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Eonu is a town located in the Northern Earth Kingdom close to the northern border of the United Republic. Originally a small settlement, it has since grown into a bustling town following the defeat of Kuvira and the dismantlement of the Earth Empire, housing thousands of former Earth Empire prisoners.


Eonu was founded around 660 AG, and started as a small town of around 100 people. Throughout the Hundred Year War, Eonu managed to evade any serious threats by the Fire Nation, and it's population grew as Earth Kingdom citizens were being driven out by the Fire Nation colonies.

During Kuvira's rule over the Earth Kingdom from 171 to 174, Eonu was forced to provide resources for her army, even sending a number of its citizens to join her army to feed them. Those who weren't of Earth Kingdom origin were taken and put into her internment camps.

After 174 AG

Eonu rejoiced as many of their citizens returned home, but it also caused many of Kuvira's political prisoners to leave the town and move to the United Republic. President Raiko took note of Eonu among several other Earth Kingdom settlements, and sent a representative to gentrify the town. Eonu was supplied with many advancements the United Republic could provide, and even a railway was provided for it's citizens.

During his search for energybenders around the Earth Kingdom, Paladin Bagguk came to Eonu, and during a failed search, used Invisibility to escape the town via the railway.

Notable residents

  • Togi

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