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Book Five: Memory



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Ep.9: Naga's Lost Days

The days continued onward, Team Avatar keeping their ride with Hotaru, who happily took the wheel after Asami's fiasco with the Blimpus some time ago. The attack didn't go without scaring, the truck taking quite a toll from it, but at least it was still able to operate right. Even if their time with Hotaru was short, they warmed up to their new friend for his help. Hotaru too had grown to enjoy the group a bit, getting to know the various members of the group, including Ziyou being Korra's sister. Hotaru himself was in complete ecstasy about the whole thing, being a part of the group and assisting the Avatar, Chiefs of the Water Tribe, and the leader of Future Industries all in the same day. What chances would he have for that?

At one point during the drive, late at night, the group took some time to rest up, probably for the best anyway. The area was open, calm, and perfect for a nighttime rest before reaching the Capitol. With some help from Mako, the group had gotten a good fire going to keep them warm through the night. Some of the group (Ikki, Mako, Desna and Eska) were already asleep while the others were around the fire.

"How much longer?" Ziyou asked, laying on her back.

"Not too long. No distractions, and we should make it there by tomorrow," Hotaru replied, sitting down next to Kai.

"That's good, the sooner the better."

"Say, why are you guys heading there anyway? Needing to see the Fire Lord?" Hotaru asked.

"A spirit told me to go to the Fire Nation Capitol; seemed very urgent. So, in a way, yeah," Korra said, remembering that spirit voice, which told her where to go anyway. Then Opal started thinking.

"How do you think she's doing? We haven't heard of her since leaving Fire Fountain," Opal reminded. It was true: from all that traveling through the Fire Nation, they didn't hear a word about Fire Lord Izumi once in all that time. Last thing she told them was that she'd handle the havoc in the flooded Fire Fountain while they went after El Niño, but that was about it.

"I'm sure she's just fine. Who knows, maybe she's waiting for us back in the Capitol by now," Asami assured.

"Why's the Fire Lord in Fire Fountain?" Hotaru asked.

"Oh...well, Fire Fountain's kinda underwater right now, but we're trying to find the culprit, El Niño, so we can fix it," Bolin said. Of course, Hotaru was kind of shocked to hear the news about Fire Fountain, but at least he was assured they were working on a solution to the issue...whatever that was.

"And how exactly will that help?" Hotaru asked.

"Best chance is that we can somehow convince the guy to fix this mess, and we're good. Seems straight forward," Ziyou said.

"We didn't decide on that, Ziyou," Korra reminded.

"You got a better idea? May I remind you he can move a whole ocean with just a lift of his hand!"

"And may I remind you that I tried to talk some sense into him already, and it didn't work."

"When did you - ...Oh yeah! The drunk thing, right."

Korra didn't need, nor wanted to be reminded, of that incident. Even if she didn't remember clearly what she did, she might as well be better off leaving that in the past. Hotaru was kind of left out of the blue with this 'drunk' incident, but he might as well not ask about it...

"Well, let's hope that spirit doesn't cause anymore trouble before we get there," Hotaru sighed. That statement got more attention than he'd like.


"What do you mean 'spirit'?" Kai asked.

"Wait, you guys don't know?"

"No, we don't," Asami answered.

"But you've seen El Niño, didn't you?"

"Course we did, but he didn't look like any spirit we've seen. Just a VERY strong Water Tribe boy," Bolin said.

"Really? That's not what I saw," Hotaru retorted.

"You met him before?" Asked Korra.

"I did, before I left on my flight. He told me about the Qishi a little bit, telling me not to fly through. Guess I should've listened to him in the end."

That was confusing: a warning? But it seemed El Niño had been doing that for a good while by this point...

"Why didn't you?"

"Because I had orders directly from the Fire Lord to help in supply transport, I can't just ignore her call!" Hotaru snapped.

"Good point."

"So, back to the 'spirit' thing? What'd made you think so?" reminded Opal.

"You're joking, right? El Niño's purely made of water, every inch of him clear water, eyes black and blue and everything," Hotaru explained. The team awake took in the details. El Niño, a spirit made up of pure water, head to toe, and with black eyes as well.

"...That explains a lot," Ziyou suddenly brought up. The fact he could move an entire ocean to his own will made a lot more sense, thanks to this new info. Hotaru gave a nod in agreement on the subject.

"Guess our answers will come once we arrive at the capital," Korra concluded. After that was decided, the group decided to head off to sleep...


No sooner as day broke, they all were off once again, not wasting any time as the armored truck continued off on the road (no encounters, thank goodness). Even if the group couldn't really see it, Korra was still a bit withdrawn over what had happened to Naga, even after everything else. The longer Naga was gone, the longer Korra felt like she could've done something to save her. However, for herself and her team, she kept those feelings inside for the time being... Even if it'd hurt. But regardless of the personal issues, the team did, at long last, arrive at the main capital. Through the past 74 years since the end of the war, the Fire Nation Capital City, still surrounded by the ring of rock, had, oddly enough, gone through little change. Sure, renovations and upgrades were present all over the place, as with everywhere else in the world, but the palace itself wasn't too far from what the temples and palaces used to be. The designs still resembled the previous main ideals as it was 74 years prior. Although, driving through with a damaged armored truck did get a good amount of eyes watching. But they still needed to head to the palace, so that was what it was going to be. At least the road to there wasn't filled with traffic, so that was a plus for them.

The group finally stopped at the entrance of the palace, center of the city, and the whole team got out of the truck, Hotaru included. Looking to the palace doors, the team went right over to the palace, intending to go in. With some clarification of both the Avatar, and the Chiefs, the guards allowed them all in rather quickly. Inside, they were led right to the main throne room, wide open and red draped everywhere. The end of the room held the large portrait of a grand Chinese dragon, looping around a ball of fire, signifying the sun itself and the power the fire had over it. However, the Fire Lord herself wasn't there anyway, probably still busy with Fire Fountain, or even went to Jang Hui with their issue. Either that, or she was running late... The group stood in the middle of the room, looking around.

"So this is the palace," Kai stated.

"Yeah, not bad, I say," added Ikki.

"So, Korra, we're here, now what?" Ziyou asked. Korra went over the room, remembering back to what she was told.

"I was told we're supposed to meditate here to see it. So might as well start," Korra said. Ziyou, however, (unlike Korra) still wasn't up for meditation.

"You sure? Isn't there a quicker way other than sitting?" Ziyou groaned.

"Sis, it said for all of us to do it, so just sit -"

"Wait a minute," Desna and Eska suddenly interrupted. "Don't you think some of us should stay in the physical world?"

"But it said to -"

"I know what it implied, but it didn't say that everyone had to meditate. Besides, when you meditate into the Spirit World, your physical body is vulnerable," explained Eska.

"So the best course of action, to be safe, will be for some of us to remain here while the rest goes to the Spirit World. That way, if El Niño, or any other threat enters, there's a chance of security," added Desna.

"That's actually a good idea, but who's staying and who's going?" Kai asked.

"We'll stay here," the twins said, bluntly and clearly.

"Well, okay then. Anyone else staying with them?" Ziyou asked. It took a bit to work out, but the group got to a decision.

"I'll go with Korra," Asami said, walking over to her.

"We too," Mako said, him and Bolin walking over. That seemed a bit obvious, since they were the closest to her. Then Opal walked over to them.

"I'm coming, too," said Opal.

"Me too," added Kai.

"Okay then, is that everyone?" Korra asked, waiting for someone else...then Ziyou stepped forward.

"I know it's boring, but I've never seen the Spirit World ..."

"Alright, Ziyou...I think that's it," Korra said after looking around.

"Okay. Good luck, Avatar," Hotaru said, giving a salute to them.

After that decision was made, Opal, Bolin, Mako, Ziyou, Kai, Asami and Korra sat down in the Lotus position as Desna, Eska, Ikki and Hotaru stood aside. With a low sigh, each person followed Korra's lead, and they all meditated in the center of the room, facing the throne. At first, nothing really seemed to happen. The four didn't utter a word as they waited, the bodies silent as they stayed. Ziyou was getting annoyed, but she kept her comments in her own mind as the meditation continued...then Korra's eyes signaled that they were off, her eyes glowing their signature white, like every Avatar.

"They're off. Make sure nothing happens to them," Desna advised, as Hotaru saluted...


Eventually, Korra opened her eyes, looking around for a minute before realizing she was indeed in the Spirit World. Luckily for her, no Qishi of the sort seemed to be around. The others too appeared behind her, realizing the same thing. The area of the Spirit World they were in looked almost in a twilight time of day, the sun not visible, but just enough to easily make out shadows and shapes. They could see each other just fine, along with the land, but the sky showed night time, stars still shining in the sky.

"We made it," Korra said.

"So this is the Spirit World? A lot darker than I'd thought it'd be," Ziyou commented, looking to the sky above them.

"It's not always like this," Kai said. While they all were looking around, Opal caught a glimpse of something nearby. The small spirit quickly hopped out of its hiding place to greet them; the little cyan blue fox. Kai and Korra recognized the little guy rather quickly as it stopped in front of them.

"It's you again," Kai said, a smile on his face. The fox wagged its tail happily, barking, as if wanting them to follow. Korra got the idea first, but the fox already started going off, heading to what appeared to be a rock wall...until it walked right through! The others followed until they got to the wall, Ziyou testing first. Ziyou reached her hand to feel it, only to fall through the transparent disguise. The others walked through, Korra and Asami helping Ziyou back up to her feet before following the fox. The wall was actually an entrance to a secret tunnel, which itself wasn't very long to walk through before opening up to a huge cavern. The fox hopped on ahead of them, disappearing from sight quickly. The cavern was simply huge, spacious, and crystalline...

" beautiful..." Opal said, placing a hand on one of the crystals.

"Where do you think we are?" Bolin wondered.

"I'm not sure...but wherever we are, I think we're supposed to be here," Korra answered.

Almost as if on cue, an echoing, almost motherly laugh could be heard by everyone among the underground refuge. It didn't sound threatening, though was enough to get their attention.

"That you are, little one. It's wonderful to see you."

The group looked around, trying to find the source of the voice somewhere among the caverns, but nothing was remotely seen really among the area.

"Who said that?" Ziyou asked, looking around a bit before their answer suddenly came around. The open area of the cavern suddenly started to come alive, as a gigantic object began to materialize in front of them; the object looked about the size of a dragon, and that was just talking about the main base of it. The main body was covered in a large shell, smooth like a turtle's, but some rigid areas around it. What split this creature apart though was that its head didn't resemble any turtle, resembling a reptilian particular, a dragon. It had the basic draconic look, frills and barbs coming down from its face, its eyes resembling white fire orbs. Its frontal claws resembled those of lion turtles, resting in front as if rooted to the ground. The appearance of the creature made plenty more spirits appear around them, all shapes and sizes, all looking to them. The team turned over to the large creature looking down at them.

"Whoa...W-what are you?" Kai asked, backing away a little bit.

"Do not fear, little one. I'm no more of a threat than a bird can swim under water. I am Chi. And as for what I am, I'm a draconic terrapin. Or a dragon turtle, if you prefer," it said, the voice sounding gentle and motherly, yet ancient. The team was shocked it could speak to them at all, let along the species namesake.

"A real dragon turtle? I thought they were just make believe," Ziyou wondered aloud, as Chi chuckled.

"Every creature exists somewhere, child. I see Korra had managed to find me as well. Congratulations," Chi said, a smile on her snout.

"Wait, that was you?! And you know my name?"

"Of course. The young spirits were telling me stories about you. Your arrival, your conquests, your struggles and disappearance. Not often do you hear stories quite like that," Chi explained, looking to the Avatar in question.

"Right. Then do you know why we're here?" Ziyou asked, standing by Korra.

"I do. I believe it was involving El Niño. Such a lively spirit, hadn't heard from him in many years. How is he doing?" Chi asked.

"That's just it, he's flooding cities, and releasing these monster Qishi all over the place! We need some way to stop him," Korra explained.

Chi just sighed, but was oddly still amused by the information.

"At it again? Oh, he still hasn't learned, it seems. What does one expect from a creature creator, I suppose."

Wait, again? What did she mean by again? That part made the group a bit surprised.

"Again? He did this before?" Bolin asked.

"I believe so. A very long time ago, he was releasing them out, and playing with the currents before being sealed away."

"...And when was this?"

"Hm. Since he first existed, I believe, not long after Tui and La ventured to the physical world. That was...thirteen thousand years? Maybe twenty thousand? My mind is a little blurry due to the long time I am here. Either way, Raava was still very young when she found El Niño, and was sent off to his own -"

Chi stopped herself when she sensed the others simply blank faced and speechless by what she was saying. Ziyou raised her hand, as if she was in school or something.

"We're kinda in the dark here," Ziyou said, expression unchanged.

"*giggle* My apologies. Sometimes I ramble on in my old age. It does get lonely..." Chi said. Mako shine herself back to her senses to get the topic back on track.

"Chi, listen, we need some information on how to handle El Niño, can you help us?" Mako asked.

"A simple request. In fact, I can take you to a place that might just be the answer you all seek. But before you go, I have a gift for you," Chi said. Before anyone could ask what, Chi turned her head behind her, as a particular barking could be heard. It didn't sound like the barking of the fox though...then she came, rushing out of the shadows, her white coat for all to see. Korra immediately smiled and began to tear up, rushing over to her, and hugging her tight.

"Naga! It's you! You're alive!" Korra beamed, as Naga licked her, whimpering in joy. Both fears for the condition of the other was no longer a worry worth existing. Naga joined the familiar faces of her group, them all very happy to see her alive and well.

Chi motioned herself, as the spirits moved out of her way. Her tail, which turned out to be long and resembling a crocodile, dragged behind her as she got into position, her back angled towards the team. Even if the shell was old, it still appeared in peak condition. One area even looked like a saddle, the ridges upward like the rims of a saddle.

"Thank you. Come on, guys," Asami said, beginning to climb up. Ziyou, Opal and Kai got up easily with their airbending, but needed to help the rest up just a bit. With Chi's approval, even Naga was allowed to come, the polar bear dog bringing herself up onto the creature's back. Ziyou helped her sister up, making sure she didn't end up falling off. Korra was grateful for the help as they all got up. They all got inside the saddle-shaped sent of Chi's shell, before Chi began moving again, aiming her head to the ceiling.

"Wait, how are you gonna get out? I don't see any exit dragon-sized," Bolin said, looking around. Chi gave a grin, readying herself...then she took off! In one leap, the entire body of the dragon turtle suddenly lifted off the ground, the wind spiraling under her, signifying the use of Airbending taking place as Chi and her passengers flew upward. The entire team gripped on her shell, trying not to fall as Chi literally flew through the roof of the cavern, and back outside! The sky, suddenly, was now sunrise, the sun visible, and the land shadowed with the sun's rays. Team Avatar gripped hard for the first few minutes before they relaxed, Chi flying through the sky as if swimming.

"And there's your answer," Ziyou replied to Bolin, as they went off...

The flight was going on for a good hour. The Spirit World under them was simply beautiful, to say the least of the landscape. They all could see the shadows of the clouds, and the world undeterred or unchanged by any Qishi.

The Spirit World at its absolute best.

Ziyou and Opal were admiring the Spirit World from where they were, as smaller spirits flew alongside Chi.

"The Spirit World is so huge," Opal said, looking around.

"The Spirit World is its own world. Much different from the world the humans lived in. The continents, the creatures, even the air itself is different," Chi explained, as she continued swimming through the sky.

"Really? Even different continents?" Opal asked.

"Of course. Worlds change after a millennium you know. Mountains shift, seas rise and fall, forests grow and diminish, creatures come and go from both plains. The Spirit World is no different."

"Oh...Say, Chi, how old are you anyway?" Ziyou asked. Chi chuckled.

"Oh, about 2 million years old, last I counted. Your human ancestors were just starting to eat meat when I first hatched," Chi said, catching them all by surprise. Chi was on this planet for THAT long?! How could any creature last so long and not be just skin and bones? Then again, they were in the Spirit World when they found Chi, so she could easily be a spirit herself, but still...

As Chi continued moving, Kai got another question in his mind, while glancing to Korra.

"Do you know Raava, Chi?"

"Raava? Oh, sure I do, the spirits treat her like she's the ultimate, giving the Avatar the privilege of all 4 bending abilities, the embodiment of all good. Course, Raava isn't too different from all other beings among the Spirit World, being equal to her brother Vaatu and all. Heh, those two never get along each time I saw them, always rough housing all over the place, blaming each other for being alone together, accusing each other all the time...Oh, sorry, rambling again..."

"No no, you're fine, really. So you don't see Raava as anyone better?"

"Raava never considered herself above any other spirit. Not even to Vaatu. Besides, most of her glory revolved around the Avatar rather than herself. Not too much."

"But the Avatar is the master of all 4 elements thanks to Raava's help! How can you call that not much?" Korra protested.

Chi smiled.

"Tell me, what's the difference between yourself and any other bender you know?"

Korra took the time to think, looking around above her at the clouds and spirits.

"Well, I can enter the Avatar State, bend all 4 elements, and contact Raava, venture into the Spirit World on my own will," Korra counted, a finger up for each one pointed out to Chi. The dragon turtle chuckled at her explanations, much to Korra's annoyance.

"You got two right; you are able to enter a powered state no other bender can, and contact a being unseen by recent eyes. But according to recent history, the other iconic acts have made others more prone to the Avatar's specialties. Humans can venture into the Spirit World to their own free will because of the opened spirit portals."

"What about the bending? There's no way that anyone can bend more than 1 element besides Korra!" Bolin said in surprise and protest.

"How ironic of you to say that, Lavabender."

Bolin raised an eyebrow.


"Young one, lava rock isn't just one element to bend. It's not earth. It's not fire. It's more the natural blend of fire and rock, and one of both firebender and earthbender is the only being to bend such deadly magma. So yes, one can bend multiple elements, given the right conditions and upbringing," Chi explained. That opened up everyone's mind about bending alone: the fact that anyone could learn multiple elements was a huge shocker for them all, especially for Bolin, Korra, and oddly even Ziyou.

"Whoa! That means I can learn all the elements, being the Avatar's sister? YES!"

"If only it were that simple, Avatars will be all over the place," Chi chuckled, as she started to descend over a Spirit World shore. As they were though, Korra could see something moving through the water; a bit blurry at first, but she could make out some small figures leaping out of the water occasionally, as Chi ventured closer to the water until she was hovering over the surface...then she realized what they were...

"Uh, hey, Chi, can you fly a bit higher?" Korra asked.

"Just a second, I need some sort of quench," Chi replied, her dragon head taking some water from the lake. As Korra had worried, the same fish that tore her to shreds last time she was in the Spirit World tried to attack her again! Naga took action and swat any that got close, but the very sight of them gave Korra a panic attack, gripping onto Asami as the fish nearly got to her. What was shocking was just how freaked out Korra was, looking like she seen the demon in front of her. Chi did eventually fly upwards so the fish wouldn't try at them anymore, Korra not letting go.


"I...just keep those things away from me," Korra insisted. She didn't deny the fact she was scared of the fish, but wasn't ready to accept it either. The Avatar, afraid of fish...

"My apologies, dear. Those were one of El Niño's creations. He refers to them as the Eelpole. A fine name, I say," Chi said.

"I don't care what they're called, just keep them away please," Korra insisted.

Chi understood and gave a nod as she continued ahead. The group found it rather surprising that Korra, of all people, would panic upon sight of those things. Her last encounter must've been more horrifying than they'd thought...

"Hey, Korra? can let go now," Ziyou said, reminding Korra that her fingers were still gripping onto Asami's arm. Blushing, she let Asami's arm free from her grip. Chi could sense Korra's embarrassment and gave a smile.

"There's no reason to be embarrassed, Avatar. From what I'm able to sense, your friends are already aware," Chi said, catching Korra and Asami off guard. No, not the fact Chi was aware, her observations before made that a bit more obvious to say the least...but the others... Korra and Asami turned to the group.

"What is she talking about?" Asami asked. The group didn't really answer at first...and Ziyou didn't even look at them, trying not to be noticed.

"Ziyou?" The two women asked. Ziyou flinched upon hearing her name, and spun around, looking guilty as ever. However, Asami already had an idea.

"We won't be mad," Asami stated.

"Oh. *phew* Well good, but yeah I told them when they found you two back at the airship," Ziyou said, calmed down knowing they wouldn't get mad at her...or so she thought.

"What?! What did we tell you?!" Korra snapped.

"Wait, I thought you wouldn't get -"

"We told you not to say anything!" Asami said, equally angry with her.

"'Kay, one: They were bound to find out anyway, and two: Korra was sleeping on top of you when they found you. What else was I supposed to say?!"

"I was drunk, that didn't prove anything," Korra retorted.

"Oh really, Miss Clingy?"

"Excuse me?!"

"Sis, you were going gaga all over her while I was watching over you! 'OH my little luv muffin, come here and give me those LOVELY cherry lips'," Ziyou mocked, pretending to be kissing someone, and wrapping her arms around herself, ticking off Korra even more. Unaware to the two arguing sisters, the spirits around them, feeling the negative energy, started turning darker and more aggressive, only noticed by Mako and Kai.

"That never happened, you're just making crud up!"

"How would you know, you were tripping on cactus juice!"

"Uh, girls?" Mako asked. Suddenly they both glared at him.

"Stay out of this!" They both screeched, getting Mako to shut up. As the arguing continued, Opal looked to Chi, who oddly wasn't distracted by the bickering.

"Chi, I think we have a problem," Opal said in worry as the spirits were getting more agitated.

"They'll soon recover... In fact, in just a few seconds," Chi stated. No sooner after she made the statement, the spirits had enough, and one of the smaller ones flying around slammed right into Ziyou's head, knocking her over. Only then did the two see what their arguing had done: the spirits turning dark and angered. Korra knew what'd happened, but Ziyou was a bit clueless on it.

"What the heck?" Ziyou asked, looking at the dark spirits.

"Oh no. Our arguing has taken its toll: the spirits have turned dark," Korra realized.

"We did that?"

"Our emotions became reality; they have changed them...Ziyou, I'm sorry," Korra said, more calm that time. It was a bit quick, but as soon as Korra calmed down, the spirits returned to normal. That didn't really mean that Ziyou was any better, and she turned away from her in a huff.

"Ziyou, please -"

"Korra, you just said that so the spirits wouldn't try to kill us. Besides, why did you have to apologize? don't have the big mouth..." Ziyou said, not looking at her sister.

"We're here," Chi suddenly called, descending again. The group stopped arguing, and quickly looked down from where they were, seeing a rather odd island, shaped similar to Air Temple Island. Chi landed gently into the island's surface, the ground firm yet soft to the touch, sand lining its shores. The team looked around the place, taking note of only a few Qishi there, resembling starfish. Yet, the spirits weren't scared of these types. The island had a pre-made trail, which lead to a freshwater pool.

"Where are we?" Opal asked.

"What you're present in is the most ancient island in the Te-ao Sea. This island was where the great spirits, the moon and the water, resided before bringing themselves to the mortal realm so long ago. It is here where El Niño was first created. This is the Taiyin pool," Chi explained, walking along the soft sands of the ancient area. The small starfish gently moved out of the way of Chi as she walked aimlessly ahead. The group looked around as they went with her towards the pool, some of the starfish Qishi going in. One, however, was in the way of her foot, and accidentally stepped on. It wasn't hurt, but was enough to make Chi stop...odd thing was that it was right in Chi's sight, so seeing her step on one was kind of strange.

"Pardon me, young Starbomb," Chi said, turning her head as the little starfish waddled off.

"Didn't know you had islands in the Spirit World," Kai said.

"The Spirit Realm's a world all its own, child. Mapped out in the entirely of a new world. The Taiyin Pool is only one spec of the Spirit World... Look on ahead. Tell me what you all see," Chi instructed. All of the members looked out to the pool, water clear blue as the sky itself. Towards the other side of the pool, they all could see a statue of two people, standing on a pedestal. They both appeared to be the same age, one a male, one a female. The male one was purely black like charcoal, but a white circle on his chest, wearing a sort of Water Tribe clothes, resembling a prince. The female was purely white, black spot on her chest, and appeared like a Water Tribe princess. They both were standing side by side, holding hands, looking to the sky ahead of them. Korra could've swore she could recognize them from somewhere...

"Wait...are they...?"

"The moon and ocean. Tui and least, that's what they used to be before leaving this world behind," Chi said. The group stared at the statues as Chi settled herself down by the pool's edge. As Chi started to speak, the pool began showing pictures to describe what Chi was talking about...

"Thousands of years ago, the mortal world was much different from what it is today..."

The pool showed their world, though the North and South Poles were much bigger than they normally were, and a part of the Earth Kingdom was split in two.

"Humans weren't granted with such elemental powers as you all had possessed..."

The next one showed a firebender, a flame in his palm, but going out a few seconds later.

"They were also very afraid, fear gripping their lives from the harsh world around them. They were fearful of their lives and what dangers lay beyond their the water..."

Then it showed a group of men and women, running away from what appeared to be some sort of giant wave with a skull face shown on it.

"For a long time, the great moon and ocean had observed these creatures sheltering themselves, always in fear of the oceans..."

The picture was slightly altered, showing the original Tui and La watching the humans shy away from the waves.

"Sorrowful for the poor creatures, Tui and La had left this realm behind, and went to the mortal realm to aid the humans. One of the first spirits to enter your world..."

It showed Tui and La flying through a portal, entering the area of the North Pole where they'd resided since leaving.

"Not too long after, the presence of Tui and La begun to create more spiritual beings. The very first...was El Niño..."

Next it showed Tui and La, looking over a pool of water, which floated in the air, and formed the body of El Niño, which looked like a hairless boy, arms like tentacles, and skin a watery cyan.

"El Niño, being the very first of the water spirits, was intrigued by the aquatic life among the world he lived in. The flora and fauna inspired him..."

It shifted to El Niño under water, looking over some live seaweed, and small fish.

"The spirit decided to create his own life to become apart of the world he was born in, becoming the father of the animal family of Qishi. He took care of them like they were his own children, and altered the very warmth of the ocean to aid their survival..."

It showed El Niño standing there in content, the Qishi starting to appear by him. Three figures turned into a Blimpus, a Flower Squid, and an Eelpole.

"Alas, he had yet to understand the humans and other spirits. And the results when creating his life, and altering the world, were catastrophic..."

The next picture revealed a group of Eelpole attacking the humans and small spirits, one of which biting down on a man's torso, while another was chasing a spirit around.

"Tui and La were well aware of El Niño and what he was doing, but their sacrifice of their spiritual ability made them unable to do anything, as El Niño continued. So they called upon the aid of another...Raava..."

The pool showed Tui and La, that time as koi fish, looking towards the center of what looked like a light orb, only to reveal itself as Raava.

"The goddess confronted El Niño, and sealed him and his creations away, to never be harmful again..."

The pictures ended with El Niño and the Qishi being spiraled down into some sort of tomb, before the images faded away. The entire group turned to Chi.

"That's...that's incredible..." Kai said.

"But how does this help us stop him?" Asked Ziyou. The dragon turtle looked down to the pool, and gently took a drink of the cool freshwater of the pool before speaking.

"Tell me, child. Who did you see defeat El Niño?"


"And where is she now?" Chi quizzed. Ziyou, not hearing of Raava until that point, wasn't sure on that...but her twin sister knew...

"Me. She's in me," Korra answered.

"Very good. Now, what did you see happen to El Niño while he was being sealed?"

Korra took a bit time to think, but still found the information quite confusing. Raava sealed El Niño away, but Korra wasn't able to defeat him last time they met up. So what could she do? Maybe...

" mean?"

Chi nodded.

"Bring him back home, child..."

"But that didn't work on the Qishi, last time I tried," Korra said.

"El Niño is their creator. Once he goes, they all go..."

Chi began to walk away from the pool, leaving the team to put two and two together. The dragon turtle looked to them with her pure white eyes...

"Meditate'll return home..."

And with that, Chi lifted herself off the ground, and started to fly away, leaving them all there on the island. They all looked to each other, and understood what to do. They all say back down in the lotus position, Korra holding onto Naga's paw, as they were sent back...

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