Ba Sing Se and the Midnight Flame
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Book Six: Shadow



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It had only been a few days since Asami and Kuvira had arrived back in Misty Palms Oasis. Since they had been dropped off by Awadil, the duo had stayed within the Misty Palms Inn, Asami managing to fix up her radio. While Kuvira and Asami were resting in the room, Asami got on the finishing touches to the portable radio.

"Almost done with that, Asami?" Kuvira asked, sitting down on the bed.

"Just...about...Got it!" Asami finally finished up the broken wires and got everything fixed up, and the radio was good as new. Kuvira was glad to hear that but was a little bit unsure how Team Avatar would react upon seeing her. However, Asami seemed to warm up to her, so all she could do was hope for the best. Asami switched the radio on and tried to get the connection.

"Asami Sato calling Team Avatar. Come in Team Avatar..."

"Asami, is that you?"

"Mako, good to hear from you! I'm glad to report that I've defeated my Voronon and awaiting for you guys at Misty Palms Inn," Asami informed. However, Bolin didn't say anything at first...

"That's nice to hear, but I think we should drop that mission for right now."

"Huh? How come?"

"Listen, uh...Well, we won't have time to pick you up, so some supporters from Ba Sing Se will bring you back there, we got bigger problems to worry about right now. *sigh* Korra and Ziyou are deeply wounded from the Voronon fight, and we're bringing them to Ba Sing Se."

"What?! What's wrong with them?!"

"We don't know, but they're barely breathing. Your ride should be coming by soon, I'll help you keep in touch with Korra's state until you meet up with us, okay?" Asami didn't say anything at first, feeling her heart hurt from the news: her own decision for splitting up, and it got Korra and Ziyou both beaten to within an inch of their lives. What was she thinking to have them split up anyway?! Kuvira was surprised as well: the Avatar getting to such a state by a Voronon? Those monsters were more horrid than she thought.

"...I'll be there as soon as I can," Asami concluded, wiping away a tear on her face...


The world was very quiet...dark...and cold. Korra didn't feel this kind of feeling in a long time. She only felt this way once before, and that time was because she was poisoned, mixed with her breath drained. While the result from being trapped in that cage wasn't exactly the same, the fact she nearly suffocated there was close enough. Eventually, Korra slowly opened her eyes, which was rough to do. Her vision was slightly blurry for the first few seconds until her vision came to. She noticed that she had a plastic oxygen mask over her mouth and nose, attached to an oxygen machine by her bed. She couldn't move very well, a bit numb in her limbs, her right side especially. She must've fell on that side after she was thrown by the Voronon. She looked around her room for a bit, not recognizing it at all. There was a window next to her, the sun shining onto her sheets. Looking to her other side, she could see her sister in a similar scenario, prompted up, and bandaged up on her head. She too was looking around a bit, not exactly moving much, when she noticed Korra alive as well.

"...Morning, Korra," Ziyou said weakly, just loud enough for Korra to hear.

"Ziyou...You're alive."

"Glad to be...I'm just grateful you made it too."

Korra smiled at her sister for a bit, until suddenly a doctor came in, seeing them both awake. Korra and Ziyou turned to him, as the doctor proceeded to remove the masks, saying they were no longer necessary by the time they woke up. Joining him were their friends, Mako, Bolin, Jinora, and even Asami Sato amongst them.

"So you two are finally awake. You've been out for a while," the doctor said. Korra looked right to Asami, surprised she was there as well.

"Asami?...uugh, where are we?"

"You're in the Ba Sing Se hospital, everything's okay."

"Uugh, how long were we out for? Felt like I've got a concussion from a train," Ziyou groaned.

"You two have been out for about five days. Don't worry, the doctor said you'll be good by next week," Bolin said, with plenty of relief that what he was saying was the truth. Korra was grateful it would only be a week before she could get back out there, but Ziyou instead groaned. The idea of her having to stay still for a week's time wasn't going to be well suited for her.

"A whole week? You sure?"

"Positive, Ziyou. Everything will be fine, you two just rest up." Ziyou was still annoyed by that, but knew her body wasn't ready to go back out in the field just yet, that was enough common sense.

"Wait. What about the Voronon?"

"You're more important right now. The Voronon can wait," Mako replied. Soon after, the doctor gave them the word, their visiting time was done. So with some goodbye, the group left, leaving Korra and Ziyou alone...again...

Back in the waiting room, the group went on back to the others. In there, Ikki, Kai and Kuvira were awaiting for the others to come back around. Kuvira did feel a little bit awkward about being with the team, but after Asami's explanation (and a while of talking), Kuvira was accepted. As soon as they got in, Kuvira was the first to get up, the others following her.

"Are they doing alright?" Kuvira asked.

"They'll be okay, they just woke up from their concussion," Asami replied.

"Thank Raava for that."

"Well, what are we gonna do though? Those Voronon are still out there, and two of our friends are bed bound," Ikki wondered. Honestly, the others weren't so sure about that. Sure, they could end up going off looking for more Voronon, but what would happen to Korra and Ziyou in the meantime? They all thought for a minute.

"Well, I guess all we can do is wait until Korra and Ziyou are all better," Jinora concluded...


Later on that night, Team Avatar went off to their temporary home in Ba Sing Se, not too far away from the hospital. The only person who stayed at the hospital was Asami Sato, refusing to go away from the place while Korra and Ziyou were still present. She felt that it was kind of her fault that they were in their condition: her idea to split the group up anyway to fight those monstrous Voronon. She should've never listened to that dumb voice in her head while she was recovering from her migraine. Asami laid down on the waiting room couch, the only main seats that were comfortable to sleep on...

Ba Sing Se itself was also getting ready to keep quiet for the night. However, still plenty of street lights around the place. Ba Sing Se itself, especially the upper rings, had grown a lot more in development, matching Republic City in many an aspect. The lower rings were still slightly affected, but not too much since Team Avatar's last visit. The area was also not as lit up as the higher rings. Miles off from the hospital, the only area (almost) unaffected by the development was a large lake, known as Lake Laogai. There were some residents not too far away from the lake, some teenaged boys beginning to sneak around the lake for some night shenanigans. At the moment, the three had gotten their swim suits on and were ready to swim in the lake.

"Hey, get in, you wimp," one of them said.

"Guys, hold on, are we supposed to be around here?"

"Course not, why else are we here? Now get in."

Their conversation went on for a little bit longer until, finally, one of the kids went over to the lake's edge. It was rather dark, so none of them could fully see exactly how deep it was...But as the kid looked down into the lake water under him, he could have sworn he saw something in it...

"G-Guys, I think I wanna reconsider..."

"Why? You scared?"

"No! I can't see the bottom, I'm in no mood to break any bones tonight."

"Then watch this." One of the kids, who was an earthbender, got out a boulder from the drop off and dropped it into the water. The boulder disappeared completely in the water...Few seconds later, that same boulder was suddenly launched out of the water on a huge water jet, making the two kids fall backwards towards the remaining boy. Suddenly, something landed hard on the edge of the lake, right in front of them. The thing looked like a giant, thin, hairy wolf, its body covered in skeletal-like armor. It also had two tails, flattened out, with two red rings on its right leg. The kids didn't expect to see anything like that at all, as they slowly started to back away from the creature. They all could hear a low growl coming from the wolf, as it moved forward towards them.

"N-Nice doggy. Nice doggy."

Of course, the 'doggy' didn't deter from the request given to it. It waited a bit, looking over them all as it edged closer. Eventually, the huge wolf's horrific demeanor was enough to get the group of kids to start running away as the beast howled loudly, giving chase. No matter how fast the group ran, the wolf was not too far behind, running in a galloping manor, the claws digging into the earth to keep up with the group without slowing down. One of the boys tried to earthbend some boulders to get it to stop, but it barreled through each hit like it was nothing. Suddenly, one of them fell on the ground and was soon caught up by the beast, it ramming down on the kid with its daggered headgear. The other two boys stopped briefly, watching their friend getting mauled by the beast until eventually the wolf lifted the boy off the ground and threw him up into a tree. The two tried getting him, but the wolf rushed for them, driving them away. The boy got down from his tree and trued to help his friends. He levitated a huge chunk of land and then whistled for the beast, the wolf turning around and running at him. however, soon as it got in the gap, the boy dropped the chunk of earth on it, burying it.

"Come on, go-go-go!" The three boys ran off as fast as they could, soon being long gone. The wolf soon busted out of the ground, shaking off the dirt from its fur. However, the boys were too far away for it to notice where they were, so instead, its eyes went to the sky...seeing the lights from the higher rings. Wasting no time, it began to move off towards the lighted area...


The next day, the word of this giant wolf was soon brought up thanks to the boys, but there weren't enough believers on the matter - mostly because one of the snitches told them they snuck off to Lake Laogai in the middle of the night. Outside their house, Team Avatar was waiting, ready to go to the hospital again to check on Korra, Ziyou, and Asami. However, that morning though, Kuvira and Ikki both went to get some food for the gang and hadn't come back just yet, leaving the group waiting back at the door. Eventually though, the two did end up coming back with a bag of food, and Ikki holding some sort of rolled-up poster.

"There you guys are," Kai said, soon after seeing them.

"Sorry, we were heading back, but Ikki found a little something on the way," Kuvira said, looking down at Ikki, who proceeded to show the poster. What it showed was an advertising campaign for an upcoming event, presumably involving fireworks from the artwork. Ikki looked with a big grin on her face, obviously excited about the upcoming event.

"There's gonna be this HUGE fireworks show coming up in just a few days," Ikki explained, pointing to the artwork of the exploding colorful fireworks on the poster. "Can we go see it, please?!"

"Ikki, you know we can't just ditch our friends," Mako reminded.

"But the Fireworks won't be until a few days, there's plenty of time!"

"But Korra and Ziyou are in there for a week, remember? They won't be good by the time the fireworks start, Ikki," Jinora concluded. Ikki was a bit bummed out, but she had to agree. After that, Kuvira looked to the others.

"There's...Well, there's something else too."

"What's that?" Bolin asked.

"Some boys down by the market were talking about some sort of attack last night. I didn't think too much of it, but what they said was, well, different."


"They kept saying something about a giant, two-tailed 'beetle wolf', coming from Lake Laogai. Ever heard of such a thing? I know I've never heard of a beetle wolf," Kuvira asked.

"Well, it doesn't sound that weird," Ikki said.

"That can't be right, beetle wolves have been extinct for hundreds of years," Jinora pointed out. Ikki just shrugged, but considering what kind of world they were in, full of hybrids and chimeras, that wasn't too far-fetched. Still, one just showing up from Lake Laogai to attack those kids and continue after them without rest, was something a bit different from what animals would do.

"You don't think it' know what..."

"I don't know, but maybe we -" Before Mako could finish, suddenly they all heard something far off in the distance. Just loud enough for them all to hear, screams from kids could be heard echoing around the area, alongside the sound of a snarling beast.

"What's that?!" Bolin gasped. While the snarling occurred, Kuvira started to get another rough headache, something trying to get through in her head. However, she masked it with a small grunt.

"Liunovvix...No, no, not another one, not now!" Kuvira thought. Immediately, Kai, Ikki, and Jinora jumped up on the rooftop, trying to look around. Eventually, they managed to pinpoint where the sound was coming from. As Kai and Jinora rushed for it, Ikki quickly signaled the others where to go, them quickly running in said direction.

The attack itself was coming from one of the alleyways, open yet not too noticeable by most public except for who lived in the area. By the time Team Avatar had arrived, the sound had already stopped, and the snarling beast had vanished...That didn't mean it didn't leave a calling card for them to find. what they found was a girl, back to the wall, and blood on the ground. She was crying a bit, not looking older than five, but her leg looked brutally twisted in the wrong direction as she clenched it. Nearby, a few more young girls, about close to the same age, could be seen with similar injuries: one laying on a barrel, with her arm twisted and cuts on her head. Another one was on her stomach by some garbage cans, with gashes on her legs and left hip. The third and final one looked passed out on the ground, blood evident on her back. In various parts of the scene, they could obviously see red paw prints and claw marks around the place, a trail left behind by the attacker. Whatever happened here, the attack was quick and critical.

"Oh Raava, is everyone alright, what happened?" Kuvira asked urgently, going to the one on the barrel. She was fully teary eyed, as she cried out softly, trying to get herself up with Kuvira's help.

"We don't know what happened *sniff* it just came out of nowhere," she breathed out, pain evident on her face.

"What attacked you?" Mako asked, helping the first girl with her broken leg, as she cried a little bit before answering.

"I don't know, it happened so fast *sniff* it came out from another alley while we were playing," she explained through tears. Mako knew that the extent of her injuries was deep, and they had to do something fast. Mako looked to the trail left by the attacker and gently set the girl down upright.

"Kuvira, you and Bolin inform the hospital about this. Ikki, Jinora, stay here and take care of them until the medics arrive, Kai, come with me," Mako ordered. The group didn't waste anytime on that and went right to it. Kuvira and Bolin ran off out of the alley, as Mako and Kai followed the blood paw trail. Mako hadn't dealt with something like that before in his detective career. Most of the time, it was mainly thievery, or convicted kidnaps at worst, but this was attempted homicide here. There was no way he was going to leave this alone, especially after seeing what damage it had caused. Heading down the trail as good as they could, Kai and Mako kept moving, following the trail. As they continued, the trail started to fade away, blood drying up. When the two cut a corner, they saw the tracks just...well, stop. Well, the tracks ended at a pool of city water, so at least they could say the tracks didn't just vanish by themselves. Still, Mako wasn't going to let this thing get away, as he tried looking around for any clue on where it'd gone. Kai tried to help as well, but so far, both of them weren't getting much luck. However, Kai then noticed something: near a window, he found some detached, grey fur on the sill.

"Mako, over here!" Kai called, getting his attention right away to the fur patch. Mako looked over the fur, as Kai looked into the window. He couldn't exactly see very much inside, just an empty basement with a few bits of personal home items...However, suddenly Kai bolted back, eyes wide.

"Mako, Mako," Kai said, pointing into the window. Mako looked inside as well, not noticing anything unusual inside at first...until he saw something huge move. A huge figure suddenly lunged to the window, Mako feeling his heart skip a beat as he jumped back, a rock wolf head jutting out of the window. Soon it got back in the basement, Mako and Kai trying to regain themselves...

"W-What is that thing?! How'd it get in there?"

"Don't know, but we have it trapped. Come on, let's get the others," Mako insisted, the two rushing off to get the others. As they ran, the wolf's head poked out of the window, watching them go...

Mako and Kai went right back to the crime scene, finding Kuvira and Bolin returned with the paramedics, already starting to help the girls in the ambulance. All of the girls were on stretchers being put inside. Mako and Kai went over to their team as the last girl was being put in the ambulance.

"There you two are, anything?"

"We got the thing in a basement right now, it's trapped, we can get it if we hurry," Kai said. They all understood, and while the paramedics handled those injured, Mako and Kai rushed ahead, bringing the others behind back to where they had found the wolf. However, when they arrived, the truth suddenly revealed itself: the wolf was gone. When looking in the basement, the wolf had completely vanished, only a few claw marks saying that it somehow got out of the basement...

"How?! How could it get out, you saw how big it was, right?" Kai said in complete disbelief. Mako tried to keep calm on the situation, though was quite in a disbelief himself...

"We have to keep looking. It's somewhere in this city..."


For the next four days, a pattern was being made up regarding the beast and its whereabouts. The attacks by the wolf were starting to grow, and the public was starting to notice the beast's attacks. Each situation was pretty much the same: the monster would attack someone, Team Avatar would show up and try to find it, but the beast would somehow escape each time, no matter where it was found. It was grating, but Team Avatar kept at it. The attacks were getting very frequent, as the victims were sent to the same hospital Korra and Ziyou were in, eventually the two managed to hear about the killer wolf in the area. It was enough for it to be put in the newspaper, headlines reading "mutant wolf attacks continue", details on the attacks listed below. Ziyou felt completely helpless in her situation, especially hearing about the darn attacks.

"Give me a break, this thing's running around the place, and here we are laying in bed," Ziyou groaned, slumping in her bed.

"Believe me, Ziyou, it could be worse you know."

"How exactly?"

Korra raised an eyebrow at her twin's question, slightly reminding Ziyou of all the trouble Korra had gone through, with and without her...

"Oh. Right. Sorry."

"I'm not liking this anymore than you do, but we're not in any condition to fight the Voronon right now...No matter how much I'd love to get out of this bed," Korra said, tone changed to annoyance by the end of it. After that, Asami Sato soon came in, getting both of their attention.

"Hi girls, how are you both feeling?" Asami asked.

"Like garbage. Look at today's headline," Ziyou said, throwing the paper at Asami. Asami quickly looked over the headline on the front page, detailing what the recent attacks were, and some witness reports as well. It wasn't exactly the best news ever, but the good news was that no causalities were made, yet Asami was getting her headache - again, upon seeing whatever picture was successfully made of the wolf (a bit blurred, running by an alleyway, eyes to the camera). Asami's headache passed, and the raven-haired girl looked to them both.

"Don't tell me," Ziyou sighed.

"Yeah, Liunovvix this time. It must've been activated after we arrived," concluded Asami. The news didn't help Korra or Ziyou - they were nearly killed thanks to Voronon, and another was now active in Ba Sing Se of all places. Such a place for a murderer to be running around, and it happened to be the most populated area in the world.

"Okay, that's it, I'm not waiting anymore!" Korra tried to get up, but Asami went over and gently held her down.

"Korra, please don't."

"Asami, I'm the Avatar, I should be handling this - Ziyou too! I'm not gonna lay here while Liunovvix is attacking everyone!" Korra protested.

"Besides, this Voronon's small, it won't be as bad of an issue as Katayt and Koyot were!" added Ziyou.

"Girls, please, you're not in any condition. You'll be back to normal soon, but for now, you two should stay in bed, calm d-"

"Stop treating me like I'm weak! Dang it, I'm capable of stopping this thing, and you - AACK!" Korra was stopped when her soreness caught up with her. It felt rough on her body, not stinging but enough for Korra to be quiet. Asami just sighed, stroking Korra's hair.

"Korra, I'm not treating you weak, I care about you. I felt so worried and scared when I heard you had to come here. If I lost you...I don't know what'd I do..."

Korra didn't say anything at first, until she just sighed.

"Alright, fine...Just be careful."

"Aren't I always?" Asami Sato went off on her way, after giving Korra another kiss on the cheek. Korra still wasn't really much better on the situation though, and Ziyou, not exactly being cured of her annoyance, flipped her pillow so it was over her face as she groaned some more. That was one thing the twins could agree on, no matter what - they hated to feel weak...


Day began to roll off to night, people around the area on edge due to Liunovvix and its involvement in the city. Team Avatar was unsure of the beast's patterns, as many of the attacks were completely random since it was first found. So, that night, the Team had decided that instead of waiting, they'd go out and look for the beast themselves. However, mainly the fighters went out to find the wolf: Mako, Bolin, Kuvira and Kai. Jinora and Ikki decided to go to the hospital with Asami, Korra and Ziyou just in case the beast tried for the hospital. The four going around the night city streets kept all eyes and ears open, for any sign of the beast.

"For so many times it attacked, now it goes into hiding?" Kai sighed, unable to see where it was.

"It'll show up at some point. If the fights were as frequent as they've been, it'll come right to us," Mako replied, continuing forward. Kuvira felt the most alert for this Voronon, knowing a bit on their reaction with her. If it was like the other Voronon, then she would have to be ready to protect the others from it. At first, none of them could figure out where Liunovvix was, Kuvira not sensing it anywhere...However, Kuvira began to feel a headache grow...

"Guys, it's near. Get ready," Kuvira warned. All of them got out their elements, getting in a circle to have full 360-degree vision and protection. Everything was so quiet, the breeze slightly blowing by them as they kept on their guard...Then, they all began hearing claws scraping on the ground...

Soon, Liunovvix walked out to the group, starting to circle them, snarling at them. Its armor gleamed in the moonlight, its cyan blue eyes aimed directly at them. However, as it wanted to attack the others, Kuvira remained in its way. Kuvira soon was face to face with it, Liunovvix swishing both tail around as it looked right at her.

"Liunovvix...Stand down..." Kuvira said, the Voronon in question remained still, as Kuvira edged closer to it, hand in front of her towards Liunovvix. At first, it seemed that the beast was calming down from Kuvira's presence...However, Liunovvix glanced to the others nearby, and saw Mako with his fire still in his hands. Liunovvix gave a rough bark and leaped passed Kuvira at them. Mako, Kai, and Bolin just dodged Liunovvix's lunge, but a swift turn towards Bolin made the Voronon hit Mako with its two tails, sending him flying off. Kuvira, flabbergasted by the lack of attention, rushed over to the wolf to try to stop it, but Liunovvix moved too quickly for her to catch up. The bending used on it wasn't effective, despite its fur being on fire. It turned from a wolf into a firehound after a while, although the fur itself didn't burn away. Liunovvix charged forward at Bolin and scored a direct hit with its claws, squaring him in the temple. Kai caught him, but the giant wolf got on them both, pinning them down on the floor. Before Liunovvix could burn them both, Mako electrocuted Liunovvix, the wolf changing targets. Eventually though, the fire was starting to overwhelm it, so it started to run away from the fight, the group going after it. Suddenly, Liunovvix gave a loud howl, the fire starting to slightly hurt it. The howl was loud enough to be heard from the hospital, Korra and Ziyou both looking out the window. They both knew the two were still after the creature.

"I'm not waiting any longer, I don't care how hurt I am," Ziyou concluded, starting to move from her bed. She was still sore but that didn't stop her from getting up the first time since arriving in the hospital. Korra saw Ziyou standing up, taking a bit for the pain to dull down. Eventually, Korra was tired of waiting too and got up herself with difficulty. The two were no longer hiding from this fight...

"Come on, sister, let's go."

Back outside, the wolf was still running around through Ba Sing Se, trying to find a way to cool off its fur while the others tried to keep track of it. If it got away, they would have to start all over again. Eventually, the beast found a cure for the heat: a rain barrel by the end of the road. Quickly, the barrel was knocked over, and Liunovvix rolled on the water, extinguishing the flames on it. The team caught up soon after the fires stopped, only to have the beast charge back. Mako tried to light up the fire, but the wet fur made that unable to do. Bolin tried a number of earth boulders, knocking them into the wolf with little effect, as the beast turned and charged at Bolin. Unlike before, it missed, crashing into a stone wall. Liunovvix quickly got out and rammed everyone (except Kuvira) onto the ground. Seeing the light of way, Liunovvix ran off back the way it came, leaving them in the dust. Kuvira ran after it as the others tried to regain themselves.

Meanwhile, outside, Korra and Ziyou managed to sneak out of the hospital and into the open, ready for anything. The two continued going off ahead, still bandaged up, still hurting, yet ready to fight. As if expecting them, Liunovvix ran out into the open, the creature skidding to a stop once it spotted the two. Korra and Ziyou got in a battle stance upon sight of it, Liunovvix starting to run at them at high speed. Ziyou shot first, slowing it down with a powerful wind blast, but it wasn't enough to completely stop it. Liunovvix continued running at them, but Korra released a strong firebending roar right at it, making it run to the side and make a U-turn. The hit barely scrapped it, Liunovvix skidding to a stop. Korra took the chance to fire some more shots, but the wolf didn't get hit as it rushed forward. Korra and Ziyou managed to dodge the charge and remained apart between the beast by the time Kuvira had caught up with them.


Korra, startled, looked over to Kuvira for one brief moment. Within that moment, Liunovvix saw the chance, and pinned Korra to the ground - hard. Ziyou tried her best to help out, but Liunovvix was locked on target, the airbender not able to revert its attention away from her sister. Korra, luckily, gave another roar of fire directly at Liunovvix's face, causing it to bolt back to avoid getting its face melted.

"What're you two doing?!" Kuvira asked, running over.

"Helping, what does it look like?" Ziyou answered. The two helped Korra on her feet as Liunovvix tried to regain itself. The wolf turned back their way, seeing Kuvira helping Korra back up on her feet. As confusing as it was for the Voronon, Liunovvix moved forward towards them, snarling again. The three were ready to fight again, Korra and Ziyou sweating a tiny bit, but the giant wolf remained standing there, eyes locked on them.

"Liunovvix, stay back!"

However, the wolf itself was still aggressive and began to run forward towards them. Kuvira moved in its way, ready to take the hit, but it suddenly stopped at one point when it heard something in the distance. Very faint, yet the light could be seen from a distance...


Despite being small, Liunovvix could sense the fireworks going on about a mile away, the others noticing the lights as well. They almost completely forgot that the event was going on and with Liunovvix attacks, who knew what would happen?! The wolf turned to the display in the sky, giving Mako, Bolin and Kai enough time to catch up.

"Korra, Ziyou, where are you?!"

The two looked and suddenly saw Ikki, Jinora, and Asami running towards them. Liunovvix, knowing how many people were against it, began running away from the huge crowd, towards the lights.

"It's getting away!"

"What are you two doing, you're not suppose to be out now!" Jinora said.

"Don't give me that, we're not wimps!" Ziyou yelled.

"But Ziyou -"

"But nothing! Come on, Korra, we can't have that thing get away," Ziyou yelled. Korra couldn't agree more, and the two (despite their friends) began going after Liunovvix.


About a mile away from the incident, there were indeed fireworks going on in a clearing of Ba Sing Se. There were many people there, some firebenders specifically for the occasion of fireworks (and the fact that firebenders were naturally more experienced with explosives). Many families were there for the event, some sadly not able to be there thanks to the attacks. Despite that, some actually were able to be there, which included the girls and one boy that Liunovvix attacked. Only a few fireworks were already launched, there were plenty for a long night of ultimate Fire Nation light show. Liunovvix had arrived but didn't attack at first, examining the large crowd. Some it recognized right away due to previous attacks but wasn't sure about the others present, which was why it remained hidden in the brush on the other end of the field. The group of people were on top of a large hill, the Voronon hiding away at the bottom of the hill. Some of the firebenders amongst the crowd readied up some more fireworks, igniting them from a distance and sending them high in the air. While it wasn't threatening from a distance, Liunovvix flinched upon hearing the explosions so close, the colors rough to adapt to.

"Sweet! When are they going to bring out the big ones?" one of the boys asked from the crowd.

"They'll do it, that's for later on tonight. Besides, they're still a bit unstable," one of the firebenders replied. Liunovvix hunkered down each time a firework was launched. It was enough time for the group to catch up, Liunovvix noticing as soon as they got to the clearing, a bit urgent, Korra and Asami a bit more tired than the others were.

"Where is that thing?" Mako wondered, looking around. Everyone tried to look around for a bit, not paying too much attention to the fireworks. However, Ziyou looked and suddenly saw a glimpse of Liunovvix hiding in the bushes.

"There, look!" Ziyou pointed out, the others soon seeing it. They thought of just charging in, but the many people there was an issue to deal with. Liunovvix moved forward a bit and (to their surprise) started moving towards the crowd. Thinking quick, Ziyou saw the spare fireworks nearby and rushed over as quick as she could, the others following. The crowd was a bit surprised to see them rush right for a large rocket firework sitting by them, the firebenders especially.

"Hey, I need to use this," Ziyou panted, starting to move the large rocket in position, aiming at Liunovvix.

"No, hold on, that's very unstable!"

"Good, light it up!" Ziyou left them confused, but soon started to see Liunovvix coming up at them. Mako, seeing the idea, quickly shot a small fireball, igniting the fuse for the aimed rocket. Liunovvix continued running forward, until it noticed the lighting of the rocket. However (lucky for them, unlucky for it) the rocket launched off and aimed directly at Liunovvix. The Voronon was launched back into the trees, and the rocket suddenly exploded into a huge cloud of dust and smoke. The smoke cloud flew over near the others, making it hard to see the final result...

...The smoke cloud cleared.

What they saw was a destroyed area, singed from the fire, but the Voronon wasn't there. It did show the claw marks trying to stop, but the Voronon itself wasn't anywhere to be seen. Everyone looked around for a minute or two, until suddenly they all heard something land behind them. There it was, Liunovvix was still standing, though the hit made his back leg a little weaker than normal, making it limp. Ziyou was left flabbergasted - it took a rocket to just remotely injure it?! Liunovvix wasn't in any mood for anymore games, as it started running over to them. Before it could lunge, Kuvira and Asami got in the way, arms spread out to make a wall in front of the creature.


The sight of them both made Liunovvix skid to a stop. It tried to get around them, but whichever direction it went, Kuvira and Asami made sure it didn't pass them.

"Listen, Liunovvix. We don't appreciate you going around and attacking all these innocent people. None of them deserve it in anyway," Kuvira began.

"So we ask of you, for the sake of us AND them, for you to surrender now and stop attacking humans, now!" Asami finished. At first, everyone was quiet, Liunovvix just standing there in front of Asami and Kuvira. The wolf gave a low moan once more, Kuvira and Asami remaining firm until the Voronon turned around quietly and walked away. Liunovvix walked through the brush, when the girls saw a flash occur...the wolf had surrendered...

Suddenly, the crowd around them began to applaud them both for stopping Liunovvix.

"Thank you so much, you had no idea how much trouble it caused!" one of the boys said (the first one attacked).

"I think we can," Ziyou joked.

"Anything we can do to pay you?"


Sometime later, the group finally had time to relax. Settling down with the others, they got to watch the fireworks. Each lovely one released was simply spectacular, colors and shapes varying all over the night air. It felt good for the team to settle down and relax without hunting down more Voronon for once, just to relax under the sky while fireworks reigned supreme.

"You know, perhaps I should tell the doctor you two are recovered now," Asami said, looking to Ziyou and Korra sitting by her.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Korra replied.

"But seriously though, you two feeling good enough?"

Korra gave a friendly punch.

"Of course we're good, you saw us didn't you?" Korra said with a smile.

"Besides, I'm ready to get out of these bandages. I feel like a mummy in this thing," Ziyou joked, actually acting slightly like one for a laugh. It did feel good for everyone that another Voronon was scratched off their list. While they would agree there were more to look for, for the moment, those ideas were pushed out of mind as they enjoyed the night event.

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