are doing very well! If all goes good, it should be up in a month or two," Hotaru said with a smile. Lin was impressed a bit, having heard of their progress for a while. She then turned to Zhu Li and Varrick.

"And you two?"

"We're doing great, won't be long until we have two more little ones running around," Zhu Li said, resting her hands on her stomach.


"That's right. After a quick look over, turns out there's two in there. I'm so excited," Zhu Li said.

"Yeah, me too!" added Varrick.

"Well, looking forward to it."

While they continued talking, Hotaru glanced behind Lin and suddenly noticed something...peculiar, going through the sky. Varrick and Zhu Li both noticed it too, but Lin was unsure just yet, until she followed their gazes. Up in the sky, they all noticed something huge flying through the air. Many other people had seen the creature as it moved in but were unsure exactly how to react. The beast looked like a giant dragon, about twice as big as a normal dragon would get. Its entire body was covered in hard rock armor, covering fur underneath. It also had a long thin tail, with two stone wings to keep it in the air until it landed on the street. Its landing nearly caused a huge car crash, as many people had to stop once it landed. Everyone around, including the first to see it, just watched as the giant turned to face them. It didn't do much at first but leaned in towards Zhu Li, who was pretty scared as to what this thing would do to her.

"Hey, get away from her, you overgrown lizard!" Varrick demanded, blocking its way. The giant creature didn't react too much to Varrick's bravery, more focused on Zhu Li than her husband. Hotaru and Lin both stood aside, Lin feeling some hint of anger build in her upon seeing the beast. The view of its blue eyes and golem appearance told her that this was another Voronon. And she was JUST getting relaxed too...

The giant beast just looked Zhu Li over, despite the angry man in front of it. It appeared to be sensing the unborn children inside of her, getting a mental picture. The low groan it got was one of confusion, and it looked over the whole crowd. It took just one step forward, almost stepping on Varrick, to trigger an attack from Lin, sending a metal cable around its neck to keep it still. However, the dragon snapped Lin's cable off completely and moved back. Its long tail moved over to Zhu Li, moving her until she was behind it. Lin tried to fight again, but it nearly flattened her, slamming its tail on the pavement like a club. Lin and Hotaru rushed to gain distance, but the tail followed them until it flicked them back to the others. As Lin and Hotaru got back up, the beast reared back, spreading its wings nice and wide. Many of them expected a charge, but all the giant did was rally up the hit and clapped its wings together up front. The result was a gigantic gust of wind, sending almost everything flying down the road. Cars rolled off a good foot while the people flew for over twenty feet in one hit, sending the whole crowd off like a pile of leaves. Zhu Li felt her heart stop upon watching everyone fly off, especially Varrick. The love of her life, and here he was skidding on the ground for about thirty seconds before slowing down. The dragon turned back to Zhu Li for a second, seeing the kind of fear the girl had on her face. But instead of bothering with her, it raised its wings and lifted itself into the air, flying away from the scene. None of the people died, but injuries were high and brutal. Zhu Li went right over to them, as they tried getting themselves up.

"Varrick, are you okay?!"

"Could've been better."

"What on earth was that thing?" Hotaru wondered, as the beast flew off.

"I don't know, but that thing's strong as heck though, how did it do that?!"

Lin got up, after the giant dragon had gone. She knew how dangerous these things could be, and such a large animal amongst Republic City is basically a massacre waiting to happen. Forgetting the relaxation, it was time to get serious.


On Air Temple Island, activity had gone very quiet among the air family. The only ones there for the moment were Pema, Meelo, and Rohan. Rohan was asleep, and Pema was cleaning up. Meelo was just pacing around by the window, annoyed as heck that he couldn't go off and fight anything for the team, while his sisters were given that kind of privilege?! The two could barely fight like him, as far as he was concerned.

"Hey Meelo, honey? Is everything alright?"

"I'm bored! Why were Ikki and Jinora allowed to go?! I'm the toughest airbender ever!" Meelo complained, looking out the window to the city.

"I'm sure you are, but your sisters have more experience than you do. Don't worry, you'll get your chance," Pema promised, though Meelo wasn't feeling much better. However, as he was looking out the window, Meelo began to notice something in the city. His annoyance immediately switched to curiosity upon seeing the giant beast flying in the sky, away from the city and towards the island. Pema looked out the window and soon saw the same giant dragon coming right towards them. While Meelo was excited to see the thing, Pema grew very worried (she too was told of the meeting with President Raiko). The giant dragon gently landed on the island shores, the rocky feet making a small tremor upon landing.

"Wow!" Meelo gasped, the beast not noticing them at first. Pema got very worried.

"Meelo, get downstairs, now," Pema advised. Meelo, though confused, started heading down as Pema went to get Rohan. The dragon rested for a bit, but the noise it made while sleeping woke up Rohan in his room. Curious, the tired boy moved to the window, looking over at the beast. Rohan reacted similar to Meelo and actually waved to the beast, the dragon taking notice. The giant animal moved so it was eye to eye with Rohan.

"Hello! I am Rohan," Rohan introduced, his innocence blinding him to the situation. The dragon gave a soft groan, as it backed away, its tail raised up. Only then did Pema rush in.


Pema looked outside and saw the dragon again. In fear for her child, Pema rushed and grabbed Rohan, as the giant dragon turned, its tail being swung fully around. Pema got out of the way just in time, the giant's tail ripping out a huge chunk of the temple. The wall was removed from Rohan's room, so both figures were able to see each other. Pema ran off with Rohan in her grasp, the giant beast trying to reach them both all the while. Pema and Rohan rushed downstairs to join with Meelo, but the beast continued trying to look for them. While the giant beast continued to potentially collapse the air temple from outside, its eyes turned orange as it rammed the temple to reach the air family. Every hit it made the temple weaker and weaker as time went on. Before it could fully finish off the temple, suddenly it felt an air blast hit its back!

"Leave my family alone!"

The dragon turned around and saw Tenzin rushing right at it, the dragon changing targets. Pema, Meelo, and Rohan peeked outside from the door, the giant dragon rushing towards Tenzin, the master airbender dodging many attacks the beast had done. However, each time it missed, it wrecked a different part of the island (mostly trees), which made everyone around a bit worried as to what it could do. The dragon raised its wings at one point and performed the similar attack it'd done earlier. However, Tenzin, being an airbender, made an air shield to keep him still as the air blast was launched off, making an indent in the ocean for a second as it passed over. Tenzin looked back at the result of the blast.

"It can airbend? Explains a lot," he thought, looking back at the dragon, as it hovered in the air. Tenzin readied to fight again but instead of charging at the old man, the dragon flew back, narrowly avoiding knocking over the temple, and started to fly back to the city. Tenzin watched it go, as the others came outside, standing by him. However, as the dragon continued to fly back to the city, the shoreline was lined up with a ton of guards and police men, brought together by Lin Beifong. The police chief wanted this thing to be stopped as soon as possible, and she had to beat the thing down.

"Men, fire when ready," Lin ordered, eyes right on the beast. The dragon flew towards them, battle mode ready, and the metalbenders shot first with large metal cables. All shots hit their mark and wrapped around the dragon's wings. Locked, the beast plummeted to the ground below, a huge tremor emitting soon after landing. The beast struggled to get them off, but the police officers kept at it. Whenever it got one cable snapped, another one would latch on. Three of the officers latched onto its tail, but the beast easily threw them off into the sea. Tenzin, using his airbending to zoom across the water, soon joined up with the officers, his family staying behind and watching the battle.

"Tenzin, glad you can join us," Lin commented.

"Likewise," Tenzin said, rushing in alongside Lin Beifong to fight the beast. The dragon struggled with the metal cables and the constant beating from the fighters around it. The beast gave a gigantic, blood-curdling shriek, one that made everyone stop for the second. That second was all it took to get itself free, shaking off the group of fighters like fleas. The giant raised its wings once more and gave another air blast. Tenzin only got a few officers and Lin Beifong safe, while the rest was blown away in the blink of an eye. The air blast whacked against one of the buildings, unknowingly weakening it.

"How strong is this thing?" Tenzin wondered.

"I don't know. Get ready!" Lin answered, the beast landing back on all fours. The dragon stood still, eyes directly on the humans in front of it. Both sides remained still for a bit, ready for anything...but one of the officers looked behind them and saw the weakened building...


Lin turned back and saw the building starting to lean towards them. The air hit had made the thing too weak to stand.

"Everyone, run!" Lin yelled, starting to move out of the way of the falling building. Everyone else ran off as fast as they could, leaving the dragon walking after them. However, unlike them, it hadn't noticed the falling building, until it was too late. In one shattering crush, the building collapsed right on the dragon. All the creature could do was screech just before being covered, the crash leaving a giant cloud of dust in its wake. When the dust cleared, it revealed the devastation; an entire building completely destroyed, with the dragon's head only visible sticking out from under it. The eyes no longer glowed, signifying its death...


For the day to follow, the damage done by the giant beast had been done; the air temple had to be repaired for a while, and many workers had to clear up the wreckage done by the dragon, along with removing the body of the beast. Many people were hurt, but very few had to be hospitalized because of the attack. While everything was getting handled, Meelo took the time to call back the team after so long. After all, he didn't have anything better to do since being alone was a total drag for him. The phone took a little bit, but Meelo did eventually get through.


"Hi, Asami, how's it been?"

"Oh, hi, Meelo! Things have been going a bit slow, but we're making progress. How's it going back in the city?"

"BORING! There's nothing to do, when are you guys coming back home?"

"We'll be back soon, but for now, we're about to leave Ba Sing Se."

"You're that far away? Man! And you've just missed it too!"

"Missed what?"

"A huge dragon was in town today! It looked awesome, looked like a rock lizard or something."

Asami didn't say anything at first, despite Meelo's excitement. The description, though short, was enough to get her to know what it was. A huge dragon made of rock meant another Voronon.

"Quixico," she thought. She gave a gulp before replying to Meelo on the other end.

"It's not still going around, right?"

"No no, the police took care of it. Wish I could've helped, but mom said no."

Asami breathed a sigh or relief.

"That's good. Anyway, we'll try to get back soon."

"Okay great, bye!"

"Bye, Meelo."

With that said, both sides hung up...

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